rakesh123_Hey there !  I'm trying to boot my ubuntu kernel version 4.04 , It gets hung while booting up at  slice system-systememd\xBacklight.slice00:55
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:07
zmoylan-pid&d today, packs nerf...09:14
popeypip pip10:25
mjaykpop pop?10:30
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MartijnVdSpopey: installing python stuff? ;)10:39
brobostigondib dib11:18
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popeyi nearly bought a sherbert dib dab yesterday in Ye Olde Sweete Shoppe in Farnborough.11:54
popeybut instead got some Finnish licorice.11:54
foobarry_mmm licorice12:10
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penguin42popey: Now by Finnish licorice you don't mean the odd salt stuff?12:17
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popeypenguin42: ya12:36
popeylove it12:36
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DJonesShould get some of finnish licorish for my father in law, if he was a horse, he'd put salt on a salt lick block12:47
moreatiAny bored Chromium users care to take part in an experiment? Should take less than 10 minutes16:20
samfreenodeWhat's a good DE like Gnome or KDE but without a compositor?16:30
samfreenodeI don't want compositor16:30
penguin42samfreenode: You can turn the compositor off on KDE16:31
samfreenodepenguin42, What if I just disable vsync on compiz, will that do the job?16:31
samfreenodepenguin42, sorry, accidentally closed my client16:32
penguin42samfreenode: no the vsync is separate16:32
samfreenodepenguin42, Seperate from what?16:33
penguin42samfreenode: actually, I can't find the compositor disable in KDE5.x16:33
samfreenodeHow do I make my monitor 144hz?16:33
samfreenode How do I set my monitor to 144hz refresh rate?16:39
samfreenodepenguin42, Would my mouse input be better for CS:GO if I disable Compiz?16:51
directhexwhat refresh rate is set in your WM's display properties?16:51
directhexDE even16:51
* penguin42 doesn't have one set I don't think - I use xfce on most boxes now - still have this one on KDE though16:52
directhex"xrandr | grep \*"16:52
penguin42samfreenode: Oh, I found the compositor setting on KDE5 - under display-compositor - you can turn it off16:52
samfreenodepenguin42, Oh cool16:52
samfreenodepenguin42, Gonna install KDE and try that16:53
penguin42samfreenode: But if you want fast and responsive just install xfce16:53
samfreenodepenguin42, Should I install Kubuntu-desktop or just KDE?16:53
directhexyeah, this is why i don't bother attempting to help some folk. it's just a waste of time16:53
samfreenodedirecthex, Thanks, I fixed it in xrandr16:54
samfreenodedirecthex, xrandr --output DP-4 --mode 1920x1080 --rate 14416:54
aquariuswho knows about boot issues, such as https://askubuntu.com/questions/684171/error-when-starting-install ?16:59
samfreenodepenguin42, Where is the compositor setting again?17:02
samfreenodepenguin42, What's the KDE settings app called?17:02
samfreenodepenguin42, nvm I find it17:02
samfreenodepenguin42, Hmmmm looks like I can suspend it for full-screen windows17:03
samfreenodepenguin42, It seems KDE has a lot more options for configuration>?17:20
samfreenodepenguin42, I can easily configure the refresh rate and disable the compositor and stuff without reverting to the command line like in Ubuntu Unity17:20
samfreenodepenguin42, So I think maybe I'll just stick with  Kubuntu, since it's so much easier than Ubuntu17:20
samfreenodepenguin42: I think I'm getting close to switching from W10 to Linux17:26
samfreenodepenguin42: I need to figure out how to get proper headphones support in CS:GO still though17:27
samfreenodepenguin42: I try selecting headphones, and it just defaults to 2 speakers17:27
directhexsamfreenode: you can set the refresh rate fine in unity. it's in the "Screen Display" app17:30
samfreenodedirecthex: Couldn't find the option17:31
samfreenodedirecthex: I looked17:31
directhexaquarius: maybe a broken EFI implementation? they could try forcing legacy mode17:31
directhexsamfreenode: huh. did it move? it *used* to be there17:32
aquariusdirecthex, sounds plausible to me, but I don't know anything about this stuff; I was hoping to point someone in the direction of that post who knows what they're doing to help ana out17:32
samfreenodedirecthex: IDK17:33
samfreenodedirecthex: I use Kubuntu now anyway17:33
directhexaquarius: that would be my instinct - buggy firmwares aren't exactly new17:35
aquariusdirecthex, ah, looks like Ana tried disabling UEFI and it hasn't helped. How annoying that this stuff is still a problem17:44
SuperEngineersamfreenode, so why aren't you on #kubuntu?17:45
samfreenodeSuperEngineer: Because I only just installed KDE, I was using Ubuntu before that18:04
popeysamfreenode: you can also switch off compositing in Ubuntu MATE.20:32
samfreenodepopey: Sure, I might try MATE20:52
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