Unit193bluesabre: https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/collab-maint/lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings.git/commit/?id=472ea3cbcf698346bebd9a2c71f17b5921fe956d12:20
Unit193(IN case you didn't see https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=790104)12:24
ubottuDebian bug 790104 in sponsorship-requests "RFS: lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings/1.2.0-1 [ITP] -- Settings Editor for LightDM Gtk+ Greeter" [Wishlist,Open]12:24
knomeUnit193, does SwissBot still do the s/this/that/ output?12:26
knomeUnit193, ta12:27
knomeUnit193 is silly.12:27
SwissBotknome meant: "Unit193 is nice."12:27
knomecan we turn that off?12:27
SwissBotUnit193 meant: "b"12:34
SwissBotUnit193 meant: "b"12:43
knomenow it works!12:43
* knome slaps SwissBot 12:43
SwissBotUnit193 meant: "b"12:45
Unit193Well it's not supposed to do that now, but oh well.12:45
knomefix the code then!12:46
Unit193It's supposed to blacklist this channel, but it doesn't exactly support blacklisting.12:52
knomeflocculant, from #xfce-dev: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TBzP0baOBM12:56
flocculantgood lord12:57
flocculantnope - not a chance 12:57
knomewatch it12:57
SwissBotUnit193 meant: "b"12:59
flocculantSwissBot: I think we got what he meant 13:14
flocculantochosi bluesabre - not of any great importance (and would propose fix if I knew where and how) bug 150495815:02
ubottubug 1504958 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Minor wording issue" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150495815:02
flocculantnor have I upstreamed it as yet - tell me if you want me to do that 15:02
drcSo, something good came out of all that :)15:14
flocculantno idea how to grab the xfce source 15:35
flocculantyes I do ... 15:38
flocculantI think :p15:38
knomedon't think, do! 15:41
flocculantI did 15:42
flocculantI also found the text string :)15:42
flocculantwhat I do next I've no idea :D15:42
flocculantespecially given I've not even done the buczilla one yet :p15:43
flocculantreally either need to learn to touch type properly or get a kbd that's not worn out in places ... 15:44
flocculantmeh - trying to compile it and it says I've no glib215:50
flocculantmmm 15:55
flocculantwell that's not playing nicely with me :(15:56
flocculantof course I don't actually know if me changing something then configuring it would even work :D15:56
flocculantmake etc15:56
knomedevelopers will hate me for this, but if you plan to change a string only, then it should be relatively safe to not even test build...15:58
flocculantyea - but practice :)16:00
flocculantfighting gtk now :p16:00
knomebuilding xfce isn't the easiest one16:00
flocculantsigh - now can't find gtk3 dev package I assume16:02
flocculant\o/ 16:19
flocculantgot to the end of those dependencies :D16:19
flocculanthttp://i.imgur.com/sO2RU9m.png 16:23
flocculantwow - I did it :D16:23
flocculantwhether anyone is interested is of course a different question :p16:24
flocculantand how to get that from local to not ofc16:24
Unit193I feel like now would be a bad time to remind you of  apt-get build-dep $pkg  then.16:48
flocculantnot really16:48
flocculantnow would be a good time to remind me - though probably 4 weeks would be better when I forget and this install is xx ... :p16:49
Unit193foo bar baz17:07
flocculantdoes that count as \o/ then :p17:08
Unit193Apathy from me.17:08
Unit193Worst case, I drop SwissBot back into #xubuntu-verbose and merge that channel into this one in Irssi. :P17:09
knomeUnit193, the notifications are okay, the "i'll correct you" stuff not so much17:28
knome...or games that are verbose on the channel :P17:28
knomeUnit193, nope.17:37
Unit193SwissBot: botsnack17:37
SwissBotUnit193: thanks :)17:37
knomeUnit193, related;17:46
knomeUnit193, can some of the -core related work items be closed now?17:47
Unit193As far as I'm concerned, months ago.17:47
knomewhy aren't they? :P17:47
Unit193Because they're not merged in, just proposed.17:48
knomebut the changes are done17:48
Unit193Sure, just not effectivly.17:49
knomeso maybe close the current ones and add one for "make sure patches are merged"17:49
knomei know that we're in the middle of the process, but so does everybody else in the team17:49
knomehowever, if you are not in the team, the situation looks like it's not being proposed17:49
knomeor can look like17:49
Unit193Don't really care one way or another, whatever works and is least messing around.17:50
knomethe whole idea in the tracker is that we... yes, you guessed it, track the progress17:52
Unit193Progress: Not moving. :P17:53
knomeprogress is: something is done, we're waiting for feedback from others17:54
knomereally, you said it yourself:17:54
knome20:47  Unit193: As far as I'm concerned, months ago.17:54
knomethen close them17:54
knomeif you feel there needs to be one item open, then create new that describes the situation better than the original ones17:54
Unit193As I said, I don't really care, whatever works best and is least busy work.  And, already did that, figured you'd see the mail.17:55
knomere: tracking i think clarity and accuracy is the most important thing17:55
knomechannging items isn't busy work, so17:56
knomebut thanks17:56
Unit193Proposed by Unit 193 (unit193) on 2015-08-12  Oh, I wasn't overstating then...17:56
knomesigh, that's not even a long time :)17:56
knomei was waiting a three-line change on a CSS file for the planet over 6 months17:57
Unit193No, but does actually fit "months"17:57
knomeand the other side to the thing is that keeping poking people helps17:57
knomeand talking with them about it17:57
knomewe waited for two months and nobody looked, now we actually poked them and they gave feedback that let us progress17:58
knomei'm not saying that we should instapoke people, but at some point, just stop waiting and do it17:58
krytarikknome: Unit193 poked infinity three times during that time though.17:59
knomewhat was the response to that?17:59
krytarik"I'll look."17:59
knomeand how long did we wait after that reply before asking again?17:59
knomeUnit193, one more thing: feel free to assign the work item for ubuntu-debian-cd (or whatever team is)18:01
knomethat's also valuable information18:02
Unit193Talked to him at least twice, and simply poked once.  Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen, more so since you aren't even in that channel.18:02
knomemaybe we should just poke more18:03
knomei don't know18:03
Unit193Also, clearly shouldn't have poked slangasek. >_>18:03
knomehe totally gave good feedback.18:03
knomei would be scared if everything we propose would be merged as is18:03
knomeimo, putting the two ISOs under the same product is a good idea18:04
knomegetting that kind of feedback also feels to me that they care18:05
knomeyou don't get that every time.18:05
knomethat feeling, that is18:05
knomeUnit193, and sorry if something i said offended you; it was a bit unfair to say that we didn't do poking before because obviously i don't know what happens on "every" channel18:07
knomeif poking doesn't seem to give any results in the future, let's try to take action before to try to fix that situation18:09
flocculantlooks like gvfs fix coming associated with the thunar issues of late19:41
ochosiflocculant: oh nice! is that in one of the linked reports?19:50
knomehullo ochosi 19:50
ochosihey knome 19:50
flocculantochosi: the thunar/gvfs thing? 19:50
ubottuGnome bug 756153 in general "Clicking a file-picker dialog in GTK3-enabled Firefox or Epiphany triggers crash and/or GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_dbus_connection_is_closed: assertion 'G_IS_DBUS_CONNECTION (connection)' failed" [Normal,New]19:51
flocculantand bug 1504542 19:51
ubottubug 1504542 in gvfs (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/thunar:11:g_dbus_connection_is_closed:_g_dbus_connection_get_sync:create_proxy_for_file2:create_proxy_for_file:g_daemon_file_query_info" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150454219:51
flocculantI just noticed - cos I check out proposed to see what's coming 19:51
flocculantand hi ochosi :)19:51
flocculanthopefully it will also fix what I've been seeing the last few days 19:52
ochosithat'd be nice19:53
flocculantit would - drove me nuts the other day :p19:54
flocculantI was seeing SIGSEGV in g_dbus_connection_is_closed()19:57
flocculantall started showing up at the same time though19:57

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