MMKnightHello. Can I ask a problem?07:14
* herve_ est content15:07
rcamposfolks, how are you?16:34
rcamposi saw on distro watch that ubuntustudio not have more nvidia's drivers, id is true, why it?16:36
zequencercampos: No, it's not true.16:46
zequenceUbuntu Studio has everything Ubuntu has, since Ubuntu Studio is an official flavor of Ubuntu.16:47
Unit193Or at least access to, it doesn't ship with the nvidia drivers but you can install.  Just like it doesn't ship with unity.16:48
zequenceYeah, I don't think Ubuntu Studio ever shipped with the drivers.16:52
gorgonzolapastai really like your distro. but i am asking myself why there are no gimp themes preinstalled.17:17
zequencegorgonzolapasta: Very few people are involved in development, and no one is in charge of selecting packages.17:24
zequenceAre you thinking about the package gimp-plugin-registry?17:24
zequenceNot sure what gimp themes is17:24
zequenceThe answer to your question is simply that no one has either asked for it, or figured there would be a need for it17:24
zequenceHmm, no we have that one17:25
zequenceWhich package are you thinking about?17:26
gorgonzolapastano package18:05
gorgonzolapastathis one18:06
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