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blrhey wgrant, how was your weekend?22:17
wgrantPretty good, you?22:18
blrfar too busy!22:19
blrwgrant: mojo run this morning https://pastebin.canonical.com/141563/22:25
wgrantblr: That'll be the dodgy python SRU from last week.22:26
wgrantblr: Remove that container and LXC's cache, and then try again.22:26
wgrantPython 3.4.3 was SRUed to trusty then backed out.22:26
blrah, I refreshed the container this morning, but didn't dump the cache22:26
mupBug #1500768: python3.4.3 SRU break requests <regression-update> <trusty> <python3.4 (Ubuntu):Invalid> <python3.4 (Ubuntu Trusty):Triaged by doko> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1500768>22:29
blrwgrant: thanks22:32
wgrantblr: Mojo happy again?23:24
blrwgrant: appears to be yep, thanks.23:47

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