LazzaHi there, I would like to personally thank the Ubuntu wiki community for being open, friendly and polite. Today I was happy because, after spending a big amount of time on research on the topic, I enhanced the wiki to include information on how to download the latest BIOS upgrades for Samsung laptops (information that was defined not easily available). After that, one other author of the page (who believes he is its "owner", in true wiki spirit) made00:03
Lazzasubsequent edits to first delete some parts of the text to make it less clear and finally dropping the entire content because he felt so jealous of his page that he didn't like it. So thank you, this made me realize what a truly open and positive community this is.00:03
LazzaIt's nice to see that when you spend your time doing something helpful for other people, this is appreciated!00:04
pmatulisLazza: thanks for that good feedback00:11
LazzaPmatulis you're welcome ;-) sarcasm apart, this will be my first and last time to contribute to the Ubuntu wiki01:04
LazzaThere is no point in spending time to improve the wiki if the next little boss of the page deletes everything01:04
LazzaIf people are not able to realize that a page is not "theirs" and improving material is not a personal offence to them, I'd better spend my time somewhere else01:06
pmatulisLazza: how many times has that happened to you?05:27
LazzaPmatulis if with "that" you mean researching information about technical problems and writing tutorials for Ubuntu users, that happens routinely. If you mean that somebody vandalises what I write on the wiki, this was the first time. One is enough.10:08
LazzaI don't care about vandals, but I care about the time I lost and the fact that other Ubuntu users in need won't find such information. Next time I will write it on my website and in my language so only a few will benefit from the material10:10
pmatulisLazza: well, try not to let one individual tarnish the entire ubuntu wiki. i know it must be frustrating, to say the least. i've seen this happen before and the issue was raised on the ubuntu-doc mailing list14:25
pmatulisLazza: your stuff can always be reverted if we can resolve the dispute14:26
Lazzapmatulis: can you suggest a way to do that? I sent an email to this person after he started to delete parts of the material that I added and *of course* I was totally ignored15:28
pmatulisLazza: yes, the ubuntu-doc mailing list21:42
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