_codepoetlooking like 1:2.3.2-2ubuntu1 is there00:00
TJ-_codepoet: because trusty has a later version of the audit package, which has added it00:00
mustmodifyI have two machines which, other than graphics cards, are exactly similar. The one with the graphics card is running WIndows 10. The other Ubuntu (onboard graphics.) I installed extra RAM in both, leaving 24 GB in each. Both had problems initially until I upgraded the BIOS version to latest. The windows machine now seems fine. The linux machine restarts intermittently. syslog doesn't seem to say anything helpful as it goes down. I don't know what to make00:00
agliodbsJordan_U: capturing debug outpu00:01
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daftykinsmustmodify: what to make...?00:01
TJ-_codepoet: I'm pulling in the upstream svn repo (to git) to find out which release added the symbol00:01
mustmodifydaftykins: ???00:01
daftykinsmustmodify: was there more to that message?00:02
_codepoetTJ-: sure enough, _S(303, "name_to_handle_at")00:02
mustmodifyI don't know what to make of the messages as it comes up. Any thoughts about how to troubleshoot?00:02
_codepoet_S(304, "open_by_handle_at")00:02
_codepoet_S(305, "clock_adjtime")00:02
agliodbsJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/HbVQtAuy00:02
mustmodifysorry, my client cuts me off sometimes. :(00:02
_codepoetbah, multi line again. Apologies everyone00:02
agliodbsand no file /var/log/patroni.log is created00:02
daftykinsmustmodify: np, common. are these systems that are meant to have up to 32GB RAM fine?00:02
_codepoetalright, well I think this will be definitive proof that the issue is with the client00:02
mustmodifydaftykins: they max out at 32.00:03
agliodbsI think this is the issue: main process (17522) exited normally00:03
TJ-_codepoet: yes. You could build a later version of the package that includes the correct symbols00:03
mustmodifyThe have three 8gb sticks instead of 4.00:03
daftykinsmustmodify: are they both on the same updated BIOS now?00:03
agliodbssomehow I'm getting a handoff to another process?00:03
daftykinsthree, mmm that's less than ideal00:03
korsakof_mustmodify: if they are exactly the same, I would switch harddisk to test if it is a hardware issue... Maybe the RAM00:03
daftykinsmustmodify: does it function ok with just two?00:04
daftykinsi'd only like two or four personally, for matched dual channel operation00:04
mustmodifydaftykins: hm... it worked fine with one.00:04
mustmodifyI don't guess I've tried two.00:04
daftykinsand i take it memtest can go all day without issue?00:05
mustmodifydaftykins: I was just trying to run a memory test. Can't find one in my BIOS which is werid.00:05
TJ-_codepoet: I must say I'm surprised; having the symbols hard-coded makes auditd very brittle since it needs to be kept tightly in-step with the kernel. It'd be better to do a dynamic name check via /proc/kallsyms00:06
daftykinsmustmodify: you likely wouldn't, bootable memtest86+ is ideal00:06
mustmodifydaftykins: I read something about pressing shift and seeing that come up but I didn't have that as an option.00:06
_codepoetTJ-: I agree! I assumed it inherited from the kernel headers , but that’s what I get for assuming,. Also check your PMs please00:06
mustmodifydaftykins: So I guess I'll try to figure out how to make that work.00:07
daftykinsmustmodify: mmm usually should be under advanced on the GRUB menu, you could grab an ISO direct otherwise00:07
tachibanaI am 100% lost00:07
tachibanaaptonCD is just the complete worst backup utility ever00:08
muka_why I can "ntfs-3g ....." but can't "mount -t ntfs-3g ..." ?00:08
daftykinstachibana: i don't even consider it backup00:09
_denis_tachibana what do you need?00:09
daftykinsmuka_: it's just been 'ntfs' for years00:09
tachibanawhat backup is good again? remastersys?00:09
daftykinsi don't think you mean backup, i think you're trying to make some kind of weird "install my distro with the packages i use from the get-go" method00:10
maxtimbodaftykins, I altered my fstab. Did I do it wrong? http://pastebin.com/8zxiBQdc00:10
mustmodifydaftykins: ok I have grub version 2.02~beta2~9ubuntu1 so I should be able to get memtest86+ to work with that, shouldn't I?00:10
daftykinsmaxtimbo: yes, because none of those exist00:10
_denis_remastersys works pretty well in my experience but it backup a distro, not data00:11
daftykinsmustmodify: yep maybe check if it's installed even00:11
daftykinsmustmodify: "dpkg -l | grep memtest"00:11
maxtimbodaftykins, they are files within the hdd00:11
TJ-_codepoet: I've found it in the upstream, the commit that introduced it: "593acd8b (sgrubb 2011-06-25 15:25:46 +0000 327) _S(304, "open_by_handle_at")"00:11
daftykinsmaxtimbo: you essentially ignored all the advice from earlier and carried on with that guide you found00:12
TJ-_codepoet: I have PMs disabled (/umode +g)00:12
maxtimbodaftykins, I thought I was taking your advice -_-00:12
maxtimboI did it wrong00:12
daftykinsmaxtimbo: not even vaguely00:12
maxtimboWell now I feel nice and dumb.00:13
Glougloumustmodify: I think that the ubuntu livecd has the memtest00:13
_codepoetTJ-: ah, well, I was going to send you a token of apprciation and need an email to do so!00:14
mustmodifyThe memory test isn't available because of the following: "We need 16-bit boot, which isn't available on EFI"00:14
mustmodifySo I have a super-awesome system. I can't believe there is anything here that is substandard.00:16
mustmodifyMaybe I have something configured wrong?00:16
Glougloumustmodify: you cannot disable efi and use legacy when you boot on the cd?00:16
TJ-_codepoet: no worries, we come here to be tested :)00:16
_codepoetTJ-: what you’ve given me is perfect. I can just point to the table in verion 1.7 and the one in 2.x and be like ‘see? not our problem’00:16
mustmodifyGlouglou: tell me more about that.00:16
Jordan_Umustmodify: That message isn't about anything being substandard (except possibly memtest86+ for still not supporting UEFI :)00:16
mustmodifyJordan_U: Oh, I read it backwards.00:17
maxtimbodaftykins, you said:  "mount it in fstab then make the symlinks" so I first mounted the drive with fstab00:17
mustmodifyNeed 16, possibly have > 16.00:17
daftykinsmaxtimbo: where? i don't see it in there00:17
TJ-_codepoet: I'm disappointed it wasn't kept up to date. That's part of the problem with packages in Universe though, they're not core, not in the 'main' pocket, so its up to interested volunteers to maintain them00:17
daftykinsoh now i do, i should try opening my eyes00:17
maxtimboIt's the first line00:18
_codepoetTJ-: necessity is the mother of all invention, and I guess no one really needed that syscall00:18
TJ-_codepoet: audit is a RedHat package too, so it's not so important on Debian/Ubuntu00:18
_codepoetor maybe they did and just monkey patched thosr constants00:18
daftykinsmaxtimbo: ok so get rid of all your bind mount directory crap00:18
TJ-_codepoet: you could quickly patch in those missing syscalls into an updated package00:18
daftykinsmaxtimbo: they just need to be symlinked on disk, no need for all that00:18
_codepoettj-: anyway I’d like to shoot you a thank you via http://www.giftly.com , but I neeed an email to do it. If you don’t want to give me one, I understand, but just understand I will feel indebted to you for a long time if not00:18
maxtimbodaftykins, so I did, at least vaguely, follow directions...00:19
daftykinsmaxtimbo: not quite.00:19
TJ-_codepoet: hang on a mo00:19
Glougloumustmodify: sometimes in the bios you can disable EFI boot. Disable EFI will allow you to boot the livecd and do the test00:22
onezuffhow can i start learning about email servers?00:22
daftykinsonezuff: try setting one up00:23
nemithrun your own00:23
onezuffwhat do i need to use? postmail ?00:23
nemithsendmail.. in case you lose your root password and you need back into your server00:23
daftykinsyou might want to research a bit around to answer that00:24
nemithhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer <-- may help00:24
_codepoetTJ-: kicks ass. Thanks so much for your help. Goodnight all!00:25
mustmodifyGlouglou: ok I'll check it out.00:25
onezuffsendmail or postfix?00:25
Jordan_U!memtester | mustmodify00:29
Jordan_U!info memtester | mustmodify00:29
ubottumustmodify: memtester (source: memtester): Utility for testing the memory subsystem. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.3.0-3 (vivid), package size 15 kB, installed size 64 kB00:29
Jordan_Umustmodify: That will allow you to check your memory from within a booted Ubuntu system. It's technically not able to check *all* of RAM, because the kernel is taking up some RAM and doesn't like being moved, but it should catch most memory problems.00:30
mustmodifyGlouglou: ok I have two options in "Boot mode select": "Legacy+UEFI" or "UEFI" so I guess disabling it is out.00:32
mustmodify(and I already have the first one selected.)00:32
Jordan_Umustmodify: memtest86+ can unfortunately sometimes give false positives when booted via CSM on UEFI hardware. I'd recommend either memtester or a UEFI based memory tester (though I'm not aware of any such memory tester that is Free software).00:33
mustmodifyhere's what Ubuntu writes to the log on startup. Anyone able to glance through this for me to see if anything sticks out? https://gist.github.com/mustmodify/0fa59bfa323fabc1bc1e00:34
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daftykinsmustmodify: it speaks of a BIOS 1.11, yet the website for the MSI 7759 speaks of 1.B being the latest?00:37
mustmodifyhex B = decimal 1100:37
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daftykinsbut are you sure that's the latest? i wouldn't expect such conversion but i guess it could be.00:38
daftykinsstill seems to be 2013 :)00:39
mustmodifyI wouldn't either. I asked on some other linux channel... they sneered at me and said it seemed right. But I'd be happy to dig further.00:39
daftykinswell, you can still download a memtest ISO, throw it on a flash drive and boot that drive legacy.00:40
mustmodifywhat does this mean? https://gist.github.com/mustmodify/0fa59bfa323fabc1bc1e#file-gistfile1-txt-L1067-L107200:43
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daftykinsi don't think it bears any relevance00:44
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Glougloumustmodify: did you try to boot the livecd in legacy mode? you dvd should be list under 2 entry, legacy and uefi...00:49
daftykinsmustmodify: you got the latest firmware on that intel SSD?00:50
daftykinstb_: english only00:53
mustmodifydaftykins: no, I haven't updated the firmware on the ssd, but I wasn't having issues before I installed the ram... I can give it a shot.00:56
daftykinsnah too vague00:56
daftykinsi don't see any point in doing anything other than pursuing the memtest angle00:57
mustmodifywell I will try to boot from the CD and get the memtest86 thing going.00:58
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Glougloumustmodify: if it does not work, maybe you could google on the error "*BAD*gran_size" found in your syslog. good luck01:01
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badkittyI'm a Ubuntu person01:09
bazhang!ask | badkitty01:09
ubottubadkitty: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:09
mustmodifyWhat's the process for updating the drivers for my nic card?01:12
daftykins...what does that have to do with memtest?01:12
mustmodifyI'm watching the LiveCD download at the speed of like 0 per second.01:13
mustmodifyseriously it's like 1k / s01:14
mustmodifyand since it's sister machine can download at like 5mbps I'm thinking that's not right.01:14
mustmodifysure sure, it could be the server.01:14
mustmodifythe remote server01:14
mustmodifyI just thought I would ask.01:14
daftykinstry another mirror01:15
daftykinsor torrent it instead01:15
Jordan_Umustmodify: Why are you downloading a LiveCD? If it's for memtest86+, then why have you (seemingly) ignored my messages to you about using memtester instead?01:16
mustmodifyJordan_U: Just got a bunch of suggestions and had to pick one.01:16
mustmodifyand I got an error when installing memtester01:17
RB2Hi, I can't find the init script for vsftpd01:17
mustmodifythough actually it's working now01:17
mustmodifyhere it is: "Package linux-signed-image-generic is not configured yet. "01:17
lambaif unattended-upgrades has been running (according to the logfile) but the kernel hasn't been updated (not installed, not just not rebooted onto it), is there an obvious place to look ? I couldn't find any evidence of apt pinning on it or such, though i'm more centos savvy then ubuntu.01:18
wileeelamba, desktop, server, end goal?01:22
Jordan_Umustmodify: You said "though it's working now". Does that mean you're currently running memtester?01:24
daftykinslooks like package management issues01:25
mustmodifyJordan_U: No, I thought it was working but then it failed.01:26
mustmodifyJordan_U: so I'm tracking that down now.01:26
mustmodify"Package linux-signed-image-3.13.0-65-generic is not configured yet"01:26
Jordan_Umustmodify: Please pastebin the full output of "sudo apt-get install memtester".01:29
mustmodifyJordan_U: Now I really have it installed. :)01:30
mustmodifybut I'm trying to figure out the correct parameters.01:31
mustmodifyShouldn't it just assume I want to test all the available memory? I mean, if I say, test 2GB, which 2GB will be tested? Crazy.01:31
Jordan_Umustmodify: Due to it running in userland it doesn't (safely) have knowledge of which physical areas of memory linux is giving it.01:34
Jordan_Umustmodify: If you use a large value it should test most of your RAM. For example, you could close most other applications and pass as much RAM as you have free.01:35
Jordan_Umustmodify: For example, close all other apps, run "free -G", look at the number second down under "Free", and pass that like "sudo memtester nnG" where "nn" is the number of GiB free you have on your system (including space currently used for caching only).01:36
Jordan_Umustmodify: Note that this will likely make your system perform poorly while memetester is running.01:37
lambawileee: server01:38
lambawileee: its not a server i've touche before, but it's on our network. we just noticed it was on an old kernel and it appears that while everything else has been installed, the kernel wasn't getting updated01:39
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tewardlamba: kernel might need manual intervention (because it'll need rebooted to take effect), not 100% sure though01:41
lambaUnattended-Upgrade::Automatic-Reboot "true";01:42
lambaso i thought it would.01:42
lambaAutomatic-Reboot-Time is 02:00.01:42
wileeelamba, standard cli is dist-upgrade for kernels, not sure in this context.01:46
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metrostationhow can I install and configure a smtp server on ubuntu01:47
lambayeah me either. kind of hoping someone in #ubuntu might know the 'this is what's meant to happen'. so i guess the question is does unattended-upgrades do kernels normally ? maybe it doesn't ?01:48
TJ-lamba: you say the kernel version was older than the current published version? Is the "linux-generic" package installed (sorry if you've already answered; I've only just looked in)01:49
lambadpkg --get-selections | grep -i linux-generic dosen't show it01:51
lapinozzis there a way to extract a file of any type? (i found unp and dtrx but i cant choose in what folder to extract)01:52
TJ-lamba: the way the kernels stay up-to-date is that the linux-generic package Depends on the current version01:52
fearI have a quick question, I'm running ubuntu mate on raspberry pi with 32gb of storage but it only seems to see 4gb worth, can I expand this in anyway?01:53
lambaTJ-: oh. so without that, it wont auto-update. interesting01:53
TJ-lamba: assuming the system is using the -generic flavour, not -lowlatency, then "sudo apt-get install linux-generic" should fix it01:53
daftykinsfear: #ubuntu-arm might be useful01:53
TJ-lamba it is possible that package was removed deliberately to maintain the system on a particular version01:54
=== grant is now known as Guest95114
feardaftykins I'll try that, it makes sense since it's a arm processor :)01:55
lambaTJ-: yeah it is possible. It's also possible an engineer did it by being an idiot. Knowing this place, i know where my money is going.01:56
TJ-lamba: got to be a very deliberate step to remove the package. You could check when it happened in the /var/log/apt/ logs01:56
lambathanks. super useful information.02:00
lapinozzis there a way to extract a file of any type? (i found unp and dtrx but i cant choose in what folder to extract)02:00
LambdaComplexlapinozz: I think 7zip supports most things02:05
lapinozzcan i use it from terminal?02:05
lapinozzcan i install it from repo?02:07
LambdaComplexShould be the p7zip package02:08
lapinozzp7zip dosnt let me choose where to extract02:09
aarobcAnyone do video editing on ubuntu? What software do you use?02:09
lapinozzwhat kind of editing?02:09
lapinozzfor montage i used Pitivi02:09
LambdaComplexlapinozz: Hm, is file roller installed?02:09
lapinozzdidnt think of that, thx :)02:10
wafflejock1hello razrlele02:14
wafflejock1aarobc: kdenlive is decent02:15
wafflejock1aarobc: for live streaming stuff OBS is cross platform and works pretty well in my limited experience with it, can feed in multiple inputs from different cameras or load in image or video overlays, doesn't handle animated transitions easily but pretty nice anyway if you want to do something live streaming to YouTube or something02:17
aarobcwafflejock1: looks nice, haven't tried this one yet. Tried blender and a few other ones I didn't like, hopefully this does the trick02:18
wafflejock1aarobc: one last option I've heard other people use is Blender, have only used it for basic 3d modeling and animation but apparently it can be used as a regular 2D video editor as well02:18
wafflejock1hmm k gotcha02:18
designbybeckOrca screen reading settings,under Settings, is it missing some options? Is there a way to show more?02:19
redbanhi, I need help02:34
redbanfirefox won't play mp3 files02:34
redbani have installed ubuntu-restricted-extra02:34
redbanany ideas?02:35
daftykinsredban: so it only offers to download them?02:36
daftykinsgotta be honest, why do you want a browser to play mp3?02:36
Xffinstall audio codecs02:36
Xffvlc etc02:36
redbani have installed ubntu-restricted-extras. what other codecs do I have to install?02:38
daftykinsredban: you didn't respond02:40
redbanno it doesn't even offer to download them . just audio cannot be played error02:41
redbanwhen I do "about:plugins" I don't see audio plugins02:42
daftykinsthere wouldn't be02:42
redbansorry for fromating,02:42
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mustmodifyJordan_U: So when I run 'memtester 32G 3' all I get is a ton of lines like this: got  21080MB (22104727552 bytes), trying mlock ...too many pages, reducing...03:02
Jordan_Umustmodify: Do you have 32 GiB of memory *free*?03:03
mustmodifyJordan_U: no, but it does the same thing with 5G03:06
mustmodifywhich I do have free.03:06
=== Steven| is now known as Steven-
Jordan_Umustmodify: Are you using 32 bit Ubuntu rather than 64 bit?03:07
mustmodifyJordan_U: nope, 6403:14
Jordan_Umustmodify: Does 3 GiB work?03:21
=== eclipse is now known as Guest68953
mustmodify100M doesn't work03:22
Jordan_Umustmodify: Did you run memtester as root?03:24
n_blownaparthi anyone know why I can't install vagrant on ubuntu ? I tried the cli and through a browser.03:25
mustmodifyJordan_U: d'Oh! That was it.03:35
mustmodifyI would swear I had been doing that. Apparently not.03:35
TwirlHi, why everytime i turn on my computer the sound is back at 100%?03:46
axgjust got a new printer. Are there drivers for epson printers for linux?03:47
whologinAny chance of a multi-arch for ubuntu?03:49
designbybeckHow do certs work locally? or do they in Ubuntu. I am trying to connect to a school FTP server. It works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't with FileZilla and FireFTP03:51
designbybeckMy settings haven't changed on my end03:51
designbybeckbut I did restart since the last time I connected to that server. I don't know if it is up/down, or what the problem is, but I just know it is hit and miss03:52
designbybeckjust didn't know if it was something on my Ubuntu 14.04 64bit side03:52
designbybecki had to restart my modem and router recently as well03:52
daftykinsdesignbybeck: read the log messaages, it should be pretty obvious what changes03:55
designbybeckyeah that is what is weird daftykins... nothing has change on my settings, but it says 530 use cannot log in03:56
designbybeckand looks like this is a microsoft server daftykins: <!doctype html>03:56
designbybeck<html lang="en">03:56
designbybeck<meta charset="utf-8">03:56
designbybeck<meta name="author" content="Brian Beck">03:56
designbybeck<meta name="description" content="Online Accessibility by Brian Beck">03:56
designbybeck<a href="https://wiki.gnome.org/action/show/Projects/Orca" target="_blank">Orca Screen Reader</a> - The Orca Screen Reader is an Open Source Screen Reading software project that is available for Linux Operating Systems. Orca Screen Reader is included by default as one accessibility option on many popular Linux Operating System. This is a great for visualy impared people in third-world contrires that can not afford other accessibility software.</p>03:57
designbybeck<p><a href="https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/automatik-text-reader/" target="_blank"><img id="automatik" src="../images/Automatik_Open_Source.png" alt="Automatik Open Source screen reader" /></a><a href="https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/automatik-text-reader/" target="_blank">Automatik Text Reader add-on</a> - Automatik is a Text Reader add-on for Firefox. It supports multipule languages and voice types. High quality03:57
designbybeckTTS screen reader with automatic language recognition. Voice speed control. Integrated interface (compact & extended). Supports English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian. Select text to speak it. (TTS: Text-To-Speech)03:58
designbybeck<p><a href="https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/firefox-reader-view-clutter-free-web-pages" target="_blank"><img id="reader" src="../images/Reader_Open_Source.png" alt="Firefox Reader View" /></a><a href="https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/firefox-reader-view-clutter-free-web-pages" target="_blank">Firefox Reader View</a> - Firefox Reader View, is a new feature in Firefox Web Browser that allows compatable web pages a clean, clutter free view03:58
designbybeckthat is easy to read and change the size and contrast of. This is more ideal for people with partial or strined eyesight. Depending on what operating system you are running, you might can use other screen readers with this as well.03:58
designbybeck<p><a href="#top">Back to top</a></p>03:58
designbybeck&copy; 2015, Brian Beck03:58
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daftykinsdesignbybeck: don't paste here.03:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:59
designbybeckdaftykins, again, sorry, didn't mean to03:59
designbybeckit was the wrong thing I pasted03:59
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designbybeckand looks like I had the wrong password daftykins ...didn't know the one password was used in both places04:01
designbybeck*sigh*... one of those days04:01
=== User001 is now known as U1001
daftykinsyou're saying it was solely password?04:02
* bet0x sup sup04:05
designbybecklooks that way daftykins04:11
designbybeck...filezilla use to connect for a few mins, and then drop04:12
designbybeck,but I'm using fireftp right now, and it is working fine it seems04:12
daftykinscredentials seems a bit of a step 1 error?04:14
ignaciois there anyway to force the system to use all the processor?04:15
ignacioI mean, I remember there was a panel widget for that in ubuntu 10.0404:15
alazare619im looking for a distro thats similiar to slitaz in principle but based on ubuntu does anyone have a recommendation?04:16
alazare619reason i want ubuntu is because of the interoperability of all of the packages04:16
ignacioDoes Ubuntu Studio still exists?04:17
locksmith2coo' coo'04:30
wafflejock1ignacio: you mean this? http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/indicator-cpufreq04:35
wafflejock1ignacio: not sure on Studio04:35
ubottuUbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org04:35
wafflejock1!rpm | alazare619 can use alien as described here but not really supported, personally if I can't get a .deb from the source and I need something I'll just build it myself from source and install that way04:37
ubottualazare619 can use alien as described here but not really supported, personally if I can't get a .deb from the source and I need something I'll just build it myself from source and install that way: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !dpkg, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)04:37
alazare619cant build from source wafflejock104:38
alazare619it requires glibc 2.1504:38
alazare619and only one available in rolling or even 5.0 rc3 is 2.1404:38
wafflejock1alazare619: yeah have ended up down the road of dependency hell in doing the compile it myself thing too but sometimes not too bad just depends on the package04:39
alazare619particullary looking at atom editor04:39
alazare619the github one04:40
alazare619github produced it and its probably the most amazing editor ever04:40
ignaciowafflejock1, yes that, thank you04:40
wafflejock1alazare619: yeah can download the .deb though what's the issue there?04:40
alazare619yea there is a deb for it light tables didnt have one04:41
alazare619ill look at atoms deb and using tazpkg convert04:41
alazare619its only x6404:41
alazare619not x8604:41
ignacioalazare619, you can compile it04:42
alazare619and slitaz is only x86 it appears04:42
ignacioBuild it*04:42
ignacioone sec04:42
wafflejock1alazare619: yeah not familiar with slitaz04:42
alazare619yea looks like im going to maybe just do ubuntu netinst04:43
alazare619or something...04:43
ignacioalazare619, you want atom for i386?04:43
alazare619well the distro ive been working on for a very lightweight thinclient w/ a local ide04:43
alazare619i was building it from scratch and started using slitaz but came across dependency hell so started looking for other options04:44
alazare619if i leave slitaz im lossing 2 weeks of work but at this point im at a standstill04:44
ignacioalazare619, idk if this is the latest version http://www.webupd8.org/2014/05/install-atom-text-editor-in-ubuntu-via-ppa.html04:44
DDRHi guys. I installed the latest AMD drivers for my desktop, which was a mistake - how do I downgrade fglrx to the version that ubuntu ships with?04:46
daftykinswell if you ran their installer, run their uninstaller04:47
DDRit was a .deb package. Now my package manager only lists that one, because it's a higher version.04:48
daftykinsdpkg -l | grep fglrx | pastebinit04:49
DDRdaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12622496/04:51
DDRI might have found the right menu item in Synaptic, actually, just now.04:51
daftykins"sudo apt-get purge fglrx* "04:52
DDRYay, my computer works now!05:01
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest64566
Guest64566I am wondering what the backports unsupported updates are / what the usually contain. As well as wondering what updates contains differently then the security updates... these updates don't update the kernel or patch the kernel to another version or so... so what are they containing for the ubuntu os's05:19
Guest64566just kind of curious what recommended updates usually contain or update/do when downloading them. And what the other pre-release updates , or unsupported updates usually do.... I would imagine recommended updates are just updating the installed programs one has not actually modifying or patching the kernel05:23
Guest64566security updates may be doing some patching but probably more then not just updateing the security features/programs specific to security05:24
Guest64566Though if somebody knows and can explain in depth it would be great05:24
Guest64566is or pm me05:24
wileeeGuest64566, ubuntu has many wiki's, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports05:24
Guest64566yes or pm me05:24
kumarsudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart05:25
kumarrunning this command got the error:05:25
kumar* Restarting web server apache2                                         [fail]   * The apache2 configtest failed.05:25
kumarOutput of config test was:05:26
kumarapache2: Syntax error on line 140 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Syntax error on line 1 of /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/alias.load: Cannot load /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_alias.so into server: /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_alias.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Action 'configtest' failed.05:26
kumarHow to solve it?05:26
Guest64566yes i get backports but i am wondering what the security and general updates contain or do when downloading them05:29
Guest64566are they just updating the packages if you where to do apt-get update / upgrade command instead05:29
Guest64566sort of auto notifying you and doing that for each package on its own05:29
tom4Umy ubuntu 14.04 shutdown button not working please help me05:30
Guest64566if that is what the gui is doing05:30
daftykinskumar: comment out the line?05:30
kumardaftykins : thanks for your reply..05:31
Guest64566then what is the difference between security updates and general won't general updates update the security app's as well ... so i guess i want to know what more is in a security update package normally?05:31
kumardafttkins : running command : sudo apt-get apache2 restart05:31
kumarbut got the error:05:31
kumarapache2: Syntax error on line 140 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Syntax error on line 1 of /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/alias.load: Cannot load /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_alias.so into server: /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_alias.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Action 'configtest' failed.05:32
daftykinskumar: that's not a real command, you don't use package management to tell apache to restart05:32
tom4Umy ubuntu 14.04 shutdown button is not working please someone help me05:32
kumardaftykins : sorry, running the command : sudo service apache2 restart05:33
kumarbut got the error:  apache2: Syntax error on line 140 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf: Syntax error on line 1 of /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/alias.load: Cannot load /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_alias.so into server: /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_alias.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Action 'configtest' failed.05:33
kumardaftykins : how to solve it?05:33
=== tom4U is now known as tom4U1
hateballkumar: Are you using mod_alias?05:34
hateballkumar: try running sudo a2enmod mod_alias again05:34
kumarhateball : ok05:35
kumarhateball : running command sudo a2enmod mod_alias    got the error:05:36
kumarERROR: Module mod_alias does not exist!05:36
hateballhmmm, no I see it should be enabled by default in the binary05:36
BartJrI am running 15.04, 3.19.0-16 with Cairo-Dock...When I click on the shortcuts menu there is a drive showing up there that is not mounted/connected but I am unable to remove it from the shortcuts menu. Any ideas on how to remove this from the shortcuts menu? thanks05:37
hateballkumar: did you use a2enmod or did you create your own configs?05:38
kumaruse a2enmod05:38
Lizasomeone please help me i have some problem related to my computer05:38
daftykinscan't do much helping until a description is given, Liza05:39
Lizai am unable to install some windows app in wine platform05:40
LizaMS office 2007 in wine05:41
daftykinsyou shouldn't really be attempting to do that05:41
hateball!wine | Liza05:41
ubottuLiza: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:41
Lizadaftkins why?05:42
daftykinsare you sure libre office can't suffice?05:43
daftykinsit's pretty flawed to desire things to run under wine for the most part, is all05:43
Lizawhat is about kingsoft office app05:44
daftykinsthat's not a very coherent sentence, but kingsoft would be an entirely different office suite05:45
=== sayan is now known as Guest22931
Lizafew front are missing in libreoffice05:45
Lizaunable to view some documents05:46
daftykinsobtain them?05:46
Lizahow can i get microsoft property fronts in open apps like libreoffice05:48
daftykinsmore to the point, why are you using ubuntu if you're reliant on MS office?05:48
lh_have chinese?05:49
hateball!cn | lh_05:50
ubottulh_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw05:50
lh_thank you05:50
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Trinityi'm using libgdx and for some reason when i open two games or three games (could also be applications)06:05
Trinitywhen i move the screens they start to lag06:05
Trinitytested on windows, no issues06:05
Trinitylibgdx uses lwjgl which uses AWT beneath it06:05
Trinityany ideas?06:05
albertobuenas noches todos06:06
ignaciobuenas noches alberto06:07
=== alberto is now known as pato
ignacioGood night06:11
=== _syntroPi_ is now known as syntroPi
loawhat is way to delete all packages which are not in my repositories? for example i update from 14.04 to 15.05 and i need delete old packages06:16
loahow i can do this?06:17
morphlesI can not get ipv6 to work for me. I need to test some things using ipv6, so I wanted to get loopback an ipv6 address (though from memory any linux i have touched quite some time already had that). But I just can't do it. /proce/net/if_inet6 is not present. ubuntu version is 14.04, very hard to find anything on the net about that. I think I might have tried to disable ipv6 at some point in past, but sysctl does not have isabled directives. So not sure what06:17
daftykinsloa: it did that06:17
morphlesmodprobe ipv6 does nothing, lsmod still does not list anything, but I would guess ipv6 is compiled in, kernels is 3.1306:17
loadaftykins, no06:18
loadaftykins, i have many packages from not official repositories06:18
loafor example cuda06:18
daftykinsloa: oh PPAs...06:18
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html06:18
hrobjarturI'm using the xorg-edgers ppa for the nvidia-352 driver06:19
daftykinsloa: see your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/06:19
hrobjarturthis driver was necessary for my 4k screens at my work.06:19
loadaftykins, and what? there all repositories commented out06:19
loabut packages are installed from them06:19
hrobjarturnow, I just added the same ppa to my colleagues ubuntu... same ubuntu... same hardware...06:19
hrobjarturhowever... the nvidia-352 driver does not show up in aptitude search on his computer06:20
daftykinsloa: see the above ppapurge i triggered.06:20
hrobjarturI don't get how there can be a difference between our computers.. we both use the same ppa.06:20
hateballhrobjartur: did you apt-get update06:21
hrobjarturhateball,  yes.06:21
loadaftykins, there plenty of them  > 2006:21
loait will be hard.06:21
daftykinsso roll your sleeves up and get to work :)06:21
hrobjarturhateball,  I first. purged his nivida driver install, then I added the ppa, then I apt-get updated.06:21
loadaftykins, i can't get why update did not done that.06:22
hateballhrobjartur: while it should show, I suggest you use this ppa instead since it will become the "official" one https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa06:22
daftykinsyou're meant to get rid of PPAs yourself, it's in all the upgrade advice06:22
loadaftykins, ok, i think i must more did all more carefully before update06:25
hrobjarturhateball,  thanks... I was using this one before, but I had problems with cuda support on the nvidia-352 driver from that PPA06:25
hateballhrobjartur: Ah06:25
hrobjarturhateball,   I figured maybe cuda had not been compiled with the driver in that PPA... but I could be wrong something else maybe06:25
daftykinsloa: sorry that wasn't English06:26
hrobjarturhateball,  is it possible that nvidia-352 has been removed from the xorg-edgers?06:26
hateballhrobjartur: Well, I don't use CUDA so I can't really help you there. I did not see you mention that06:26
hateballhrobjartur: looking at https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa it would seem so. Probably because of the move to the other repo06:27
hrobjarturhateball,  can I use the apt tools to search in specific repository only06:27
hrobjarturhateball, ok06:28
hateballhrobjartur: It is even stated so up top06:28
hateballhrobjartur: well you can use apt-cache policy <package> to see which repo it comes from06:29
hrobjarturhateball,  thanks!06:29
hrobjarturhateball,  I guess I'll go back to graphics-drivers ppa06:30
hrobjarturhateball,  and try to solve the cuda issue06:30
hateballhrobjartur: Good luck. You may try the 355 driver as well06:30
hateballI've been using it a while (not with cuda) and it has been stable06:30
=== battosai is now known as battosai_
=== battosai_ is now known as battosai
hrobjarturhateball, ... I see that while  typically  libcuda1  is installed along side the nvidia driver... in the graphics-drivers ppa I have to install libcuda1 specifically.06:48
hrobjarturhateball,  this was probably my issue.06:49
AnticomGood morning. Anyone else experiencing any issues with VirtualBox v5.0.4 installed from their website since yesterday?06:52
daftykinscould try their channel06:52
daftykinsoften they're up on issues06:52
Anticomno response yet06:52
AnticomI did some updates on my Ubuntu 14.04 (64 Bit) host and now i can't start any of my VMs06:52
daftykinsmodules + logs?06:52
Anticomwhich ones?06:53
daftykinsvirtualbox ones ¬_¬06:53
Anticomdaftykins: well that's the error i'm getting displayed: http://pastebin.com/1f9PxxRk hang in for the logs06:53
loawhere configs for daemons located in ubuntu 15.04?06:54
loai know that now it systemd but where.06:55
Anticomdaftykins: http://pastebin.com/rAJekfbB06:56
jay_hi everyone06:59
jay_i have a quick question07:00
jay_im new on ubuntu and would like to know if there is an ubuntu version of Ms visio?07:00
jaywinkjay_, no, but LibreOffice Draw can open Visio documents for viewing07:02
jay_and can you edit ?07:03
jaywinkIt also has a lot of similar functionality07:03
jaywinkI believe you can't save to visio format because afaik it is proprietary07:03
jay_okay... tanx let me try iy out07:04
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wileeejay_, worth looking at, https://askubuntu.com/questions/37632/is-there-an-alternative-to-microsoft-office-visio07:05
=== hrobjartur is now known as bartur
sjoshijay_: you can also check dia07:07
jay_tanx guys....and what's the default mail agent ?07:07
nhyljay_, personally i really really like yEd.07:07
sjoshijay_: you can also see  http://www.ubuntubuzz.com/2015/05/how-to-install-evolus-pencil-in-ubuntu.html07:08
jay_tanx a lot guys..07:11
A124Hello. Having Raring, need to upgrade in-place. Did use archive to apt dist upgrade. But calling do-releae-upgrade gives 404 Not Found [IP: 80] .. How could I get to newer version?07:13
jimbowwhere is the chat channel?07:16
wileeeA124, next saucy is eol as well, a backup and fresh install is the general safestroute07:18
A124wileee Cannot do that unfortunately.07:18
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:18
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:19
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:19
gulzardf -h shows this http://paste.dy.fi/CYi. Is there anything wrong in the allocation of storages. RAM is 1TB07:19
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hhhhYo, I'm trying to overclock my monitor atm, and I'm told that /lib/modules/<kernel>/updates/dkms/nvidia_331.ko should be a file07:22
Trinityhow do you add icons/programs to the xfce start menu launcher?07:22
TrinityWhisker Menu*07:22
hhhhBut I only have nvidia.ko and nvidia-uvm.ko, how do I force the nvidia gui to generate the file?07:22
Guest64566do you guys now if there is any ubuntu packages for developing for iphone or windows phone app's tools, debugging, flashing,building etc for those we have android-tools-* packages for the android but doesn't look like there is any for windows mobile devices or iphone  apple mobile devices07:35
Guest64566anybody know if there is any in the repo's or any in existence for linux / ubuntu07:36
=== it_sj is now known as sjd_zeus
jay_lol... i am dual booting from windows 10 to ubuntu and i cannot seem to boot to windows again07:41
Guest64566well there is 32 packages for android in the apt-get repo's of version 14 trusty07:41
Guest64566but no windows or iphone and only a few ipod ones07:42
Guest64566either re install your mbr with windows or uses chain loading with grub that should clear it up07:46
Guest64566of course you have to know the path to the kernel if you don't know that you will have to uses gpart or other data recovery tools to find the sector maybe fdisk would help07:47
Guest64566don't have time to help on this stuff right now though07:48
A124Umm.. Widnows stores MBR on the boot drive too.07:48
A124I mean partition, so just chainloading the right partition should do.07:49
Guest64566so find the partition you want and chainload with grub to the path of the kernel or bootloader for it...etc07:51
Guest64566google for grub chainloading examples07:51
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TwirlHi, anyone knows why every time i turn in my computer sound goes to exactly 100% ?07:54
Twirland also, 50% of the times i need to turn off wifi network and turn it on again so it connects, which is stupid and unnecessary07:54
jdavisdynamichello new to this and ubuntu08:05
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jdavisdynamicjeff is now known as losinginyrtrdy08:08
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stukdev_I setup a syslog server and a dhcp, but when syslog client send more log, the server can't satisfy the dhcp request...is normal^08:10
abb4shi every body , any one know what happen after type double-quot after command ?? like echo "08:10
Archymeabb4s, why not try it?08:12
abb4sArchyme:  i tryed that but i dont know what happen ! ot just take input and ...08:13
Archymeabb4s, ok so echo " return, then type hello world return, then " return08:14
Russell_D_Leeshell is waiting you input until another quot08:15
abb4sArchyme:  so what the meaning of this ? where is used ??08:15
Archymeabb4s, what Russell_D_Lee said ^08:15
Archymeabb4s, type "man echo"08:16
alpaca_sida_ekislol temara te pega08:16
Torrasvols sida?08:16
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang08:16
abb4sRussell_D_Lee:   so what the meaning of this ? where is used ??08:16
alpaca_sida_ekisno plotis pero loc08:16
alpaca_sida_ekisDon't cry08:17
Russell_D_Leefor example, we need input a lot of string08:17
abb4sArchyme: it is not just about echo , any command that you type a quot after that , itwould happen08:17
ciclecom va?08:17
cicletot be?08:17
cicleetse loku08:17
ciclei've a problem with ubuntu08:18
abb4sRussell_D_Lee: okay thanks sir , i got it08:18
ciclemy unbuntu has VIH08:18
Russell_D_Leeabb4s, you're welcome08:18
ciclehelp me08:18
cicleets lleig08:19
abb4sRussell_D_Lee: Archyme : so when you want inter multi line input for a cammand you can do it ...08:19
cicletens sida a sa poronga08:19
Archymecicle, what is your question?08:19
Ben64Archyme: its a troll, ignore08:19
ciclei've a problem08:19
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Myrtticicle: please stop?08:19
ciclei've a problem!08:19
Russell_D_Leeabb4s: yes, i thank so08:20
cicle                                                08:20
cicle                                                                                                                                08:20
cicle 08:20
cicle 08:20
cicle 08:20
cicle 08:20
cicle 08:20
BrowserI have a customer display connected through a USB port in /dev/ttyACM0. When I do echo "Testing text" > /dev/ttyACM0 , the screen only displays a "T" and I have to cat /dev/ttyACM0 to show everything. If I run screen /dev/ttyACM0 the echo command works as expected. Why could it be buffering the text?08:40
danorby_I cannot get ELF file to run when I double click on them.  They are setup as executables, but a double click asks "Open With...." but when I open terminal in the folder and I run via the terminal it works.08:41
pm5000Hey, im stuck trying to get a .desktop launcher to start a "executable (application/x-executable)" file.09:15
pm5000basically I checked that the path has no spaces and my Exec is - Exec=/home/xxx/Documents/PopcornTime/Popcorn-Time09:16
pm5000oh yes, it also shows this error when I try to launch - There was an error launching the application.09:18
cfhowlett!patience | pm500009:18
ubottupm5000: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:18
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pederAnyone know how i can set default arch for all repos for apt (that is, disable armhf for all but the one i have [arch+=armhf] on i its sources.list-line09:24
pederwithout having to add [arch-=armhf] to every deb-line09:24
channelitPlease could you provide me with the command line tool that used to share code with you?09:32
shooter2killhey all i was just wondering how would i start or stop a progam in terminal09:32
CodeChrischannelit: do you mean the command pastebin or pastebinit09:34
channelitCodeChris, yes09:34
CodeChristhat's it; so like 'pastebin cat /etc/fstab'09:34
k1l!pastebinit | channelit09:35
ubottuchannelit: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com09:35
hateballshooter2kill: Do you have an example of what?09:35
shooter2killok say i wanted to close firefox via the terminal09:36
channelitI can't find the command09:36
k1lchannelit: see the bots message. it explains it09:36
hateballshooter2kill: several options, one is: pkill firefox09:36
shooter2killthanks hateball was totally what i was looking for ...spot on mate....09:37
shooter2killwhat about starting a progam say again firefox i wanted to start that from terminal09:37
hateballshooter2kill: just run "firefox". if you want to disown it so it doesnt die when you close the terminal, run "firefox &"09:38
shooter2killso i was to do "run firefox" and then closed the terminal window the program would also close unless i & ?09:39
shooter2killstill there hateball?09:41
hateballshooter2kill: yes09:41
shooter2killok sweet09:41
shooter2killthanks mate very helpful09:42
DaNorbyJust type the program name into terminal.  If it goes back to the prompt you may close the terminal without the other program closin.09:42
hateballshooter2kill: well you can manage it using "jobs". so if you start a program without &, then press ctrl+z in terminal to pause it, then type "bg 1" to disown it. use "jobs" to see what is being paused if you have multiple things launched from same terminal09:43
shooter2killthanks everyone just trying to get use to using terminal ...only new to linux mint but trying to use the terminal for things to get use to it09:43
TheNumbshooter2kill: unfortunately linux mint is not a supported derivative of ubuntu.09:45
loahello, somebody use steam in ubuntu 15.04 with controller?09:45
shooter2killoh ok ...09:45
DaNorbyIf I am not mistaken, would the same be said of Ubuntu with trinity desktop?09:45
hateballloa: Yes. Are you taking a poll or do you have a problem?09:46
shooter2killi thought it was more or less the same cause it says mint was built off ubuntu09:46
k1luse the irc support channel that is made the startchannel in their irc clients09:46
k1l!mint | shooter2kill09:46
ubottushooter2kill: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org09:46
loahateball, i have problem. thx for response. i have some lag in menu... like left button is always on09:46
hateballloa: Is this in a game, steam big picture mode, regular steam, or what? What controller?09:46
loahateball, i often have problem with continues sound like ping, ping, ping, ping...09:47
shooter2killall good thanks09:47
loahateball, this is in big picture mode09:47
shooter2kill :)09:47
loahateball, my controller is Logitech Gamepad F31009:47
TheNumbDaNorby: most likely since iirc ubuntu doesn't provide trinity packages.09:47
hateballloa: Strange, I have the same exact controller and I have no issues. Hmmm.09:48
loahateball, when i enter to game from big picture all working ok... that problem is even without controller09:48
loahateball, you got what i am talking about?09:48
hateballloa: I think so.09:48
loahateball, i can show you in twitch if you want.09:48
hateballloa: Since it seems quite Steam specific, perhaps more people will have seen that issue in #ubuntu-steam or #steamlug09:49
loahateball, like something like dummy input from somewhere.09:49
loahateball, i will try now09:49
hateballloa: have you tried disconnecting other input devices? like mouse/keyboard09:49
loahateball, you know what... one person said me that there is some option for debug input when starting steam from console09:50
loasomething like steam -debug_input09:51
loaand will show all data which goes to steam input09:51
hateballloa: I do not know, but I bet someone in the channels I mentioned do09:51
channelitI have 2 wifi networks, all my friends see it, but my laptop can't09:52
channelitUbuntu 14.0409:52
channelitSometimes I can see it, and other time it disconnected and disappears from my network manager09:53
hateballchannelit: what wifi chipset do you use?09:53
wodimhello, how do I choose to use unity 2D ?09:53
wodimI can't find the button to change my session typ09:53
channelitWhat do you mean by chipset? the model?09:54
k1lwodim: there is no unity2d anymore. it will use llvmpipe since som time09:55
wodimk1l: so there is no way not to use a 3d desktop?09:55
wodimk1l: or maybe I can install something else than unity? I'm using it inside a vm and it crawls.09:55
k1lwodim: gnome (and so unity7) changed to using llvmpipe some time ago09:55
hateballchannelit: yep, find out by running lspci or lsusb, depending how it is connected09:56
k1lwodim: ubuntu offers a huge bunch of other desktops. you can try lxde (lubuntu-desktop) etc09:56
hateballchannelit: certain chipsets/drivers do not play well in linux09:56
wodimk1l: yes, I will try with lxde then, thank you.09:56
channelithateball,  Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 3160 (rev 93)09:57
channelithateball, is that what you mean?09:58
channelithateball, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12623451/09:58
hateballchannelit: hmm, intel wifi is usually quite well supported10:00
hateballchannelit: some older drivers, like in the kernel used in 14.04 can have problems with N or AC networks tho, and you can disable that to try10:00
hateballchannelit: so the first thing to check, is the SSID you're trying to connect to a N-network?10:01
hateballchannelit: there are various options you can tweak in /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf. I have to be off now so I hope someone else can help you, or that you have enough info that you can google10:02
channelithateball, They are correct10:02
channelithateball, Ok thank you10:03
rafaelcenteioAnybody know how iin command line10:05
rafaelcenteioin command line how to export file with the same name but with a number at the end?*10:05
rafaelcenteioI mean, the output file with the same name of the source.10:06
ArnCHey guys, do you know if there is a permanent fix for pam mysql authentication with vsftpd ? (see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2218804)10:10
k1lrafaelcenteio: can you give more details? i dont understand what you want to do10:12
ArnCSo I authenticate my FTP users with pam mysql10:12
ArnCI have the same problem than the one which is exposed in the thread10:13
ArnC(related to  libgcc_s.so.1)10:13
ArnCthe vsftpd package seems broken in Ubuntu 14.0410:13
ArnCWhen I apply the fix provided in the forum thread, everything works well10:14
ArnCBut every time i run apt-get upgrade10:14
ArnCI have to reapply the fix10:14
ArnCSo I suppose that the bug should be fixed in the repos10:14
ArnCsuppose/ assum10:14
baizoncan someone help me... if i remove ipv6.disable=1 from /etc/default/grub my network breaks :/10:16
ikonia_baizon: why are you removing that ?10:16
baizonikonia_: i had trouble with ipv6 in the past10:16
rafaelcenteiok1l: For instance, I have a file name BB.jpg. I will use imagemagick to create a copy of this .jpg but with less quality. So I want the output name to be the same but with a number 1 in the end (BB1.jpg in this case). Now, it is of course easy to do with a single file, but I want something like a variable, something like output=[samenameasinput]$foo.jpg10:16
ikonia_baizon: that wasn't the question10:17
ikonia_baizon: why are you removing that parameter ?10:17
baizonikonia_: i want to have ipv6 again10:17
ikonia_baizon: so change it to 010:17
ikonia_not 110:17
baizonikonia_: well my network isnt working then10:18
ikonia_define "isn't working"10:18
k1lrafaelcenteio: iirc imagemagick supports batch converting and got a menu for that10:18
baizonikonia_: no connection10:18
ikonia_baizon: at what point ?10:18
MaBunnyhey guys10:19
baizonikonia_: well some hosts are working, other arent. For example youtube.com is working, askubuntu.com not10:19
ikonia_baizon: and why do you think it's anything to do with that parameter ?10:20
rafaelcenteiok1l: Ok, thanks.10:20
baizonikonia_: my other ubuntu machines are working without this parameter10:20
k1lArnC: see if that sort of issue is already reported on launchpad.net so you dont have to apply the fix every time10:21
ikonia_baizon: so when you access those sites, look at what DNS address they are resolving to10:22
baizonikonia_: well let me check10:22
MaBunnyguys is there any bangla channel?10:23
ikonia_MaBunny: as in bangladesh ?10:24
ikonia_MaBunny: there is #ubuntu-in for general Indian community10:24
ikonia_is that close enough, I'm not aware of a specific bangladesh one10:24
MaBunnyok thnx10:24
=== ikonia_ is now known as ikonia
baizonikonia: ou well its working now, <3 shitty routers10:26
ikoniabaizon: no need for the language10:28
baizonikonia: well, i had to restart my pc twice, then it worked. So yeah what can i say, wasted 20min trying to debug something that isnt even my fault :/10:29
=== Saulo is now known as Saulo-
shooter2killdoes anyone here run gnome-boxes im trying to get to run it starts but doesnt reconize my kali.iso not sure why10:50
k1lshooter2kill: ask the mint guys what they changed there and see if they can fix that with you10:51
k1lits on another server (dont ask us why that is)10:51
k1l!mint | shooter2kill10:51
=== omnik5570 is now known as omnik5569
ArnCThanks k1l11:04
brandonwhos ready to get their privates touched?11:05
=== brandon is now known as Guest91921
cfhowlett!ops | guest9192111:05
ubottuguest91921: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang11:05
ikoniacfhowlett: what's up ?11:05
DJonesGuest91921: Please don't11:05
Guest91921DJones : dont what?11:05
cfhowlettikonia, "touching privates ..."?11:05
ikoniaahhh he was brandon11:06
Guest91921i was refering to private tcp connections11:06
esphSo, some stuff got screwed up in my sister's Xubuntu install, and neither the regular nor the "recovery mode" kernel options boot. The drive seems to be okay (checked the SMART stuff), so now I'm just trying to find a good way to fix it.11:06
cfhowlettyeah, that's the new thing.  drop some stupid remarks and quickly change the nick.  clever boy.11:06
esphIs using the intall media to "Install Xubuntu 14.04.3 LTS alongside Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS" a good idea, or is there a better option?11:08
cfhowlettesph, better options exist11:08
esphEven though it says the computer has Ubuntu, it's actually Xubuntu11:08
cfhowlettesph, first: what is the goal?11:08
esphcfhowlett: just get the computer working again, with minimal differences from before.11:08
kazuka_how do i prevent my root folder or any files or folder being accessed from the url file:///11:08
cfhowlettesph, so you want ubuntu or xubuntu?11:09
auronandaceesph: did you manage to recover what your sister wanted?11:09
esphcfhowlett: xubuntu; both the Live CD and the old install are Xubuntu; I don't know why the installer thinks the existing install is Ubuntu11:09
esphauronandace: the stuff is all still there; I don't think the /home partition was affected, and SMART tests showed no errors.11:10
auronandaceesph: now would be a good time to recommend to her regular backups as a preventative measure against data loss11:10
esphWell, right now it's 6AM here, so I think I'll take a rain check on that for the moment11:11
esphI just want to know the best way of fixing the install.11:11
xStarkCan anyone please help me with this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/679674/help-with-ubuntu-installation-14-04-3-lts11:12
xStarkCan anyone help me with this because I've been trying for days now.. http://askubuntu.com/questions/679674/help-with-ubuntu-installation-14-04-3-lts11:12
ikoniaxStark: what's your problem ?11:13
auronandace!here | xStark11:13
ubottuxStark: Please give at least an overview of your problem *here* (all in one line) - you will get a much greater audience. If you have to use more than 3 lines, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com11:13
xStarkikonia: This is my problem ------>  http://paste.ubuntu.com11:14
xStarkone sec11:14
esphcfhowlett: care to elaborate on the better options?11:14
xStarkikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12623820/11:15
cfhowlettesph, so right now your USB doesn't boot at all?11:15
ZombieHyperdrivexStark did you resize your disk? Looks like you are lacking disk space11:15
xStarkI have a 1TB harddrive11:15
ikoniaxStark: I don't want a cut and paste from askubuntu11:15
esphcfhowlett: huh? no, the live media on the USB boots fine11:16
ikoniaxStark: I want you to talk to me and explain the problem11:16
xStarkikonia: All right.11:16
esphcfhowlett: the previously installed xubuntu on the laptop's SSD doesn't boot11:16
xStarkikonia: Look I try to install ubuntu, the 1st option, install ubuntu in windows 7 doesnt work11:16
ikoniaxStark: please define "doesn't wor"11:16
xStarkikonia: System just restarts11:17
cfhowlettesph, reinstall to the same partitions used previously.  DO NOT format the /home partition!11:17
ikoniaxStark: at what point ?11:17
auronandacexStark: you mean beside rather than in win711:17
xStarkauronandace: No, for me it actually displays as "Install In Windows 7" rather than "Install beside Windows 7"11:17
esphcfhowlett: I definitely wouldn't do that11:17
xStarkikonia: As soon as I select "Install inside windows 7" computer restarts11:18
esphcfhowlett: but the only option for that is the one I asked about before, which you said was suboptimal11:18
ikoniaxStark "inside windows 7"11:18
esphcfhowlett: the other two of the three installation options involve nuking everything11:18
xStarkikonia: Yes, not beside windows 7, inside windows 7.11:18
ikoniaxStark: thats wubi11:19
ikoniathats a "dead" technology11:19
cfhowlettesph, if you actually had a bootable system, I would suggest sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop11:19
k1l_xStark: dont install "inside" windows. that is going to break11:19
xStarkikonia: I boot my PC from USB flash drive and follow installation steps and it displays as "install inside windows 7" instead of "Install alongside windows 7"11:19
esphcfhowlett: can I do that from chroot?11:20
ikoniaxStark: that is a dead technology11:20
cfhowlettxStark, wubi is dead, rotten, putrefied and should never be mentioned in polite company much less used.11:20
ZombieHyperdrivexStark isn't there an option "use free disk space"?11:20
cfhowlettesph, that "should" work11:20
auronandacexStark: what version of ubuntu is this?11:20
k1l_xStark: how much partitions are there already?11:20
xStarkauronandace: 14.04.311:20
esphcfhowlett: I don't need the /home partition mounted to do that, do I?11:20
MonkeyDustxStark  wubi is a windows application, it's not a real ubuntu installation11:20
cfhowlettesph, nope.11:21
xStarkk1l_: there are like 4 partitions. 2 are recovery loaders, 1 win 7 loader and 1 partition named "HP_Tools"11:21
ZombieHyperdrivethats a dirty preinstalled windows configuration, do you have a windows disk?11:22
k1l_xStark: so that is the reason why it cant install alongside windows. you can only have 4 primary partitions11:22
xStarkMonkeyDust: I know that. I don't use wubi. It displays as "Install In Windows 7" instead of "Install alongside Windows 7" when I try to install it from USB drive11:22
esphcfhowlett: hmm, apt-get tells me xubuntu-desktop is already installed and up to date in the chroot.11:22
ikoniaxStark: make a freee space partition11:22
ikoniayou'll find it will give you options to install along side11:22
ikoniaat the moment I'd guess you have no unallocated space11:23
ZombieHyperdriveI would suggest save your data and clean install windows. Partition the disk upon install of Windows. Afterwards install ubuntu on free disk space11:23
k1l_xStark: that is wubi. its a fallback (which one should no use) since there is no other possible install with that spoiled partition sheme11:23
xStarkyeah I have no unallocated space11:23
cfhowlettesph, ... sorry to hear it but it does confirm you are properly installed though not configured11:23
k1l_and you got 4 primary partitions on a msdos partition table11:23
xStarkyeah 4 partitions11:23
ZombieHyperdriveactually three11:24
esphcfhowlett: is there a way to reinstall from the chroot? Or should I just go back and do the second installation on top of the first?11:24
ZombieHyperdrivesda1 ,2 and 311:24
zoli___hi all11:24
xStarkZombieHyperDrive: I formatted windows recently lol I haven't touched the disks ever since. Comp came with 4 partitions11:24
k1l_xStark: so: if you dont get rid of at least one partition, you cant install ubuntu native.11:24
cfhowlettesph, it's a frustrating issue because, per your last cli command, xubuntu is present!  but if no one else has a better solution, I suppose reinstall is an option11:25
xStarkk1l_: I cant delete the 3 partitions that has windows loaders so I must delete the fat32 partition?11:26
k1l_xStark: i dont know about what partitions you will need anytime soon.11:26
xStarkHP automatically created the fat 32 partition so I have no idea what impact it would have on the PC11:26
xStarkk1l_: Is there any way I can shrink some space and install Ubuntu on that space instead of deleting one partition11:27
ZombieHyperdriveYour windows system disk ist FAT32 @ xStark?11:27
k1l_xStark: once again: if its a msdos partition table you cant have more than 4 primary partitions.11:28
xStarkZombieHyperDrive: Of course not. 3 partitions (That have loaders) are NTFS and one partitions, automatically created by HP is fat32]11:28
xStarkk1l_: Yeah, you're right11:28
k1l_xStark: so if you want to install ubuntu native, than get a clue about that partitions. a windows doesnt need any of theese. it can boot from one parititon very well. but that is your decision if you want to keep that recoveries and eventually reinstall windows properly11:30
ZombieHyperdrivexStark save your data and delete the recovery partitions so that you only have C:/11:30
A124Nevermind, I think I can live a while, get a new system and never ever return to Ubuntu again.11:30
esphcfhowlett: Oh, I just realized I hadn't run `apt-get update` since I fixed networking within the chroot environment. Maybe it will work after the repos are updated.11:31
xStarkLiterally I have 4 partitions11:31
xStark3 are recovery partitions11:31
xStarkIt seems the HP_Tools partition is for diagonostic purpose11:31
ZombieHyperdrivexStark delete them and resize the disk11:31
ZombieHyperdrivesay 500 GB Windows 500 GB freed for Ubuntu11:32
xStarkZombieHyperdrive: I'm looking at the HP site, a forums post on HP site actually. Someone says HP_Tools contains BIOS so um..11:33
cfhowlettxStark, advice: always get back OEM media from the manufacturer.  just in case ...11:34
kazuka_how do i prevent my root folder or any files or folder being accessed from the url file:/// ???????11:35
* shooter2kill falls over i got virtualbox working ubuntu didnt want to play ball but mint does11:35
shooter2killim off and running Zombie11:35
k1l_A124: dont blame ubuntu because you use ubuntu release way longer than the support timeframe. see the !eolupgrade factoid to get to know what to do.11:35
xStarkcfhowlett: What's OEM Media? If it's recovery data, I have them in a few DVD;s.11:35
cfhowlettOriginal Equipment Manufacturer = HP in your case.  Request those HP tools / software on a CD/USB11:36
xStarkcfhowlett: Yeah, you're right. But I guess it's too late in my case.11:37
BluesKajHey folks11:37
ZombieHyperdriveDownload the drivers manually @xStark, waste the disk and get a clean Windows 7 copy off the Internet. Enter Serial Number, Done!11:38
k1l_A124: but you will need to upgrade from 13.04 to 13.10 and then to 14.04.11:38
Mosleycan anyone advise me?11:39
cfhowlett!ask | Mosley11:39
ubottuMosley: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:39
ZombieHyperdrivepreinstalled machines are for the bin11:39
Mosleymy dell laptop has much lower batteries on ubuntu 14.04 then wi11:39
Mosleyi have tlp, what else can i do?11:39
xStarkZombieHyperdrive: My windows 7 copy is original, I don't think there's any need for downloading a new one.11:39
Mosleywhy is my battery much worse on linux then windows 8/8.1/10?11:42
xStarkBattery depends on various things11:42
xStarkFirstly, your screen brightness11:42
ZombieHyperdriveMosley because Linux is more powerful ;)11:42
xStarkYou keep it at high brightness, your battery is gonna come down so quick xD11:43
MosleyMy laptop used to make a weird clicking sound under windows someone said it was linked to power management/speedstep optimisations11:43
MosleyLinux does not do this, battery life has gone from 7-9 hours all the way to 2-4 hours11:44
xStarkI've used Windows since ages now and I haven't ever heard of such 'clicking sound' that you describe11:44
MosleyAdditionally, hibernate sucks. additionally i found it impossible to boot custom partitioned luks/lvm full disk encryption with seperate home/swap (although installer fully encrypted works)11:45
Mosleyits basically a mess, that i dont fully understand how to fix11:45
rochelimitkazuka_: If you have user permissions that allow access, then access is allowed. If you are worried about other users reading the folders, then remove those users from groups that have permissions to read.11:45
xStarkMosley: I have no idea on the installation process. I'm struggling to install Ubuntu myself..11:45
Mosleytried 14.04 15.04 and mint..... nada (fedora installer can set this up out of the box)11:46
xStarkIt's really all because of the 4 partitions windows has created...11:46
Mosleythe ubuntu installer really does suck.. its so feature poor11:46
prabeshhey guys11:46
ZombieHyperdrivexStark did you try debian for example to compare ?11:46
ZombieHyperdrivehey prabesh11:46
k1l_Mosley: go for the mini install and  do install what you like.11:47
ZombieHyperdrivedebian linux11:47
k1l_ZombieHyperdrive: what does that help here now?11:47
xStarkNo I didn't compare11:47
Mosleyi did a mini install on suse11:47
k1l_xStark: again: get a clue what that partitions are needed for and if you need that. windows as such is fine on one partition only install. so i suggest a proper dualboot reinstall of windows and ubuntu11:48
Mosleyit was ok... i have built arch up before.. i end up just installing most things anyway, so a fully populated release distro is much better for me11:48
ZombieHyperdrivexStark yes, clean install windows and resize partitions during install. Afterwards Ubuntu should offer installation alongside windows11:49
k1l_Mosley: so do you want any technical support now? because for ranting you better make a blog and do it there.11:49
Mosleyi just "like" Ubuntu/unity... its a good os, but the installer sucks.. and chrooting to update-initram didnt enable me to boot a custom encrypted partition, crypttab just does not load11:49
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic please Mosley11:50
Mosleytech support really, i have 3 issues: 1 booting customised fully encrypted system (seperate home partition, 2 hibernate, and 3 battery life11:50
k1l_Mosley: so lets focus on one thing after the next. what is the exact issue with a full encryption install?11:51
MosleyWont boot (seems not to see / request password to unlock crypted disks)11:52
=== Stark is now known as xStark_Ubuntu
Mosleytherefore Fstab won't mount therefore drops to busybox11:52
Mosleywell... it WILL boot (past grub atleast)11:52
xStark_Ubuntuk1l_: There's like 4 partitions, Local Disk (C:), HP_Tools, SYSTEM, and RECOVERY (D:). Local Disk C contains windows OS, System contains recovery environment files, HP_Tools contains files for diagonostic tools and RECOVERY (D:) contains recovery files.11:52
ZombieHyperdrivethe fuck is busybox?11:52
Mosleywont mount/read crypttab11:53
cfhowlett!language | ZombieHyperdrive11:53
ubottuZombieHyperdrive: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList11:53
bazhangno cursing here ZombieHyperdrive11:53
Mosleybusybox is the basic tiny in a single binary linux i guess?11:53
Mosleyfor hyper basic functions11:53
Mosleythink of it like.... hmmm...... that windows system recovery cli11:54
ZombieHyperdrivethx mosley11:54
kazuka_there is a security concern in chrome concerning the access of your root file system with file:/// ?11:54
kazuka_please help11:54
k1l_kazuka_: ?11:54
bazhanggoogle chrome kazuka_ ?11:54
ZombieHyperdriveKazuka are you running chrome as root?11:55
=== xStark_Ubuntu is now known as xStark
xStarkk1l_: And yeah, as of now, I do think that all 4 partitions are necessary11:55
k1l_Mosley: i am not familiar with encryption. but can you give more details of your setup?11:55
ZombieHyperdrivexStark nope they are not11:55
k1l_xStark: than there is nothing ubuntu can do now. its your call11:55
auronandacexStark: windows can operate just fine with just the one partition, nothing else is required11:56
ZombieHyperdriveC:\\ is system disk @xStark11:56
ZombieHyperdrivethe other parts you can waste11:56
xStarkOk so suppose I remove one partition11:56
Mosleywell the setup i attempted: 250mb fat32 EFI partion, 500Mb Ext2 or 3 /boot partition (unencrypted) and then a crypted container Luks/lvm : inside is 3 partitons, 15GB EXT4 (/) 8.1gb Swap, and rest (Approx 100gb /home)11:57
xStarkIs it good enough for ubuntu to install11:57
ZombieHyperdrivethats some 50 gigs and dev sda2 and 14 gigs on sda311:57
k1l_xStark: "i want a new wheel on my car but cant remove one of the 4 old ones" so what should we say now?11:57
Mosleyall mounted under luksfile "crypted" - i basically tried to follow this guide11:57
rochelimitkazuka_: by 'access' do you mean read or write? What concern do you have that YOU can access YOUR root files?11:57
ZombieHyperdrivexStark i guess the bootloader recovery partition keeps you from installing ubuntu11:57
auronandacexStark: if you remove one partition then you can make an extended partition, in that you can put several logical partitions but you'll likely just want / and swap11:58
Mosleyadapted to my needs11:58
Mosleyalso tried this guide for seperate physical (virtual) partiton containers with  crypted mounts11:58
xStarkauronandace: Yeah, I want just / and swap11:58
ZombieHyperdrivexStark save your data before any actions, just to be on the safe side11:59
Mosleyalso worked with chroot in live session to update initram, set up the crypttab, and also to setup the grub11:59
auronandacexStark: then whatever partition you remove you'll need to replace it with an extended partition, then put the logical partitions inside that11:59
xStarkauronandace: Alright12:00
Mosleyhowever i figured that as the cryptab file lives inside the encrypted folder, itsd not detected/available on boot, and the initramfs is not including crypto info on boot12:00
auronandacexStark: as others have recommended backups are a very very good idea12:00
xStarkZombieHyperdrive: I have a backup, not a problem ;)12:00
Mosley(does that make any sense?)12:00
theme2I found a weird directory in my home directory12:06
theme2its name is "R9NzpSUBBD" and it's owned by root12:07
theme2and "ls | wc" outputs "321063  321063 77376183"12:07
theme2ZombieHyperdrive, sep 2512:07
AlinaMhello all, what is the analog of acdsee for windows in linux world with advanced features etc?12:07
theme2it is 179MB12:08
theme2any idea what it might be?12:08
ZombieHyperdrivenope actually12:08
ZombieHyperdrivemakes no sense to me to count words12:08
ZombieHyperdrivefrom a hackers perspective12:09
theme2I just went, seriously, lolwat12:09
ZombieHyperdrivehehe sorry12:09
cfhowlettAlinaM, darktable12:09
cfhowlettor gimp12:09
MosleyAlinaM I'd recommend XnViewMP12:10
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest51753
Mosleyvery ACDsee Like12:10
geirhatheme2: Could be anything. Think back to the last time(s) you used sudo. What did you run?12:10
ZombieHyperdrivetheme to perhaps a program put it in there. I have had it with a script where i suddenly had screenshots on my desktop12:11
ZombieHyperdrivegood thing is to disable ssh on startup12:11
ZombieHyperdriveleave no space for attacks12:11
geirhatheme2: and the date reported by  ls -ld R9NzpSUBBD   might give a clue12:12
theme2geirha, it's Sep 25, and I don't remember a thing about that day12:13
ZombieHyperdrive@ theme2 that could be the answer ;)12:13
theme2ZombieHyperdrive, ???12:14
theme2btw the file names are like wtf long12:14
xStarkgod im just so confused on what to do12:14
theme2it apparently triggered a bug in my terminal's autocomplete O_o12:14
k1l_theme2: what is inside that directory?12:15
theme2k1l_, many files, and the first file I checked is empty12:15
theme2attempting to paste the output of ls causes chrome to hang O_o12:15
theme2just lolwat12:15
k1l_is it a .folder ?12:16
ZombieHyperdrivetheme2 strings file12:16
Guest51753Hello, I am using Ubuntu... Am I now a hacker?12:16
cfhowlettGuest51753, this is ubuntu support.  chit chat and bad jokes belong in #ubuntu-offtopic.12:16
BluesKajGuest51753:  nope, you have the wrong idea about linux12:16
Guest51753cfhowlett, it wasn't a joke12:16
theme2ZombieHyperdrive, k1l_, I used "file <filename here>" and it says "empty"12:17
ZombieHyperdrivexStark whats the problem?12:17
xStarkZombieHyperdrive: When I install Ubuntu, it's gonna ask me which OS I wanna start with each time I boot the PC, right?12:17
auronandacexStark: if you want some practise boot into windows and install ubuntu in a vm12:18
Guest51753BluesKaj, a firend tell me that Linux was a system used by hackers, and there is a thing called Terminal or shell or anything like that. And if I write sudo rm -rf /12:18
ZombieHyperdrivetheme2 maybe a code ?12:18
Guest51753I can hack the WWW12:18
cfhowlettGuest51753, stop now12:18
auronandacexStark: that way you get used to the installation and you don't need to worry about losing anything12:18
theme2ZombieHyperdrive, lol12:18
xStarkJava Virtual Machine?12:19
xStarkhow's that12:19
auronandacexStark: virtualbox12:19
xStarkright yeah12:19
xStarkmy bad12:19
BluesKajGuest51753:  don't believe all the misinformation your windows friends are spreading , and even mentioning thay command can get you banned, so stop trolling12:19
Tobias4XBluesKaj: hes kicked already12:20
BluesKajTobias4X:  yeah , he deserved it12:20
MonkeyDustwhy give him attention12:21
MosleyGuys, do you know of an autohotkey auto capitalisation/autocorrect script that continuously runs in the background and corrects your typing, on linux?12:21
Tobias4XBluesKaj: indeed. but one always fears they actually believe that12:21
ZombieHyperdriveMonkeyDust he needed help12:21
ZombieHyperdriveHe is distracted and confused obviously12:21
Tobias4XMosley: look into autokey, broken for me tough12:22
ZombieHyperdriveby his new Windows10 installation ;)12:22
BluesKajTobias4X:  think he was just a troll who knew exactly what he was doing12:22
Tobias4XZombieHyperdrive: poor guy, all confused by cortana greeting him12:23
cfhowlettnobody mentions the "danger" command with good intentions.  A troll he was and banned he is.  Shall we move on??12:23
xStarkWindows can run with nothing but Local Disk (C:) and uh, SYSTEM partition12:23
xStarkIf I'm not wrong12:24
BluesKajI'm trying a W10 install to keep up with what's happening in the windows area12:24
ZombieHyperdrivexStark did you delete the partitions already?12:24
xStarkNot yet12:24
Tobias4XBluesKaj: i've seen some of it on semper already, that was enough for me12:25
ZombieHyperdriveJust delete them12:25
ZombieHyperdriveTrust me it is going to be okay12:25
xStarkok ok ok12:25
xStarkOk so I delete HP_TOOLS and RECOVERY12:25
ZombieHyperdriveAll windows needs to operate is C:\12:25
ZombieHyperdriveall but C:12:26
Tobias4XxStark: ubuntu installation with dualboot?12:26
xStarkC: has boot loader right12:26
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xStarkYes, Tobias4X12:26
BluesKajTobias4X:  my band mates have migrated to W10 so I have to keep my hand in , so to speak12:26
Tobias4XxStark: some have it on a small partition, beginning with win712:26
Tobias4Xits like,  512 mb12:26
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=== korsakof__ is now known as korsakof
ZombieHyperdrivexStark the freed disk space is round about 200 gigs am i right?12:27
ZombieHyperdriveleave that untouched12:28
ZombieHyperdriveno formating because ubuntu will do that for yout12:28
xStarkTobias4x: For me, SYSTEM has some WinRE and boot files, RECOVERY partition as recovery files and HP_TOOLS has diagonostic tools12:28
xStarkZombiaHyperdrive: As far as my knowledge goes, you can't format hard drives unlimited times can you, because it makes it unusable12:29
Tobias4XxStark: Recovery and HP_tools is safe to delete unless you ever want to go windows-only again12:29
Tobias4Xbut usually grub is stable enough. keep a copy of ubuntu on cd around tough12:29
Tobias4Xor usb stick12:29
ZombieHyperdrivexStark you can format unallocated disk space in windows in disk manager12:30
ZombieHyperdrivewaste the rffing partitions , reboot and install ubuntu :)12:30
xStarkZombiaHyperdrive: I'm aware, but my point is that, won't formatting disk 2-3 times screw it up12:30
auronandacexStark: you'll need to format it hundreds of time intesively to cause any damage12:31
xStarkTobias4X: I think I'll just delete SYSTEM and HP_TOOLS instad of RECOVERY because I may need it12:31
MonkeyDustxStark  by limitless, i thought you were thinking 200-300 times12:31
ZombieHyperdriveno need to format anything just DELETE the partitions12:31
xStarkjust delete12:32
xStarkUbuntu will format it12:32
auronandacexStark: but formatting always carries the risk of data loss so make sure you know what you are doing and have backups ready12:32
ZombieHyperdrivereboot and install ubuntu via usb donle already12:32
Tobias4XxStark: i agree with zombie12:32
xStarkZombieHyperdrive: I'm gonna keep RECOVERY and C:// and I'm gonna delete the rest12:33
Tobias4XxStark: dude, wipe that thing12:33
xStarkand I use the "Install alongside Windows" option right12:33
anckyhey can someone help me with nvidia driver issues on ubuntu?12:33
Tobias4XRecovery wont help you as much as an windows iso12:33
Tobias4Xancky: ask exactly12:33
xStarkI'm doing it12:34
cfhowlett!nvidia | ancky12:34
ubottuancky: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto12:34
ZombieHyperdriveThanks Tobias4X12:34
ZombieHyperdrivethats what i am trying to tell12:34
RedRat_hi guys12:34
anckythx I will read that wiki12:34
xStarkOk guys12:34
RedRat_is possible to use smartphone as webcam on ubuntu?12:34
ZombieHyperdriveHey RedRat_12:34
xStarkHP_TOOLS is gone12:34
xStarkNow do I delete SYSTEM or RECOVERY12:34
Tobias4XRedRat_: usually.12:35
ZombieHyperdrivenow DELETE RECOVERY even if it's suggesting good stuff12:35
Tobias4XxStark: Recovery12:35
Tobias4Xdont touch SYSTEM12:35
xStarkWhy not SYSTEM12:35
xStarkOh ok12:35
Tobias4Xthats where windows is12:35
xStarkok ok12:35
xStarkDone now12:35
xStarkRecovery gone12:35
ZombieHyperdriveRecovery must go. Make it look like an accident :)12:35
ZombieHyperdrivenow install ubuntu , have fun12:36
xStarkGuys recoveryd one12:36
ZombieHyperdrivexStark are trolling ?12:36
Tobias4XxStark: now proceed with ubuntu install12:37
xStarkNo I'm not trolling12:37
xStarkI'm serious12:37
ZombieHyperdriveGood now you can install ubuntu12:37
mous_hello i need help with packaging some scripts12:37
xStarkZombieHyperdrive: 14.77 GB unallocated. Do I need to um, shrink Drive C:// or something12:38
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xStarkIf you think I'm trolling, I'm not okay. I'm trying to be on the safer side.. Besides, I've never used Linux in my life12:39
ZombieHyperdrivexStark If you want to you can do that. If you are happy with 14 gigs leave it. Up to you.12:39
xStarkand I select the 1st option right12:39
xStark"Install Ubuntu alongside windows 7"12:39
ZombieHyperdrivethought i messaged that12:39
xStarkalright thanks12:39
ZombieHyperdriveno problem12:39
xStarka ton12:39
xStarkI'll be back on Ubuntu soon :P12:40
ZombieHyperdriveThere you go xStark :)12:40
ZombieHyperdrivewhats's wrong Tobias?12:41
Tobias4XZombieHyperdrive: if he wants to use it  actively i usually recommend 30 gb+12:41
mous_any good tutorial on how to package scripts12:45
anckymy screen has a very low resolution and it can't be changed12:46
anckyhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia#Low.2FMissing_Screen_Resolutions didn't help me12:46
anckyThe good thing is I have a pc with the same graphics card where higher resolutions work12:47
anckyI tried to install the same drivers and match configurations but one is still not working12:47
anckyor has a low resolution12:48
BluesKajhow many monitors?12:48
Tobias4Xancky: is it, by any chance, vga?12:48
anckyits dvi12:48
Tobias4Xancky: thats usual tough, your monitor doesnt send EDID12:48
BluesKajwhich nvidia gpu , ancky?12:48
Tobias4Xi had that too12:48
Tobias4Xyou can try to force xrandr12:49
anckyNVIDIA GK107 [GeForce GT 640]12:49
anckyTobias4X: is there an option?12:49
Tobias4Xbut it usually crashes. can you connect via hdmi?12:49
ZombieHyperdrivewhats the difference between xrandr and arandr if any?12:49
Tobias4XZombieHyperdrive: no idea. never looked into that12:49
anckyTobias4X: I have no hdmi screen here right now12:50
Tobias4Xancky: try connecting differently or to another monitor thats confirmed working12:51
Tobias4Xin 99% of cases missing EDID is the problem12:51
anckyTobias4X: xrandr says: cannot find mode "1920x1200"12:51
ioriaancky, try  $ sudo gedit /etc/modules and add a line containing nvidia  : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaManual12:51
anckyTobias4X: I tried 3 monitors, all working12:52
Tobias4Xancky: you have to add it before12:52
Tobias4Xioria:  its an monitor problem12:52
ZombieHyperdriveanchky just for fun try sudo apt-get install arandr12:52
ioriamonitor problem ?12:52
ZombieHyperdrivein terminal arandr12:52
Tobias4Xtrust me, i have the same with an vg monitor12:52
Tobias4Xioria: it doesnt send edid12:52
BluesKajancky:  which driver are you using ?12:53
Tobias4Xwith supported resolutions12:53
Tobias4Xmaybe you can force it12:53
BluesKajtoo many cooks I think12:54
ZombieHyperdrivearandr should work12:54
anckyBluesKaj: nvidia-34012:54
anckyioria: mmh both pcs don't have nvidia in there12:55
Tobias4XZombieHyperdrive: does arandr support forcing even if it crashes?12:55
anckyhow can I make sure what driver is in use right now?12:55
ioriaancky, sudo lshw .-c video   | grep driver12:56
ioriaancky, sudo lshw -c video   | grep driver12:56
anckyZombieHyperdrive: arandr is just a gui overlay, seems to be not different from xrandr12:56
anckyioria: okay it says nvidia12:58
Tobias4Xancky: your system is fine, its your mnitor acting up12:58
ZombieHyperdrivetry apt-get install firmware-linux firmware-linux-nonfree12:59
anckyTobias4X: its not my monitor, I just tried the monitor from the working station and it doesn't recognize its resolution13:01
anckywhere are the screen configurations if there is no xorg.conf?13:02
Tobias4Xancky: if it doesnt recognize it there either then it would mean im right..13:03
anckyTobias4X: it works on one pc and on the other with the same hardware it has a very low resolution and I tried 3 other monitors13:03
anckyBluesKaj: I read about that but its not in my sources13:04
ZombieHyperdriveWhat monitor is it?13:04
anckyThinkvision, samsung13:04
BluesKajancky:  locate nvidia-xconfig in the terminal13:04
Tobias4Xancky: does the device it works on is windows-driven by chance?13:04
anckyTobias4X: everything is ubuntu13:06
anckyits just that people sometimes configure stuff and you loose the overview13:06
Tobias4Xcopy xorg.conf  from the working device onto the nonworking?13:07
ZombieHyperdrivedisplay your /etc/apt/sources.list please13:07
anckyTobias4X: there is no xorg.conf on any of them13:07
Tobias4Xno /etc/X11/xorg.conf? you totally sure?13:08
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. See `man xorg.conf` for file structure and syntax. | Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf | ATI proprietary driver specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd | Nvidia proprietary driver specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia13:09
BluesKajTobias4X:  it would be nvidia-xconfig13:09
ZombieHyperdriveadd to the entries in /etc/apt/sources.list # non-free; then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firmware-linux-nonfree13:09
anckyBluesKaj: okay now I found nvidia-xconfig and it created xorg.conf13:09
k1l_ZombieHyperdrive: ubuntu doesnt use non-free repos13:10
anckyits still the same resolution but can I just put my resolution in that config file?13:10
Tobias4Xancky: restart x13:10
BluesKajancky:  usually that's not a requirement , nvidia-xconfig is usually sufficient13:11
anckyI restarted X and nothing happened I'm uploading the xconfig13:12
BluesKajancky:  it could be something as simple as a bent/broken pin on your dvi connector13:15
anckyBluesKaj: I tried multiple cables13:16
BluesKajancky:  ok13:17
zathrasHow can I fix this please? : perl : Depends: perl-base (= 5.14.2-6ubuntu2) but 5.14.2-6ubuntu2.4 is to be installed13:21
badbodhzathras: you broke something. what did you install/remove/add-ppa prior to this ?13:25
zathrasbadbodh, I did not brake a thing. It is a Dockerfile I am executing, but it is quite old13:25
mustmodifyI'm seeing some entries in syslog that seem to come from cron but I can't find them in anyone's crontab. Is there another way to add cron entries?13:26
akikzathras: if you try to update both perl and perl-base, does it get resolved?13:26
badbodhzathras: sudp apt-get install --reinstall perl-base , what happens ? on pastebin13:26
zathrasakik, no it does not.13:27
zathrasTo be precise: https://github.com/ldoguin/docker-monitoring/tree/master/nuxeo13:27
zathrasE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.13:28
k1l_zathras: dont just scratch one half line out of the whole context. please pastebin the whole outputs so we can see and decide what is important informations to solve the issue13:29
k1l_!paste | zathras13:29
ubottuzathras: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:29
badbodhyep, you broke it. stick to the packages provided in repository. don;t blindly add ppa/source-code compile, it breaks stuff13:30
zathrasI did not brake a thing. It is not a dockerfile I wrote13:32
zathrasjust trying to install someone else his crap13:32
auronandacezathras: you didn't have to write it to break it, you just had to install it13:33
zathrasas you can see, the pasted line is the only informational line13:33
badbodhzathras: language! and don;t be so defensive, we are not flogging you for this. just informing. ^^ and what auronandace says is true.13:33
badbodhinstalling foreign packages will break system if you are not caeful13:33
cfhowlettzathras, adding "someone else's crap" frequently leads to bad things happening.13:33
zathrascfhowlett, I agree, however this is just a test in a docker environment so not harmfull13:34
kk_drophow can I add proxy after I connect to vpn with openconnect?13:35
k1l_zathras: well, go and tell that one that his dockerfile doesnt work13:36
badbodhwe are not really inclined to heal self inflicted wounds. purge whatever you installed, run dpkg --configure -a followed by apt-get install -f13:37
Maxxiwhy is there no .iso for ubuntu snappy?13:37
alferoxi didn't know13:38
auronandace!snappy | Maxxi13:38
ubottuMaxxi: Ubuntu Core is a rendition of Ubuntu with transactional updates using "snappy". For discussion and support, please visit #snappy and see http://www.ubuntu.com/snappy/13:38
esphI've got a broken xubuntu install (won't boot), but when I chroot into the install from a liveusb, apt-get tells me xubuntu-desktop is installed and at the newest version. Is there anything I can do from the chroot environment to fix the broken install?13:38
MonkeyDustMaxxi  auronandace thanks, gonna try that in vmware (15.10 wily)13:39
auronandaceesph: if you can get to grub then you could try different kernels13:39
badbodhpressing 'shift' a few times should bring up the grub menu13:40
auronandaceesph: while you are in your chroot environment you could add/remove any kernels from the repos13:40
esphauronandace: I've tried several different kernels (mostly "recovery mode" options). Something else is messed up, it seems13:41
esphi.e. some configuration is borked/not there anymore13:41
auronandaceesph: you've already determined the SMART data says the disk is fine do you could try fsck from live media13:42
auronandaceesph: i would like to reiterate the advise already given to you about adequate backups too13:42
esphauronandace: fsck is also fine (now). I corrected a number of errors there already though.13:42
hateballesph: is it hdd or ssd?13:43
hateballesph: what brand?13:43
hateballesph: and model?13:43
badbodhchroot, reinstall kernel, update-initramfs -a, grub-install | update-grub. followed by apt-get install -f .that should cover all bases.13:43
badbodhexit chroot, reboot, kill squirrels and profit13:44
hateballesph: if it's a 8xx series, try adding "libata.force=noncq" to your bootline13:44
esphhateball: it's a recent EVO13:44
hateballesph: Then you have.. let me find the bug. anyhow you get around it by doing what I said13:45
hateballesph: this and related bugs https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fstrim/+bug/144900513:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1338706 in linux (Ubuntu Wily) "duplicate for #1449005 Samsung SSD 840 failed to get NCQ Send/Recv Log Emask 0x1 failed to set xfermode (err_mask=0x40) on upstream kernels >= 3.12" [Medium,Fix released]13:45
hateballesph: by default in recent ubuntu installs a cron-job runs fstrim on boot, which will screw unless you tell it to dont do ncq13:46
hateballesph: which is why you can liveboot, fsck, and then get the error again13:46
mustmodifyFor anyone who is curious, I found the mystery extra cron files at /etc/crontab and /etc/cron.d/...13:47
esphhateball: I'm not entirely sure that's the problem, but I'll make sure to read those links13:47
hateballesph: Sure, just putting it out there. As I have had the same problems.13:47
mentzI can't get my second monitor to work13:48
hateballesph: And there is no realworld loss in performance by using those params, so you may as well give it a go13:48
esphhateball: I'm beyond tired right now, so I'm having trouble keeping more than one thing in my head at a time, haha13:49
esphI just want it to boot successfully once13:49
hateballesph: So boot, get into grub, add those boot params13:49
esphhateball: well, first I have to fix the install13:50
mentzcan anyone help me to get my second monitor working13:50
hateballesph: well you should be able to get into grub menu13:50
esphhateball: sure, but you're my install is perfectly fine? I kinda find that hard to believe...13:51
borisetoHi guys, I don't know if I'm going to get scolded about the question, but there are so many different posts and opinions about it that I would like somebody from personal aspect to explain it. Anyway, with the recent events, how can I check how secure my installation is? How to make sure that I've what's the best for my OS?13:51
hateballesph: It probably is. If there's any errors then it should run fsck automatically13:51
mentzboriseto: What recent events?13:52
hateballesph: Like I said, I have had the same issues. Refused to boot, or it booted and then froze after a while etc.13:52
borisetomentz, http://www.engadget.com/2015/09/29/linux-botnet-hits-with-150-gbps-ddos/ for example. And there are other situations as well, but still...13:52
auronandaceboriseto: what makes you think it might be insecure?13:52
hateballesph: But adding those boot params, I got back in and no data loss13:52
esphhateball: I've already nuked stuff with fsck though, I think13:52
esphhateball: I ran it on the root partition and "fixed" a bunch of things. The /home partition didn't seem to have any problems13:53
hateballesph: Yes, so it should be fine. Until you boot it again without disabling ncq trim.13:54
borisetoauronandace, well, not that I think it's insecure, but it would be nice to have some more real facts about it anyway. With the Linux servers  holding the majority of the web, I would think that they might be a target of attacks (with that the desktops could be vulnerable as well).13:54
cfhowlettboriseto, you're on a server?  #ubuntu-server can advise you.13:55
auronandaceboriseto: have you recently replaced your router? do you use ssh?13:55
mentzCan anyone please help with second monitor not working suddenly, getitng really annoying13:55
TJ-mentz: is it reported by "xrandr -q" ?13:56
borisetoauronandace, yes and yes.13:56
borisetocfhowlett, it's more a general Ubuntu question?13:56
mentzTJ-: Yes, and btw im in elementary OS atm, trying it out, but their irc is dead13:56
auronandaceboriseto: well, check your router for any suspicious connections and also any ssh connections you use13:57
TJ-mentz: We only support Ubuntu here I'm afraid; if the Elementary support is AWOL you could try ##linux13:57
k1l_boriseto: see this report: https://isc.sans.edu/forums/diary/XOR+DDOS+Mitigation+and+Analysis/19827/    it got some prevention chapter13:57
borisetoauronandace, I see, so the general security solution would be to have everything up to date?   k1l_ tnx.13:58
rustWhen I am trying to run rails server.I am getting RuntimeUnavailable error!!13:58
mentzTJ-: It's basically a ubuntu :)13:58
rustany solution for it ?13:58
cfhowlettboriseto, fair enough.  my plan: enable ufw, update & dist-upgrade daily.  I've not been breached in years of use.  YMMV13:58
auronandacementz: no, it is based on ubuntu but it is not ubuntu13:58
k1l_boriseto: yes of course. and reduce the useage of 3rd party packages and repos.13:58
esphhateball: welp, If you'd come along 11 hours ago, I'd be a lot happier right now.13:59
TJ-mentz: That's like saying Ubuntu is basically Debian, and asking for support in Debian for Ubuntu. They're not the same13:59
k1l_boriseto: and if its a server, fail2ban is a good method.13:59
esphhateball: thanks for being stubborn; I probably wouldn't have listenedd otherwise :P13:59
mentzregretting going over to eos, it's really buggy13:59
rookieHi. Bash doesn't recognise files even though they are there. http://i.imgur.com/nGavib8.png. Why does it happen?13:59
cfhowlettmentz, if your OS of choice doesn't support you, perhaps you should reconsider.  until you install ubuntu , we can't help.  sorry.13:59
TJ-!elementary | mentz13:59
ubottumentz: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.13:59
auronandaceesph: managed to boot it?14:00
esphauronandace: yeah, it's like nothing ever happened14:00
k1l_rookie: you will need a ./ for that iirc14:00
auronandaceesph: glad you got it sorted, now you need to emphasise to your sister the importance of backups14:01
hateballesph: does that mean it boots ok now?14:01
esphWell that time14:01
hateballesph: cool. so edit your default grub options and recreate the grub config etc14:01
esphWhat's the correct way to permanently add boot options in Ubuntu? My firefox just crashed and I'm tired as heeck14:01
hateballesph: no, edit /etc/default/grub and add that option14:02
esphAlright, cool14:02
hateballesph: and then run sudo update-grub14:02
auronandaceesph: you don't edit grub.cfg manually, that file gets generated from the scripts in /etc/grub.d/ and the stuff in /etc/default/grub14:03
markus_Hi, does anyone know how to exit picocom?14:03
rookie@k1l_ but python is a binary isn't it.14:03
DanTheDanI have network issues with a (ipv6 only) VPS, got ubuntu 14.04 on it. ssh into it, first things first, apt-get update, apt-get upgrade. time to install ruby, copypaste the rvm script and got "couldn't connect to server", weird I thought, rvm.io could be down so naturally I pinged google.com, "Connect: Network is unreachable", and so I went looking into /etc/network/interfaces, but that looks 100% fine, if I do "route -n" it's empty 14:05
rookiealso ./ doesn't work either14:05
DanTheDanI'm not very experienced with networking :s can someone help me track down the problem?14:05
auronandaceDanTheDan: can you ping
TJ-rookie: is the file-system that directory is on marked "noexec" ?14:05
DanTheDanweird thing is, it can't reach itself14:06
DanTheDanI ssh into it with putty with it's ipv6 address, works perfectly, I ping it's ipv6 address from my PC, works perfectly, I ping it's ipv6 address from itself, "unknown host"14:06
DanTheDanI thought it might be the firewall or something but it's probably not it14:07
TJ-rookie: Also, what does "dpkg --print-architecture" report?14:07
DanTheDanI assume it has to be a routing problem, but I have no idea what I'm doing14:07
PiciDanTheDan: you need to use ping6 to ping ipv6 addresses.14:07
TJ-rookie: and what does "file ./python3" report?14:08
DanTheDanah, ping6 works14:08
DanTheDanI first tried ping -6 $ip, didn't think to google that14:08
loahello, where i can get such package? libx264-14214:09
rustWhen I am trying to run rails server.I am getting RuntimeUnavailable error!!14:09
loain vivid *14:09
rustany solution for it ?14:09
DanTheDanalright I can reach the gateway ip14:09
rookie@TJ- nope other files in other folders execute. I even can copy files. But cant execute14:09
auronandace!info libx264-142 | loa14:09
ubottuloa: libx264-142 (source: x264): x264 video coding library. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:0.142.2495+git6a301b6-1ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 829 kB, installed size 3205 kB14:10
reisioloa: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=names&suite=all&section=all&keywords=libx26414:10
reisioloa: what're you going to do with libx264?14:10
rookie@TJ- dpkg --print-architecture prints amd6414:10
loaso it is standart lib?14:10
xStarkI'm back guys!14:10
xStarkThanks guys14:10
auronandaceloa: it is in the universe repo14:10
xStarkI have installed Ubuntu successfully14:10
loaauronandace, i need enable it?14:10
auronandace!yay | xStark14:10
ubottuxStark: Glad you made it! :-)14:10
reisioloa: you need to enable the 'universe' repo14:10
xStarkWindows 7 didnt start the 1st time14:10
xStarkhad to force shut down14:11
DanTheDanso even weirder right, apt-get update works perfectly, so I know the VPS host is probably mirroring the repos, but the previous VPS I had I could see it downloaded the repos from the VPS host, well nevertheless, I can't ping the domain it aptitude says it got the repo info from (http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/)14:11
xStarkstarted easily 2nd time though14:11
rookie@TJ- ./python3: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.32, BuildID[sha1]=5d4806148c51b4c25ae8a6e6f07aa58d2421ff1b, stripped14:11
* cfhowlett slides a frothy beverage down the bar towards xstark. congrats!14:11
xStark:P ty14:12
TJ-rookie: rookie OK, so we have a 32-bit executable on a 64-bit host. Lets check you have 32-bit multli-lib support: "dpkg --print-foreign-architectures"14:12
loareisio, can't get where i can do this.14:12
DanTheDanok ping6 can ping google.com14:12
loai can do this from update-manager?14:12
DanTheDanoh I was doiing it wrong, anyway ping6 gb.archive.ubuntu.com works14:13
=== erwin_ is now known as easyOnMe
auronandaceloa: look for software sources in the dash14:13
rookie@TJ- it prints i38614:13
DanTheDanping6 rvm.io too14:13
easyOnMehello everyone14:13
DanTheDanso I have to tell curl to use ipv6?14:13
rustAnyone here who knows about RuntimeUnavailable error in rails server ?14:13
easyOnMeanyone here can tell me how I can find the Python IDE in ubuntu 14.1014:13
auronandace!14.10 | easyOnMe14:14
ubottueasyOnMe: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) was the 21st release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on July 23rd, 2015. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/utopic14:14
TJ-rookie: OK, so you have i386 mulitlib. Now check if the binary itself is missing some dynamic libraries: "ldd ./python3" any line without a library is a problem. You might want to pastebin the output14:14
DanTheDan`route -A inet6` works too14:14
DanTheDanthis is weird :p14:14
sb_9starting mount filesystems on boot fail14:14
easyOnMewhat will I type on my terminal to determine the ubuntu version that I have14:15
cfhowlettlsb_release -a easyOnMe14:15
rookie@TJ- okay that says not a dynamic executable14:15
pbxeasyOnMe, there's no built-in Python IDE.  if you want IDLE (the standard, though nobody i know uses it): sudo apt-get install idle14:15
easyOnMecfhowlett: thanks man14:15
cfhowletthappy2help! easyOnMe14:15
TJ-rookie: can you pastebin tht output please. That isn't expected.14:15
DanTheDan`root@vm17013:~# \curl -6 -sSL https://get.rvm.io | bash -s stable curl: (6) Could not resolve host: raw.githubusercontent.com`14:15
loareisio, i think i have iniverse enabled.14:15
rustAnyone here who knows about RuntimeUnavailable error in rails server ?14:15
loareisio, but i think i have no such package in my cache14:16
cfhowlett!rust | patience14:16
reisioloa: what're you going to do with libx264?14:16
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:16
DanTheDan`\curl -sSL https://get.rvm.io | bash -s stable curl: (7) Couldn't connect to server`14:16
easyOnMepbx: well at least the python terminal14:16
rustcfhowlett, :) yeah14:16
DanTheDanI just don't get it14:16
easyOnMehow can I run it in ubuntu14:16
loareisio, i need it for libavcodec-ffmpeg14:16
DanTheDanwhat's so special about ipv6? who won't it _just work_14:16
easyOnMeI heard that ubuntu comes with Python14:16
reisioloa: and what do you need that for14:16
reisioeasyOnMe: most likely14:16
loareisio, for obs-studio14:16
auronandaceeasyOnMe: type python in a terminal14:17
rusteasyOnMe, clear the problem14:17
easyOnMerust: I want to use the python terminal so that I can see how my python code works14:17
auronandaceeasyOnMe: if you are running 14.10 you really need to upgrade though14:17
loareisio, actually many of software use that lib... vlc for example14:17
easyOnMeno I am running ubuntu 14.0414:17
PicieasyOnMe: just type python on your terminal, thats the python REPL right there.14:17
easyOnMe14.04.03 LTS to be exact14:17
DanTheDanohkay so raw.githubusercontent.com doesn't have an ipv6 address14:18
easyOnMePici: oh ok14:18
esphauronandace: alright, sorry to bother you again, but one last thing: when I ran fsck on the / partition a bunch of junk ended up in /lost+found. Could that mean that important system files are trashed now?14:18
rusteasyOnMe, just type python lol14:18
rookie@TJ- Its just one line. I am sending a screenshot14:18
loareisio, libavcodec56 too need that lib14:18
easyOnMerust: thanks man14:18
esphI'd ask hateball since they had the same exact thing happen, but they left14:18
easyOnMePici: thanks14:18
loareisio, i have this lib after update from trusty14:18
DanTheDanmm no it does14:18
easyOnMeI didn't know that's how easy it is14:18
TJ-rookie: you know you can use pastebinit (if the PC has network connection)? "pastebinit <( ldd ./python3)"14:18
loareisio, but i need new version14:18
DanTheDan` \curl -6 -sSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wayneeseguin/rvm/master/binscripts/rvm-installer | bash -s stable curl: (6) Could not resolve host: raw.githubusercontent.com`14:19
DanTheDanwhy won't it work ;_;14:19
PicieasyOnMe: if you have questions about python itself, just /join #python (although you'll need to be registered and identified on freenode to join (see /msg nickserv help register))14:19
auronandaceesph: i'm not the best to answer that question sorry, i've never needed to recover anything from lost+found14:19
easyOnMePici: no problem14:19
loareisio, i have now such situation http://pastebin.com/hGnFUkpk14:19
easyOnMethanks for the info14:19
easyOnMeyou're cool man14:20
pbxDanTheDan, sounds like you have a dns problem14:20
DanTheDanI've got dns nameservers configured14:20
sb_9starting mount filesystems on boot fail14:20
xStarkWhat's a good junk cleaning tool for Ubuntu14:20
DanTheDanthe domain translates properly14:20
rookie@TJ- http://paste.ubuntu.com/12624793/14:20
reisioxStark: junk?14:20
DanTheDanI uploaded the script to bpaste14:20
TJ-DanTheDan: because the CNAME doesn't have an AAAA record: "raw.github.map.fastly.net.     IN      AAAA"14:20
xStarkyeah, like CCleaner is for Windows14:20
auronandacesb_9: are you just going to keep repeating that or will you provide some context to let someone help you?14:20
DanTheDanTJ-: ah, hmm14:21
reisioxStark: Unix systems don't have that kind of junk, all the data is managed by the package manager14:21
esphauronandace: I've actually done it once before, but of course then I knew what I was looking for (a userland file). I guess there's nothing to do but wait to see if it breaks.14:21
DanTheDanhttps://bpaste.net/raw/a9082cbc1308 <-- why this  though?14:21
MonkeyDustxStark  there's bleachbit, but I prefer Ubuntu-Tweak's Janitor14:21
xStarkreisio: Well I see some junk cleaner tools in the software centre14:21
TJ-rookie: OK, so you've installed that from somewhere else and its a static binary. Is there a reason you've not using the Ubuntu python3 ?14:21
reisioxStark: not comparable14:21
reisioxStark: you can clean up temporary files14:22
auronandaceesph: all the more reason for regular backups of important files, while the system is working14:22
DanTheDanoh wait14:22
DanTheDanI'm stupid aren't I14:22
rustAnyone here who knows about RuntimeUnavailable error in rails server ?14:22
sb_9auronandace: i have only error message "starting mount filesystems on boot fail". i didn't get any clue & any other messages14:22
DanTheDanhmm no that's not it14:22
pbxxStark, you can also install Disk Usage Analyzer if you want to find and kill unwanted space hogs. but that is a different thing from windows-style cleanup, which as mentioned above isn't necessary.  do you have a specific problem you're trying to solve?14:23
TJ-DanTheDan: what's the "\c" in "\curl" for?14:23
rookie@TJ- yea I am using this python because its in virtualenv and therefore has all the necessary files contained in the folder14:23
=== geekintime__ is now known as geekintime
DanTheDanno idea, that's how rvm.io has it though and it always worked for me14:23
TJ-rookie: what kind of 'virtualenv' ?14:23
esphauronandace: right, I've never disagreed with your point. However, I guess I haven't really thought of system files as "important" before now. I guess they'll only be important if their absence causes problems.14:23
xStarkpbx: No particular problem, haha. Just getting to know my way around14:23
DanTheDanrust: intall node.js14:23
auronandaceesph: sorry, i meant to backup the files you need, those that are valuable to your sister, it is far easier to fresh install and keep those files separate than try to piece together bits of a half broken system14:24
DanTheDanso I wget the script to the vps, I run it and...14:25
DanTheDan`# ./rvmsc : No such file or directory`14:25
DanTheDanI don't even, what?14:25
DanTheDanthe script is fine14:25
DanTheDanno extra chars or anything14:25
DanTheDan`# sh ./rvmsc : not found ./rvmsc: ./rvmsc: 3: ./rvmsc: shopt: not found ./rvmsc: 4: set: Illegal option -o errtrace`14:25
rookie@TJ- standard python Virtualenv. I installed it with pip in the remote computer. generated all the files. Installed pip and virtualenv in my own computer . Then copied the entire virtualenv dir14:25
auronandaceDanTheDan: if you keep using enter as punctuation frequently enough the bot might think you are trying to spam14:26
DanTheDan`# cat ./rvmsc | bash -s stable bash: line 2: $'\r': command not found : invalid shell option nameb : invalid option namertrace : invalid option namerexit bash: line 6: $'\r': command not found bash: line 7: syntax error near unexpected token `$'\r'' 'ash: line 7: `rvm_install_initialize()`14:27
akik\c makes it so that if you have a c alias it's not used14:27
DanTheDanI'm 100% flabbergaster14:27
DanTheDanakik: ah, that's interseting14:27
DanTheDanmaybe I should ask in #rvm14:28
=== DanTheDan is now known as Dany0
=== eclipse is now known as Guest33576
TJ-Dany0: I've fixed it14:33
=== swy_ is now known as swy
=== Guest3216 is now known as Oimi
TJ-Dany0: the problem is the script being returned contains Carriage Returns14:35
TJ-Dany0: Try: "curl -6 -sSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wayneeseguin/rvm/master/binscripts/rvm-installer | tr -d \\r | bash -s stable"14:35
TJ-rookie: Hmmmm, I'm not familiar with virtualenv14:36
OimiI would like to encrypt my fiesystem, but what I've been able to find so far requires interaction to boot up. I do not wish to fill in a passwd. I simply wish that if mounted my SD Card (on which my whole FS is) shows nothing.14:36
Oimishows "scrambled data" . Any way to go about this?14:37
auronandaceOimi: how do you plan to unencrypt it if you don't have a password/key?14:38
TJ-Oimi: that isn't possible unless the encryption uses a key. You either supply it as a pass-phrase, *or* as a key-file. In the latter case you need to provide the key-file at boot-time too14:38
rookie@TJ- could you explain the static binaries a bit?14:39
Dany0TJ-: thanks <3 but it's still having problems connecting to github.com14:39
Dany0so I was going to do this in the end but I have no idea what the implications are14:40
TJ-Dany0: That's an IPv6 issue because of the use of fastly for CDN I assuem14:41
Dany0TJ-: so if I use this: https://tunnelbroker.net/ could this solve the problem?14:41
TJ-rookie: the virtualenv tutorial I've just looked at doesn't show any step where you manually run the python binary, what instructions are you following14:41
TJ-Dany0: I'm not sure, you'd have to test it. Does it *have* to use IPv6 to fetch the content?14:42
Dany0what "it"? the tunnelbroker thing?14:42
Dany0oh rvm?14:42
Dany0TJ-: yeah the VPS is ipv6 only14:42
Dany0won't work if any of the hops don't support it14:43
TJ-Dany0: then you'd need to use a 6to4 tunnel somewhere14:43
akikDany0: tunnelbroker.net is used when you have ipv4 and want to use ipv614:43
Dany0are you sure? :D14:43
rookie@TJ- You can run them manually but preffered way is to use activate shell script. I have tried that too. Doesn't work. But works fine in remote computer14:44
=== robcsi_ is now known as robcsi
Dany0akik: alright I think I was misunderstanding a blog post14:46
TJ-Dany0: See https://community.fastly.com/t/ipv6-internet-protocol-version-6-support/356/314:46
TJ-Dany0: you should report that to github since they're CNAME-ing one of their IPv6 hostnames incorrectly14:47
nicomachusthis IPv6 transition is gonna be fun, isn't it?14:48
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
MonkeyDustnicomachus  call it a challenge14:49
rustOpening folders and files is very slow.any solution for it ?14:51
nicomachusheh. Google gave me one for my home network a few months ago. It's been dandy.14:51
Dany0rust: yes the problem is nautilus, as of now nautilus issue #1: it's objectively pretty, well, pretty much shit stands not corrected14:52
Dany0pull requests welcome14:52
nicomachuslanguage, Dany014:52
OimiSorry was a bit preoccupied with some stuff over here.14:52
Dany0k :p14:53
loveajoin #juju14:54
loahow i can get list of packages which exists only local, but not in repositories?14:54
OimiTJ-, So, ok... so how can I protect data I have in that case. Knowing that the item is a RPI and anyone can have access to the SD Card basically. and it's on a remote site. How would I be able to protect my "drive"14:54
OimiTJ-, the issue is that if it's not booted up, it doesn't sign in the VPN and if it doesn't sign in the VPN I don't have access to it.14:55
TJ-rookie: I just tested python3-virtualenv here and it all works fine14:56
vedi installed ubuntu studio yesterday but desktop automatically change and icons also removes14:57
Dany0so this blog (in czech, sorry, gtranslate it) http://ifanda.cz/it/linux/2015-03-22-presmerovani-ipv4-a-ipv6/ is said to fix my issue but I'm not quite following what it says14:57
rookie@TJ- what did you test?14:57
vedwhat is the solution and why it is happenning?14:57
Dany0ok I think this is the thing: http://backreference.org/2012/12/18/ipv4-to-ipv6-communication-and-viceversa-some-kludges/14:58
nicomachus!patience | ved14:58
ubottuved: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:58
Dany0but I'm reading words and my brain goes empty14:58
Oimived, your question is quite unclear. "You installed Ubuntu studio and icons changed" quite vague14:59
vedyupp icons removes like home, trash, drives after some time laptop start15:00
Dany0so this command: `socat TCP4-LISTEN:3306,fork,su=nobody TCP6:[2a01:188:75d:1::2]:3306` maps all TCP ipv4 connections to ipv6? just like magic? what? maybe I should ask in #linux15:01
TJ-rookie: see http://paste.ubuntu.com/12625011/15:01
vedi mean to say icons on desktop hide automatically after few minutes of laptop start15:02
vedand right click menu also changed it not shown like before15:03
dersandquestion about bootable ubunto from usb: If i do the process to make an usb bootable with ubuntu, have i done it right if i have a file that's called wubi.exe?15:03
TJ-Oimi: you can't stop it booting using encryption unless the device has some way to receive the pass-phrase at start-up. You could encrypt a file-system other than the root file-system so the device boots but doesn't have access to the vital programs/data until you unlock it via a remote connection15:03
MonkeyDustdersand  wubi is a pseudo-installation, avoid it15:04
nicomach1s"/alias hidelevels.set set activity_hide_level parts joins quits nicks modes"15:04
akikDany0: maybe this could be of use to you https://www.sixxs.net/tools/gateway/15:04
rookie@TJ- yup thats works for me too. but I copied the venv from remote computer to local computer. And bash doesnt execute the python in the local computer.15:04
ioriaved you mean you have no icons on desktop  ?15:04
dersandMonkeydust allright, my computer wont boot from that usb, so i have no idea if i have setup the usb correctly15:04
TJ-rookie: You don't directly execute the interpreter inside the venv, from what I've seen. You start the venv using the host's regular python. But, best to ask the Python support people, it's not an Ubuntu issue.15:05
akikThis portal gives IPv6 capable http-clients access to IPv4-only websites15:05
Dany0akik: I'm concerned as it talks about http, why make it only work with one protocol?15:06
vedonly system icons hide like home, trash, drives..only custom software shortcut is shown on desktop15:06
MonkeyDustdersand  here's the normal way: insert USB, start pc, hit F12, select USB, follow instructions15:06
rookie@TJ- thanks. will do.15:06
akikDany0: oh sorry, https is not suppored :(15:06
TJ-Dany0: you can't have a proxy *and* use TLS, that's the entire point of TLS!15:06
TJ-Dany0: Tranport Layer Security15:07
dersandMonkeyDust yes, but it just says "loading operative system ..." for 10 minutes. It couldn't possibly take more than 10 minutes for the latest ubunto to load on a mid range PC?15:07
ioriaved i'm not sure to get your issue ... but give a look here : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222532215:07
Dany0I have a vague idea about what TLS is, just why are you mentioning TLS all of the sudden15:07
Dany0don't see how it relates15:07
TJ-Dany0: because you're using it! HTTPS15:07
MonkeyDustdersand  where did you get the .iso?15:08
vedthanks ioria15:08
Dany0what https? I'm not worried about https, I mean if what akik posted only supports http, ie no telnet, ssh, custom ports15:08
dersandMonkeyDust ubunto.com/desktop/download15:08
TJ-Dany0: HTTPS uses TLS with X509 public key cryptography for end-to-end encryption between source and destination.15:08
dersandMonkeyDust ubunto.com/download/desktop sorry, mixed them up15:09
xStarkhttps does have that heartsbleed bug or something15:09
TJ-Dany0: you said "akik: I'm concerned as it talks about http, why make it only work with one protocol" ... so use HTTP not HTTPS and you avoid the TLS/proxy issues15:09
MonkeyDustdersand  and you don't even get into the live session? (try ubuntu)15:09
nicomach1sxStark: heartbleed has been patched.15:10
dersandMonkeyDust sorry, don't know much about ubuntu15:10
xStarknicomachls: Well, that's certainly great news15:10
MonkeyDustdersand  can you see "try ubuntu" on your screen?15:10
dersandMonkeyDust here is a preview in windows how the usb looks like http://i.imgur.com/4Easdh5.png15:11
=== nicomach1s is now known as nicomachus
xStarkdersand: Don't use wubi15:11
dersandI clicked on the 14.0.1 LTS version, is that the right one? xStark MonkeyDust15:12
xStarkdersand: Restart your PC and boot from your flash drive/CD (whatever drive you've installed your Ubuntu .iso file)15:12
MonkeyDustdersand  ok, now restart the pc and hit F12 untill you can select USB15:12
xStarkSometimes it might be the escape key15:12
xStarkFor me it's the escape key15:12
dersandxStark MonkeyDust Yes that's the thing, i'll bring up the boot menu, select the drive, but nothing happends15:13
Dany0dersand: wubi is 200% deprecated15:13
Dany0last I heard15:13
dersandso i'm just trying out here, if i have installed the usb right15:13
dersandi guess i have?15:13
ActionParsnipwubi wasnt even good when development was active15:13
datnigHi all, I have a Touchsmart 300 that is working fine with exception of hardware volume buttons. Was thinking of using xbindkeys but "showkey" returns nothing when I run it and press the buttons. Any other suggestions?15:14
xStarkdersand: As soon as you select the drive, you'll either have a bunch of options on your screen or you're gonna have like 2 options in a window that are "Install Ubuntu" and "Try Ubuntu"15:14
xStarkClick on any one of the options15:14
ActionParsnipdatnig: run:   xev    when you press the keys, do they genrate evernts?15:14
xStarkEven if you have a huge screen with a bunch of options, just select "Try Ubuntu"15:14
datnigActionParsnip: unfortunately no15:15
xStarkAnd wait for a few seconds15:15
dersandxStark and if none of those options appear for over 10 minutes, is my installation of ubuntu faulty?15:15
xStarkdersand: Most likely, it is.15:15
xStarkdersand: Which program did you use to install your Ubuntu .iso file onto a flash drive?15:15
dersandAllright, well then, let's try it again then15:15
dersandfirst one from pendrive.come universal something15:15
xStarkdersand: I suggest you use the one from www.pendrivelinux.com15:16
dersandxStark, that's the one i tried15:16
Dany0akik: alright I understans sixxs now15:16
dersandwith ubuntu 14.0.1 or whatever15:16
vedi find the solution guys.15:16
vedalso installed nautilus15:16
ActionParsnipdatnig: are there any bugs reported?15:17
vedthats y after some tym nautilus automatically open15:17
Dany0dersand: maybe you should try elementary os instead http://elementaryos.org/15:17
xStarkdersand: Tell me the exact options you selected while using the tool from www.pendrivelinux.com15:17
datnigActionParsnip: no output at all from xev.  tried googling my model and seems nobody has tried doing this before15:17
akikDany0: your problem is quite interesting to me as it shows that just going only ipv6 has its own problems15:17
nyc-h0stis it me or is it not possible to truncate the udev log file?15:17
Dany0it's quite a surprise for me as well15:17
dersandI downloaded the second one "Universal USB Installer Ease as in 1,2 3"15:18
ActionParsnipnyc-h0st: if its a text file you can cat /dev/null to the file to empty it15:18
dersandi guess that's my issue, i downloaded the installer and not the boot version? xSTark15:18
ActionParsnipnyc-h0st: or just run:    > file      obviously, change file to the actual file15:18
Dany0the vps host offers ipv4 addresses for half the cost of a basic vps... monthly, so I thought, hell it's 2015, everyone uses ipv6 by now, right?15:18
nyc-h0stActionParsnip it seems to be a text file but no cat, echo or other magic will trucnate it 'permission denied'15:19
ActionParsnipnyc-h0st: cat /dev/null | sudo tee filename15:19
xStarkdersand: WAIT A SECOND15:19
xStarkoops caps15:19
dersandxStark, do i want the "Yumi" or the "UUI"?15:20
Dany0no self-respecting man ever says "oops caps", CAPS ARE CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL, MAN15:20
MonkeyDustdersand  make sure you use the desktop version, not the server version15:20
Dany0embrace it 8)15:20
xStarkdersand: Even I used the "Easy as 123" one. It worked perfectly15:20
nyc-h0stActionParsnip, that worked thx, why did it work with tee?15:20
OimiAlright, I have looked again with fresh eyes and found that what I would be looking for is something similar to eCryptfs or EncFS. Which would allow me to encrypt selected files / directories and would allow for a post login decryption meaning even if the system starts up and someone logs in, they still need to decrypt my files. (Easy but let's not make it easier by leaving all unencrypted). So anyone who's a bit savvy with any of those encr15:20
Oimiyption types?15:20
AletHi all!15:20
AletCould somebody say where am I can get a list of pgp keys of official people of Ubuntu?15:20
dersandAllright then, let's format the usb and begin from scratch15:20
xStarkdersand: Great then15:21
dersandubuntu version 14.0.1 is fine?15:21
xStarkUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS is the one with the long term support15:21
xStarkBut any version works15:21
xStarkdersand: Before we continue. I would like to know the source of your .iso file15:22
MonkeyDustAlet  launchpad.net15:22
dersandxStark ubunto.com/downloads/desktop15:22
dersandi just searched ubunto iso on google and got the first one15:22
k1l_dersand: xStark any 14.04 release is a LTS release. the last digit .1 or .2 or .3 is just a "pointrelease" like you know the servicepack from windows. it got all updates bundled in already15:23
auronandacedersand: there is no o in ubuntu15:23
xStarkdersand: I don't see the webpage...15:23
k1l_dersand: so i would o for the 14.04.3 iso if you plan to install. but you can use the 14.04.1 and run the updates after the install.15:23
xStarkI'll be right back15:23
dersandwell the filename is "ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-amd64" so i guess it's the latest?15:23
k1l_dersand: yes. that is fine15:23
xStarkIt's not the latest15:24
xStarkIt's the long term support one15:24
TJ-!download | dersand15:24
ubottudersand: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Vivid, and help keeping the servers' load low!15:24
xStarkAnd the one recommended15:24
k1l_xStark: its the latest 14.04 LTS version. so its fine for him when he wants LTS.15:24
dersandis that okay for making a bootable or should i use the other one (15.04)?15:24
xStarkNo its ok15:24
xStarkIt will do15:24
AletMonkeyDust: thanks15:25
k1l_dersand: dont make it too complicated right now. that 14.04.3 is totally fine now.15:25
dersandroger that15:25
elieoctohi all15:25
dersandso, it's not a compromised source? The file itself is good?15:25
k1l_dersand: what OS are you on right now?15:26
Dany0so bitbucket doesn't support ipv6 either :S15:26
datnigActionParsnip: other ideas?15:26
ActionParsnipdatnig: all I can suggest is report a bug.15:26
k1l_dersand: you can check the .iso md5sum hash. so you know if that .iso is a original one or if there was an issue on the download: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM#MD5SUM_on_Windows15:27
=== john is now known as Guest46379
Dany0dersand: https://elementary.io/docs/installation15:27
linociscohi all, my ubuntu 15.04 has problem printing to Canon LBP 3050 Printer via USB. print jobs are pending and not processing15:27
k1l_Dany0: this is #ubuntu15:28
linociscohi all, my ubuntu 15.04 x64 has problem printing to Canon LBP 3050 Printer via USB. print jobs are pending and not processing15:28
akikDany0: what is the company where you bought your vps?15:28
Dany0akik: wedos15:28
ActionParsniplinocisco: have you tried adding the latest HPLIP from the HPLIP site?15:28
linociscoActionParsnip, what is HPLIP ?15:28
k1l_Dany0: for elementary OS please see their channels and support.15:28
Dany0I'm trying to help dersand15:28
xStarkMy keyboards broken15:28
ActionParsniplinocisco: its the universal driver for nearly all HP printers15:29
linociscoActionParsnip, it is cannon15:29
k1l_Dany0: the elementary site is not helping on a ubuntu install15:29
xStarkdersand: Did you format USB and try to install .iso file on it again15:29
dersandxStark, not yet15:29
Dany0dersand seems to be ignoring me anyway15:29
TJ-linocisco: Have you checked the /var/log/cups/ entries for clues?15:29
ActionParsniplinocisco: sorry, brainfart15:29
dersandk1l_ where can i find the md5 checksum for my lts version?15:29
ActionParsniplinocisco: did you get the driver from the Canon site? They make debs for some of their devices :)15:30
linociscoActionParsnip, ubuntu detected and when I installed downloaded 64bit CAPT driver, it was installed and connected to localhost in printer list with green tick sign15:30
ActionParsniplinocisco: check the Canon Europe site15:30
auronandace!md5 | dersand15:30
ubottudersand: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows15:30
k1l_dersand: http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04.3/MD5SUMS15:30
dersandk1l_ yeah it's the same15:30
k1l_dersand: ok, then make it a bootable usb, and then reboot and go15:31
xStarkThen it should be able to be installed into a USB flash drive easily15:31
ActionParsniplinocisco: im not seeing a LBP 3050 on the Canon website15:31
linociscoTJ-, there are lots of error files .gz15:31
dersandxStark k1l_ http://i.imgur.com/L4R67J4.png15:32
TJ-linocisco: you can view them using 'less /var/log/cups/<filename>' (less knows to pipe .gz compressed files through gunzip)15:32
k1l_dersand: the us drive will be erased, so if you want to keep some data copy that before15:32
xStarkdersand: So far, so good. Press create. Try to to interrupt it in between.15:32
dersandk1l_ no sensative data so we're good15:33
TJ-linocisco: But most recent files won't be compressed, such as 'error_log' and 'access_log'15:33
ActionParsniplinocisco: try removing the printer powering it off, after rebooting, log back in then power on the printer15:33
linociscoTJ-, yes. some are not compressed15:34
xStarkdersand: First it'll extract some files, so the status bar won't move for a few minutes.15:34
xStarkAll you can do now is wait15:34
dersandhalv way there15:34
linociscoActionParsnip, TJ- the one I installed is Linux_CAPT_PrinterDriver_V260_uk_EN.tar.gz15:34
linociscoActionParsnip, TJ- I dont remember where I got it . But I am sure I first referred to ubuntu CAPT official link15:35
dersandk1l_ xStark http://i.imgur.com/YU738Z1.png15:35
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
ActionParsniplinocisco: try the steps, it should readd the printer using the current drivers and may help15:36
k1l_dersand: reboot, choose usb on boot, done15:36
dersandk1l_ i don't need to reboot the computer i just did the installation on, right?15:36
dersandbut rather the one i want to boot on15:37
auronandacedersand: you want to boot from the usb, this means you need to reboot15:37
k1l_dersand: you installed a live-ubuntu onto the usb drive.15:37
linociscoActionParsnip, TJ- thanks. that didn't help as I can't find correct driver yet. btw. let me come back online after 15 mins max. excuse me15:38
auronandacedersand: plug it into the computer you want to boot from15:38
k1l_dersand: ah ok. yes unmount it and put it in the pc you want to boot. then choose usb boot in the boot-menu there15:38
dersandk1l_ gotcha15:38
xStarkdersand: You installed it into a flash drive, nothing else15:38
xStarkYou must plug the USB into a desired device15:38
xStarkand boot from the USB15:38
dersandyeah i know how to boot, it's just that i have two computers. One who i want to boot from and the other one which i'm sitting on right now, on irc and installing the drive15:39
C_minushello guys. what does this sound like to you: ubuntu 14.04 has problems connecting to home WIFI (often doesn't connect at all, or takes several attempts), but no problems connecting at work, school, public, phone tethers etc. Also, all other computers, including same laptop's Win7 partition connect to home WIFI without problems.15:39
akikDany0: nat64 seems to be what you want, or else buy a ipv4 address :)15:40
dersandk1l_ xStark it's been like two minutes now... https://dl.pushbulletusercontent.com/Po8zgxGDVX84InxpwjWl9va3CQVESGDR/20150930_174117.jpg15:42
dersandalso sorry for long link15:42
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
xStarkdersand: Wait for a few more minutes, let us know.15:42
k1l_dersand: yes. that takes some time. usb is slow15:42
dersandxStark k1l_ roger roger15:43
dersandsorry accidently closed irc15:45
xStarkdersand: Any changes?15:46
TJ-dersand: "Loading Operating System ..." may not be a message from the installer; I strongly suspect that is from the PC's BIOS/Firmware. That suggests the installer isn't being booted correctly. What make/model is the PC?15:46
dersandxStark nothing15:47
dersandTJ- it's a custom pc. Gigabyte z68 motherboard15:47
xStarkI agree with TJ15:47
Dany0akik: yup that sounds like a solution. a very complicated one. in the meantime, I've got myself an innovative solution! \:D/ I'll get latest ruby by upgrading to 15.04 :D15:47
xStarkIs the version of windows 10 legit15:47
dersandxStark my w10 is legit15:47
TJ-dersand: I re-fixed a ISO boot issue recently, whereby buggy BIOS implementations cause the boot to fail just like that. I suspect you may be affected by the same issue.15:48
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dersandi'll leave it running, i have to go but i will be back, please whisper me stuff if you feel the need and i will respond to it15:48
=== heyzues is now known as alazare619
TJ-dersand: Do you have access to another working Linux PC, so we could easily apply the potential workaround ?15:48
dersandtj- i'll get back to that in like 20-30-40 minutes. Whisper me if so i don't have to scroll back so much up later ^^15:49
* Dany0 slaps TJ- around a bit with a large fishbot15:49
Dany0sorry I wantedo query, misclicked in webchat15:49
akikDany0: here's another link for the gateways http://hydra.geht.net/tino/english/opinion/ipv6/ipv4/list/15:50
TJ-dersand: FYI bug 27790315:51
ubottubug 277903 in syslinux (Ubuntu) "Missing Operating System [message at boot]" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27790315:51
Guest64566for the trusty repo of ubuntu there is approximately 45940 packages in the repo i am wondering if anybody has older ubuntu os's like ...10 ,12 ,....etc and can give me a sudo apt-cache search . | wc -l15:52
Guest64566so i can determine the growth of the repo's between os's versions15:53
TJ-Guest64566: you can pull the package lists in manually from the repos15:53
akikDany0: it looks like you only have to set up the dns servers in the configuration15:53
Dany0can you point where it says that because I'm browsing this and Ecdysis and I'm struggling to find instructions :s15:54
Dany0found it!15:55
Guest64566TJ how are you suggesting to do that i have all the repo sections like source code packages , main repo , proprietery repo ,multiverse check under the ubuntu software center15:55
akikDany0: test it and report back. i have a ipv4 address and a tunnel from tunnelbroker.net. really interesed about your results15:56
Guest64566but imagine i would have to turn all these on and point to the different repo's when issuing apt-cache search .15:56
Guest64566like lucid repo ,...etc15:56
Dany0alrighty then, just for you15:56
TJ-Guest64566: don't use apt-cache; pull the package lists in directly and parse them15:57
TJ-Guest64566: E.g. something like "wget -O - http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/breezy/main/source/Sources.bz2 | bunzip2 -c | grep '^Package:' | wc -l"  ... and make that more generic so you scan multiple releases (breezy, feisty, hardy, lucid, etc), and multiple components (main, universe, multiverse, restricted)15:59
lehzmcould anyone recommend a good piece of software to do bulk rename of files?15:59
lehzmsimilar to tag & rename on windows?16:00
TJ-Guest64566: note that my example counts the source-code packages; multiple binary packages are often created by a source package so you many want to modify that to fetch the binary package lists instead16:00
TJ-lehzm: "man rename"16:00
Guest64566O i was thinking there was a way with apt-add-repository but then i would have to specifically add and remove repo's to get that affect not even sure it would work this way... though if i had the source.list file for each os's version i could probably switch out them temporarily16:01
TJ-Guest64566: That'd be the hard way to do it.16:01
TechnobliteratorI just downloaded an update for my game, and now it's giving the error: "Failed to create OpenGL context"16:01
Technobliteratoranyway to fix this problem?16:01
Guest64566I notice your os's your missing some is there away to get all the os versions package repo's in one newest thru olds16:04
Guest64566And yes i am ok with regex to grep for specific repo or specific things thanks for that process i do think it would be the easier way to go then doing it with add-apt-repo... way16:05
lehzmTJ-: thanks ill check it out16:05
TJ-Guest64566: the URL I gave you is for the retired releases (no longer supported). The currently supported releases are on archive.ubuntu.com16:06
=== noteness is now known as Universe
Guest64566willy is the newest repo / os's version package repo's16:08
Guest64566ya cool thanks16:08
Guest64566O one more thing is source packages can one compile these to create the binary packages. if so then i am wondering if one compiles a source package will he have any dependency issues or is that taken care of by apt-get install at the time you install the source package16:10
ActionParsnipTechnobliterator: which game?16:12
Guest64566because i know if one downloads source .tar files you can get library dependency issues that create package hell but does down loading the source package always get around this so one has no issue in building the package from source. if so then why do we have the binary packages why not safe space and only provide source packages that people just issue ./configure ; make ; make install or with a few commands16:13
geniiGuest64566: Because if you're really hell-bent on compiling them from source, it's much easier to just use the built in apt-build16:14
Guest64566I am just trying to figure out the benift of having it in a source package or binary package if one is not going to modify the code in any way what would be the differences... won't the source package downloads create the binary packages that you could down load directly anyway16:14
Guest64566well i am curious if one downloads the source package with apt-get install will it clear up any building issues that could go wrong with ./configure ; make ; make install or the building/dependencies for it16:17
Guest64566basically does apt-get install for source packages clear up dependency issues for compilation of the source package or is it still going to be like downloading a tar having to correct package issues16:18
geniiGuest64566: You do beforehand apt-get build-dep <packagename>16:20
* genii wanders out to grab his lunch16:20
Guest64566I know binary package apt-get install clears up the issues of installing a built program i.e is smart enough to find from .deb format all the dependencies and clear up any installing issues... so was wondering for source packages does it also download the dependencies / clear issue that arise when building the source package16:20
TJ-Guest64566: If we really wanted to build from source the procedure is: "PKG="package-name"; apt-get source ${PKG}; apt-get build-dep ${PKG}; cd ${PKG}-${VERSION}; fakeroot debian/rules binary" - at that poing we have the compiled binaries in the parent directory ready for installation.16:21
tgm4883Guest64566: genii just told you how to get the build dependencies16:21
A124Ubuntu sucks balls .. well note ven that :D16:21
Guest64566well all i do currently is apt-get install which may do that in the back sense for binary packages so was curious about the source packages and weather i would get any issues of compiling them16:22
Guest64566O so then what is the difference between apt-get source  and downloading using apt-get install sourcepackagename16:25
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ignacioman apt-get16:25
Dany0I used `useradd` to add a new user, but it did not create a home directory for him nor did it copy a default .bashrc, is that not the preferred way to add users?16:26
akikDany0: useradd has option -m to create the home dir16:26
tgm4883Dany0: you're might be looking for adduser16:26
Guest64566I just was wondering what the difference was between apt-get install sourcepackage as opposed to apt-get source package ; apt-get build-dep package16:27
Guest64566for a source package16:27
Dany0tgm4883: "adduser is more user friendly and interactive than its back-end  useradd. There's no difference in features provided"16:27
tgm4883Guest64566: can you apt-get a source package16:27
TJ-Guest64566: that won't work: "apt-get install <sourcepackage>" ==> "E: Unable to locate package"16:27
Dany0maybe I'm ... ah16:27
tgm4883Dany0: I know that. The fact that it leads you through it makes it a little nicer :)16:28
=== the_map_ is now known as the_map
Guest64566but then why doesn't apt-cache search . list all the packages in the repo location you have16:28
tgm4883Guest64566: it does?16:28
TJ-adduser also uses skeleton files for creating the home directory, and applies default group memberships16:28
Guest64566yes even source one right16:29
tgm4883Guest64566: I'm unsure if it lists source package names, I doubt it16:29
Guest64566so if your correct if i chose a source package and try to apt-get install it i will get an error and have to apt-get source to install it.. is that what you are saying16:29
Guest64566Because there the system control center i never have the distinction16:30
Guest64566so curious at the command line know gui level16:30
tgm4883Guest64566: I'm not entirely sure what you're asking anymore16:31
Dany0tgm4883: yess adduser copied over bashrc, yay!16:31
TJ-Guest64566: People using a GUI almost always are not interested in the source-code packages, so listing them would be a distraction and a confusion16:31
Dany0I can now set a 20000-character password for root and forget about it, just to be safe in case quantum computers took over the world tomorrow :D16:32
Guest64566Ok but if you checkbox them on and install them thru the gui the gui is calling apt-get source not apt-get install16:32
Guest64566yes or no?16:32
TJ-Guest64566: You'd need to look at the Software Centre source code to determine how it performs te actions. I'd guess it calls library functions rather than a sub-process.16:33
=== ignacio is now known as ignaciouy
Guest64566also apt-get download allows one to download a package weather it is source or binary one into any directory he wants but when you issue a apt-get install that package it would install it always to the /bin , /usr/bin ,...etc directories is there away to change where it installs to or is this not allowed because of path/dependency location issues16:34
Guest64566so i guess if you have a .deb file from apt-get and want to install it must it always install to a certain hardcoded location based on the .deb file or can you thru dpkg or apt-get commands change the installation directory16:38
=== ignaciouy is now known as ignacio
Guest64566so in the cases where some one was running out of room on his memory or other places where the standard folders resided... i guess he could remount the folder or do some chroot thing to get the equivalent.16:39
tgm4883Guest64566: what is your end goal here?16:40
gorgonzolahello peoples. I have a laptop with an NVIDIA Optimus hybrid card, and I used to have it configured to work with bumblebee, with no issues. After updating to vivid and installing nvidia-current-updates, I noticed X is using the discrete NVIDIA card as default. How can I make sure that the discrete card is not used by X by default? I still want to have it available to use with bumblebee, so disabling it in BIOS or removing nvidia16:40
gorgonzoladrivers is not an option. Thanks!16:40
Dany0akik: just to be sure, since I'm not a dns server, I don't need DNS64 right?16:40
Guest64566figuring out how to switch the installation directory for a package installed16:40
Guest64566or beable to install to any directory i want16:41
akikDany0: you configured your vps to use the dns64 servers16:41
tgm4883Guest64566: so there isn't an "Installation directory" generally. There are a few16:41
akikDany0: configure16:41
Guest64566because i would imagine all one would have to do is update there PATH variable accordingly to the new install dirs16:41
Guest64566yes i know that but there usually the default /sbin , usr/bin , /bin ,...etc buitin directories16:42
Guest64566i was wondering if you could change the location  of where the .deb is to be installed16:42
tgm4883Guest64566: It would be application dependant I believe, you may have to recompile16:42
k1l_Guest64566: http://askubuntu.com/a/236149/31260   tl;dr some workarounds possible but not guarantee to work16:42
tgm4883Guest64566: it's FAR easier to just mount additional storage16:43
gorgonzolaGuest64566 In general, I would say that that goes against the way in which unix systems are suposed to work, so it sounds like a bad idea. What are you trying to accomplish? I'm sure there is an easier way to do what you want than messing with the way debian packages are installed.16:44
Guest64566O ya so you would need to rebuild the source or deb package itself to uses a different location didn't know if there was some switch in apt-get or dpkg command to do that automatically16:44
gorgonzolaGuest64566 one option, is to manually open the deb file for the desired package, and copy its contents to one of the system folders for which you (the user) has total control, like /usr/local or even better, /opt16:44
k1l_Guest64566: you try to solve problem B instead of solving problem A. so focus on the reason why you want to install in a different place16:44
tgm4883k1l_: +116:45
TJ-Guest64566: No, source rebuild isn't required. The paths stored in the DATA section of a .deb are relative. The host installer prefixes that with the system path16:45
Guest64566I have a distro running in memory that doesn't have enough space for /bin /usr/bin growth every much so limiting me to install only a few things without having to remove then reinstall all the time i was wondering if i could uses a temporary storage devices16:45
dersandAlright, i'm back16:46
akikis the correct way to configure certain dns servers to use dns-nameservers in /etc/network/interfaces ?16:46
TJ-dersand: FYI bug 27790316:46
ubottubug 277903 in syslinux (Ubuntu) "Missing Operating System [message at boot]" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27790316:46
dersandtj- pardon?16:46
TJ-dersand: That *may* be the workaround for the BIOS bug  that is causing the install to fail16:47
dersandtj- is there a download or something i'm missing on that link?16:48
BluesKajakik:  usually yes, but some OSs have resolv.conf/resolv.conf.d file that overwrites dns setings16:48
Guest64566so i can download to any folder the source /binary .deb packages but when i install them they install to the location that i have limited memory/storage growth for. So was curious if i can install them to another partition or place where i do have storage for/growth for packages16:48
dersandtj- also, i'm not sure if it were you who asked. But i have dual os setup, i have a ubuntu version installed if that could help.16:48
gorgonzolaGuest64566 The way you wuld normally d what you want, is to mount extra storage under /usr16:49
TJ-dersand: No. Before you went AWOL I asked if you had access to a Linux PC so you could build and test the workaround easily16:49
Guest64566that would require switching the install dir not switching the download places16:49
gorgonzolaGuest64566 wait, let me catch up woith your messages, i think i missed something16:49
TJ-dersand: if you could boot into an Ubuntu install you can easily apply the workaround patch to the ISO image - if the Ubuntu install also has access to the .iso you downloaded16:50
dersandtj- will the whole thing be easier if i just switch to ubuntu?16:50
Guest64566so remount /usr to another secondary storage device if i do that i would have to make a copy of what was in the orginal usr directory onto the newly mounted one right? Is that all that is required for me to be all set16:50
mcphailGuest64566: you can run "apt-get download packagename" to get a .deb, then run "dpkg-deb --extract . filename.deb" to unpack it. You can then put the binary files wherever you want. Doesn't guarantee success, though16:51
yar|How are the ftp ports chosen, in PASV mode?16:51
peroim having weird sound issues on 14.04 after some updates - i get staticy sound in vlc until i maximize/minimize the window, flash playback is very choppy, and sound in csgo only works after 5 minutes. anyone have any ideas?16:51
yar|(using ftp)16:51
akikBluesKaj: name resolution is so important that there should be clear instructions16:51
TJ-Guest64566: underneath all package managers is a call to 'dpkg -i'  to install a binary package. 'dpkg' has the option "--instdir=dir" to change the base directory and it defaults to "/"16:51
gorgonzolaGuest64566 running out of space in /usr in an already installed system is a complicated issue.16:52
ActionParsnippero: what is the output of:    wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh --upload16:52
ActionParsnipgorgonzola: just remove apps you don't need. Should do it16:52
LoRezDoes anybody know where the kernel repo is that has all of the security updates in it?  I need to bisect the diff between 3.13.0-63 and -6516:52
TJ-dersand: very much so! As long as you have the .iso (or the USB flash device) available there. We only have to patch the first 440 bytes of it to test this workaround :)16:52
peroActionParsnip, http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=ebebb2495be35684b44c28434f25592ce530738316:53
gorgonzolaActionParsnip that is assuming there are apps that he doesn't need. Buying a larger harddrive is also a solution.16:53
k1l_LoRez: you mean mainline?16:53
k1l_!mainline | LoRez16:53
dersandtj- well i don't have it there. But i guess i could just add it on the usb and drag it onto ubuntu there?16:53
ubottuLoRez: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds16:53
Guest64566Ok i will look more indepth with your command switches... curious on if i did remount /usr to another location say could i remount the old /usr as part of the new mount /usr directory... or would i have to copy first all the stuff over... just curious if the mount command had a switch to allow mounting on a new dir with the part of the old dir16:54
ActionParsnippero: try the large command here in step 1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure16:54
Guest64566I hope you get what i am saying16:54
LoRezk1l_: I don't really.  I mean the trusty LTS kernels16:54
tgm4883Guest64566: honestly, I'd just add more storage and mount it where you need it. For moving files, you should be able to just copy them to the new drive and then ensure fstab mounts it in the right location16:54
dersandtj- anyway, i'm copying it and when it's done, i'm switching to ubuntu. See you in a few minutes.16:54
tgm4883Guest64566: I'm not sure how well overlay directories are supported16:55
Guest64566Ok thats what i was think thanks tgm488316:55
Guest64566just remount and copy over then update the fstab for when rebooting to always uses that change place with the copied over old files to begin with16:56
TJ-dersand: OK, I have the patched boot sector on my web-site waiting for you16:56
Guest64566was just asking because there may have been a feature like " say overlay directory mounts" to no have to copy over things... this could be a performance benifit for servers to16:57
k1l_LoRez: i dont get what you want, maybe this helps: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/amd64/linux-image-generic16:57
Dany0akik: oh I forgot about that, I'm installing tyanga right now as I'm following this tut: http://ipvsix.me/?p=10616:58
TJ-Guest64566: if you're using the Live (non-installed) environment the system is already using a layered Copy-On-Write (cow) file-system overlay that allows installing new packages in/on the squashfs root file-system image that is in the ISo image16:58
akikDany0: oh so that is easier than changing your name resolution settings? :)16:58
Dany0lemme try that thou16:58
tgm4883Guest64566: that feature exists, I'm not sure how it would be a performance benefit though16:59
LoRezk1l_: a change was made between 3.13.0-63 and 3.13.0-65 that apparently kills all of our serial drivers.  I'd like to find the patch added between that causes that and file it as a bug.16:59
peroActionParsnip, nothing new16:59
TJ-LoRez: what device ID is it?16:59
LoRezTJ-: keyspans and another externally built serial driver that's not USB.16:59
ActionParsnippero: do you get OK sound in headphones?17:00
peroActionParsnip, it's not related to that - but no i don't17:00
akikDany0: that won't work for you since you don't have ipv4 address17:01
=== Marco is now known as Marco`
ActionParsnippero: are you using Unity shell?17:01
Dany0oh, damn17:01
peroActionParsnip, yep17:01
ActionParsnippero: have you tried a non-compoziting session, like LXDE?17:01
peroActionParsnip, no, i want to use unity17:02
TJ-LoRez: I'm generating the commit list for you; I'll pastebin it17:02
ActionParsnippero: yes you can but it's fopr testing purposes17:02
ActionParsnippero: its part of narrowing down the issue17:02
Dany0akik: can I use # to comment in /etc/network/interfaces?17:03
LoRezTJ-: where's the repo?17:03
ActionParsnippero: if its fine in LXDE then we know that either Gnome, Compiz or Unity are causing the issue, don't we?17:03
Dany0google didn't answer17:03
akikDany0: yes17:03
peroActionParsnip, or installing another de borks my system completely17:03
ActionParsnippero: how will that happen?17:03
peroi dont know but it has happened in the past17:03
PiciDany0: only if they're on a line alone, inline comments are not supported (see man 5 interfaces)17:04
perothere must be a saner way to triage the issue17:04
ActionParsnippero: you can install every DE in the repos if you like, you simply choose the active one at login17:04
Dany0Pici: thanks17:04
ActionParsnippero: how is it not sane?17:04
peroi am not installing another de to triage a sound issue17:04
PiciLoRez: #ubuntu-kernel might be able to point you in the right direction if you don't get an answer here17:04
Dany0most of the time man pages are useless, I'm usually just going to google straight away, and I can find the man pages there mirrored as well17:04
LoRezPici: thanks!17:04
ActionParsnippero: its for testing, LXDE is very small too, so the download and install will be minimal17:05
peroActionParsnip, not going to do it17:05
peroi use lts for a reason - so i dont have to reinstall my system every year17:05
akikPici: what does this mean? "Note that end-of-line comments are NOT supported, comments must be on a line of their own.17:06
TJ-LoRez: see http://paste.ubuntu.com/12625643/17:06
peroif you have any other suggestions that would be great but if not then thanks for your time17:06
ActionParsnippero: your call17:06
Piciakik: You can't put a interface directive on the same line with a comment.17:06
TJ-LoRez: the repository is git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-trusty.git17:07
akikPici: oh ok now i understand, so the comment can not start after some definition17:07
Piciakik: right17:07
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LoRezTJ-: that's many patches.  bisect time!17:08
TJ-LoRez: not necessarily; identify the likely driver sub-path where changes would cause the kind of failure you're seeing17:09
TJ-LoRez: what actual failure do you get?17:09
TJ-LoRez: you could narrow it down by testing the .64 kernel too :)17:09
LoRezTJ-: appears as though 0 data leaves the port.  can open them, but not write to them.  Or so it seems.  I'm going to stick a loopback plug on something and beat on it a while.17:09
TJ-LoRez: see http://paste.ubuntu.com/12625673/17:11
Dany0god I'm stupid17:11
LoRezTJ-: that's useful.  Thanks17:12
LoRezit's not just USB serial devices though.17:12
chennuopas de francais ici??17:12
TJ-LoRez: I wonder of the subsystems share code? You'd think so.17:13
=== Guest69965 is now known as Avenger_Q
dersandtj- well this is awkward17:13
dersandi forgot my root password17:13
k1l_dersand: there is no root password17:14
LoRezTJ-: probably.  I'll dig.17:14
ActionParsnipdersand: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword17:14
TJ-LoRez: See http://paste.ubuntu.com/12625681/17:14
dersandactionparsnip i tried that and it froze at initiating ramdisk something17:15
Dany0hey akik guess what, I've got news for you: IT WORKED! \:D/ I used this gateway: http://aa.net.uk/kb-broadband-ipv6-nat64.html17:15
TJ-dersand: Are you using the Ubuntu install now?17:15
ac3takwaswhich is good IRC client, other tthan XChat?17:15
ActionParsnipdersand: is your RAM ok?17:15
dersandtj- no sorry, i'm on w10 still17:15
ActionParsnipac3takwas: irssi if you like Xchat17:15
TJ-dersand: Ahhh. Drat :)17:15
ac3takwasSometimes, I want some auto-reconnection when I change network or somethin17:15
dersandactionparsnip erm, 4gb but i have no idea if it's "ok"17:16
ac3takwassometimes sxchat reconnects to the wrong url17:16
TJ-LoRez: BTW, my 'gitlog' is: "alias gitlog='git log --pretty=format:'\''%h %cd %an %s'\'''  "17:16
ActionParsnipdersand: there is Memtest86 in Grub, you can test it there17:16
ac3takwasI also want it to restart automatically upon network detection17:16
dersandActionparsnip, alright and what do i do if that test fails?17:16
dersandor passes, for that matter17:16
=== ZiNk is now known as ZiNk_
ActionParsnipdersand: you will need to start pulling sticks of ram out (with the system powered off) then power back on to test the RAM to isolate the bad stick17:17
TJ-dersand: Which ISO file did you originally download? I can pull the same one, apply the patch, and you can just download the file directly from me if you want to17:17
ActionParsnipdersand: if your system is under some kind of warranty then you will need to get them to do it17:17
TJ-dersand: the important thing here is not to get diverted, and test the other PC installer issue17:17
dersandActionparsnip right now i'm on a laptop, so it's tricky17:17
ActionParsnipdersand: thats even easier, they have doors on the back to put more RAM in / take it out17:18
=== ZiNk_ is now known as ZiNk
BluesKajchennuo:  pas ici, allez en #ubuntu-fr17:18
=== tcpman is now known as Guest50677
dersandtj- i downloaded 14.04.3 from http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop orange button 64 bit17:19
TJ-dersand: OK, give me a moment I'll patch it17:20
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=== user is now known as us3r
=== us3r is now known as us3r123
us3r123I was searching ubuntu vs debian and it says ubuntu is privately coded by canonical17:22
us3r123ubuntu isn't free software according this17:22
ActionParsnipus3r123: ubuntu is based on debian the code is tweaked a little by Canonical but the changes are fed back upstream to Debian17:22
ActionParsnipus3r123: Ubuntu is free, there are some binary blobs to make it friendlier17:23
ZiNkus3r123: did you even read the part: "Free software: Ubuntu software is free. Always was, always will be. "17:23
ZiNkIt's written on the very page you've quoted.17:23
ZiNkSo calling ubuntu non-free is like saying that debian with debian non-free repos would also be not free software17:24
TJ-dersand: Here's the patched ISO for you to download and write to the USB stick again: https://iam.tj/projects/ubuntu/ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso17:24
dersandtj- downloading, how can i trust that you haven't put anything harmful in it?17:25
TJ-dersand: Now, when you try to boot the problem PC with the image, you *must* keep the (left) Ctrl key held down immediately after power-on until the system shows signs of Ubuntu/Linux  starting.17:25
spinozathere is a software piece called unetbootin17:25
TJ-dersand: you can't; that's why originally I wanted you to patch it yourself.17:25
spinozau plug in your usb drive, select an operating system and it downloads it and puts onto your usb17:26
us3r123ok thanks my mistake17:26
dersandso, post boot. Hold ctrl? tj-17:26
TJ-dersand: if you had the tools you could see, though, that I've only altered the first 434 bytes, which are the isolinux BIOS bootstrap loader code17:26
lubarchwhy ubuntu is free?17:26
=== james is now known as Guest76709
TJ-dersand: Yes, from power-on... as soon as the screen shows signs of life17:26
=== Shrooms` is now known as Shrooms
TJ-dersand: If this works, it proves the PC BIOS is faulty. There's a common bug whereby when the system boots off a USB device pretending to be a hard disk, the BIOS tells the bootstrap code it is loaded from the first hard disk, but when the bootstrap code then asks the BIOS to read the rest of the bootloader code from disk the BIOS changes the device number and so it reads from the wrong device, and fails,17:28
TJ-locking the PC up17:28
TJ-dersand: By holding down the Ctrl key you are instructing this modified 434 bytes of bootstrap code to ignore the BIOS drive number and force itself to use the 'first' device17:29
dersandtj- alright17:29
dersandinstalling right now...17:29
TJ-dersand: good luck! I hope this is your issue, makes it simple to fix ;)17:30
nabnlubarch: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=155486817:30
dersandso hold ctrl, f12 for boot options, get my usb one and it should be there?17:30
dersandall that while ctrl is held?17:31
TJ-dersand: Don't hold down Ctrl until you've got the F12 manual boot menu. The Ctrl key is going to be looked for by the bootstrap code, so you've got a very short window of time after pressing Enter on the boot menu device option, and that code starting!17:32
dersandtj- so i thought then17:32
TJ-dersand: if the BIOS can cope with you holding Ctrl down whilst also using the boot menu, then that's easier. I've had to do some very nimble key-hitting to get this to work sometimes :D17:33
TJ-dersand: it might need a few practice attempts17:33
dersandi'm on the boot menu right no17:33
TJ-dersand: I have a PC beside me now that needs that fix to boot the ISO17:34
dersandis it between f12 is pressed and the boot menu is being shown that i need to press? or after i press to boot the usb?17:34
TJ-dersand: The moment you select the boot device by pressing Enter17:35
dersandit's on the loading operating system ... screen17:36
dersandtake two then.17:36
dersandor i'll wait a few minutes17:36
TJ-dersand: No point waiting; that message means it failed17:37
TJ-dersand: if it had started the screen would change to the boot loader screen immediately17:37
Dany0TJ-: I pm'd you :317:38
TJ-Dany0: I have PMs disabled17:38
Dany0so, since you're a self-described kernel hacker, I've gotta ask: imagine you're writing an 80s/90s hacker movie, our hero wants to take down the evil corrupt government official and he successful hacked into his account and then suddenly realises "oh no! I can't access this secure encrypted data because it is cryptographically encoded by an unbreakable kernel!", and then you show up on the scene to save our hero, what do you say?17:39
dersandtj- no, nothing. Tried it 3 times17:39
TJ-dersand: OK, let me make triple-sure I used the Ctrl key patch!17:39
TJ-dersand: Yes, I did. That seems to suggest whatever the BIOS is doing, its more broken than that simple workaround can cope with. My next suggest is to enter the BIOS setup and put the USB device first in the boot list, *and* (if possible) remove any other entries - especially the Hard Disk entry, then save settings and reboot17:41
TJ-dersand: All this is assuming the method you used on Windows to write the ISO file to the USB device put it in the correct place!17:42
dersandtj- can i even verify that the usb is bootable?17:42
C_minushello guys. what does this sound like to you: ubuntu 14.04 has problems connecting to home WIFI (often doesn't connect at all, or takes several attempts), but no problems connecting at work, school, public, phone tethers etc. Also, all other computers, including same laptop's Win7 partition connect to home WIFI without problems.17:42
dersandbecause it has the label "Install ubuntu (D:)"17:42
TJ-dersand: Try it on the PC you're typing on? You could test it in a Virtual Machine on Windows, if you have that installed17:42
Dany0I guess TJ- doesn't wanna answer :/17:43
TJ-C_minus: that sounds familiar; we had a couple of users in the past 2 months with a similar issue. Which device is it? "lspci -nn" will tell17:43
TJ-Dany0: I have PMs disabled17:44
Dany0that thing I posted, that was for you17:44
TJ-Dany0: what 'thing'?17:44
dersandtj- i mean that i had the ubuntu installer for installing ubuntu on this computer a couple of months back. What i'm getting at is that it could not have formatted the drive even once and just running the install ubuntu rather than bootable ubuntu17:44
Dany0"so, since you're a self-described hacker..." thing17:44
TJ-Dany0: I don't see PMs, the IRC server blocks them. I only do support in the channels.17:45
Dany0I posted it here in #ubuntu, I don't want to repost it because I don't want to upset the spambot17:45
TJ-dersand: I'm not familiar with the Windows tools - not used Windows since around 200517:46
C_minusTJ one might have been me. Intel 726017:46
TJ-Dany0: let me search back. I'm not always looking in the channel so may have missed it17:46
Dany0jeez so much effort for a joke makes it no longer funny :s sry17:46
TJ-Dany0: found it... and I'd say "That is Cracking, not Hacking" :)17:47
Dany0haha, thanks, I'll be off to my hibernation chamber, and good luck with dersand17:48
TJ-C_minus: Yes, that does ring a bell. I recall doing some changes regarding using G/N modes17:48
extremez3r0Hello Folks. Today after an apt-get update I tried install Steam. Then I run "apt-get install steam". And my Ubuntu just rebooted. Now if I try install something I get a "sudo dpkg --configure -a". When i run it , my notebook reboot again.  Where can I search for logs?17:48
C_minusyeah thats right.17:49
TJ-C_minus: I also recall there were other APs in the 2.4GHz band on the same channel, or close by, with very strong signals.17:49
C_minuswhen I change modes on the router it doesnt make much dufference if any17:49
C_minuswell remembered17:49
TJ-C_minus: I think the general consensus was there's some kind of bug in the Intel firmware for that device - we know there used to be some very serious bugs that made N mode impossible, so its likely there are still more17:50
C_minusbut isn't it most likely N mode everywhere else I take my laptop - after all university has a superfast 100mbps line or whatever17:50
TJ-C_minus: so we thought the interaction between the firmware and the Linux device-driver somehow makes the problem show up when it doesn't show under Windows17:50
dersandtj- anything that could help? https://dl.pushbulletusercontent.com/tDt3p9upxrYE4e3HwyVwTA2D3ULCkpdQ/20150930_195020.jpg17:51
TJ-dersand: Are you able to remove/disable items 3 and 4 ?17:52
dersandtj- let's try17:52
TJ-dersand: What make/model is that PC? I want to add it to my 'problem BIOS' list17:52
dersandtj- it's a custom built pc17:52
TJ-C_minus: do you find using Linux in other places also works fine - in other words you're only caused problems at home?17:53
C_minusTJ yes exactly17:53
TJ-dersand: motherboard make/model then - that is what determines the BIOS maker/version17:53
TJ-C_minus: You know I'm tempted to say someone near you is deliberately knocking your signal out, or there's some non-WiFi 2.4GHz device operating close-by that is interfering17:54
dersandtj- Gigabyte Z68AP-D317:54
C_minusHoly jeebus now I'm gonna be paranoid.17:54
TJ-dersand: thanks17:54
TJ-C_minus: well, logically it makes sense. consider your evidence and all the testing we did last time17:55
TJ-C_minus: things like wireless video cameras, baby monitors, etc, can all also use 2.4GHz and they don't use WiFi so don't cooperate or show up on WiFi scans17:55
C_minusWhat does an android tether use? Because that works fine. Also how could someone else knock only my laptop's signal (on ubuntu) but nobody else's in my house?17:55
TJ-C_minus: I have no idea, and the fact other devices aren't affected argues against it, but as I think I said last time, I'm highly suspicious of the location where you commonly operate the laptop when at home. Have you tried walking around into the far corners of the apartment and seeing if it performs any differently?17:57
TJ-C_minus: A wifi device targeting the PC's ID could potentially affect it and not others, but I cannot imagine anyone going to all that trouble just for you :)17:58
dersandtj- i'll try booting from the usb on this comp. brb.17:58
C_minusTJ is a PC Id unique to my Ubuntu/Win7 partition or my device?18:00
TJ-C_minus: the ID of the wifi device is burned into the Wifi chipset18:01
TJ-C_minus: this is why I think an active attack is far out :)18:01
C_minusTJ my MAC address right?18:01
TJ-C_minus: Yes18:01
jayjoI have a ubuntu 14.04 server that is running very slow with mysql queries. Are there some very quick speed checks to see if something blatant is going on before I just try to upgrade my cores?18:02
TJ-C_minus: I don't suppose you know someone else with a laptop with the same chipset in? Have them visit and test it with an Ubuntu Live boot?18:02
TJ-jayjo: you might get a better response in #ubuntu-server18:02
C_minusunfortunately not it's quite a niche laptop!18:02
C_minuseverybody has macbooks anyway18:03
TJ-C_minus: always the problem! I'd be tempted to rip out the 7260 pcie card and replace it with an Ateros!18:03
extremez3r0Hello Guys. I need a little help. Someone know where I can found why my Ubuntu hard reboot when I try install steam? Now it broke dpkg configure -a. Every time I run it my notebook reboot immediatlly.18:03
jayjoTJ-: thank!18:04
=== scor is now known as Guest94224
nicomachusextremez3r0: did you try uninstalling steam and then reinstalling it?18:05
TJ-extremez3r0: sounds like some core executable has been corrupted18:05
extremez3r0TJ- :I can't even run apt-get install"18:09
extremez3r0TJ-: every time I run dpkg configure -a, my screen go black and I see my ubuntu booting...18:09
cerberus10that is weird18:09
dersandtj- i got news.18:10
extremez3r0Very. I've try read from dmesg, but nothing very useful.18:10
dersandIt didn't even boot on my other pc. Obviously the installation is faulty.18:10
TJ-dersand: really!? damn!18:10
dersandtj- yeah, i booted it up, twice. Just black screen, no purple ubuntu iconic-ness18:11
TJ-dersand: This always annoys that Windows seems to make it difficult to correctly write an ISO image to a device. After all, all we want is to write the literal ISO data from sector 0 of the target device onwards.18:11
TJ-dersand: This was why I had hoped you could use Linux to write to the USB. Shame that isn't starting18:12
TJ-dersand: whilst you were doing that I did some research on the "Loading Operating System" issue. Turns out it is a very common problem with many Gigabyte motherboards, and lots of users affected. No clear worarounds but some interesting snippets around.18:13
TJ-dersand: the most interesting is, apparently the motherboard has USB2 and USB3 ports? Which type of port are you putting the USB stick in?18:14
dersandtj- front ones18:14
reisiowhat's the problem?18:14
dersandtj- am i retarded for doing that?18:14
reisiooh hub?18:14
TJ-dersand: are they USB3 or USB2?18:14
TJ-dersand: I'd suggest (since it is easy) trying to use other ports on the Mobo... especially try a rear port!18:15
dersandbut it's not even booting on my laptop, why would that work?18:15
TJ-dersand: True... I'm referring to there being a possible 2 issues here ;)18:15
TJ-dersand: do you have a virtual machine hypervisor on the Windows 10 you could test the ISO with?18:16
TJ-dersand: you could install VirtualBox and test: 1) booting the ISO file 2) booting the USB device via USB pass-through18:16
dersandtj- yeah i downloaded oracle's virtualbox18:17
TJ-dersand: if the VM guest can boot the ISO *file* but not the USB, that tells you the USB likely is the problem18:17
dersandtj- but the funny thing is that i've installed ubuntu on THIS machine with this usb18:17
BrokenCogVB still needs USB tools to work with USB doesn't it?  perhaps ensure VBox is USB enabled for the guest before startinf the VM.18:18
TJ-dersand: but not with the current literal data is my point. If the ISO file data has not gone onto the USb correctly... it'd fail18:18
dersandtj- i just opened cmd on windows and typed format d:. I guess this is a starting point18:18
TJ-BrokenCog: dersand. I'm not sure, I don't use it. Any VM hypervisor that can support USB will do for testing18:19
john__hello, if i remove something from software, does it do remove or purge?18:19
=== Isla_de_Muerte is now known as NwS
BrokenCogTJ-: yes, but VBox didn't/doesn't put USB support in the standard binar.18:19
TJ-BrokenCog: really?18:20
TJ-BrokenCog: that's not useful!18:20
EriC^^john__: i think it removes and doesn't purge18:20
BrokenCogTJ-: I don't know if it still is, but it was a copyright issue I think with the free VBox version.18:20
=== toter_ is now known as toter
auronandaceBrokenCog: it supports usb, but you need an extention for usb2 support18:20
BrokenCogauronandace: is that what it was?  okay.18:20
nicomachusTJ-: BrokenCog: you can definitely capture USB from VBox. Doing it right now.18:21
BrokenCogso, I'm guessing dersand has USB2/3 ...18:21
john__EriC^^, thank so that means the config files remain?18:21
BrokenCogokay ... I'm out of date.18:21
EriC^^john__: yeah18:21
EriC^^i think it removes, not sure18:21
nicomachusBrokenCog: they kind of had to because of USB keyboards/mice gaining so much prevalence.18:21
BrokenCogmy question: I just updated 14.04 about ten minutes ago, rebooted, now can't log in.  Checked perms of .Xauthority (700) and owner (userid.userid) ... any other segguestions?18:22
EriC^^john__: dpkg -l | grep <package> should show if the configs are still there, it'll start with rc18:22
BrokenCognicomachus: indeed.  USB ... who would have thought :).  I haven't used VBox in a long long time so Im' not sure what current state it's in.18:22
dersand30% of format, i'm on standby until it finishes18:22
TJ-BrokenCog: dersand has 2 PCs. The one he's on is using Win10 (it has dual-boot with Ubuntu but the Ubuntu install wouldn't get past the initrd). He's using Win10 to write the 14.04.3 desktop amd64 image to a USB, and using that to install to another PC. That other PC BIOS/UEFI fails with "Loading Operating System". We've tried a 'force BIOS device 0x80' workaround ISO image, but that didn't solve it.18:23
john__EriC^^, that's right, thank you very much for your help18:23
EriC^^john__: np18:23
LoRezTJ-: this may be worse than I imagined.  I switched from the utopic lts kernel to the trusty lts kernel and lost the USB keyboard too.18:23
nicomachusdersand: what program on windows are you using to create the drive?18:23
TJ-dersand: there is no need to format a USB device before writing an ISO image to the USB18:23
dersandnicomachus the software from pendrive.com uui something18:24
TJ-dersand: The ISO image should be written directly to the USB... someone else can recommend the best tool for doing that, I have no idea.18:24
nicomachusdersand: I would recommend Rufus. https://rufus.akeo.ie/18:25
TJ-LoRez: That doesn't sound normal18:25
dersandtj- alright, but it's still in the formatting process, so i wouldn't want to upset the cmd18:25
TJ-dersand: OK... thought it won't18:25
LoRezTJ-: I'd agree.18:25
TJ-dersand: OK... though it won't hurt to interrupt it18:25
BrokenCogQuestion: just updated 14.04 ten minutes ago, rebooted, now can't log in.  Checked perms of .Xauthority (700) and owner (userid.userid) ... any other segguestions?18:25
nicomachus!patience | BrokenCog18:25
TJ-LoRez: but the system always works ok with the 3.13 -63 ?18:25
ubottuBrokenCog: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:25
dersandtj- 50% now, it wouldn't hurt to let it finish?18:26
TJ-BrokenCog: try a guest log-in... if that works, it's a per-user issue at least18:26
TJ-dersand: no... it's only writing zeros18:26
BrokenCogTJ-: booted from ISO, via chroot created new user, same symptom on reboot.18:26
TJ-BrokenCog: OK, can it boot to the Recovery root shell?18:27
BrokenCogTJ-: what's the menu key?  tried F2 ... just boots straight in.18:27
TJ-BrokenCog: hold shift down18:28
TJ-BrokenCog: F2 is usually for the PC's firmware/BIOS Setup18:28
BrokenCogTJ-: in a vm ... shift during power on?18:28
TJ-BrokenCog: shift is the GRUB boot-loader menu key. Hold it down once the PC firmware is doing its POST (power on self test) and the moment GRUB starts it'll see the key18:29
TJ-BrokenCog: Then on the GRUB menu, choose Advanced sub-menu and select one of the Recovery kernels18:29
LoRezTJ-: I shot myself in the foot and didn't install the -63 kernel with the -65, so I'm rescuing out of that first.18:30
BrokenCogI can't get the menu ... using Parallels  ...18:30
TJ-BrokenCog: the shift key is specific to GRUB, so the hypervisor shouldn't matter provided the guest has the input focus. You may need to ensure the window showing the Guest interface has focus in order for the shift key to be directed there18:31
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|test
BrokenCogTJ-: it has the focus18:32
=== tvoss|test is now known as tvoss
TJ-BrokenCog: Try the Escape key :)18:32
TJ-nicomachus: for GRUB?18:33
TJ-GRUB2 uses shift by default as the menu key18:33
nicomachusYea idk. It does seem to be shift in Vbox: https://askubuntu.com/questions/314754/how-to-get-the-grub-using-virtualbox18:34
dersandtj- format done. Should i try out rufus?18:34
TJ-nicomachus: F12 is a popular firmware/BIOS manual boot menu hot-key18:34
TJ-dersand: I'd best find out what it is!18:34
TJ-dersand: maybe there is someone else here familiar with using it?18:34
BrokenCogF12 toggles the text boot info18:35
dersandnicho_machus had, i don't want to type his name full out because someone once told me you shouldn't highlight people who haven't talked for a while18:35
BrokenCogIt's too damn fast :)>  can't get a keypress in before POST is done ... does'nt SHOW post.18:35
nicomachusTJ-: I've never had trouble with Rufus in windows.18:36
dersandnicomachus did you get highlighted by that?18:36
TJ-nicomachus: OK... dersand :) ... as long as you use it to write to the RAW device with no partition scheme/file-system18:36
nicomachusno but I saw it dersand. TJ-: it's the closest thing to Ubuntu's startup disk creator that Windows has to offer.18:37
TJ-dersand: if the tool tries to do any kind of 'formatting' it is doing it wrong18:37
TJ-nicomachus: OK :)18:37
TJ-nicomachus: I've never even used startup disk creator. 'dd' is my tool18:37
dersandcould you tell me what settings? or is default okay? http://i.imgur.com/h5fhP7E.png18:38
EriC^^unetbootin is prone to failing, use dd instead18:38
TJ-dersand: I'll let nicomachus tell you. All I can say is, what you show in the screenshot is definitely wrong18:38
MicroAlienOkay so my track doesnt work when I downloaded Ubuntu.  How could I get it to work?18:39
TJ-I'm suspicous when Rufus claims to be faster than other tools, since writing an ISO image is simply copyiny data sectors sequentially to the device. That suggests it tries to do something 'clever' with the data layout18:40
MicroAlienhow can I get my trackpad to work on my computer with ubuntu18:41
dersandhttp://i.imgur.com/kjuYrz5.png should be more like it?18:42
auronandaceMicroAlien: it is probably specific to the model laptop you are using18:42
MicroAlienI am using an Alienware 13"18:43
nicomachusdersand: there are some detailed instructions on that site...18:44
TJ-dersand: that looks terribly wrong. There should *not* be any MBR partition scheme, no FAT32, no 'create extended labels' - I don't trust that tool18:44
dersandtj- i read somewhere fat32 is the only way to make a drive bootable18:45
EriC^^it's called rufus in the end, not very trustworthy :P18:45
TJ-dersand: all you want it do is write the literal data of the ISO file you have directly to the device with no embelishments. Not sure how you tell it to do that, though.18:45
TJ-dersand: Ignore what you read!18:45
BrokenCogso, if I use the LiveCD, chroot to the intsalled partition, how can I update-grub? which wants /dev mounted?18:45
BrokenCogI used mount --bind /dev /dev18:46
TJ-BrokenCog: before you "chroot ..." mount the kernel file-systems18:46
EriC^^BrokenCog: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mountpoint$i; done18:46
auronandaceMicroAlien: others seem to have the problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/647505/alienware-13-touchpad-not-working-under-any-distro-dll068b00-06cb76e9-hid-r18:47
TJ-BrokenCog: "sudo mount /dev/XXXX /target; for fs in proc sys dev dev/pts; so sudo mount --bind /$fs /target/$fs; done; sudo chroot /target"18:47
TJ-EriC^^: not a good idea to bind/mount /run/ else the chroot will interefere with the host service control18:48
EriC^^TJ-: ah, it's on the ubuntu wiki for chrooting18:48
BrokenCogokay ... just being out of the chroot was sufficient.  update-grub after commenting out GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT/_MENU allowed the menu to show up.18:48
dersandby the way tj- i have a faint memory that i used a burner program to burn my iso to a drive...18:48
BrokenCogTJ-: probably would have mesed up the host, but the chroot was a LiveCD.18:49
TJ-EriC^^: I know there are a lot of poor guides around. The problem it causes is you are fixing packages and that causes a (re)configure which causes a service to (re)start it will pollute the host's service PID lists in the 'real' /run/18:49
BrokenCogso, I was hoping to see some sort of shell option in the GRUB menu, what am I trying to do?18:50
TJ-BrokenCog: I'm trying to recall what your original issue was!?18:50
BrokenCogTJ-: lol, so am I :)>  logging in any user bounces back to login.18:51
EriC^^BrokenCog: graphics driver issue probably18:51
TJ-BrokenCog: oh! GUI login... right... if you can get to the Recovery option and it boots, you can use the root shell to check out the system logs and so forth to determine what the issue is, without the GUI failure getting in the way18:51
TJ-BrokenCog: another option, now you can get the GRUB boot menu. On the menu, highlight the regular first "Ubuntu" entry on the main menu, press 'E' to edit it, navigate to the line starting "linux ..." delete "quiet splash" replace with "text" and press Ctrl+X or F10 to boot with the modified params. 'text' prevents the GUI from starting but you have full multi-user VT console access18:53
BrokenCogTJ-: thanks.18:53
dersandtj- trying out newly burned ubuntu on this pc.18:54
BrokenCogis there a way to downgrade a recent update? a roll back or something ...19:00
TJ-BrokenCog: it can be done but is usually quite difficult and problematic19:01
TJ-BrokenCog: far better is to review the relavent logs and fix the existing issue19:01
_ROCneed help with a general computer issue?19:03
TJ-BrokenCog: I'd start with "ls -latr /var/log/" to list logs with most recently changed last. Then work through kern.log syslog Xorg.0.log first, looking for timestamps during the boot session that failed. You'll probably find the kernel driver for the GPU failed to load due to some kernel update19:03
TJ-BrokenCog: a very fast check for GPU problems is "grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log" - any results you've got a GPU issue and should review that log in detail19:04
BrokenCogyes ...19:04
BrokenCogthe errors are related to /proc/driver/prl_vtg ...19:04
BrokenCogwhich isn't meaningful to me yet.19:04
DersandI'm on mobile. Rip19:05
BrokenCogerror is can't open ... which isn't a surprise since it doesn't exist.19:05
swch`what is permission '@'?19:05
TJ-BrokenCog: whatever 'prl_vtg' is, it isn't part of the standard kernel19:06
DersandBooted up ubuntu and chose second one in advanced boot. The recovery thing19:06
BrokenCogTJ-: it may or maynot be part of a VM guest ... I'm not sure.19:06
swch`http://pastebin.com/fJWvK3yH | what does the '@' means19:06
TJ-BrokenCog: apparently it's a Parallels file19:06
DersandNow it's stuck on "loading Linux 3.16.0-generic ..."19:07
DersandTj- should I press anything?19:07
TJ-Dersand: Interesting! OK, that message is written by GRUB (the boot loader) when it is reading the Linux kernel image into memory. So we know you got past the BIOS issue.19:08
DersandIt's on my pre installed ubuntu. Not bootable usb19:09
BrokenCogswch`: man ls ... you wil find in means that file is a lym link.19:09
BrokenCogbbl ... meeting.19:09
ioriaswch`, http://serverfault.com/questions/151997/what-does-the-symbol-mean-in-a-files-permission-settings19:09
TJ-Dersand: Oh!... so there is some problem with the install there as well. You aren't having much fortune today19:10
swch`ioria, thx! solved my problem19:10
DersandI just got into the recovery mode19:10
ioriaswch`, good19:10
DersandNow what do I do to change the root pw19:11
TJ-Dersand: there is no root password on Ubuntu19:11
TJ-!root | Dersand19:11
ubottuDersand: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo19:11
DersandTj- i mean pw for login dcreen19:11
TJ-Dersand: the first user account created by the Ubuntu installer makes that user an admin of the system by adding them to the 'sudo' group19:12
TJ-Dersand: If you mean a regular VT "login:" prompt, it is your regular username/password combination19:12
delinquentmeanyone in here use a guide to configure a 'hackintosh' ? im looking to run ubuntu as my primary OS on MBP hardware19:12
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TJ-Test OK19:15
Dersand_https://dl.pushbulletusercontent.com/3Mj7rsaXoFHdO9o0xU8PdsnPJzUwQJoH/20150930_211349.jpg tj-19:15
TJ-Dersand_: OK, that's the 'friendly recovery' menu. If you select that you enter a root user session but it doesn't need a password19:16
Dersand_Tj- pardon?19:17
TJ-Dersand_: you have a syntax error in your mount command though; use a comma, not a dot, "-o remount,rw"19:17
delinquentmeis anyone in here running ubuntu on a MBP ?   .... im hearing from #mac that battelry life is an issue ???19:21
Donrosaduckhello there19:21
Donrosaduckwell i got some problem pehaps someone could help me19:22
NoImNotNineVolthi. does anyone know if the libzmq3 and libzmq3-dev packages are built with support for sodium curve crypto?19:23
MonkeyDustdelinquentme  http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/improve-power-usage-battery-life-in.html19:23
Donrosaduckfirst i m a begginer with linux / ubuntu environnement19:23
MonkeyDustDonrosaduck  keep your question in one line, that's easier to read and repeat19:24
Donrosaducki got when i start this very strange : Busybox v1.22.1 built-in-shell (ash)19:24
Donrosaduck<marcel> (initramfs)_19:24
dersandtj- http://i.imgur.com/7I7wBTn.png19:24
TJ-NoImNotNineVolt: you'd need to examine the source code and the debian/control build-depends line19:24
TJ-dersand: !! is that on the "Loading Operating System" problem PC?19:25
dersandtj- unfortunatly not19:25
TJ-dersand: Oh, the dual-boot?19:25
dersandis there any built in stuff that we can use for make a proper bootable?19:26
TJ-dersand: looks like you should do "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"19:26
TJ-dersand: Oh yes, we can get it done real quick now.19:26
ioriaNoImNotNineVolt, i think not... http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man3/zmq_curve_keypair.3.html19:26
TJ-dersand: plug the USB device in, then do "sudo lsblk -f" and identify the USB device name, e.g. /dev/sdc19:27
ioriaNoImNotNineVolt, The libzmq library was not built with cryptographic support19:27
TJ-dersand: if you need to, download the installer ISO again, or if you can get to it in the Windows file-system, use it from there. Tell me which option you are going to use.19:28
TJ-dersand: I deleted the patched ISO so if you need it I'll have to recreate it19:28
Enaellhi guys !19:28
dersandtj- i am still executing sudo apt full-upgrade. But i do not have the .iso file on ubuntu19:28
dersandit is on windows and i have idea how to reach it from ubuntus side19:29
dersandi guess i just redownload it19:29
auronandacedersand: just mount the partition19:29
reisiodersand: check the left side of your file manager19:30
BrokenCogwell, that was fun.  being brow beat for the build machine not  working after ... doing an upstream update.  yay.19:30
dersandreisio i have something called 'files', is that it?19:30
reisiodersand: probably not, but it could be under that19:31
dersandreisio what should i even check for? just search file manager or what?19:32
TJ-dersand: let me recreate the patched ISO and I'll give you the URL again19:32
reisiodersand: no don't search19:32
reisioi it's not right there somewhere it won't be worth it19:32
reisioyou can get to it from a terminal, though, if it isn't there19:32
EnaellGuys, i've got a little problem. Actually, it's not on Ubuntu but it deal with. I had Ubuntu 14.04.3 and Win8.1 on dual-boot. Yesterday, i uninstalled Ubuntu to switch to Kali Linux. The fact is that when i boot on a Kali CD, i have a blackscreen. And when I boot on a live USB, i have this :  http://i.imgur.com/Hr4d7EI.jpg. Now i don't know what to do.. // btw my computer is recent, i have a UEFI BiOS and the security boot is disable.19:32
auronandacedersand: show us a screenshot of the file manager19:33
linociscohi all19:33
linociscoI can't install apt-get install libglade219:33
dersandauronandace what do you even mean with file manager?19:33
linociscoE: Unable to locate package libglade219:34
auronandaceEnaell: this channel only deals with ubuntu issues sorry19:34
wileeelinocisco, Context please.19:34
TJ-dersand: In a terminal do "wget https://iam.tj/projects/ubuntu/ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso"19:34
liltoneanyone from Romania??19:34
Enaellauronandace : yeah i know, but i came here because i don't find any help on the others chan.. anyway, sorry :(19:34
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wileee!find libglade219:34
ubottuFound: libglade2-0, libglade2-dev, libglade2.0-cil, libglade2.0-cil-dev19:34
UltraheroeHola, ¿Alguien de España?19:35
ioria!info libglade2-019:35
ubottulibglade2-0 (source: libglade2): library to load .glade files at runtime. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.6.4-2 (vivid), package size 42 kB, installed size 193 kB19:35
dersandtj- alright however it is stille executing same command on 30% completion right now19:35
wileee!es | Ultraheroe19:35
ubottuUltraheroe: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:35
auronandacedersand: nautilus is the file manager in ubuntu, i was trying to get you to show us a screenshot so we can identify for you which is your windows partition so you can mount it to get that iso19:35
NoImNotNineVoltioria: thank you.19:35
linociscowileee, i am follwing instruction to install canon printer LBP305019:35
ioriaNoImNotNineVolt, you 're welcome19:35
linocisco64bit for my 15.04 64bit19:36
NoImNotNineVoltlooks like i'll need to build from source :|19:36
wileeelinocisco, Do you see the bots info?19:36
NoImNotNineVoltor use whitequark's ppa, i guess.19:36
linociscowileee, yes. but I dont understand19:36
liltonewho use backbox os?19:36
TJ-dersand: that's OK, I was just letting you know its ready for you19:36
Donrosaduckwhat can i do mates when i got this :error: attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0'19:36
Donrosaduckthen (initramfs) ?19:37
iorialinocisco, you mean this http://software.canon-europe.com/software/0040567.asp ?19:37
iorialinocisco, the last ubuntu supported is Ubuntu 10.0419:38
dersandthis full upgrade command sure takes a while19:39
dersandcan not even create a screen shot19:39
iorialinocisco, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CanonCaptDrv19019:39
TJ-Donrosaduck: dersand is it still at 30%19:40
TJ-dersand is it still at 30%19:40
K4kIs openjdk-8-{jdk,jre} going to make it in to trusty-backports at some point?19:40
dersand84% as of right now19:40
vmnewbieI upgrade my distro and now I can't log into my computer. The screen freezes up and I wind up back at login19:41
TJ-Donrosaduck: your issue: "hd0" suggests a GRUB boot manager issue but then "(initramfs)" indicates the kernel and initial ramdisk loaded but the root file-system couldn't be found19:41
TJ-dersand: OK, not used it in a while I guess?19:41
dersandis there any way to make my keyboard not english? if i press shift 8 i want a parenthesis, not a *19:41
wileeevmnewbie, helps to know the upgrade path used and the release you're on.19:41
TJ-dersand: There is usually a keyboard management applet for installing additional keyboard maps19:42
dersandtj- installed ubuntu on this machine back in april i guess19:42
vmnewbiewileee I don't know either19:42
vmnewbieCan't I do something with grub?19:42
vmnewbieTJ- you can give some input,  you and I forgot the other guys name helped me upgrade19:42
vmnewbieI was the guy without wifi19:42
Bashing-omvmnewbie: What graphics set ? ATI or Nvidia ? Might try the 'nomodeset' boot parameter , and once booted (RE-)install the proprietary graphic's driver .19:43
vmnewbieBashing-om how do I get to grub19:43
Bashing-omvmnewbie: Depends if the us a UEFI system ?19:44
lenovo3hello.... Apologies ahead of time if I ask a question incorrectly or seem like a leech or anything like that...or even entitled19:44
lenovo3but I am really seeking an answer as to why......19:44
lenovo3and this is specifically an ubntu forum19:44
wileeelenovo3, to the point all in one post.19:45
lenovo3soo here goes19:45
dersandtj- just did the wget command19:45
vmnewbieBashing-om did no modest but the error still occurs19:45
MonkeyDustlenovo3  spare the enter key19:45
lenovo3wilee I just got kicked and banned out of #linux on DalNet19:45
lenovo3they thought i was a troll19:45
wileee!tmi | lenovo319:45
ubottulenovo3: Um thanks... We *really* did not need to know that...19:45
MonkeyDustlenovo3  we think so too19:45
lenovo3then they directed me to 2 links on how to properly ask questions in a Linux or hacker channel19:45
auronandacelenovo3: would you like to ask your ubuntu support question now?19:46
lenovo3MonkeyDust I promise I am not.....when I go TROLL, I go TROLL 100% with power...trust me19:46
vmnewbieWhat do I do? I can't log in D:19:46
lenovo3not that I troll...just sayin19:46
TJ-dersand: Great... so you have the image downloaded now?19:46
TJ-!ask | lenovo319:47
ubottulenovo3: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:47
lenovo3ok here is my Question......although simple in nature...I really dont know the answer19:47
dersandtj- at 50% as of writing19:47
TJ-dersand: now identify the device-name of the USB: "sudo lsblk -f"19:47
TJ-dersand: you can open a 2nd terminal tab to do the lsblk, you don't have to wait for the download to complete19:48
dersandtj- oh19:48
Bashing-omvmnewbie: Once to the grub boot menu -> advanced options -> recovery . Can you boot via the recovery console ?19:48
lenovo3My question is: why cant someone...typically perhaps a programmer .....just take the source code of a particular program that exists for lets say.......Arch linux, but doesnt for ubuntu...and compile from source and upload it as a .deb file rather than making each individual compile it from source......I certainly dont know how, nor do I want to...because I am trying to convert people to linux....without giving them the excuse: Oh you have to compile it from19:49
lenovo3 source19:49
lenovo3(sorry..I have to be exact and blunt so you get th gist of my question)19:49
vmnewbieBashing-om trying now19:49
dersandtj- i got something that looks like my usb. "Sdb > sdb4 vfat  uui /media/erik/uui"19:49
dersandmakes any sense?19:49
TJ-lenovo3: We already have the functionality on Ubuntu - it is called Personal Package Archives19:49
lenovo3TJ, I dont understand19:50
auronandace!software | lenovo319:50
ubottulenovo3: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents19:50
lenovo3I know I can get stuff there in PPAs but there is Stuff that is not there19:50
alazare619i must be forgeting someting19:50
lenovo3I think you dont understand my question19:50
alazare619i did a ubuntu mini install19:50
alazare619but i can not get x to start19:50
TJ-lenovo3: see https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA19:50
alazare619i installed slim19:51
alazare619and i enabled slim.service w/ systemctl19:51
alazare619but still wont boot19:51
TJ-dersand: can you do "pastebinit <( sudo lsblk -f )" ?19:51
dersandtj- installation complete19:51
ioriaalazare619, there is no X in mini... you have tominstall i19:51
Bashing-omalazare619: Did you also install 'xorg' ?19:51
alazare619yes Bashing-om19:51
vmnewbieBashing-om still leads to a crash19:52
alazare619https://gist.github.com/alazare619/89d4801b3d37eaa48780 is my exact script ive used19:52
lenovo3Thanks ubottu and TJ, I will look at those19:52
TJ-lenovo3: that's the point; *any* person can create a PPA and build software there.19:52
lenovo3but I dont think they answer my question19:52
alazare619still revising it but it just wont boot to slim19:52
auronandacelenovo3: it would help if you had a specific example of what you "need" to compile from source19:52
lenovo3Im not currently trying to figure it out19:52
lenovo3whaty i want to know is why doesnt someone precompile them so it doesnt need to be done?19:52
TJ-lenovo3: if someone doesn't package a project you're interested in, then either do it yourself or find someone familiar with the project who will do it19:52
lenovo3TJ I see19:52
TJ-lenovo3: this is the "Freedom" in Free/Open Source Software19:53
dersandtj- http://paste.ubuntu.com/12626569/19:53
vmnewbieBashing-om any other ideas?19:54
lenovo3so newbies who switch to linux will have to learn to compile? ( I dont think they will..they will just be turned off by linux)  thats why I think it should be uplpoaded...I hope one day I could do it myself19:54
TJ-dersand: right! what the heck that UUI is I don't know! certainly not a correctly written ISO though!19:54
korsakof.deb are binaries. apt-get install does not compile the code...19:54
dersandtj- i think it was the universal ui something from pendrive19:54
MonkeyDust!manual | lenovo3 newbies can read this19:54
ubottulenovo3 newbies can read this: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/19:54
Bashing-omvmnewbie: UNgood ... Will see what we can come up with .. What release and desktop are we dealing with here ?19:55
TJ-dersand: do "udisksctl unmount /media/erik/UUI" and then check with "sudo lsblk -f" that it is no longer mounted19:55
lenovo3korsakof  Im not sure what your saying...but what I am am saying is......there could be so much more apps available for ubuntu and mint right from the get go if they were compiled ahead of time19:55
k1l_lenovo3: most programs for noobies are precompiled in the ubuntu repos. so what exact program are you talking about?19:55
auronandacelenovo3: you also need to consider licenses, sometimes projects are not allowed to host certain software due to the license19:55
vmnewbieBashing-om I did dist upgrade yesterday I think it was next to the newest release... like .04 or something19:55
lenovo3newbies and people who switched to linux shopyuld not ever have to worry about having to compile VIBER 32 bit version because only a 64bit version exists...know what I mean?19:55
LexicadeAnyone run into the problem where your crontab doesnt save he edits you make to it?19:56
vmnewbieSorry I don't remember19:56
LexicadeNot sure why or how its going wrong19:56
Bashing-omalazare619: Is this a 15.04 minimal install ?19:56
k1l_lenovo3: the problem is: manpower. its a lot of work to keep the packages updated and in a good state and not breaking other packages. if you know a program that is not included best is to ask the developer if he want to maintain it19:56
alazare619Bashing-om:  yes19:56
alazare619i can start x after installing xinit19:56
lenovo3k1l_ I wish I could come up with an example...my mind is blank at the moment...but I guess Viber is a good example19:56
TJ-lenovo3: newbies that choose Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and many others don't have to do that since the distro archives/repositories have alrady built the most popular packages19:56
alazare619but it is still not booting to slim19:56
alazare619i get cli login19:56
MonkeyDustwhat's viber?19:56
lenovo3TJ- thats true but there are some major ones missing19:57
lenovo3VIBER is like Skype19:57
k1l_lenovo3: erm, why are you using 32bit?19:57
lenovo3its very poular on Smart phones and now there is an official Ubuntu version...but only 64bit]19:57
auronandacelenovo3: that is an android app19:57
esphlenovo3: I think you're mostly inventing a problem that isn't there. I've never encountered something "major" that I needed to compile.19:57
dersandtj- are you sure? http://imgur.com/a/zu8Hw19:57
TJ-lenovo3: exactly, and therefore someone with an interest and skills needs to package that project. You can't expect 'someone else' to magically do it, every package in a distro has/had someone interested in at some point so that they packaged it19:58
lenovo3k1l_ for many reasons...there is alot of software I want that is only 32bit.....and my computers only have 1gb or 2gb and cant run 64bit versions...and the computers I sell are the same19:58
lenovo332 bit seems more reliable19:58
k1l_lenovo3: 32bit is dying. let it dy19:58
linociscoroot@Tommy-Inspiron-3443:/dev/usb# sudo update-rc.d ccpd defaults19:58
linociscoinsserv: warning: script 'ccpd' missing LSB tags and overrides19:58
lenovo3esph  trust me..its a big problem19:58
lenovo3im not inventing it19:58
Bashing-omalazare619: Try as a boot parameter ' systemd.unit=multi-user.target '. Do you boot to terminal? IF so we try and start the GUI .19:59
lenovo3k1l_ maybe...but this is not good for linux at the moment....we need as many converts as possible.........linux is too fragmented19:59
LexicadeAnyone kwow why my edits to my crontab are not saving after closing? D:19:59
TJ-dersand: sorry, typo! "udisksctl unmount -b /dev/sdb4"19:59
alazare619Bashing-om:  problem i have is i dont ever even see grub19:59
lenovo3an linux is good for reviving rejected PC's19:59
alazare619it boots to damn quick19:59
k1l_lenovo3: amount of ram is not the reason for using 64bit. linux distributions are thinking about dropping 32bit isos anyway. besides: ubuntu is multiarch, so you can install 32bit software on 64bit ubuntu19:59
lenovo3so 32 bit support is important19:59
linociscoroot@Tommy-Inspiron-3443:/dev/usb# sudo service ccpd status19:59
linocisco● ccpd.service - (null)19:59
linocisco   Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/ccpd)19:59
linocisco   Active: inactive (dead)19:59
linocisco     Docs: man:systemd-sysv-generator(8)19:59
k1l_lenovo3: nope. 32bit wil die, very soon19:59
auronandacelenovo3: perhaps you don't understand freedom, anywho this is getting offtopic20:00
esphlenovo3: I'll trust myself, thanks. Anyway, your argument boils down to "why doesn't someone else do everything that could possibly be done?" Why doesn't everyone feed hungry people so no one starves?20:00
lenovo3k1l_ thats true, but there was another reason I dont use 64bit...20:00
TJ-dersand: I need to go for dinner now; are you OK for a while?20:00
lenovo3I didnt know there was a topic?  I am just coming here for support20:00
k1l_lenovo3: but i think without a specific issue that talk belongs to the #ubuntu-offtopic channel since this needs to be for specific support20:00
lenovo3would every question be off topic in a sence/20:00
lenovo3k1l_ my question is specific,20:01
lenovo3I asked why cant people precompile them ahead of time20:01
auronandacelenovo3: it is not a support question though20:01
esphlenovo3: philosophy questions aren't specific in the context of this chat.20:01
k1l_lenovo3: for viber: talk to the viber guys. the make a 64bit one so ask them if they can make a 32bit one20:01
lenovo3thats what I am asking specifically without naming programs20:01
TJ-dersand: if you have the ISO and the device is not mounted you can write the image to USB with "sudo dd if=ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=50M" ... when it finished make sure to do "sync" and wait for that to return to the shell prompt before removing the USB device from the PC20:01
lenovo3esph ok, I give up20:01
k1l_lenovo3: because its the peoples task.20:01
Bashing-omalazare619: UEFI system ?20:02
alazare619vbox bios20:02
dersandtj- http://imgur.com/a/zu8Hw20:02
dersandwrong link20:02
lenovo3thanks for the links20:02
dersandtj- http://paste.ubuntu.com/12626619/20:02
lenovo3I think they might help20:02
TJ-dersand: OK, yes, you're ready to write the ISO as per the command above20:02
TJ-dersand: get it started so I know you're on the way, then I can go to dinner!20:03
LexicadeAnyoen able to help with a crontab issue im facing?20:03
lenovo3Thank you TJ- and thank you k1l_20:03
* m3n3chm0 nasZ20:03
lenovo3going to read those links you guys gave earlier20:03
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
alazare619Bashing-om:  got it20:04
alazare619dont ask me why20:05
MonkeyDustLexicade  let's hear it, in one line20:05
dersandtj- dd: failed to open ‘ubuntu-14.04.03-desktop-amd64.iso’: No such file or directory20:05
alazare619but systemctl set-default graphical.target after set-default multi-user.target then start slim worked20:05
TJ-dersand: did you issue the command in the same directory as you downloaded the file?20:05
TJ-dersand: "ls -al"20:05
LexicadePut simply, after saving my changes and re-opening with crontab-e m edits are gone.20:05
dersandi see it in ls -al20:06
TJ-dersand: maybe the filename I gave you has a typo?20:06
Bashing-omalazare619: Are you now logged into the terminal ?20:06
dersandcan you paste in the terminal_20:06
alazare619its up and running x1120:06
alazare619and i loged into the dm20:06
auronandacedersand: when you start typing the filename press tab andit should autocomplete20:06
TJ-dersand: do "pastebinit <( ls -al )"20:06
dersandwait. i just executed it20:07
TJ-dersand: if you want to paste from the GUI to termainl, Ctrl+Shift+V to paste20:07
dersandthe dd command20:07
TJ-dersand: OK, and it is now running not reported an error?20:07
Bashing-omalazare619: So your system is good, just a config issue with 'slim' the login manager ?20:07
dersandi just get a blinking white stuff, i guess its doing20:07
LexicadeNo idea then, I guess, MonkeyDust ?20:08
dersand20 plus 1 records of in20:08
dersand20+1 records in 20+1 records out 1054867456 bytes (1,1 GB) copied, 57,3792 s, 18,4 MB/s20:08
TJ-dersand: yes, it won't tell you anything at all... just wait patiently. When it finishes be sure to do "sync" and wait patiently again20:08
vmnewbieBashing-om do I still need to wait?20:08
dersandi got my 'erik at ' thing back20:09
TJ-dersand: once sync returns to the shell prompt you can see the difference with "sudo lsblk -f" and then take it out and try it in the other PC20:09
MonkeyDustLexicade  did you say or ask anything?20:09
TJ-dersand: lsblk should show the name of the Ubuntu release now20:09
alazare619Bashing-om:  looks to be a config issue with slim20:09
LexicadeYes. I did. Multiple times.20:09
dersandtj- http://paste.ubuntu.com/12626678/20:09
TJ-dersand: Excellent! go try it now20:09
dersandhow do i safetly disconnect the usb?20:10
MonkeyDustLexicade  no, disappearing commands from crontab is bit vague20:10
TJ-dersand: unplug it :)20:10
BenMcLeanhey guys. anyone know how to make a desktop launcher for freac? (the free audio encoder program)20:10
alazare619Bashing-om:  http://hastebin.com/irekiyagis.rb20:10
=== overfiend is now known as PoPpiLLs
LexicadeITs all I got to go by unforunately. I dont have this magicallog email that its supposed to send.20:10
BenMcLeanWhen I try to make one, selecting it has no effect :(20:10
dersandtj- isnt there any cool command do to that? im dissapointed20:10
BenMcLeanthis doesn't happen with other programs20:10
dersandvery well20:10
TJ-dersand: as long as no file-system on the device is mounted, you can just unplug it20:11
dersandwish me luck20:11
TJ-dersand: I'm off to dinner now20:11
dersandtj- enjoy!!!20:11
BenMcLeansee i made this here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12626722/20:12
auronandace!cookie | TJ-20:12
ubottuTJ-: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!20:12
BenMcLeanmy freac is extracted to /home/ben/Apps/freac/freac and I know it's the right path because the icon works20:13
Bashing-omalazare619: Look'n20:14
smellsLikeGoatSphey guys, how can I enable 5GHz wifi on my ubuntu machine. I have an intel wireless 7260ac?20:14
BenMcLeanno one has any idea why that launcher doesn't work? :(20:14
Bashing-omalazare619: Is there some reason you have to have a login manager ? I also run minimal, and I find the the login manager is useless overhead .20:15
MonkeyDustBenMcLean  make a symbolic link to /usr/bin/ and/or to /usr/share/applications/20:16
alazare619Bashing-om:  yea its for a 400 machine rollout of a remote desktop client thinclient essentially Bashing-om20:16
alazare619users are dumb20:16
MonkeyDustunfamiliar with something is not the same as dumb20:17
BenMcLeanMonkeyDust where? and how would that help here?20:18
alazare619when they use windows xp machine for the last 15 years20:18
alazare619and they dont understand a start button20:18
BenMcLeanalazare619 has a point20:18
alazare619they are dumb and not unfamiliar MonkeyDust i know my users better then  yourself but thanks anyways ;)20:18
BenMcLeanyou can lead a horse to water but screw that, horses are dumb20:19
Bashing-omalazare619: Yeah, ya got to have the login manager. .. Now we are out of my depth, but we have to convert the upstart script for 'slim' to that of 15.04's systemd. Totally out of my depth . See: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers .20:19
alazare619yea i started doing that and i got it converted to systemd it even enabled now...but its still dropping to non graphical...20:20
BenMcLeanI don't understand though, why Unity / Nautilus doesn't come with an easy shortcut making option in all it's context menus like Windows has20:20
alazare619its weird because i can systemctl start slim.service20:20
alazare619and boom i have slim...but it will NOT boot to it ...20:20
dennis__hi, i search for a youtube uploader software. Can anyone help me?20:21
Bashing-omalazare619: .xinitrc in the /home directory ?20:21
auronandacedennis__: uploader? you use their website interface20:21
dersandis there a way to zip or rar something?20:22
BenMcLeandersand, yeah. you'll need a zip or rar making program.20:22
k1l_dersand: yes you can zip or rar something on ubuntu20:23
dersand2k1l_ anything in-built so to speak?20:23
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME), Ark (KDE), or Xarchiver (XFCE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression20:23
k1l_dersand2: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression20:23
BenMcLeanI was wondering where this symbolic link's supposed to go MonkeyDust20:24
alexusufw status verbose reports default: deny (incoming), i dont think that part is working as i'm able to connect without any issues...20:24
alexusany help?20:24
MonkeyDustBenMcLean  try to /usr/bin/ and/or to /usr/share/applications/20:25
dersand2changing name on irc, how do i do it?20:25
alexus /name newname20:25
MonkeyDustdersand2  /nick blah20:25
dersand2did it worked?20:25
alexusi meant to say /nick sorry20:25
=== dersand2 is now known as dersand
BenMcLeanMonkeyDust, to there, but where FROM ?20:25
k1l_dersand2: maybe you need to install the zip, unzip, unrar(-free) to get it working.20:26
alexuscan someone help me with my ufw please?20:26
dersandk1l_ no, i didn't pay attention. found it.20:26
dersandk1l_ thanks20:26
MonkeyDustBenMcLean  from the executable you created20:26
tewardalexus: run: sudo ufw enable20:26
tewardalexus: then try20:26
alexusteward ufw is already enabled20:26
Bashing-omvmnewbie: How ya doing ?20:26
alexusufw status says active20:26
tewardalexus: how are you testing the 'connect'20:27
BenMcLeanMonkeyDust, you mean the executable I extracted in /home/ben/Apps/freac/ ?20:27
vmnewbieBashing-om having an anxiety attack about my comp. I was debating on formatting my hd D:20:27
alexusteward, i use curl on a remote server20:27
MonkeyDustBenMcLean  yes, try that20:27
MonkeyDustBenMcLean  but does the executable work when you run it from its direct path?20:28
BenMcLeanMonkeyDust are you sure you don't mean a symbolic link from usr/share/applications/ to that executable?20:28
Bashing-omvmnewbie: Good for the heart. a (RE-)install is the means of last resort .( though often the quickest) . So where ya stuck ? We get ya over that .20:28
alexusteward i also tried ssh as well20:29
BenMcLeanMonkeyDust yes it works from it's direct path20:30
vmnewbieBashing-om so I tried booting into the old kernel, didn't do anything. Same error in the end20:30
BenMcLeanso that would be ln -s /home/ben/Apps/freac/freac /usr/share/applications20:30
vmnewbieBashing-om are you going to be on in am hour?20:31
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest25218
BenMcLeansudo that i guess20:31
BenMcLeanThe link created from that does not work20:31
tewardalexus: do you have firewall rules to permit connections to those ports?20:32
Bashing-omvmnewbie: Well, if ya boot to terminal .. and GUI/graphic's driver is not a part of the equation. If you can boot to terminal shows the system is intact and the problem lies in the X layer .20:32
plugynif I automount my external drive on boot, will it cause an error if it's not plugged in or will it skip it and continue to boot normally?20:32
vmnewbieBashing-om so that will help in narrowing this down?20:32
Bashing-omvmnewbie: I expect to be here about 4 more hours or so .20:32
wileeeplugyn, should skip if set up correctly.20:32
plugynthanks wilee.20:33
vmnewbieI'm in class vetting answers to a practice exam. I'll message you after20:33
vmnewbieBashing-om  ^20:33
wileeeplugyn, fstab I assume you've used.20:33
alexusteward, I have strict rule that allows connection to specific port from speicic IP range, yet I'm able to connect to these ports from other networks as well and according to ufw status verbose it shows me Default: deny (incoming) which I assume should deny all incoming connections, unless I have a rule to allow in (which I don't)20:33
alazare619Bashing-om:  got it20:33
alazare619systemctl disable multi-user.target is what i had to do20:33
alazare619for some reason it was overiding default graphical target...20:34
plugyni have my secondary autoboot, but I accidentially broke xubuntu doing that. Got it all fixed but I don't want to have to do the same thing just because my external isn't plugged in lmao20:34
BenMcLeanMonkeyDust, that symbolic link doesn't work :20:35
Bashing-omvmnewbie: 75% of boot issues after a update are graphics related .. due to the old graphics card built against that old kernel . We dtermine that it is a grahics issue and purge/re-install the driver .20:35
Bashing-omalazare619: "got ot" mean ya booting to GUI mow ?20:36
vmnewbieBashing-om is that an easy how to on google?20:36
Bashing-omvmnewbie: It is not hard at all . easier than said to boot to terminal. You on a different computer than is the problem ? We wlak you through booting to terminal from grub .20:37
vmnewbieI'm on my phone. Yeah. Can we try in one hour? I'm in class20:38
Bashing-omvmnewbie: K .. at your pace .20:38
badcomHi guys. Which GUI tool you guys use on Ubuntu? I installed Mysql-Workbench, but it's a bit sluggish and it hangs sometimes =/20:40
JaglorI'm trying to use ppa-purge to get rid of this: W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/kernel-ppa/ppa/ubuntu/dists/vivid/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found ... what would be the syntax?20:40
smellsLikeGoatSphow do I activate the 5ghz wifi of my dual-band ac?20:40
Bashing-omalazare619: I will keep that in mind, As when I upgrade to systemd, going to be a learning curve dealing with my minimal install .20:41
lord2800hey folks, I'm trying to customize /etc/network/interfaces in ubuntu 14.04.2 at install time using late_command in a preseed file without much luck--the file reverts back to the default after the first boot (destroying my changes), and doesn't include a line like "source-directory interfaces.d" like the docs say it should20:42
JaglorFigured it out: sudo apt-add-repository --remove ppa:kernel-ppa/ppa20:44
TJ-dersand: Did the PC boot the installer?20:44
dersandtj- yes. thanks a 10000x times20:44
lord2800for various reasons, I can't yet make my dhcp server do the right thing, so I need to make /etc/network/interfaces cover the gap temporarily20:44
dersandtj- i don't got much, but i have like 100 doge-coins if you want them20:45
TJ-dersand: *PHEW*20:45
T3DDYAnyone know if it's easy to install Ubuntu onto a MacBook pro20:46
TJ-dersand: thank-you but no, you keep them. It is good to know we solved it20:46
auronandace!mac | T3DDY20:46
ubottuT3DDY: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages20:46
daftykinsT3DDY: depends on the model, there's a page ^20:46
dersandtj- yeah absolutely! also, do you know  how to change the order in the gnu? like the purple screen where ubuntu, memtest86 and the other memtest86.20:47
daftykinsdersand: /etc/default/grub20:48
daftykinswell, default - not so much order20:48
dersanddaftykins, still a pretty noob to this, what does that mean20:49
auronandacedersand: one way is to rename the files in /etc/grub.d/ then do a update-grub20:49
daftykinsdersand: it is a configuration file wherein the default OS to boot on startup can be chosen20:50
TJ-dersand: that is the GRUB menu. you'd have to tinker with the scripts under /etc/grub.d/ to do that.If you only want to change the 'default' entry (the one that is started if you don't intervene) you can edit /etc/default/grub and change the GRUB_DEFAULT to be the index number of the entry20:50
dersandtj- got it20:50
dersandalso, i had a folder on the pc i wanted to boot on which had some python projects in. (w10). But i can't find this folder20:51
dersandit was like c:\users\pycharmprojects20:51
auronandacedersand: you'll need to mount the windows partition20:52
TJ-dersand: NTFS file-systems should be seen by the GUI file-manager as optional devices that you can mount by clicking on them20:52
TJ-dersand: paths to files will be the same but the Windows drive letters no longer apply20:53
dersandauronandace i have found it, i have found almost everything from my w10 drives except for that folder20:53
DaSpiritHey, if I install 15.10, will it automagically upgrade when final version releases?20:53
daftykinsDaSpirit: yes20:53
DaSpiritdaftykins, using its own software updater?20:53
TJ-dersand: so if the file-manager auto-mounts what you know on Windows as C: it might appear as /media/erik/Windows/users/pycharmprojects20:53
DaSpiritTime to install.20:54
daftykinsDaSpirit: your risk :) note the channel for discussion of wily is #ubuntu+120:54
DaSpiritAll right thanks! I assume it should be stable enough... release is a week away.20:55
dersandtj- yeah i got that part,20:55
=== mn_ is now known as MaNo
dersandi can find all other files except for that python folder...20:55
TJ-dersand: really? are you sure that's where it was?20:55
dersandmakes me think that maybe that folder was auto generated on startup?20:55
dersandyeah i've even used the search function for file names i 100% know exists20:56
TJ-dersand: might be. In a terminal try "sudo find /media/erik/Windows -iname '*pycharm*'" (make sure the /media/erik/Windows matches your actual path!)20:56
auronandacedersand: are you sure they weren't online files?20:58
dersandi find them in the find command20:59
dersand /media/ubuntu/6C9A5B919A5B56A4/Users/Erik/PycharmProjects20:59
Donrosaduckhello : is it possible to fix a bios from a terminal with a ubuntu live cd ?21:00
dersand... but when i am navigating to the same directory. Nothing. haha21:00
bprompt_Donrosaduck:   fix a bios?   what does that mean?21:01
IfniHi, could someone help me with a networking problem? My laptop freezes everytime I connect to the internet and I've tried installing the drivers to no avail21:01
TJ-dersand: are you still using the Live Ubuntu environment?21:02
auronandacedersand: they weren't hidden files were they?21:02
m3n3chm0hi, blank screen using fresh player plugin.. I just only can hear the sound but image is blank :S21:02
dersandtj- yes auronandace no clue21:02
dersandhttp://i.imgur.com/2mgpNZU.jpg tj-21:03
TJ-dersand: Notice I gave you a command prefixed with 'sudo' so it gained root privileges. If your regular user session cannot see those same files it suggests a directory isn't accessible to your non-privileged user session21:03
dersandshould i try non-sudo?21:04
dersandsame results without sudo21:04
MonkeyDustdersand  type tj and then hit tab, see what happens, it autocompletes the name21:04
=== marco is now known as Guest7847
dersandMonkeyDust: thanks!21:05
tkuesterHey, I'm modprobing netconsole to do some kernel debugging, but I'm not seeing any output on the other side. Any ideas?21:05
Ifnican anyone help me with a broadcom BCM4314221:06
Bashing-om!bcm | Ifni Have you seen:21:06
ubottuIfni Have you seen:: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx21:06
tkuesterdmesg says it's all good and ready to go, but "nc -l -u 6666" just sits there quietly21:06
TJ-dersand: "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then "pastebinit <( ls -al /media/ubuntu/6C9A5B919A5B56A4/Users/Erik/ )"21:07
IfniYes I've installed the drivers21:07
Ifnibut my computer keeps freezing whenever I connect to the internet using wifi21:07
TJ-tkuester: what's the kernel command line you're using?21:07
bprompt_Donrosaduck:     in channel :), more eyes, more responses :)21:08
tkuesterTJ-: modprobe netconsole netconsole=6665@,6666@
dersandTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12627079/21:08
TJ-dersand: "d????????? ? ?      ?             ?            ? PycharmProjects"21:09
TJ-dersand: looks like the permisions on that directory are 'weird' :)21:09
dersandtj- saveable?21:09
TJ-dersand: I think auronandace might have the correct idea... is it some kind of mountpoint for a remote Internet cloud service?21:09
dersandTJ-: no idea21:10
Donrosaduckso hello i got some problems : i can't acces to hp bios update so i would ask if its possible to "fix" (sorry for my english) my bios from a live ubuntu21:10
TJ-dersand: the 'find' command you did, did not show any files inside that directory, so I think it must be some kind of Windows mount-point... could it be for a cabinet or ZIP archive file, if not a remote 'cloud' storage service?21:11
wileeeDonrosaduck, very unlikely have seen some linux command use. In general to flash the bios you can get a bootable.21:11
Donrosaduckwilee yes bt the matter is i don't got cd writter and for now i don't now how to make a usb boot from ubuntu so i have to learn that ^^21:13
bprompt_Donrosaduck:      you mean, you're dual booting and grub isn't loading either ubuntu or windows or the other OS you have there?21:14
wileeeDonrosaduck, learn what?21:14
IfniI installed the driver I need for my broadcom as http://askubuntu.com/questions/55868/installing-broadcom-wireless-drivers?page=1&tab=votes#tab-top  sais but it's not working21:14
wileeeDonrosaduck, I think we need a better problem outline is all.21:15
chatmateYUMI is good for botable images21:16
Donrosaduckwell i buy a pc with windows 7 but he got some pb; pc was very slow.so now i install ubuntu . work first but still very slow ( at least 1(minutes to start) i try to flash bios but no way and no i try to make a boot repair cose i got problem i thinks with grub21:19
tkuesterWhoof. Nothing at all out of tcpdump for netconsole. :( Definitely stuck.21:20
Donrosaduckbut you know i m jsut a noob in linux so i have to learn how to make a usb boot21:20
MonkeyDustDonrosaduck  you consider 1 minute to start a long time?21:20
wileeeDonrosaduck, did you save the bootinfo summary a url?21:21
Donrosaducksorry 15miniutes ^^ and the bootinfo is http://past.ubuntu.com/1262716021:22
Donrosaduckhttp://past.ubuntu.com/12627160/ sorry for the mistakes21:23
Donrosaduckhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12627160/ sorry for the mistakes21:24
bprompt_Donrosaduck:    you bought the machine with windows7, that means is a bit of an older hardware, a dual-core likely with 2.3ghz or so per core, 1min or 60secs to boot isn't that slow for that hardware21:25
MonkeyDustbprompt_  that's what i have21:25
bprompt_60secs isn't slow though :)21:26
=== bill is now known as Guest2038
Donrosaduckno its more like 20 minutes for windows and 15mintues for ubuntu21:26
wileeeDonrosaduck, The sda1 ubuntu partition has errors.21:26
Donrosaduckok but what does it means ? is it a physicial problem i need to replace something or just use boot repair ?21:27
wileeeDonrosaduck, Not an expert in this exactly, however looks like the HD or the partitioning/software is broken, lets get others opinions.21:29
mikehaas763Using something like `do-release-upgrade` is it possible to upgrade to 14.04 and not 14.10 or 15.04?21:30
k1l_mikehaas763: from what release?21:30
k1l_mikehaas763: there is the LTS upgrade path, which is LTS->LTS. like 12.04 -> 14.0421:31
dersandAnyone have some familiarity with git?21:32
reisiohigher percentage in #git21:32
mikehaas763I'm not sure how to control the upgrade path without the ui... I'm on a server over ssh21:32
mikehaas763plus I'm already *not on an LTS release21:33
k1l_mikehaas763: from 13.10 you can directly upgrade to 14.04. from 14.04 you can go every upgrade (14.04->14.10->15.04) or the LTS path from 14.04 to 16.04 (when its released)21:33
darsiedersand: I guess the ppl in #git .21:33
Donrosaduckok ty wilee from the begining i think i got some problem with the HD. that could explain why its slow21:33
mikehaas763k1l_: so running `do-release-upgrade` will only bump me to the next version?21:33
wileeeDonrosaduck, I would boot a live ubuntu and run a smart test for that.21:33
k1l_mikehaas763: to 14.04 in your case.21:33
k1l_mikehaas763: you have no choice than to upgrade to 14.04 (which is over due a long time already)21:34
k1l_mikehaas763: from that you can set the release-propmt to make upgrade to the short-path or the LTS-path like explained above21:34
mikehaas763k1l_: I know it's EOL. Idk how I missed it I thought I upgraded it about a year ago.21:34
darsieCan you please switch to the selected keymap when it's selected in the installer. I had to type my name and passwords with querty instead of dvorak.21:35
bindihow long should 'sync' command take?21:35
wileeeDonrosaduck, Has a built in in disks a gui in a dropdown, some would say a terminal run version is more accurate in the end,  the gui is a good start I think.21:35
mikehaas763is do-release-upgrade interactive? That's why I'm asking I didn't want to run it and have it just start doing the upgrade to 15.04 or something21:35
TJ-dersand: What do you want to know about git?21:35
k1l_mikehaas763: it will never go to 15.04 from your point21:35
alexusteward any ideas?21:35
k1l_mikehaas763: its either "next release in line" (like explained), "next LTS" or "nothing".21:36
mikehaas763So it will go to the next or if you're on the LTS path it will only do LTS versions. I'm assuming that's configuration somewhere?21:36
k1l_mikehaas763: its not interactive. but you set the path in the release-prompt21:36
dersandtj- the only python project i want to save is one i did a local commit on. But if it is inside the pythonprojects folder, it doesn't matter21:36
dersandTJ-: i never pushed it to github or anything.21:36
k1l_mikehaas763: you cant set to to upgrade to a specific number. just the path21:36
k1l_mikehaas763: /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades21:37
TJ-dersand: ahhh, i see. You've still not found the files? It's a git repo though?21:37
bigmyx trying to resize the mounted ext4 partition, I have disk of 100G, my / partition (on /dev/sda1) is 15G (at the beginning of the disk), when I run resize2fs, I get: "The filesystem is already 3931904 blocks long.  Nothing to do!"21:37
dersandtj- yeah... i'm not sure what to do.21:38
dersandTJ-: yeah the one with git init; git add *; git commit -m ""21:38
wileeebigmyx, has to be unmounted21:39
TJ-dersand: how about "sudo find /media/ubuntu/6C9A5B919A5B56A4/ -name '.git' " ?21:39
mikehaas763Ok awesome that file explained the behavior well21:39
TJ-bigmyx: wileee: if the ext* file-system is being extended it can be done online; no unmounting required21:39
k1l_mikehaas763: from 13.10 you can only go to 14.04 with the normal prompt. all other paths are not available in that situation21:39
dersandTJ-: i tried it. But i did the git init where all of my files were, so it's still in that pycharmprojects with the weird permissions.21:40
TJ-bigmyx: I'd suspect the reason is you've edited the partition table on-disk but *not* informed the kernel of the change21:40
wileeeTJ-, Cool, not familiar with that path.21:40
dersandi sent an ticket to pycharm. Hopefully they can help me21:40
Donrosaduckwilee ok i just have to know what is a gui dropdown but dw google is my friends ^^21:41
bigmyxTJ-: seems like I have not extended the partition it self ...21:41
bigmyxcan I do it with parted ?21:41
TJ-bigmyx: compare "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdX" with "grep sdX /proc/partitions" - if they are different do "sudo partprobe  /dev/sdX" then you can do "sudo resize2fs /dev/sdXY"21:41
wileeeDonrosaduck, gui is guided usr interface, nice buttons, etc no terminal, drop down is you push a button and it gives you a choice in a list. So on the live ubuntu is an application called disks, in it's top right corner is a smart disk checker.21:42
TJ-wileee: I use LVM LVs and extend them as an when required so I do online resizes frequently - it is extremely useful21:42
wileeeTJ-, I missed the LVM part, I have not messed with 'it' seems like something to learn, thanks.21:43
TJ-wileee: it works without LVM, but because I use LVM I keep LVs as small as possible and lvextend && resize2fs as needed21:43
TJ-wileee: bigmyx I think is using raw partitions; resize2fs works the same way as long as the kernel knows the new partition size (via /proc/partitions)21:44
LoRezTJ-: so, oddities abound here.  a fresh install with 3.13.0-65 works fine with both of our serial devices, but a precise box upgraded to trusty does not.  A symptom is that -65 doesn't know where to install keyspan firmware from suddenly...21:45
wileeeTJ-, LVM, seems really useful, we see it here often. Ah raw, I have avoided that area as well,21:45
bigmyxwileee: yes, I am using the raw partition, I missed the part of resizing the partition it self21:45
wileeebigmyx, Cool, glad we were helped, my two things I try to avoid are bad help, and dragging it along by not knowing.21:46
wileeeI fail daily, heh21:47
oddRavenwileee, you can't avoid something you don't know21:49
dersandi'm heading out.  Thank you so much for helping me tj-, will probably never forget it21:49
darsieok, my computer works even worse with ubuntu, comparde to debian.21:50
oddRaventhat seems about right21:50
MonkeyDustdarsie  that's unfortunate, feel free to go back to debian21:51
alexus"ufw status verbose" reports "Default: deny (incoming), allow (outgoing), deny (routed)", yet I'm able to make incoming connection without any issue, any ideas why?21:52
edgyHi, I removed libapache2-mod-php5 but for some reason it got installed with any php5 updates21:52
darsieMonkeyDust: Looks like I need a new computer.21:52
TJ-alexus: is ufw's rules actually loaded? "sudo iptables -vnL" ?21:53
edgyhow can I stop it from being installed21:53
alexusTJ- status says active21:54
TJ-alexus: *but* does uptables show the policies set on the tables match what ufw claims?21:55
alexusI just ran your command and I'm seeing my rules21:55
daftykinsedgy: why worry? just have it disabled in your apache21:56
edgydaftykins: I do but it got reenable automatically every time21:56
edgydaftykins: php5 depends on this package so it got installed and enabled!21:57
TJ-alexus: what are the default policies set on each table? if UFW claims "deny (incoming)" I'd expect to see "Chain INPUT (policy DENY ..."21:57
daftykinsedgy: hmm, the module is never pulled in on my servers - could be you selected to install a meta package instead of the specific ones you want, check the policy of everything you get from "dpkg -l | grep php" perhaps21:57
edgydaftykins: I don't even see the reason why php5 depends on apache21:58
daftykinsit doesn't either afaiui :)21:58
alexusTJ- would that be ok for me to put it to pastebin and /msg url to you?21:58
TJ-edgy: this may help: "apt-cache rdepends libapache2-mod-php5"21:59
edgydaftykins: apt-cache show php5 |grep libapache2-mod-php5 shows it21:59
TJ-alexus: pastebin it and post the URL in the channel; everyone is available to help21:59
daftykinsedgy: oh here we go - php5 : Depends: libapache2-mod-php5, so i guess you shouldn't use the meta package 'php5' :)21:59
TJ-alexus: well that explains it. UFW doesn't actually DENY or DROP the packages outright, it passed them through several other custom tables first. Which ports/protocols are you testing with?22:02
edgydaftykins: but php5 depends on  libapache2-mod-php5 (>= 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.13) | libapache2-mod-php5filter (>= 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.13) | php5-cgi (>= 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.13) | php5-fpm (>= 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.13) and I already have php5-cgi installed. Isn't "|" means OR?22:02
edgydaftykins: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty-updates/php522:02
daftykinsi don't think so, i'd take it to mean all of them22:03
alexusTJ- I'm testing it with ssh (22/tcp)22:03
daftykinsedgy: just show a pastebin of "dpkg -l | grep php" like i said and we'll see ;)22:03
TJ-alexus: and you have several rules enabling TCP port 22 in the "ufw-user-input" table22:04
edgydaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12627436/22:04
daftykinsedgy: mmhmm, so get rid of the meta-package 'php5', remove the module once again and it shouldn't come back in22:05
amazoniantoadBashing-om: Hey I'm back. Out of class22:05
alexusTJ- this is all default, I added specific network range for port 22/tcp and couple of others22:06
amazoniantoadBashing-om: it's vmnewbie22:06
edgydaftykins: ok, done would check when there is another update one day. Thanks22:07
alexusum, sorry I gotta leave now... unless you think you have a quick answer)22:08
alexusi'll log back in later when I get home22:08
alexusthank you TJ- and anyone else who participate)22:09
=== Elimin8r is now known as Elimin8er
amazoniantoadTJ-: Hey do you remember yesterday when you helped me get my computer's wifi back online?22:12
amazoniantoadnot back online...lol22:12
daftykinsand me!22:12
amazoniantoaddaftykins: Yes!22:12
amazoniantoadSorry I couldn't remember your name22:12
daftykinsso you have some boot related query today?22:12
amazoniantoaddaftykins: so I ran the upgrade....and restarted my computer hours later...and now I can't log into my computer22:12
amazoniantoaddaftykins: yeah22:12
daftykinsok what happens specifically?22:13
amazoniantoaddaftykins: when I get to the login screen, default background is showing and there is no taskbar22:13
amazoniantoadand when I log in, black screen with squares of background color scattered across22:13
amazoniantoadwith a error window22:13
amazoniantoadand it exits out too quickly for me to read22:13
amazoniantoadand goes back to the login screen22:13
amazoniantoadTried nomodeset and booting to the old kernel22:14
amazoniantoadproblem percists22:14
daftykinsok, so i take it it doesn't show enough controls to pick the guest session to test?22:14
amazoniantoaddaftykins: it does, actually22:14
amazoniantoadsame result though22:14
daftykinsah ok, that confirms it's system wide22:14
daftykinswere we dealing with a laptop and 15.04? i slept since then :)22:14
amazoniantoaddaftykins: I believe so.22:15
amazoniantoadIf that's the newest version22:15
daftykinsare you on another device right now or?22:15
daftykinsok, i'd probably boot a live session as task #122:15
amazoniantoaddaftykins: using a usb?22:15
Bashing-omamazoniantoad: I am back here. Are you now booted to terminal ?22:16
amazoniantoadBashing-om: no. daftykins Bashing-om suggested booting to terminal22:16
daftykinssure, wouldn't hurt to try that first22:16
amazoniantoaddaftykins: how do I accomplish that?22:16
daftykinswell when the login screen is up, you could just switch to TTY1 with Ctrl+Alt+F122:17
amazoniantoadun momento por favor22:17
daftykinsi'll hand it back over to Bashing-om for what he'd like you to try though22:17
daftykinsas i think i already got enough info to think it's more serious than what i would've done at TTY122:17
amazoniantoadBashing-om: at terminal now22:18
amazoniantoadlogged in22:18
Bashing-omamazoniantoad: What release are we working with - as it do make a huge difference . ' cat /etc/issue ' .22:20
amazoniantoadBashing-om: 15.0422:20
amazoniantoadBashing-om: Wait no22:20
amazoniantoadIt's 14.04.3 LTS22:20
=== eclipse is now known as Guest50761
Bashing-omamazoniantoad: K, Let's insure that "you" have access to your home . do 'ls -al /home' . who owms and is grouped to your usrename's home directory here ? as in " drwxr-xr-x 29 sysop sysop  4096 Sep 30 17:14 sysop " where I am sysop .22:23
amazoniantoaddrwxr-xr-x 59 jr jr (that's me) 409622:24
amazoniantoadBashing-om: drwxr-xr-x 59 jr jr (that's me) 409622:24
amazoniantoadBashing-om: drwxr-xr-x 59 jr jr (that's me) 4096 Sep 30 14:51 jr22:25
JakeHey there, I have ubuntu installed on my laptop and I installed a new battery a couple weeks ago. The system says the battery is full but it is only at 4209mAH of 5200mAH according to tlp, is there a way to adjust where the system thinks the battery is full?22:26
daftykinsJake: is it a Lenovo?22:27
Jakedaftykins: nope, packard bell22:27
daftykinsok nm22:27
Bashing-omamazoniantoad: Good, next level dowm ' ls -al /home/jr/ ' Of interest is the .ICEauthority and .Xauthority files . That jr owns and is the group .22:27
Jakedaftykins: I would use the tlp functions for it, but that is only for thinkpads :P22:27
daftykinsJake: no, what i was getting as is some Lenovos have a 'charge only to x%' BIOS function22:28
Jakethis laptop has no battery settings in the BIOS, I did check that unfortnately22:29
amazoniantoadBashing-om: -rw-------- 1 jr jr 100670 Sep 30 14:51 .ICEauthority && -rw------- 1 jr jr 53 Sep 30 14:51 .Xauthority22:29
daftykinsJake: yeah that's why i said nevermind :D22:29
TJ-Jake: the reported mAh comes via the battery interface; it may be the battery's charge_full is less than its charge_full_design22:29
daftykinsBashing-om: btw amazoniantoad mentioned the guest session is affected also, so i suspect it's more serious :(22:29
Bashing-omamazoniantoad: Great. that issue is behind us, IJ, now what is thge Desktop Environment that we want to start ? As in unity or ?22:30
amazoniantoadBashing-om: unity22:30
Bashing-omdaftykins: amazoniantoad Yeah, suspect that too .. like a graphics driver .22:31
amazoniantoaddaftykins: what can I read to be as knowledgable as you with linux?22:31
TJ-I'd suggest checking the various Xorg.0.log* files22:31
TJ-amazoniantoad: about 5 years of IRC support :)22:31
amazoniantoadTJ-: Darn.22:32
amazoniantoadI have a linux handbook...maybe I should pick up again22:32
daftykinsamazoniantoad: i don't think there's really a shortcut resource, at least i've never looked for one - i'm mostly self taught and had to use it at Uni :)22:33
TJ-amazoniantoad: the best way to learn is poke about in a working system, one sub-system at a time, until you know what a working good system looks like, and then break it and try to fix it. Virtual Machines are great for that22:33
amazoniantoaddaftykins: so am I...but I'm feeling like a noob here...couldn't resolve my wifi issue on my own and now this22:33
daftykinswell, i pick up a lot from being in here22:34
amazoniantoadTJ-: I normally just use my vm's to test software/break other people's software22:34
daftykinsamazoniantoad: it might amuse you to know i don't even use ubuntu on the desktop 8D22:34
amazoniantoaddaftykins: haha22:34
* amazoniantoad is indeed amused22:34
daftykins(but shh don't tell anyone)22:34
TJ-amazoniantoad: and the key to good diagnosis is to know which log files to look at, and what to expect to see in them on a  good system so you can instantly spot anomalies.22:34
amazoniantoadTJ-: I have much to learn then22:35
daftykinsso do we all :)22:35
Bashing-omamazoniantoad: Are you concerned the ressurrextion will occur before you learn linux ? - In any event let's prepare to read the logs . do ' sudo service lightdm start ' . any joy ? any errors back to the terminal ?22:35
TJ-amazoniantoad: I pick up most of my knowledge from reading log files, reading man-pages, the config files under /etc/ and the source-code of various tools22:35
amazoniantoadBashing-om: Job is already running22:36
amazoniantoadBashing-om: I have a feverish thirst for info22:36
amazoniantoadTJ-: Ah22:36
Bashing-omamazoniantoad: Well, then we looking at an X thing .. let's see what the logs do say ' cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit ; cat ~/.Xsession-errors | pastebinit ' .22:39
amazoniantoadBashing-om: it says socket error and that /home/jr/.Xsession-errors: No such file or directory22:41
amazoniantoadcapital x22:42
amazoniantoadBashing-om: Forget about the file not existing, just no internet22:42
amazoniantoadConnected ethernet cable, no internet.22:42
TJ-amazoniantoad: let's get simple to start with: do you get anything returned by "grep EE /var/log/Xorg.0.log" ?22:43
amazoniantoadTJ-: yes22:43
EriC^^amazoniantoad: try ping
amazoniantoadTJ-: want me to type it all out22:44
TJ-amazoniantoad: Right, so there are problems. So we do need to see that log. Does that system use network manager to get the network usually?22:44
amazoniantoadEriC^^: network unreachable22:44
amazoniantoadTJ-: yes22:44
Bashing-omamazoniantoad: Humm ,,, odd .. what returms ' ls -al /home/jr/.xsession-errors ' that file "should" exist .22:44
amazoniantoadBashing-om: it does exist. it was a typo22:45
TJ-amazoniantoad: type "nmcli con"22:45
amazoniantoadTJ-: bunch of my old wifi networks22:45
amazoniantoadSeeing some old ones I used to have22:45
TJ-amazoniantoad: identify the correct ID for the connection you want, and then do "nmcli con up id "<name-of-connection>"22:45
amazoniantoadsooo immature22:45
amazoniantoadFBI Surveillance Van 2 is what I need22:45
TJ-use the double quotes to surround the name if it has spaces in22:46
amazoniantoadI have 4 wifi access points in my home, all with different van #'s22:46
daftykinsthat seems poorly designed22:46
TJ-amazoniantoad: that should give you the network then pastebinit will work22:46
daftykinsmatching SSID but separating by channel would allow roaming :>22:46
amazoniantoadTJ-: No suitable device found22:46
TJ-amazoniantoad: then you chose the wrong one, or the hardware is broke :)22:47
amazoniantoadTJ-: hold on22:47
TJ-amazoniantoad: you said you plugged in an Ethernet cable. That should cause NM to report a "Wired Connection X"22:47
TJ-amazoniantoad: if you see such an connection, try using that22:47
amazoniantoadTJ-: ah22:47
amazoniantoadTJ-: it can't be broken...22:48
amazoniantoadthe worst possible time22:48
TJ-amazoniantoad: please, don't use Enter as punctuation!22:48
amazoniantoadTJ-: Sorry.22:48
daftykinsto be honest your install has been behaving so oddly i wouldn't be surprised if there's some hardware failure going on22:49
amazoniantoaddaftykins: Well, so should I boot into a live CD and save my data, then wipe the hard drive?22:50
amazoniantoaddaftykins: too many things that are broken?22:50
daftykinsmight be the disk that's wonky :) either way i'd need a working network connection to check22:51
daftykinslive session seems like the best approach yeah22:51
kyjus25So, is Mate pronounced similarly to the name "Mateo", or to the literal term Mate (as in a spouse)?22:51
amazoniantoaddaftykins: let me get a usb put together22:51
Finetunrda_Alright guys, tty1 to 6 are showing blank screens. We've tried the answer here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/162535/why-does-switching-to-the-tty-give-me-a-blank-screen To no avail. Anyone got an idea?22:53
skynetguyhello i am having problems booting to 12.04lts it keeps sending me to login tty122:54
oddRavenFinetunrda_, did you try the second answer? (it's more recent)22:54
daftykinsskynetguy: kernel update? graphics driver update? one or both could've failed22:55
EriC^^skynetguy: ok, login to tty1 and type cat /proc/cmdline22:55
ElsahoddRaven: but he has an AMD card22:55
daftykinsFinetunrda_: smells like fglrx22:55
Elsahfrom 2012 or something22:55
amazoniantoaddaftykins: Alright I'm in a live session22:55
Elsah(assuming Finetunrda_ explained the situation a bit here. oy22:56
daftykinsamazoniantoad: get it online and run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install smartmontools pastebinit" then "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit" and link here22:56
ElsahIt's my friend who can't see anything when doing ctrl+alt+f1 etc. He's using Kubuntu 15.04.22:56
skynetguyEriC^^, so login would be tty1 and password: cat /proc/cmdline22:56
skynetguyEriC^^, ???22:56
EriC^^skynetguy: no, login as usual22:57
daftykinsElsah: we don't really need two on the same issue :)22:57
skynetguyEriC^^, i tried login and name which is my  fullname and then password that didnt work22:57
amazoniantoaddaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12627851/22:58
daftykinsah SSD.22:58
EriC^^skynetguy: ok, press ctrl+alt+del to reboot the pc, hold shift to get grub, then go to advanced > recovery22:58
daftykinsamazoniantoad: check it's on the latest firmware22:58
Elsahdaftykins: Well yeah, apologies, I just know why I disregarded the second answer on that page with the actual person who has the issue :)22:58
daftykinsElsah: :) i could tell it was AMD right off.22:59
skynetguyEriC^^, i dual boot so i automatically go to grub after advance recovery then what22:59
Elsahdaftykins: Ah...22:59
daftykinstheir drivers often prevent TTYs being available22:59
amazoniantoaddaftykins: how?22:59
daftykinsamazoniantoad: well what system type is this again? like brand22:59
EriC^^skynetguy: press enable networking, then drop to root shell, and come on irc22:59
amazoniantoaddaftykins: Sony vaio duo 1123:00
skynetguyEriC^^, ok brb23:00
EriC^^skynetguy: or, don't press enable networking, type23:00
EriC^^type mount -o remount,rw /23:00
EriC^^then passwd <your username>23:00
EriC^^and reset your password and login to the tty when you reboot23:01
skynetguyso dont enable networking23:01
daftykinsamazoniantoad: hmm ok nevermind, i've gotta do something about food now so i'll have to leave you to it. assuming you've not done much with that install you could just give in and reinstall, up to you23:01
EriC^^skynetguy: no23:01
amazoniantoaddaftykins: I've done lots D:23:02
EriC^^skynetguy: mount -o remount,rw /23:02
skynetguyEriC^^, after i type all that i type password first23:02
amazoniantoadBashing-om: I'm crawling back to you. I'm in a live session now23:02
amazoniantoadBashing-om: so now we can at least gather info more quickly23:02
skynetguyEriC^^, my login is my fullname23:02
EriC^^skynetguy: after mount, type passwd <your user>23:02
skynetguyEriC^^, ok23:03
daftykinsBashing-om - amazoniantoad - perhaps fsck time for fun :)23:03
TJ-amazoniantoad: "pastebinit <( sudo lsblk -f )"23:03
skynetguyEriC^^, so i reset my password and login to what23:03
skynetguyEriC^^, what is tty23:03
EriC^^skynetguy: the black screen with login that you're getting when you boot the pc23:04
amazoniantoadTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12627881/23:04
EriC^^skynetguy: you said it keeps sending you to login tty123:04
skynetguyEriC^^, yeah23:04
TJ-amazoniantoad: so your installed system uses an encrypted root?23:04
amazoniantoadTJ-: yes23:04
skynetguyEriC^^, so what do i set my login to???23:04
amazoniantoadTJ-: Want me to mount it?23:04
TJ-amazoniantoad: OK. Glad we know! "sudo mkdir /target"23:05
skynetguyEriC^^, and password23:05
daftykinsugh encryption :P23:05
EriC^^skynetguy: your login is your username ..23:05
amazoniantoadTJ-: okay23:05
TJ-amazoniantoad: "sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda5 crypt_sda5"23:05
skynetguyEriC^^, yeah23:05
EriC^^skynetguy: when you open a terminal what did you used to get? login@host...23:05
amazoniantoadTJ-: mounted23:05
TJ-amazoniantoad: "sudo mount /dev/mapper/crypt_sda5 /target"23:06
skynetguyEriC^^, you mean how did i get into here now23:06
amazoniantoadOr...not mounted23:06
TJ-amazoniantoad: "pastebinit /mnt/target/var/log/Xorg.0.log"23:06
EriC^^skynetguy: no i mean when you used to login to your desktop23:06
skynetguyEriC^^, i am on 32bit pae23:06
TJ-amazoniantoad: typo!  "pastebinit /target/var/log/Xorg.0.log"23:06
skynetguyEriC^^, i was always on automatic login23:07
EriC^^skynetguy: ok, and you never opened a terminal?23:07
skynetguyEriC^^, no23:07
amazoniantoadTJ-: unkown filesystem LVM2_member then from your second command unable to read from target23:07
Bashing-omamazoniantoad: A WIFI issue I am at a loss .23:07
EriC^^skynetguy: ok, type cat /etc/passwd after the mount command and you should see your username there at the last couple names23:08
TJ-amazoniantoad: ahhh ok. "sudo vgchange -ay" then "ls /dev/mapper/" and check the volume group and LVs are listed23:08
amazoniantoadBashing-om: it's okay. TJ- is swooping in.23:08
amazoniantoadBashing-om: Thanks though23:08
EriC^^skynetguy: it most likely has an :x:1000 after it and your home dir will be listed at the end23:08
TJ-amazoniantoad: if you see the VG/LVs show us "pastebinit <( sudo  lsblk -f )"23:09
amazoniantoadTJ-: https://paste.ubuntu.com/12627897/23:09
TJ-amazoniantoad: "sudo mount /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root /target"23:10
TJ-amazoniantoad: "pastebinit /target/var/log/Xorg.0.log"23:10
=== Elsah is now known as nexia
skynetguyEriC^^,  ok so i enter advanced recovery ...then i type mount -o remount , rw /....then i type cat /etc/passwd23:10
EriC^^skynetguy: yeah, no spaces though23:11
amazoniantoadTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1262789923:11
TJ-amazoniantoad: strange; I see no errors there. "pastebinit <( ls -latr /target/var/log/ )"23:12
skynetguyEriC^^,  then what23:12
amazoniantoadTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12627906/23:13
EriC^^skynetguy: you change the password with password <whatever you got from cat /etc/passwd>23:13
EriC^^*passwd <whatever you got.. >23:13
TJ-amazoniantoad: lets check "pastebinit /target/var/log/Xorg.0.log.old"23:13
skynetguyEriC^^, whats the whole of doing this ....if my kernel and graphic update failed23:13
skynetguyEriC^^, point23:14
EriC^^skynetguy: after you can login to the tty1, use irssi to get on irc to get help23:14
EriC^^skynetguy: to fix it, duh23:14
skynetguyEriC^^, okkkk23:14
skynetguyEriC^^,  what will cat /etc/passwd show me23:14
skynetguyEriC^^,  my current password23:15
EriC^^skynetguy: scroll up23:15
EriC^^no, your username23:15
TJ-amazoniantoad: OK, no issues there either. The system has a single Intel GPU so no nvidia-prime Optimus issues23:16
skynetguyEriC^^, bear with me i dont know much about root commands23:16
skynetguyEriC^^, i just know basic stuff23:16
TJ-amazoniantoad: before the network issue stopped you working from the installed system, what was the actual problem you were trying to fix? :)23:17
EriC^^skynetguy: have you ever used irssi before?23:17
skynetguyEriC^^, no whats that23:17
amazoniantoadTJ-: No problem.23:17
amazoniantoadTJ-: I just held down the power button23:18
TJ-amazoniantoad: errr... so why are we doing this?!23:18
EriC^^skynetguy: it's an irc client for the terminal23:18
skynetguyEriC^^,  will eventually login into desktop or will all this be from command line23:18
amazoniantoadTJ-: Because after I did as daftykins instructed and ran an upgrade. I rebooted my computer, now I can't log in23:18
skynetguyEriC^^, ok i just updated to newer pae kernel23:18
EriC^^skynetguy: you need to login to tty1 first, and then use irssi to get on here to troubleshoot the problem23:18
TJ-amazoniantoad: so we do have a problem - not being able to log-in23:19
EriC^^skynetguy: ok, try booting an older kernel then23:19
amazoniantoadTJ-: the computer screen goes black with random squares of the background smeared across it. Some kind of error message containing a red symbol pops up and it throws me back into the login window before I can read it23:19
TJ-amazoniantoad: if I recall correctly if affected the Guest login, too23:19
skynetguyEriC^^, i this is older kernel23:19
amazoniantoadTJ-: Yes but that wasn't an issue before the network problem.23:19
amazoniantoadTJ-: yes23:19
skynetguyEriC^^, i will try newer one that i just installed23:19
TJ-amazoniantoad: sounds rather like some symptoms of corruption23:19
TJ-amazoniantoad: "pastebinit /target/var/log/kern.log"23:20
amazoniantoadTJ-: That sounds like as bad as it gets23:20
EriC^^skynetguy: ok23:20
amazoniantoadTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1262793623:20
TJ-amazoniantoad: hard power offs (holding power button for 4 seconds +) can cause data on disk to be corrupted if it snatches power as the disk/storage device is writing23:21
amazoniantoadTJ-: I thought there were fail safes against that though...23:21
amazoniantoadI guess it isn't fullproof23:21
TJ-amazoniantoad: ouch "[   20.728958] compiz[2634]: segfault at b0 ip 00007f0179621a0f sp 00007fffa87732b0 error 4 in libnux-graphics-4.0.so.0.6.0[7f01795d5000+cb000]"23:22
TJ-amazoniantoad: OK, let's get a 'chroot' set up so you reinstall some suspect files23:24
amazoniantoadTJ-: okay23:24
amazoniantoadTJ-: How do we do that?23:25
wakeatnighthow do I choose a wineprefix? which one is getting called as "default"?23:25
tewardwakeatnight: the default will be /home/$USER/.wine23:25
TJ-amazoniantoad: "export T="/target"; for FS in proc sys dev dev/pts; do sudo mount --bind /${FS} ${T}/${FS}; done; sudo chroot ${T} mount -a; sudo chroot ${T}"23:26
tewardwakeatnight: you have to set in your ~/.profile the WINEPREFIX variable to make it point to a different location by default23:26
tewardotherwise it'll default to ~/.wine23:26
fxmulder_mI remember a long time ago I was able to upgrade the version of a package by downloading its source and using some command to update it using the new tar.gz source from the maintainer, anyone know what that command might be?23:26
wakeatnightah so running WINEPREFIX=/myprefix wine setup.exe is changing it for one time use?23:26
tewardwakeatnight: correct23:27
wakeatnightbecause I didn't export it? otherwise it would be for this session?23:27
wakeatnightand if I want it permanently I set it like a PATH in .bash_profile?23:27
tewardwakeatnight: no, you *must* edit ~/.profile and put the export for the variable in there to make it apply to your entire user23:27
amazoniantoadTJ-: This is going over my head, "for FS in proc sys dev dev/pts;23:27
tewardwakeatnight: you could potentially put it in .bash_profile but IDK if that works23:28
amazoniantoadDo I put that in terminal or??23:28
wakeatnightah ok  thanks teward i'll try23:28
TJ-amazoniantoad: can you copy/paste the line ?23:29
amazoniantoadTJ-: The entire thing at once into terminal?23:29
TJ-amazoniantoad: yes, the entire command between the quote marks " ...  "23:29
TJ-amazoniantoad: I always but the exact commands to issue inside double quotes to make it clear23:29
amazoniantoadTJ-: Ah I thought these were seperate23:29
TJ-amazoniantoad: what we're doing is mounting the kernel file-systems from the live env into the root file-system of the broken system. Then we use 'chroot' to enter the broken system and it looks just like the booted system would until we type 'exit' to return to the host live env23:30
TJ-amazoniantoad: that allows us to run the commands belonging to the broken system including package updates23:31
amazoniantoadTJ-:  chroot: failed to run command 'mount': Exec format error && chroot: failed to run command '/bin/bash': Exec format error23:31
amazoniantoadTJ-: that's incredible23:31
fxmulder_mor anything that might help my search23:32
TJ-amazoniantoad: grrr. "pastebinit <( uname -r; arch; sudo chroot /target arch )"23:32
amazoniantoadTJ-: chroot: failed to run command 'arch' && http://paste.ubuntu.com/12628006/23:33
TJ-fxmulder_m: source packages sometimes have a debian/watches file that specifies the upstream source repo, and a target in debian/rules to fetch from that23:33
TJ-amazoniantoad: I've a horrible feeling the broken system is 64-bit; your live env is 32-bit. Can't run a 64-bit in a 32-bit23:34
amazoniantoadTJ-: oh crapscicle...I completely forgot this usb is 32 bit23:34
amazoniantoadTJ-: the system is 64bit23:35
TJ-amazoniantoad: "pastebinit <( find /target/lib/ -maxdepth 1 -type d )"23:35
TJ-amazoniantoad: back to square one :)23:35
TJ-amazoniantoad: ignore that last pastebinit you answered the question23:35
amazoniantoadTJ-: well let me download the 64bit iso23:35
amazoniantoadTJ-: sorry for wasting your time so far23:35
TJ-amazoniantoad: It happens. I think we might be better off rebooting the broken system and trying to bring the network up23:36
amazoniantoadTJ-: whatever you want me to do.23:36
TJ-amazoniantoad: it's worth 10 minutes trying to, before going to another live env23:36
amazoniantoadTJ-: k23:36
TJ-amazoniantoad: here's what to do...23:36
fxmulder_mso when a maintainer wants to update a package with a new version of the source contained in a .tar.gz what do they normally do?23:37
TJ-amazoniantoad: ... hold down shift at boot-time to get the GRUB boot manager menu,23:37
amazoniantoadTJ-: already there23:37
TJ-amazoniantoad: highlight the top "Ubuntu" entry, press 'E' to edit it, navigate to the 'linux ...' line remove "quiet splash" replace with "text", press Ctrl+X23:37
amazoniantoadTJ-: alright. unlocked the disk and logging in now23:38
TJ-amazoniantoad: I'll go get a coffee :)23:39
amazoniantoadTJ-: haha all right23:39
TJ-amazoniantoad: when you're logged in, try "nmcli con" then getting a connection up as before with "nmcli con up id "XXXXXX"  "23:39
fxmulder_muupdate was what I was looking for23:41
TJ-amazoniantoad: I'm back23:42
oddRavendoes anyone here actually multi-boot different distros?23:43
amazoniantoadTJ-: do you mean the UUID or the name?23:43
amazoniantoadI have tried my UUID's and it says they are unkown connections23:43
fxmulder_mso it looks like if you download the 14.04.3 iso and install it, the 3.19 kernel is installed, but upgrading my older 14.04 machine using dist-upgrade keeps the kernel version at 3.13?23:43
amazoniantoadoddRaven: Why in the world would you want to do that?23:43
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TJ-amazoniantoad: the name. if you want to use UUID you'd use "nmcli con up uuid "xxxxx"  "23:44
TJ-oddRaven: yes23:44
amazoniantoadTJ-: haha entering the UUID was making me cross-eyed23:44
TJ-amazoniantoad:  'id' is under the NAME column :)23:45
amazoniantoadTJ-: my wifi names have spaces in them...I used quotes to surround them and I just get that no suitable device found23:45
TJ-amazoniantoad: that is probably because the network device has failed.23:45
amazoniantoadTJ-: ethernet then?23:45
oddRavenamazoniantoad, I was thinking of running one OS for working and general usage, and use a minimal Debian or Gentoo OS if I need to do a lot of calculations, such as password cracking23:45
TJ-amazoniantoad: try "iwconfig" does it report any Wifi capable interface names?23:45
TJ-oddRaven: why can't that be done from the same installation?23:46
amazoniantoadoddRaven: Oh...23:46
amazoniantoadTJ-: eth0 and lo say no wireless extensions23:46
oddRavenI don't know, more performance?23:46
amazoniantoadoddRaven: If you are so worried about that you might want to look at virtual machines for aggregation23:47
TJ-oddRaven: I can't think of any difference there'd be. You can start without a GUI if that is what you are concerned about23:47
oddRavenwhy do you multiboot, TJ- ?23:47
TJ-oddRaven: testing23:47
oddRaventhen why aren't you using VMs?23:47
TJ-amazoniantoad: OK, so there was no wlan* device23:48
TJ-oddRaven: you can't test against bare hardware in a VM23:48
wakeatnighti am on a 64bit machine 15.04 running fglrx. a game is complaining that i don't have 32bit opengl installed. how is that so and how do i fix that? thank you.23:48
TJ-amazoniantoad: wait one whilst I read the old kern.log you pastebinned so I can know what wifi device you have23:49
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amazoniantoadTJ-: okay23:49
spaceexport: 123:52
TJ-amazoniantoad: not good; in the latest kernel boot logged there is *no* wifi device chipset recognised at all.23:54
TJ-amazoniantoad: I wish we'd done an 'lspci -nn' whilst in the live env now23:54
amazoniantoadTJ-: Well...I can still boot back into it23:54
daftykinsit was the intel 625023:55
TJ-amazoniantoad: can you do "lspci -nn" and see if you can see a wifi network device, and if so, tell me the values in the [ ...: ...] brackets at the end of the line23:55
amazoniantoadTJ-: k hold on23:56
TJ-daftykins: thanks. I see lots of 8086:XXXX devices in the kern.log but so far none of the product IDs I have checked are network23:56
TJ-amazoniantoad: OK, I found it: v00008086d0000088E23:58
amazoniantoadTJ-: i was about to give you the pastebin link23:58
TJ-amazoniantoad: that is 8086:088E23:58
TJ-amazoniantoad: I had to do this to find it: "egrep -ni '8086.*(0154|0166|1e31|1e3a|1e2d|1e20|1e10|1e12|1e16|1e26|1e59|1e03|088e)' /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/*"23:59
amazoniantoadTJ-: one second. someone is at my door23:59

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