cmaloneyHow's the afternoon so far?20:18
_stink_like 5th time doing printer driver installs under ubuntu... happy it works, but boy is it annoting.20:40
jrwrenprinting sucks. always20:43
cmaloneyprinting is the devil20:49
brouschPeople still print?!21:10
gamerchick02printing is necessary but yeah, it does suck22:25
cmaloneyI feel humanity has failed whenever I have to print something22:29
cmaloneyThis is quickly becoming my favorite RPG system22:30
gamerchick02sometimes that's the best way to get things across. paper never has compatibility problems.22:31
gamerchick02that looks cool22:31
cmaloneyJust picked up the book today22:32
gamerchick02i'm still playing pathfinder at lunch at work. it's awesome22:32
gamerchick02more mathfinder sometimes, but it exercises my brain22:32
cmaloneyYeah, no kidding22:32
cmaloneyNot a fan of D&D 3.522:33
cmaloneyif I'm going to math I'm playing GURPS22:33
gamerchick02eh, it's what i played a lot on college.22:33
gamerchick02lol. i love GURPS tho22:33
gamerchick02i should contact Mark and see if he wants to do a game.22:33
cmaloneyNo worries. it's easier to find a D&D 3.5 game than it is to find a GURPS game22:33
cmaloneyfar easier22:33
gamerchick02(one of my old professors, he's a huge GURPS geek)22:33
cmaloney<3 Fate because you can get the core books for free, and the print books for $30 (Core and ACcelerated)22:36
cmaloneyand the Sytem Toolkit is cheap22:36
cmaloneyAh, this site has the System Toolkit22:37

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