tachibanai need an easy gui program to switch my lxde theme around01:13
tachibanaconky is neat for quick performance meters that aren't totally cringe01:14
tsimonq2tachibana: Openbox Configuration Manager is good01:14
tsimonq2under Preferences in the menu01:15
tachibanaall openbox config seems to do is change panels one by one01:15
tachibanaand there is like like hundreds of panels if im not mistaken01:15
tsimonq2no no no, there are themes and several GUI tweaks and such01:16
tachibanadoes everyone make a 1000 line universal theme changing script01:16
tsimonq2not that I am aware of01:16
tsimonq2Ipenbox Configuration Manager is ufficent for me01:17
tachibanawell ill try again01:17
tachibanamaybe your right01:17
tsimonq2tachibana: What are you trying to do?01:17
tachibanaim just trying to get any general ricing theme going that is half-beautiful, maybe with quicklaunch and for sure performance hardware monitopring01:18
tachibanaright now im downloading a 4 piece mac os replica01:18
tachibanabut i dont think im going to be satisfied at all with it01:18
tsimonq2have you looked through the various themes?01:19
tachibanayeah most come off ugly too me01:19
tachibanaeven the top rated and most viewed01:19
tsimonq2and if you are looking for a more Mac OS X Linux experience, to be frank, Elementary OS is based off of Ubuntu and looks very similar01:19
tsimonq2to Mac OS X that is01:20
tachibanathe windows and mac replicas are knid of neat, none seem to change the start menu to a better application finding layout and give search functionability01:20
tsimonq2tachibana: But would that be what you are looking for?01:20
tachibanaelementary os screenshots look pretty moderately good01:20
tachibanathe hardware requirements are similar to lxde right01:21
tsimonq2I am not aware of that, I just noticed what you were looking for and I gave you an answer :)01:21
tsimonq2but I will look :)01:21
tachibanahey thanks =}01:22
tsimonq2it has similar system recommendations, but Lubuntu is designed to be very lightweight01:23
tsimonq2tachibana: but Elementary OS has System Requirements of 512MB of RAM and a 1GHz processor as well as 15GB of disk space01:24
tsimonq2tachibana: so you should be fine, as you probably have a modern computer01:24
tachibanai do not, you dont have to look for me fella01:25
tsimonq2tachibana: can I be of further assistance, or do you have what you need?01:25
tachibanaill search themes on my own01:25
tsimonq2ok :)01:25
tsimonq2do you need anything else?01:26
tachibanaim loving  the lxde experience despite it being very bumpy01:26
tsimonq2tachibana: just to let you know, we are going to switch to LXQt soon01:26
tsimonq2tachibana: it is LXDE with Qt as far as I heard01:26
tachibanaqt is a cool gui01:27
tachibanai dont know the differences between the current01:27
tachibanadespite possibly licensing01:27
tsimonq2I don't know the specifics01:27
tsimonq2but I know we plan on moving over by the release of 16.1001:28
tsimonq2that is the plan01:28
tsimonq2tachibana: if you need anything else, let me know, otherwise, have a good night :)01:29
tachibanatsimonq2, well i change the theme in openbox theme manager and the taskbar is still white and ugly and not the one in the screenshots01:42
tachibanathen i go to into taskebar preferences and the color is set to load from the desktop theme.. that doesnt make sense01:42
tsimonq2and you tried the obvious, such as looking for a save button, double-clicking, etc.?01:43
tsimonq2to be honest, I am not good with this. if you lurk here for the next couple of days, someone else might be able to help you. I apologise01:44
tsimonq2have a good afternoon/night01:44
tachibanaokay much thanks though01:45
tsimonq2you are welcome :)01:45
tachibanaif anyone else is lurking, if I change it to a physical color the taskbar changes immediately01:45
imthenachomanhey guys. i can't seem to find the images...where can i get lubuntu 14.04 LTS? and will it let me install core?04:30
restoreHi all06:46
restorei want to restore the lubuntu-desktop06:46
restorehow can i do it?06:46
imthenachomanhey guys. i did an lubuntu core/minimal install. now i am booted in. is there anyway to get to the full desktop install?12:42
imthenachomanany reason gnome-system-tools would already be installed but system-config-users is not available?14:55
krytarikimthenachoman: For reference: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/security-karmic-replace-gst15:13
tsimonq2imthenachoman: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop15:21
imthenachomankrytarik: thanks!15:39
imthenachomantsimonq2: thanks!15:39
tsimonq2imthenachoman: no problem ;)15:40
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iynqueAny ideas why my syslog is being spammed with “systemd starting session ### of user <user>” over and over again: http://cl.ly/dUnM/Screen%20Shot%202015-10-11%20at%201.04.17%20PM.png18:06
iynqueGoogle isn’t being very helpful18:06
iynqueI just moved from 14.04 to 15.04 by format/installing and using the same /home/ (on a separate disk), if that’s important.18:07
iynqueHmmm… I noticed the message was appearing every 8 seconds. On my Mac, I had GeekTool running `ssh andy@eeePC8G.local 'tail /var/log/syslog && date’` (to show it on my Mac’s desktop, as in that screenshot I linked) every 8 seconds. Stopping that stopped the messages in syslog :D18:21
iynqueThis wasn’t a problem in 14.04. Any ideas what I can do to keep the log tail on my Mac but NOT spam my syslog with those messages?18:21
iynqueI normally only run the `ssh andy@eeePC8G.local 'tail /var/log/syslog && date’` command every 45 seconds, so it wouldn’t normally be a big deal. …but I’d rather not see those lines in the log.18:23
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