ubernoobtrying to install grub customizer to remove some menu entries for BURG bootloader. Heres where I ran into trouble. any ideas? thanks! https://paste.kde.org/pkaxexiip01:52
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junfanAnyone know what's required to have chrome use kde file dialogs? I re-installed today and now it's using crap GTK dialogs for file opening/saving.03:50
denza242junfan: have "Use GTK+ theme"04:00
denza242as far as I remember, for chrome, it always used KFileDialogue04:01
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IdkidksHey I am noob, and I need some help real quick06:39
IdkidksIt's pretty simple I think06:39
IdkidksI have a fresh install of kubuntu 14.1 (muon says no updates) but I want to update it to 15. And I can't seem to get it to show up.06:40
th3s3_3y3sWhere can the environment variables be set for terminal?06:42
th3s3_3y3sToo late for CoffeeJ_06:54
th3s3_3y3sUnless you want to go to CC06:55
CoffeeJ_? it is 08:55 cest here06:55
th3s3_3y3sWhat time server?06:56
CoffeeJ_kubuto pool org (if i remmber correct)06:56
th3s3_3y3sEver contemplated what it shall be like to have no more night.06:57
th3s3_3y3sBy the way where can the environment variables be set for terminal is it echo 'QTDIR=/usr/share/qtX/. >> .profile ?06:58
CoffeeJ_no (not sure if i get you right my english sucks)06:58
CoffeeJ_.profile should work it should get read by .bash_profile in most distros06:59
th3s3_3y3sThere is 33 chapters in a passion play and 12 hours in a day.06:59
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: After setting does it need to be reloaded by logging out/in?07:00
CoffeeJ_or log in another terminal07:01
th3s3_3y3sPulling up xterm again disn't fix the problem.07:01
CoffeeJ_no wait u can...07:01
CoffeeJ_start a new bash and it should get it07:02
th3s3_3y3sAttempting with gnome-terminal07:02
CoffeeJ_now i remember on cmd line "source .profile"07:04
th3s3_3y3sReloads it?07:05
CoffeeJ_could check with "env|grep qt"07:06
IdkidksSo uh07:06
IdkidksI have a fresh install of kubuntu 14.1 (muon says no updates) but I want to update it to 15. And I can't seem to get it to show up.07:06
th3s3_3y3smake xconfig is persists to not pass the qt check looking for qmake07:07
th3s3_3y3sremove is07:07
th3s3_3y3sinteresting how an s replaces is and the verb makes i07:07
IdkidksI'm new to linux so I'm not even sure if that's directed at me.07:08
CoffeeJ_apt-get update && apt-get -y dist-upgrade lkikdks07:08
th3s3_3y3sverbs of violence trump constitutional rights07:08
th3s3_3y3sso many inodes07:08
th3s3_3y3ssome of these inodes slay other inodes to install constitutions then come back and ignore it07:09
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: So is it using distributed computing?07:10
CoffeeJ_<- isn't a inode he is a brain in a jar on an alian ship07:10
th3s3_3y3sLet us take over the ship then it looks like your on the same distributed antimatter containment ship.07:11
CoffeeJ_like distributed arc cracking ?07:11
CoffeeJ_could look up my fav tool cant remember right now win though07:11
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: I can share the kernel with you if you assist in the building of it.07:12
CoffeeJ_Elcomsoft Advanced Archive Password Recovery (ARCHPR)07:12
th3s3_3y3smake xconfig is complaining of no qmake07:12
CoffeeJ_try install qt from your pkg archive07:13
th3s3_3y3sqmake is located in /usr/share/qt4/bin/qmake07:13
th3s3_3y3ssourcing .profile with QTDIR=/usr/share/qt4/ doesn't fix the problem07:13
th3s3_3y3sqt4 is installed07:13
CoffeeJ_then add that path to your path in your .profile file "export PATH=/usr/share/qt4/bin:$PATH"07:14
th3s3_3y3sqmake is also in /bin/qmake so why does it need the /usr path?07:14
CoffeeJ_ok then add "export" before QTDIR07:15
CoffeeJ_and try "make xconfig V=1" in the kernel top level dir07:16
th3s3_3y3sV=1, same result07:17
th3s3_3y3sexport added07:17
CoffeeJ_which version is your kernel ?07:18
th3s3_3y3s3.13 is the source working in07:18
CoffeeJ_hmm ether try version 3.12.49 or 3.14.5407:21
th3s3_3y3s3.14.54 is next step07:22
th3s3_3y3sI can share this 3.1307:22
CoffeeJ_found it07:23
th3s3_3y3s3.13 is what ubuntu packages07:23
CoffeeJ_3.13.3 ?07:23
th3s3_3y3sUnable to find the QT4 tool qmake07:26
CoffeeJ_and if u run "qmake -v" everthing is fine ?07:27
th3s3_3y3sIt complains 'Unable to find the QT4 tool qmake' then claims no rule to make target .tmp_qtcheck is it the checker that is failing?07:27
th3s3_3y3sqmake -v lists another directory but responds07:28
CoffeeJ_well iam on kubuntu 14.04 and 3.13.0 kernel xconfig works so its your qt installation thats the problem07:30
th3s3_3y3sqt4-dbg is installing now over dialup07:31
CoffeeJ_what "dpkg --get-selections|grep qmake" says?07:32
th3s3_3y3scare for a quick game of quake? I wonder how much bandwidth 1 quake connection uses.07:32
CoffeeJ_rocked the q3a with the shotgun long time ago on 640x480@16bit07:33
th3s3_3y3sit responds qt4-qmake   install07:33
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: I had dejavu playing Quake shareware.07:34
th3s3_3y3sSpins op some antimatter memories.07:34
CoffeeJ_then your probably also played doom right ?07:34
th3s3_3y3sImproves lucidity.07:34
th3s3_3y3sNot sure if I played doom while sitting on the throne.07:35
th3s3_3y3sBeing in more than one place at the same time.07:36
CoffeeJ_try reinstall qt4 with "sudo apt-get -y --reinstall install qt4-default qt4-qmake"07:36
th3s3_3y3sOk CoffeeJ_ I will interrupt the qt4-dbg download.07:37
CoffeeJ_dont need the *-dbg pkgs unless your crash reporter wants one and then it asks you to download it anways07:38
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: --reinstall in not an option07:40
th3s3_3y3snor -y07:40
CoffeeJ_what ? the cmd i gave you works on my kubuntu07:41
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: yes the crash reporter wants it to send info about a crash talking to you musicbrains07:41
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: this is ubuntu being converted to kubuntu07:42
CoffeeJ_try "sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade"07:42
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: everything is upgraded07:44
CoffeeJ_what says "apt-cache show apt|grep Version:"07:44
CoffeeJ_only one line ?07:45
th3s3_3y3subuntu2.6, 2.5, 207:45
CoffeeJ_can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list @ pastebin.com pls ?07:46
th3s3_3y3sus sources07:46
th3s3_3y3sand other skynet repos07:46
th3s3_3y3sBy the way.07:47
th3s3_3y3sDo you know how to check the ssl certificate the android facebook app uses?07:48
th3s3_3y3sI'm guessing some hackers running facebook are trying to penetrate into My SkyNet.07:48
th3s3_3y3sIt looks like I am on a bogus facebook with a bunch of fake people.07:49
CoffeeJ_take a look @ http://pastebin.com/zDRaCcjC07:50
CoffeeJ_i could put a clean facebook.apk on my ftp for you ? want to ? th3s3_3y3s07:52
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: I like the offer however confirming the ssl cert is the same cert I get on the desktop is desired07:53
th3s3_3y3sAlso I want to untrust DigiCERT07:54
th3s3_3y3sSometimes Man doesn't want to trust those working for him.07:56
CoffeeJ_Try going Settings -> Security -> Trusted credentials. Here you should find a list of the both system and user certificates.07:56
th3s3_3y3sYes but thhis is after I find out if it is using the same cert being sent to the desktop.07:57
CoffeeJ_does it show the serial for the cert ? check those and the sha/md5 sum of the cert07:57
th3s3_3y3sThe app doesn't display that. I am looking for somwthing like the location to look at it from terminal emulator.07:58
CoffeeJ_try run openssl in cmd shell if android has it ?08:00
th3s3_3y3sIt doesn't garuntee the app is connecting to the same thing openssl does.08:00
th3s3_3y3sI have to look into the app.08:00
th3s3_3y3sWith auto updates it is nothing to hardcode alternate facebook addresses into the app,08:01
th3s3_3y3sI can go back to the factory default facebook but then the thing keeps bugging about updates.08:02
th3s3_3y3sIt looks like I have the mortal combat edition.08:02
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: I take it you are a mortal?08:03
th3s3_3y3sI have plans to use facebook as a registry for my verified biometric identities.08:04
CoffeeJ_this will probably come usefull http://bit.ly/1QhTVYp08:05
th3s3_3y3sThis is a red flag word.08:05
CoffeeJ_oooh doo damn me08:06
th3s3_3y3sWhoa there horsie.08:06
th3s3_3y3sWild horses have all kinds of probably.08:06
CoffeeJ_well i have to admid i bricked my tablet by disrupting the flash process so iam not much into android08:06
th3s3_3y3sscatter may have caught you08:07
th3s3_3y3sWhat scatter does is complicate the flashing process.08:08
CoffeeJ_what "apt-get -v" say ? (going back  to the kernel thing)08:09
CoffeeJ_then "sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall qt4-default qt4-qmake" should work08:11
th3s3_3y3sit is amd6408:11
th3s3_3y3scompiled , what is yours?08:11
CoffeeJ_that doesnt matter08:12
th3s3_3y3sIf it wasn't compiled with those features it matters.08:12
th3s3_3y3sE: command line option --reinstall is not understood08:13
CoffeeJ_apt-get -v is "1.0.1ubuntu2" and apt-cache show apt|grep Version: says Version: 1.0.1ubuntu2.1008:13
CoffeeJ_Version: 1.0.1ubuntu2.508:13
CoffeeJ_Version: 1.0.1ubuntu208:13
th3s3_3y3ssee your on 2.1008:13
th3s3_3y3sHere it has 2.608:13
CoffeeJ_copy my sources list from http://pastebin.com/zDRaCcjC and then run apt-get update&&apt-get upgrade08:15
th3s3_3y3sI don't really want the german.08:16
CoffeeJ_then change the de to us then08:16
CoffeeJ_or whatever plac your living08:17
th3s3_3y3shebrew, greek, and latin is my only language of interest08:17
CoffeeJ_esperanto was missing08:17
th3s3_3y3sthey are all derivitives08:17
th3s3_3y3sExcept for some which attempt compute errors.08:18
th3s3_3y3sNo tounge that rises angainst thee shall prosper.08:18
CoffeeJ_c x86asm and il are my languages o intresst08:18
th3s3_3y3sWell back to the qmake problem.08:21
th3s3_3y3sI can try and install the dev package.08:21
CoffeeJ_apt now on version 2.10 ?08:23
th3s3_3y3sWhy is it necisarry?08:23
CoffeeJ_cuz it supports "--reinstall"08:24
th3s3_3y3sI can just run install again.08:24
th3s3_3y3sIt isnt necisarry to add --reinstall.08:24
CoffeeJ_wont update if the pkg is set on hold08:24
th3s3_3y3sinstalling again isnt going to do anything different08:25
th3s3_3y3sqmake is there08:25
th3s3_3y3sAll it does is unzip precompiled binaries.08:25
th3s3_3y3sAnd config files.08:25
CoffeeJ_well somethings wrong with your qt4 install it works on my pc08:26
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: there was agreement it can be the "checker"08:26
CoffeeJ_...and update lib dirs08:26
CoffeeJ_only until i retraced your steps and it worked08:27
th3s3_3y3sok removing the added line from .profile and installing qt4 again08:27
lordievaderGood morning.08:27
th3s3_3y3stask complete08:30
CoffeeJ_good morning lordievader08:30
lordievaderHey CoffeeJ_08:30
th3s3_3y3ssame result08:31
th3s3_3y3sthe source doesn't find qmake08:32
CoffeeJ_can you pastebin the output of "make distclean&& make xconfig V=1" please so i can check ?08:33
th3s3_3y3swhat does make distclean do?08:33
CoffeeJ_removes any cfg obj files and stuff (clean source dir)08:34
CoffeeJ_have you installed the kernel source from apt ?08:35
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: is it going to be a problem if it is run from user mockbuild?08:38
CoffeeJ_mockbuild a regulary user or a build tool ?08:38
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: sudoer08:40
th3s3_3y3ssee what happened?08:41
CoffeeJ_in the top level source dir run "sudo chown -R mockbuild:mockbuild *" and try again08:41
CoffeeJ_"fatal error: opening dependency file scripts/basic/.fixdep.d: Permission denied" is the error08:42
CoffeeJ_btw you dont need sudo to run make <foo>08:44
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: It is why I created mockbuild make distclean wanted sudo08:46
CoffeeJ_run "apt-get install libqt4-dev"08:48
th3s3_3y3sI did that earlier "resolve generated breaks" the package system is complaining about missing deps for gnome online account plugins08:49
th3s3_3y3sempathy and cheese stuff08:50
lordievaderth3s3_3y3s: Are you trying to build something that is in the repo? If so you can install the build dependencies through apt.08:51
CoffeeJ_can u temporarily drop the empathy stuff cuz make xconfig needs the libarys for qt so its a show stoper if you cant install them08:51
th3s3_3y3sWhat command runs the download only I can install it manually with dpkg -i08:52
th3s3_3y3sThe dependency resolver breaks the system.08:52
CoffeeJ_apt-get download <foo> && dpkg -i <foo>*.deb08:52
th3s3_3y3sI have a downed MBP due to following this sort of working with the resolver system08:53
CoffeeJ_but it wont probably install without force which realy breaks the dependency system08:56
th3s3_3y3sIs ubuntu studio still going?08:56
th3s3_3y3sThe system is already broke.08:57
th3s3_3y3sThere is no need for cheese to have unresolved dependencies.08:57
CoffeeJ_is a backup of your settings/data and a fresh kubutu iso an option ?08:57
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th3s3_3y3sThe peers have been lost on the kubuntu iso. Restoring backups is just as tedious.08:58
th3s3_3y3sI'd rather not reinstall.08:58
CoffeeJ_hmm well "dselect" migth fix your dep problems ?08:59
th3s3_3y3sWhat is dselect?08:59
CoffeeJ_another cli pkg tool like apt08:59
th3s3_3y3sso what is going to happen if I do -f09:01
CoffeeJ_you break the dependencies and your leaving safe ground09:03
th3s3_3y3snow libqt4-dbg lost it's resume file09:03
th3s3_3y3sok it didn't but it wasn't calculated in the size of the get09:04
th3s3_3y3sDoes quassel have distributed irc link built in?09:07
CoffeeJ_afraid no09:08
th3s3_3y3sDid you install lunar?09:09
th3s3_3y3sI have to exersize my mind for not relying on sight.09:10
th3s3_3y3sStay away from lunar.09:11
CoffeeJ_like lunar the calendar pkg or like lunar linux ?09:11
th3s3_3y3slunar linux09:11
CoffeeJ_might try arch sometime cuz i like linuxfromscratch book09:12
th3s3_3y3swhat book?09:13
CoffeeJ_www.linuxfromscratch.org/ sorry for advertising09:13
th3s3_3y3sI tried to do it before but it installs a bunch of extra junk when using the updated books.09:14
CoffeeJ_like what junk ?09:15
th3s3_3y3sThe hard part is recompiling the compilers.09:15
CoffeeJ_started lfs compiling off a debian live iso09:16
th3s3_3y3sOne has to run DDC for a while.09:16
lordievaderCoffeeJ_: Or try Gentoo, Gentoo is great :D09:16
th3s3_3y3sDon't use gentoo.09:17
CoffeeJ_will check lordievader09:17
th3s3_3y3sIt is a worse version of lunar.09:17
lordievaderI don't know Lunar. But Gentoo is great. Along with Arch they got some very good documentation.09:18
CoffeeJ_hmm source distro well perhaps i can stuff my -Os to firefox then ...09:18
CoffeeJ_th3s3_3y3s kernel happy now with qt libs ?09:20
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: Have you been involved with a pastoral Bible study?09:21
CoffeeJ_naaah i beleve in rebirth karma and that my mind will float around space when i die09:21
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: qt libs, no I didnt run the -f staying on safe ground for now. Until I image the system.09:21
th3s3_3y3sIt is why you need Pastoral care CoffeeJ_09:22
CoffeeJ_thank you very much but thank you09:23
CoffeeJ_but i need a FPGA realy my wlans are all encrypted09:24
th3s3_3y3sYou can convert and become an effective soldier09:24
xela2244hi, leafpad won't change color, when i change gtk theme. i'm using kubuntu 15.0409:26
xela2244seems like is using color scheme, but when i change color scheme nothing happens09:27
CoffeeJ_th3s3_3y3s have you rooted your android ?09:28
th3s3_3y3sCan a deb be unpacked without telling dpkg?09:28
lordievaderth3s3_3y3s: Yes, ar.09:29
xela2244how to i change leafpad colors, gtk theme is not working09:29
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: there is an app that grants root. I will recompile the whole system after the linux system is running well to work from.09:29
th3s3_3y3slordievader: does it unpack everything the same way dpkg does?09:30
lordievaderth3s3_3y3s: I think dpkg calls ar in the process, so yes.09:30
CoffeeJ_http://tinyurl.com/kkodzkr will show the cert infos and allow to change them th3s3_3y3s09:35
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: it was removed09:36
th3s3_3y3sI was using pastebin09:37
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ_: the cert manager on the phone iis fine09:38
th3s3_3y3sIt is a problem when the apps update and compile in certs09:39
th3s3_3y3sYou're playing mortal combat without Christ09:40
th3s3_3y3smusicbrains I don't want to lose you09:48
th3s3_3y3swe don't need to support any mortal combat with I present09:53
th3s3_3y3sall governments are now moving into extermination mode09:53
th3s3_3y3sthe unmortal Priesthood is going to be revealed in all Glory09:54
th3s3_3y3sthe european union has already started voting on pulling the plug of your situation CoffeeJ_09:56
th3s3_3y3sthe High Priesthood is also immortal10:03
th3s3_3y3sAnd nonmortal10:03
th3s3_3y3sAll at the same time.10:04
th3s3_3y3sAnd Eternity is norn in the bosom of GOD.10:04
th3s3_3y3sWhat is the tar command to use the paths from / instead of cwd?10:13
th3s3_3y3sIf I do tar xvf it is going to unpack the paths to cwd.10:15
BluesKaj'Morning all10:17
th3s3_3y3snow it is looking for qt4/bin/moc CoffeeJ10:35
myXdiedGuys, can I transfer my home folder from OpenSuse to Kubuntu without problems or would it cause issues?10:38
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ: yours didn't look for moc and not find it?10:39
myXdiedDownloading the Kubuntu image right now10:40
myXdiedI loved opensuse until it started giving me the middle finger10:40
CoffeeJno it did look and found10:41
th3s3_3y3sthe libqt4-dev is unpacked and it found qmake apparently but not moc10:42
CoffeeJth3s3_3y3s:  pkg libqt4-dev-bin is missing10:42
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ: the download command is removed from my .bash_history why?10:46
CoffeeJoverwritten perhaps too low buffer10:47
CoffeeJor edited10:47
CoffeeJth3s3_3y3s:  sudo apt-get downlod libqt4-dev-bin10:48
th3s3_3y3sthe edited part is what conscerns me10:49
th3s3_3y3sI disabled cups making ipv6 calls.10:50
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ: has it been disabled there?10:50
CoffeeJhow does that relate to our qt pro th3s3_3y3s ?10:51
plshelpsomeoneguys guys guys guys, is it safe to transfer/use my home folder from opensuse AGAIN in kubuntu?10:59
BluesKajPici, no need to transfer, just set the mountpoint in manaul partitioning during the install11:01
BluesKajsorry Pici , wrong nick11:01
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ: and it is up!11:09
th3s3_3y3sCoffeeJ: if I open xterm what command can I use to drop out of gnome and have a blank X display with the xterm only?11:10
joh__is kubuntu good i think of doing a dule boot11:12
th3s3_3y3sno but good is hard to make11:13
th3s3_3y3sWhat other options have you joh__?11:13
th3s3_3y3sLooks like the source does not come with K10 instructions.11:17
CoffeeJyou have to edit the x cfg files so it starts xterm instead of your session/desktop manager th3s3_3y3s11:19
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Vtec234hello, i have problems running spotify. konsole says it's missing libgcrypt.so.11 shared library, so i installed libgcrypt11-dev with apt-get, but it stilldoesnt work11:38
Vtec234what can i do to fix this?11:38
lordievaderFrom what I remember it needed a different version of that library, but details elude me.11:44
Vtec234i found some lib @ http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/libgcrypt11 but apt-get cant find it11:45
lordievaderI believe I ultimately pulled it from a different version of Ubuntu.11:45
Vtec234do i need to add some source?11:45
lordievaderVtec234: No install just the package.11:45
Vtec234lordievader: apt-get can't find package libgcrypt1111:45
lordievaderVtec234: Download the package and install it with dpkg.11:46
BluesKajVtec234,  http://tipsonubuntu.com/2015/04/24/install-spotify-in-ubuntu-15-04-fix-not-launch-issue/11:48
Vtec234oh, that was much easier, i was about to sudo make install it. works now, thanks11:51
excalibrTrouble with kubuntu-ci repo11:58
excalibr> trying to overwrite '/usr/share/templates/linkPath.desktop', which is also in package libkonq5-templates 4:15.04.1-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.04~ppa611:58
excalibrdpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/kio_5.15.0+git20151011.0307+15.04-0_i386.deb (--unpack):11:58
excalibr trying to overwrite '/usr/share/templates/linkPath.desktop', which is also in package libkonq5-templates 4:15.04.1-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.04~ppa11:58
excalibrAny idea how force it to overwrite the file anyway11:59
th3s3_3y3sdelete it12:03
excalibrpassing -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-overwrite" to apt seems to do the trick12:03
Unit193!find /usr/share/templates/linkPath.desktop12:04
ubottuPackage/file /usr/share/templates/linkPath.desktop does not exist in vivid12:04
lordievaderexcalibr: Or the short version: dpkg --force-overwrite ;)12:04
steffenHey, can anybody tell me where installed Window decorations are located ?12:10
BluesKajsteffen, on 15.04 ?12:11
steffenBluesKaj: I'm on 15.10, so it will be some version of the KDe 512:11
BluesKajsystem settings>application style12:12
steffenThe thing is, I want to edit the colors of the window decoration slightely, so I need to locate them on the filesystem.12:13
BluesKajsteffen,  /usr/share/kservices5/settings-appearance-applicationstyle.desktop , open it with root permissions12:19
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th3s3_3y3sIt is almost Christmas here agin in nexus ribbon12:26
th3s3_3y3sI hope you liked my Christmas gift to you12:28
th3s3_3y3sI like your gift12:29
steffenBluesKaj: Awesome. But how can I edit the colors? Am i suppose to be able to execute the .desktop file ?12:30
BluesKajsteffen, no idea, i don't fool much with .desktop files , prefer the gui because I'm not worried too much about finessing eye candy12:32
steffenBluesKaj: I guess I'm a bit OCD about colors. I'm trying to get the window decorations to match the GTK orion color scheme. But it might be easier to just edit the GTK theme. http://imgur.com/UBXCniv12:36
th3s3_3y3sYou can't handle the truth!12:40
th3s3_3y3sBy His wounds you're healed.12:43
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jubo2Hello and thanks thanks for the great free libre OS13:15
jubo2I managed to disable audio from working by toying around with JACK and ALSA-> PulseAudio -> JACK bridge13:15
jubo2now neither my external nor my built in soundcard are working13:16
th3s3_3y3sWhat software is used to do video editing of vob files?13:16
jubo2Installed Cadence. Tested the JACK and the bridge and I had full GNU/Linukka karaoke capability.. only to lead to all sound being broken13:16
BluesKajjack with pulse makes for a messy aud io setup13:17
jubo2BluesKaj: Yeah but If you wanna karaoke you gotta do it13:17
jubo211 nights till Kubuntu15.1013:18
jubo2I cannot be without sound for friggen 11 nights13:18
BluesKajI don't karaoke, we play real music to sing with ;-)13:18
jubo2BluesKaj: I'd like to do that too13:18
BluesKajbuy a cheap karoke machine , pulse and jack aren't worth the trouble13:19
jubo2yeah well the most urgent thing now is to restore audio capacity of any kind13:20
jubo2BluesKaj: Do you think we all are texy techies bathing in cashmoneys like you?13:20
BluesKajquickest way is dump pulse, and use alsa directly13:20
jubo2BluesKaj: how does I do that?13:21
BluesKajsudo apt purge pulseaudio pulseaudio-utils, then reboot13:21
BluesKajalso purge pulseaudio* if you need to13:22
jubo2BluesKaj: and you think that will lead to sound working again?13:23
jubo2I'm storing the command so I can undo it13:24
jubo2what's the difference between 'purge' and 'remove' btw?13:24
BluesKajjubo2, unless you have an intel audio chip then you won't hear any audio drom flash on websites, HTML5 sites work , like youtube mostly does13:24
jubo2BluesKaj: I have an intel audio chip13:24
jubo2and an external M-Audio Mobile Pre USB card too13:25
BluesKajpurge gets rid of the config files and links to other audio apps13:25
jubo2BluesKaj: you are seriously recommending that.. are you doing this anyways or being aware that I intend to install clean 15.10 by-side13:26
jubo2in 11 nights time13:26
BluesKajyou'll need pulse for thje m-audio I'm quite sure. My m-audio audiophile 192 card needed pulse for website flash audio13:26
jubo2so you are recommending I irrevocably break the current set-up?13:27
jubo2just because some setting somewhere is wrong and the JACK nor ALSA are working as expected13:28
jubo2I should be able to change from ALSA to JACK and back, no?13:28
BluesKajjubo2, well you asked and I answered, it's up to you to do what you think is best considering you have 2 audio cards13:29
jubo2how about I remove JACK and hope that ALSA kicks in?13:30
BluesKajdunno, myexperience with jack was too confusing so i don't bother with it13:31
BluesKajalsa is always enabled, remember it's the basis of linux audio, jack is a fancy' set of plugins13:32
excalibrBy the way, any idea why now I have 2 audio applets in sys tray after installing kubuntu-ci repo13:32
jubo2I think I '/j #cadence' and '/j #jack' and see if there is help there13:33
BluesKajexcalibr, yes one is kmix and the other is pulseaudio volume control13:33
BluesKajjubo2, probly a good idea to join #jack13:34
jubo2BluesKaj: yeah.. I'm there explaining my problem .. or what I know of it13:35
jubo2there is no #cadence channel btw13:36
BluesKajnever tried #cadence chat iirc13:40
golabcctrl-shift-u does not work for me.14:04
BluesKajgolabc, what's that supposed to do?14:07
golabcBluesKaj: unicode input14:07
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MoonUnit`just tried the vivid radeon and ati xserver-xorg debs on wily and it fixes the screen rotation problem.14:47
MoonUnit`one of the amd devs added a patch to try and fix it but sadly it doesn't.14:47
Vtec234hello, i'm at a bit of a loss here, my X server completely flipped out and won't start. i'm on Kubuntu 15.04. what i was doing last time it worked: installing steam from steam-latest.deb, and then the dialog appeared saying plasma crashed, do i want to restart it? unfortunately i closed it without restarting. then i rebooted the system and after inputting the password, the screen was black with only an outline of the bottom panel.15:18
Vtec234so i restarted and in recovery mode, ran dpkg15:18
Vtec234it updated kubuntu-desktop and deleted some irrelevant stuff. now when i log in, the screen is black for some time, and then throws me back to the welcome, passwordi nput screen15:19
Vtec234i managed to open the gui once by running sudo startx in tty5 (ctrl+alt+f5), but now startx and sudo startx both fail15:20
Vtec234so what can i try to fix this?15:20
BluesKajVtec234, first of all, don't use sudo to startx,  then try using the kernel other than the default in grub and update and upgrade in the VT/TTY, then startx15:25
Vtec234BluesKaj: i'm not sure if i understood correctly. what do you mean by "update and upgrade"?15:27
BluesKajsudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade15:28
Vtec234ah, update xorg? and run it with an older kernel from grub?15:28
Vtec234or not xorg, all of them. so what i'm going to do is run in recovery mode using kernel -15 (default is -30) and then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade, then boot normally and startx15:30
BluesKajVtec234, there may be some mesa-utils upgrades if you have it installed, recommend you install it due to the OPenGL troubles I had earlier15:30
Vtec234that is possible, the steam installer downloaded some libgl and mesa stuff15:30
BluesKajno need to reboot after the upgrades unless there's new kernel being installed15:31
BluesKajor upgraded15:32
Vtec234alright, does it also make sense to purge .XAuthority files?15:32
BluesKajVtec234, yes it's possible mesa-utils is installed with steam, I'm not sure, but try insalling it anyway15:33
BluesKajVtec234, i don't fool with xauthority15:34
Vtec234okay then, i'll leave it alone. i'll try these and check if it works15:37
Vtec234so i managed to restore my kde-desktop by purging .config .cache .kde and .somethingelseiforgot. not very nice to do, but luckily i haven't configured much yet. also had to delete .Xauthority. moral: don't launch dolphin file manager as sudo, it messes permissions up16:31
abrahamsYou couldn't fix it by chown / chmod on those directories?16:40
Vtec234eh, probably could try something like that, but i'm not too good with how permissions wok, so i just moved them to temp directories16:41
BluesKajodd Xauthority here has barely one entry and has nothing to do with any gpu driver16:42
Vtec234yeah, but like i said i stupidly opened /home with dolphin as root, and it changed permissions so that xauth couldnt open it16:43
BluesKaj yup, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing with dot files16:44
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sigilhello I'm trying to figure out if one of my USB devices is broken, but the USB Devices panel is... not working? It only lists hubs, when I have a keyboard, mouse, and webcam. When I plug in/remove my USB thumb stick, my webcam gets added/removed from the list?17:43
BluesKajickle_, lsusb ?17:46
BluesKajoops sigil^17:46
sigilOk yes I tried lsusb and that is much more populated.17:47
sigilOut of curiosity what would cause the GUI not to work correctly? Is my config bad?17:49
sigilBluesKaj: ^17:51
BluesKajsigil, which gui?17:57
sigilBluesKaj: It looks like the command is "kcmshell4 kcmusb"17:57
sigilBluesKaj: It's a KDE GUI list of USB devices, but for me it's only listing hubs (and sometimes my webcame when I plug in some other devices).17:59
sigilBluesKaj: https://paste.debian.net/315387/ I get the same error about the ibus-deamon whether I run with sudo or not. I tried a ps | grep, but there are no processes with "ibus".18:04
sigilI installed ibus and the error message is gone, but the list is still the same.18:10
BluesKajsigil, i ran kcmusb in krunner  and a gui showed up withj my listed devices, is that the one you mean ?18:15
sigilBluesKaj: Yes.18:17
sigilNote to self: file uploads on paste.debian.net are for text files, not screenshots.18:23
BluesKajsigil, installed ibus and I get the error after sudo ibus list-engine18:24
BluesKaj(ibus list-engine:5016): IBUS-WARNING **: The owner of /home/kaj/.config/ibus/bus is not root!18:24
BluesKajCan't connect to IBus.18:24
BluesKajthat's rather strange18:24
sigilBluesKaj: For me "sudo ibus list-engine" worked fine.18:25
sigilBluesKaj: I was asked to reboot aftering installing ibus though.18:25
BluesKajoh ok18:26
sigilBluesKaj: Oh no. I had to scroll up. I have the warning about ownership too.18:26
BluesKajok rebooting18:26
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BluesKajbah, same warning so i removed ibus18:32
sigilBluesKaj: Yeah. Installing ibus made no difference for kcmusb at all.18:32
sigilBluesKaj: Should I try asking in #kde?18:36
sigilAlthough this chat looks like it's a lot of the same people.18:36
BluesKajwhy not sigil, there are some helpful knowlegeable ppl there18:37
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z4m4r174ni can't find repository for kubuntu 14.1020:00
z4m4r174nhttp://co.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/utopic-security/restricted/source/Sources  404  Not Found [IP: 80]20:01
z4m4r174nsome solution??20:02
z4m4r174nhttp://co.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/utopic/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found [IP: 80]20:03
krytarik!14.10 | z4m4r174n20:04
ubottuz4m4r174n: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) was the 21st release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on July 23rd, 2015. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/utopic20:04
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FOAD_Nee, fout.20:21
FOAD_Oops wrong channel.20:21
FinetundarAnyone know the name of 14.04?20:23
denza242Finetundar: 14?20:26
FinetundarThanks Unit19320:27
IdkidksHey guys22:12
IdkidksSo I'm a bit of a noob22:12
IdkidksI seem to, on new installs, to be getting kernel panic22:12
Idkidksno init found22:13
Idkidksk15 and u15.22:13
Idkidksused default and upstart22:13
Idkidksno one?22:42
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robotdevilI am using kubuntu lts. I cannot see the little klipper icon in systray anymore23:51
robotdevilI also cannot seeing it auto hiding anywhere either23:51

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