TheMuffinManwhats up all?01:35
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dragosat my company all the people use ubuntu. but there is a problem. i buyied for my emplooyes s4 actives. and we need ubuntu touch on the s4 active. can someone please port it?12:39
tathhu_sell them and buy a ubuntu phone?: P12:40
tathhu_rip english12:40
dragosi cant sell them and buy them ubuntu touch phones because i buyied them from second hand12:42
argon18sell them 3rd hand?12:45
dragoshaha ;)12:46
dragosbut please help me port it to s4 active12:46
OerHeksdragos, S4 is already in development https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/i950512:47
dragoss4 active not s412:48
dragoss4 active = gt i929512:48
dragosim trying to port but i get this error: breakfast: command not found on ubuntu 14.0412:49
OerHeksoh i see, sorry for the mixup12:50
dragosnot problem\12:51
dragosbut what is that breakfast comand error?12:51
argon18sry i have no idea about that error13:04
alexforsaleit just stopped13:09
alexforsaleinit: android-tools-adbd main process (973) terminated with status 12613:10
alexforsaleanyone currently porting to msm8226?13:12
ahoneybunmariogrip: your in the next issue of UWNL19:30
OerHekshi ahoneybun .. just noticed my comment is printed :-)19:32
ahoneybunOerHeks: I added his name on the title on the UWNL19:33
ahoneybunOerHeks: mariogrio = mariogrip19:33
OerHeksuh oh .. *facepalm*19:34
OerHeksbtw what is UWNL?19:34
ahoneybunUbuntu Weekly Newsletter19:34
OerHeksah thank you!19:36
ahoneybunalso in #ubuntu-news19:37
ahoneybunto help out19:37
dhbikerwhat is the init system for ubuntu touch ?19:59
ahoneybunupstart I think20:04
ahoneybundhbiker: ^20:04
dhbikeri see you can't get MX4 anymore20:08
NwSHeya guys any updates if they will restock Meizu MX4 or if we'll get MX5 with Ubuntu?20:08
dhbikeri'm wondering that too20:11
dhbikerbeen planning to buy a second device20:11
dhbikerbut now i see it's sold out20:11
lotuspsychjei read that more phone brands will come out20:12
NwSfml right?20:12
lotuspsychjebut no dates or names yet20:12
NwSI would have bought one through eBay but that site sucks20:12
NwSWaiting to get notified when the Jolla tablet will be available20:12
dhbikerwell i have MX4 for 2 months now but i wanted to have one for thinkering20:13
NwSWaiting for a new Jolla phone20:13
NwSand now I have to wait for a new Ubuntu phone -.-"20:13
ahoneybunNwS: the tablet is out in places, but I would love the new phone20:13
ahoneybunbut with US support20:13
dhbikeris it even official for jolla to release new device ?20:13
NwSahoneybun, I didn't order it before soo I have to wait :P20:13
NwSdhbiker, not really but I think they announced a strategic partner or something some time ago20:14
NwSBtw the meizumart or w/e that site was closed hmm20:16
* tathhu wants better-specced ubuntu phone :(20:34
* lotuspsychje is already happy with bq 4.520:34
dhbikertathhu, what is wrong with MX4 ? except battery life ?20:40
NwSMX4 is sold out :P that's a problem20:40
lotuspsychjeNwS: know how many of them?20:40
dhbikercertainly better value than jolla for similiar price20:41
NwSlotuspsychje, nope..20:41
tathhudhbiker, yep, that's the problem, i don't have it :D20:46
dhbikerah. :D20:46
hades08hi, how to put apparmor in complain mode under ubuntu-core ?21:52
hades08(im trying to add /dev/ppp into a container and im having issues)21:53
hades08is this the good channel to ask about ubuntu-core ?22:02
lotuspsychjeif devs are awake its possible you get answers here22:02
hades08tathhu ?22:19
hades08are u knowledgable in ubuntu-core ? :)22:19
ahoneybunmariogrip: nice update to ubports.com22:48
hades08how to enable /dev/ppp in a lxd container ?22:50

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