Pwnnadoes anyone here have experience running xubuntu with a macbook in VM?01:58
Pwnnahow can i get smooth scrolling working?01:58
xubuntu40wguys can anyone plz post their xubuntu 14.04 lts sources.list file??03:30
xubuntu40wguys can anyone plz post their xubuntu 14.04 lts sources.list file??03:31
xubuntu40wnever mind fuck u all03:37
* bet0x sup sup04:05
xubuntu40wUnable to install Xubuntu 15.10. Install shows blue screen with Xubuntu in centre, then goes to black screen forever. - any help05:00
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john__hello, if i remove something from software, does it do remove or purge?18:20
flocculantremoves I would suspect18:24
geniijohn__: It removes any binaries or other files like this in /bin,/sbin and so on, but leaves any config files like in /etc intact18:39
john__genii, thank you genii18:39
* m3n3chm0 nasZ20:03
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knomem3n3chm0, yes?20:14
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Guest2038unable to install xunbuntu - install shows blue screen with xubuntu in centre then a few fast lines including one that says 'data interrupt but no data used' - not verbatum - then screen goes black forever and ever and .....21:32
kaerhoni need help on a very stupid matter22:52
kaerhonhow do i execute .sh or .py files without ./ing them in a terminal?22:53
knomekaerhon, they need to be executable and in PATH23:08
kaerhonif they lauch when i "./" them in a terminal, does that mean they are executable?23:08
kaerhoni don't know what "in PATH" mean23:08
knomeno, it does not mean they are executable23:09
knomechmod +x filename to make them executable23:10
knomeand PATH=$PATH:/path/to/file in .bashrc or .profile23:11
knomeand the path being to the directory the file is in23:11
kaerhonwell, it's chmod +x 'd23:17
kaerhonand where do i PATH it?23:17
knomekaerhon, as i said, add the line "PATH=$PATH:/path/to/dir" in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile23:22
kaerhonoh, ok, i found it23:24
kaerhoni didn't figure it was in my /home23:24
kaerhonknome, i just did it23:29
kaerhonbut hum, it opens with mousepad23:29
kaerhoni should have mentioned it23:29
knomewhat does?23:29
kaerhonuh, it opened with mousepad instead of launching, as it did when i used lubuntu23:31
knomewhat opened?23:31
kaerhonthe file i try to launch23:31
knomeok... and what is the file?23:32
kaerhon(it's mypaint, i built it from git, and i launch it by doing ./mypaint in a terminal)23:32
kaerhon(but back when i used lubuntu i was able to double click it, now it just open it's text in mousepad)23:33
knomeok, so what you really want to do is create a launcher, not run a script from the terminal?23:34
kaerhonbecause when i launch it on a terminal, it writes lines and lines each time i draw a stroke23:35
kaerhoncrap, i'm totally unable to express clearly what i want, sorry23:38
kaerhonthank you23:39
knomeyou can create a launcher on the menu for example by simply selecting the executable as the command to run23:39
knomewhat you basically want is a .desktop file, however/wherever you create it23:39
kaerhonok i see23:45
kaerhonthank you kaerhon23:45
kaerhonthank you knome !23:45
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