pieter2627morning all05:45
SymmetriaHi Guys16:44
SymmetriaDoes anyone here happen to know any hot shit sysadmins who are looking for a change of job16:45
SymmetriaI need a sys admin in south africa, (joburg based) and I'm prepared to pay... *well*16:45
inetprogood mornings18:22
inetprooh and hi Symmetria18:22
inetproSymmetria: if it was in Pretoria I would consider it 18:23
inetpronot sure whether I qualify as a "hot shit sysadmin" though :-)18:24
superfly... I always thought of poo being undesireable...18:26
octoquadlol sorry18:28
inetproheh superfly and octoquad18:29
inetprooctoquad: where are you rushing off to?18:29
superflyoctoquad: ^D18:29
superfly(aka, Ctrl+D)18:29
octoquadta superfly, i know that one. Accidentally typed into wrong window :P18:58
superflyI figured so :-)18:59
grembleGood evening 19:29
inetprowb gremble19:35
inetprooh and a good evening to you as well19:35
grembleHow are you inetpro?19:38
inetprogood and you?19:38
grembleI am well thank you19:38
inetproyou been very quiet this week19:38
grembleI've been rather busy. But it should quiet down now. Have off from the 2nd till the 12th19:39
* inetpro hoping that oom Kilos is fine19:47
grembleShoot him an email?19:48
grembleWell, don't shoot it19:48
grembleSend it first19:48

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