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Ixxieif I shut down my ubuntu gnome, programs such as firefox and sublime text do not seem to shut down properly, since they don't seem to remember previous sessions09:45
Ixxieanybody got any clue about this?09:45
lindolhi all14:46
howudodathey guys, I have a single computer setup for both my wife and daughter.  wy wife√®s account logs in on tty1 and daugther on tty2.  The accounts are set to auto-login and then run start-x.  So I have gnome-shell running twice, once for each user.  The problem I have is with power save.  I currently have it set to 5 minutes.  The computer will go into power save even when it is actively used by my wife.  Is it possible that inactivity16:34
howudodatis being detected on the 2nd login and that is causing the power save?  What is the correct way to setup power save on multi-user so that if both desktops are inactive it suspends?  Gnome 3.16 and Ubuntu 15.04.16:34
muellihowudodat: that sounds like a bug.  Have you filed one?18:03
howudodatmuelli: not yet, I just stumbled on this bug:https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/1295  post 6 on describes my situation.  It appears to be a problem with the fact that I use startx.  'idle logic does not work for text sessions that are upgraded to X11 sessions'.18:05
muellihowudodat: fair enough. I'd file an ubuntu bug regardless.18:06

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