ali12341i think a lot of people may not have noticed the flyer is two pages, because all the serious problems i found are on page 2!00:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1501113 in Xubuntu marketing materials "Wily flyer problems" [Undecided,New]00:21
Unit193https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tumbler/+bug/1168558 I believe I see this a decent amount.03:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1168558 in tumbler (Ubuntu) "tumblerd crashed with SIGSEGV in tumbler_thumbnailer_create()" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:23
flocculantbluesabre: new file now appears to be unknown, but does open with mousepad 07:34
flocculantknome: you has moarmail :)11:37
flocculantnot looking anymore - have to stop sometime :D11:41
krytarikslickymaster: Updated my list of issues I've spotted in the RU translation of the docs: http://paste.openstack.org/show/JfIUJfjIt0DabJlzr4ot/12:58
two_jaysi have a question regarding the qa testing case of the live session. When i choose my language the text in the installer and the os changes, but in apps like firefox and LO it doesnt. Is that the normal behaviour?17:42
knomelanguage packs are installed later, so normal i guess17:48
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morfcould you guys recommend me some tool for xubuntu remastering? 19:10
morfi don't want to create new distro, just to make my life easier with reinstalls 19:10
flocculantmorf: #xubuntu is the support channel - though with that #ubuntu will be just as useful19:11
morfwell i don't think it's entirely offtopic it somehow fits in xubuntu development category ;) 19:11
flocculantreally - can't say I've noticed remastering something on the processes 19:12
morfok then19:14
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knomehello ochosi 20:25
flocculantevening ochosi 20:27
ochosiflocculant: did you get to pinging someone about that gvfs bug?20:28
flocculantwhich one? 20:28
flocculantthe file not opening properly appears to be on the way to being fixed - desrt was doing something, and an update today has the file actually opening, but unknown to start with20:29
flocculantthe trash one I lost track of amongst other things - though I believe it's been linked upstream20:29
flocculanttrash one - desrt assigned, upstream bug linked20:31
flocculantochosi: both glib issues seemingly20:32
ochosii think the first one i wasn't even aware of20:32
ochosiknome: have we ever discussed shipping file templates btw?20:33
knomeochosi, i think briefly20:33
flocculantochosi: right - they were both being talked about at the same time - easy to get mixed up I expect :)20:33
ochosiknome: i really would like to improve that for 16.04: that the file > create doc submenu in thunar isn't empty anymore20:43
knomeochosi, what would we have there?20:43
knomeochosi, just totally empty files?20:43
flocculantyep - seems to be 20:45
flocculantwhat would we want - templates for things we supply - text, calc and writer? 20:46
knomei would assume so20:47
flocculantcan't imagine needing more 20:52
ochosiknome, flocculant: yeah, empty files for our default apps would be nice21:36
ochosiguess this shouldn't be too hard to set up, once you know where to put those files21:36
flocculantyea 21:36
flocculantcertainly easy enough to do locally21:37
bluesabreonly issue is translations for the template names21:37
ochosii'm not saying this is the most useful feature in the world, but it sucks a bit to have an empty menu21:37
flocculanthi bluesabre :)21:37
ochosioh hey21:37
ochosisneaking up on us like this...21:37
* ochosi rolls his eyes21:37
bluesabreonly here briefly21:37
bluesabrewhats up21:37
ochosioh, not much21:38
flocculantbluesabre: I guess the easiest would be to have really simple names - I'd LO Calc would be LO still :p21:38
ochosii was just checking in briefly to see what the status of that bug was21:38
ochosiand then i remembered that template thing21:38
ochosiso what was the translations problem again? i mean are those not very generic types - practically mimetypes - which should be translated somewhere already?21:39
bluesabrenot sure how populating the templates folder works21:39
bluesabrebut they are files, and the templates just presents the file names21:40
bluesabre(just a thought)21:40
flocculantshall I add it to bp for x now so it doesn't get forgotten? 21:40
bluesabregood idea21:41
ochosiyeah, please do so21:41
bluesabreas for gmb, no update yet... it doesn't crash every time for me, and never with valgrind, so some sort of race condition21:42
bluesabrestill digging though :)21:42
flocculantbluesabre: :)21:42
ochosigreat, thanks bluesabre 21:44
flocculantbluesabre: ok - added that to dev bp21:44
bluesabreflocculant: great, thanks21:47
ochosii wonder, if we add these files to x-d-s, couldn't we translate them somehow?21:47
ochosiat least via a script or something that then just creates those files via touch or something (well yeah, maybe that's a bit hacky...)21:48
bluesabrerunning out, bbabl21:51
flocculantcya bluesabre 21:52
ochosibtw, not sure you read the reports about the "new ubiquity" or "ubiquity replacement" within ubuntu22:00
ochosii mean yeah, it was only a matter of time before they would throw the current installer under the bus for something that works on phones too22:01
flocculantI did see something that was just lots of purple 22:01
flocculantochosi: not sure that's going to be much fun if we spend the whole of x dealing with broken installers because phone :(22:04
knomeare there facts on the table that they are landing it for X?22:05
flocculantnot that I've seen 22:07
flocculantbut forearmed is forewarned22:07
flocculantknome: all that I've seen is post from design22:08
ochosiyeah, i wouldn't freak out about it either22:09
flocculantnope 22:09
ochosihaven't read anywhere that the old ubiquity is going anywhere22:09
ochosiso i would presume we can continue to use that22:09
knomeof course22:09
knomewhy not?22:09
knomeit's not closed source or anything22:10
flocculantI'd not expect to see changes land for that half way through an LTS dev cycle22:10
ochosialso who knows, maybe the new installer will be totally stable and easily customizable >:D22:10
ochosibe that as it may, i need some sleep22:10
ochosinighty everyone!22:10
knomenighty ochosi 22:10
flocculantnight ochosi :)22:10
flocculantand night from me as well now :)22:24
knomenightY flocculant 22:33
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bluesabreback now23:58
bluesabreochosi: if it could be stable, that would only be like the old ubiquity we haven't seen in quite some time23:59

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