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lordievaderGood morning.08:27
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PeterGriffinHello. I have a production LAMP server and I need to install somepackages but apt sais that they deppend on linux-image-3.13.0-54-generic and I need to use apt-get -f install in order to resolve them. My current version is linux-image-3.13.0-53-generic. My question is  - is there any risk in updating to linux-image-3.13.0-54-generic?14:00
AvatarAthere's no risk and you should probably update that anyway14:12
PeterGriffinAvatarA: will it require reboot14:16
AvatarAuntil you reboot you'll still be using 0-5314:20
PeterGriffinI see. Thank you.14:21
bekksPeterGriffin: Which Ubuntu do you have?14:31
bekksThen you should read this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack14:32
bekksThe current kernel for 14.04.3 is 3.19.x14:32
patdk-lapenablement stack is a completely different thing15:02
patdk-lapand wouldn't solve his issue15:02
patdk-lapit will cause him more issues infact, based on what he is attempting15:02
dbuggerHey guys. I have been informed by my server provider that I have the Cutwail spambot in one of my servers. Does any one know how can I remove it? I am using 14.0415:05
patdk-lapthat is the least of your worries15:06
patdk-lapif you have one, you have others15:06
dbuggerpatdk-lap, that is for me?15:06
patdk-lapnormal removal steps, involve reinstalling15:06
dbuggerSo there is no way to save the system without starting over?15:07
patdk-lapcause you have to make sure you remove every single thing they did, and everything they looked at15:07
patdk-lapsure, you can save it15:07
patdk-lapbut I wouldn't *use* it15:07
patdk-lapkeeping it offline for reference purposes only15:07
dbuggerWell, I use that machine as proxy, since I need a fixed IP... It is kinda important... :(15:08
patdk-lapyou sure it is infected then?15:08
dbuggerYep. DigitalOcean send me a ticket, giving me all the info15:09
dbuggerIf I dont fix it, they might even suspend my account15:09
patdk-lapI use the machine as proxy, means, anything that uses that machine as a proxy, could be infected, and not the proxy itself15:09
jelly> It affects computers running Microsoft Windows.15:09
jellyunless wikipedia lies15:09
dbuggerjelly, you mean that Cutwail spambot is just for Windows?15:09
jellyyes, except it's not me that does the meaning but some author of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cutwail_botnet15:10
dbuggerIn that case, it could mean that someone in my team, that is using that proxy, is infected?15:11
dbuggerOk, that is interesting....15:11
dbuggerWindows Defender doesnt seem to inform me of anything. I will talk with other teammembers15:11
jellyaccess logs of said proxy might show clues as to the source15:12
patdk-lapheh? windos defender isn't made to locate that15:12
dbuggerWhat is the best way to check if a Ubuntu server has been infecter with some sort of spambot or any malicious software? Is there something like "Microsoft Defender" for Ubuntu servers?18:55
tewarddbugger: there's no 'antivirus' no, but you can start by seeing if you recognize any suspicious processes running19:03
tewarddbugger: clamav *may* help, but if you suspect you're infected by a spambot or something you should probably disconnect the thing from the 'net to limit further malicious activity19:03
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jvwjgamesHow do I fix unmet dependencies21:13
jvwjgamesI have tried everything21:13
jvwjgamesApt-get install -f I have also tried apt-get install packetfence still doesn't work.21:14
jvwjgamesAny ideas21:19
qman__jvwjgames: that normally only happens when you add non-ubuntu sources to ubunru21:34
qman__And once you do that, you pretty much hose your install21:36
qman__Sometimes it's possible to fix if it's just a few packages, but if you did something like install a non-ubuntu libc, forget it21:36
bwlangHi… i’ve just upgraded a server from 12.04 to 15.04.  I had one upstart script that I want to continue to use… it detected CD insertion and ran a shell script. Should this be done in systemd now?  I can’t seem to find any information about how to respond to events from dbus ( i think…)22:10
bwlangI had this before: start on block-device-changed   and then checkd like this: if [ "${ID_CDROM_MEDIA_STATE}" = 'complete' ] ; then ...22:10
bwlangAny hints?22:11
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sarnoldbwlang: the "foo.path" bit here looks useful https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers23:19
bwlangsarnold: hmm - maybe, still not sure how I trigger this I don’t think PathExistsGlob will do … I’ll try.23:48
sarnoldbwlang: yeah, it might not be perfect, especially if there's no filesystem on the cd yet..23:50

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