ubottuMasterCard called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (Somebody my friends died this morning and they went to hell)01:47
phunyguytonyyarusso: it's HFSPLUS01:48
phunyguythat's why I didn't respond to it.01:48
ubottuIn #ubuntu, jophish_ said: ubottu: thanks, #test is a little quiet. There should be a bot in there to repeat things perhaps13:21
h00kw/in 218:27
h00k13:16 [~tredcuter] why are you a pile of trash18:32
h00kthat's nice. I got a /query.18:32
tsimonq2hey, just wondering, I was told to ask here, does anyone know silver.bullet from the Ubuntu support mailing lists? Is he on IRC? I am just curious, so this has no sense of urgency21:41
tsimonq2or is this not the right place to ask this...21:44

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