Unit193cyberanger: Oh, and done any docker/lxc?01:13
cyberangerUnit193: unfortunately03:53
cyberangerFrom what I've seen, I don't think I'm a fan03:54
cyberangerBut I'm hoping that may change03:54
Unit193May want to check another channel for related backlog.04:02
cyberangerAnother channel?04:07
cyberangerI'm in a lot less channels right this moment04:07
cyberanger(Doing a huge overhaul, and znc isn't as high on the priority list, so I just threw something together quick)04:07
cyberangerI really wish I had more time...05:22
Unit193For everyting.05:23
average_guyaw yeah, finally got it working12:43
average_guygui on server = dumb. broke it12:43
average_guywhat was messing me up was I could not get to the CUPS admin panel remotely. I kept getting 'forbidden'12:44
average_guyI did it locally with sensible-browser and setting it all up was easy from there12:45
* aedend is building his first kernel atm... "make" please be kind...23:24
aedendfinished my first LFS build, and... it works! Excellent way to learn about Linux23:58

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