cantinstalli also tried 15.04 and it doesn't work00:00
cantinstallI'm seing others with syslinux issues00:01
drclike I said, it did or me today, so I have no idea.00:01
a1fais no one going to fix the indicator plugin?00:26
cantinstallI don't know why I didn't use dd before00:45
cantinstallbut using dd and not the crappy unetbootin etc tools, it worked00:45
cantinstallthanks for the help!00:47
cantinstall3 am, time to sleep.00:47
zacwallshey so I am running Xubuntu 14.04 right now, and I was looking at themes for xfce4. And I found one. But then I realized, I didn't know how to install themes on xfce. So a few Duckduckgo results later and I came up with this: http://wiki.xfce.org/howto/install_new_themes So I followed each instructions exactly and found out I have no folder titled themes in my /.local/share/ dir. So, where do I go from here?02:13
drcmake ~/.themes and put the theme you want there.02:14
imthenachomanhey guys. anyway to install xubuntu without all the bloat? like firefox or xchat and all the other stuff?03:33
bazhangjust an xfce core with the mini install04:04
bazhangah quit04:04
ubottuXubuntu Core is a slimmed down version of Xubuntu that doesn't come with all the additional features of a full and modern desktop. To install: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-core^ » (A xubuntu-core task is also available from the !minimal ISO)04:05
cfhowlettI usually give my most brilliant advice after they've left channel .,,04:06
bazhangheh same04:09
bazhangsafer that way04:09
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a1fawhere did the screensaver settings disappear?13:54
cfhowlettxscreensaver is known to conflict with lightlocker.  in fact, it's recommended for removal13:56
a1facfhowlett: so under power management, i select a lock14:04
a1fai dont really care about screensaver, i care about the lock14:05
cfhowlettstate your actual question14:05
a1famy screen does not lock on idle14:06
a1fathe screen goes blank after 15 minutes...14:06
a1fasleep in 20 minutes, but there is no way to enable locking14:06
cfhowlettbring this question to #ubuntu please.14:06
a1fawhy to ubuntu?14:07
cfhowlettmore eyes14:08
drcMore eyes14:08
a1fadoes your lock work?14:08
drca1fa: To make clear...you want the machine to lock on IDLE not SLEEP ?14:09
drcI don't think ther's a easy way to make it sleep on idle...don't remember ever seeing that option.  Sleep is another matter14:10
drcBut then I never care about locking, so I may have missed something.14:10
a1faunder light-locker, it says my screensaver is managed by xfce-power14:10
a1faso both xfce power manager, and light locker have the same setting14:11
a1faso i cant activate light locker when monitor goes blank?14:12
drcNo idea, don't use it.14:12
a1fayou dont lock your screen?14:12
drcnope...I don't go anywhere I don't trust whoever is around.14:13
drca1fa: You're not having problems locking when the machine goes to sleep, are you?14:15
a1famy machine does not go to sleep14:17
a1famy guess is, that works fine14:17
drcThen why "<drc> a1fa: To make clear...you want the machine to lock on IDLE not SLEEP ?14:17
drc<a1fa> both"14:17
drcWell, you might test it, just to make sure the process works, then worry about "idle"14:18
a1fadrc: do you use the indicator plugin?14:29
a1faclick about computer, tell me if it works14:29
drcI have no "About Computer" in my indicator plugin14:30
drcYou mean "About"?14:30
drcYes it works.14:30
a1fadoes the logout work?14:34
a1faand lock within indicator plugin14:34
drcWe must have two different Indicator Plugins.14:35
flocculanta1fa: you know that different people use different versions of xubuntu - with different defaults - what do you use?14:35
a1fathis didnt work on 15.04, and 15.1014:39
flocculantok - so you reported it as a bug or can link to the one you me too'd I assume14:40
drca1fa: I'm going to go out on a limb here and say: 1) Something's wrong with your setup...re-install, 2) You are trying to do something it's not designed to do...forget it, or 3) report it a a bug.14:41
flocculantftr - locking screen works fine in the 4 or 5 wily's I've installed/had installed on hardware and in vm's that I've tested for weeks14:42
drcflocculant: on just idle, not sleep?14:42
a1faodd, i wiped my .config/xfce414:44
a1faand problem persisted14:44
a1fagot a bug report opened14:44
drca1fa: Does that mean that you opened a new bug report or there already was one?14:46
flocculantjust set to lock sleep at one minute in Display tab of Power, and auto lock session when screensaver is activated14:47
flocculantwandered off - came back, locked14:47
flocculantcrisis averted14:49
flocculantfound bottle opener ...14:49
flocculanta1fa: just a comment here - there actually isn't a screensaver as such - so wording in the power manager could do with changing perhaps14:50
drcOK, let's define things here:  1) Sleep and 2) Idle...just to make sure we're talking about the same things.  Go ahead.14:51
flocculant<a1fa> sleep in 20 minutes, but there is no way to enable locking - yes there is, Security tab - set Auto lock session to when screensaver is activated14:52
a1faok waking up monitor from sleep asked for password15:49
flocculantright - so it locked15:51
flocculanta1fa: as far as reporting things and hoping to get them fixed, if you see it in the released version (especially if it's only supported for 9 months) check and see if the same thing is there in the dev version - as early as possible - then report it - when you do make sure you tag the LP bug xubuntu-exp15:55
flocculantpeople actually use that tag15:55
a1fai'm on 15.10 at the moment, and i've had issues with indicator plugin since 14.10 (i think)15:56
flocculantand you reported things ?16:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1484214 in xfce4-indicator-plugin (Ubuntu) "Logout button not working in xfce4-indicator-plugin" [Undecided,New]16:02
flocculanta1fa: I don't recognise those options at all16:04
a1fawhich version are you on?16:05
a1faon the far right, do you have the wheel looking icon?16:05
flocculantI'm always on the dev version16:05
a1faindicator-session under indicator-plugin16:05
flocculantlet me boot the daily vm16:06
a1faone more annoyance, mouse wheel can scroll out of focus windows16:06
flocculantnever seen that16:06
a1fait took me a while to find the setting to disable focus on mouse wheel16:07
drca1fa: Window Manager Tweaks->Workspaces-> use mouse... ?16:07
a1fa"Raise Windows when any mouse button is pressed"16:07
a1faand one more annoyance under Panel Settings > Window Buttons16:08
a1fasiwtch windows using mouse wheel16:08
drcOK, I'm out16:08
flocculanta1fa: http://i.imgur.com/IRXTMkk.png16:08
a1faflocculant: can you bring xfce into focus16:09
a1faclick on the furthest right icon, the session icon, and see if there is "About this Computer"16:09
flocculanton the left Xubuntu, on the right Ubuntu - Xubuntu doesn't have the gear icon and has none of the things you've listed in that bug report16:09
a1falet me take a screenshot16:10
a1fashould i remove my xfce4 config first16:10
a1faso its, apples to apples?16:10
flocculanta1fa: so you've installed Ubuntu then added xfce?16:11
a1faXubuntu, then added Unity16:11
a1faactually, sorry you are correct16:11
a1fai installed Ubuntu, then added xubuntu-desktop16:11
flocculantwell I would either remove all the ubuntu packages and see where you are16:13
flocculantthough - probably quickest to reinstall with an up to date 15.10 daily after backing things up16:13
a1facan you take another screenshot, but expose the top of xfce16:13
a1falet me also take a screenshot16:14
flocculantwe have enough on our plate trying to support xubuntu - without trying to support ubuntu with xubuntu added :)16:14
a1fahere is my screenshot16:16
a1faignore plank16:16
flocculanta1fa: right - so you have stuff there from ubuntu :)16:17
a1faflocculant: ok16:17
a1fathe only reason why i like it, is for the sound panel16:19
a1fathis is how it usually looks16:22
flocculanta1fa: can you add that info to the bug report so people know you're talking about ubuntu bits rather than xfce ones - thanks16:36
a1fano problem16:37
flocculantthanks :)16:37
a1faOne mistery is solved16:39
a1faI thought this was the default Xubuntu "session", and it was driving me nutts why no one else experienced it16:40
a1fai guess new question is, why is my default "xfce4" sceleton config different than one that comes with normal Xubuntu install16:40
flocculanta1fa: well it's not a normal Xubuntu install is it :)16:42
knomethe xfce4 session is supposed to be different from the xubuntu session16:42
flocculantmy bad - didn't read that properly16:43
a1faflocculant: so i got another one for you..16:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1484212 in xfdesktop4 (Ubuntu) "Keyboard not working in Remmina after idle. " [Undecided,New]16:43
flocculanta1fa: ok - can you confirm that with a real Xubuntu install - if you do that then I will see if I can confirm it16:44
flocculantactually not going to be able to confirm that bug - not got anything to confirm it with16:48
a1faflocculant: is there a keyboard shortcut to show desktop16:53
a1fai made a plank thing to show desktop16:54
a1faxdotool key --delay 100 ctrl+alt+d16:54
a1fa(reinstall time)16:58
Hudsonkemwrong resolution of plymounths// any idea16:58
xubuntu97whelp to install xubuntu19:33
morfthat was good one19:42
a1faanyone using docker?19:47
a1faerr plank19:47
vista__Hello, I am having a really severe problem with my WiFi connection ever since I upgraded23:32
vista__to 15.0423:32
vista__basically, if I downloading anything large (say, a 1GB test file), my WiFi connection fails about halfway into it (it has failed at ~380 and 670MB, to say the extremities)23:33
vista__failing meaning my computer just forgets about the existence of my AP23:33
vista__I can connect to another AP just fine23:33
vista__but to see my own AP again, I have to restart my computer23:34
vista__even using the hardware on-off WiFi switch did not help.23:34
vista__dmesg says 'disassociation reason 7' - unexpected layer 3 frame23:34
mrkrampsdriver issue23:34
vista__I am using a ThinkPad T420 with an Intel 6205 card23:35
vista__I did not have this problem on 14.10 or 14.0523:35
vista__Is it possible to roll back on this specific driver?23:35
mrkrampsyes, but as you have to ask IF it is possible i doubt you get it done23:36
vista__I see23:36
vista__This problem is quite peculiar, though. For example, I was able to download some software off of VmWare's site no problem. However, when the actual software wanted to update itself, it consistently always failed.23:37
vista__wgetting something works, but doing the same from inside a Windows VM always gets the connection killed about halfway.23:38
vista__Connection got killed again, bit of a timeout.23:40
knomewait, is this problem occurring only inside a vm?23:40
vista__Oh, I am running Windows inside a VM.23:40
vista__No, this occurs on the host.23:40
knomethe last lines made it sound like it happened in a vm only23:41
vista__well yeah, that's what I was saying. This problem only occurs during one, single download.23:42
vista__Downloading a bigger torrent (e.g. a pack of legal-to-distribute distros), e.g. lots of small, short connections cause no issue23:42
vista__I have found a (so far) 7/7 times reproducible way of getting my connection killed23:43
vista__Perhaps if I did some logging, someone could look into what could be causing the problem?23:44
knomeif it's a driver issue, then the likelihood of somebody looking at it are smallish23:48
knomebecause then it means that person needs to have the same device as you23:48
knomethat said, it never hurts to file a bug23:48
vista__Well, after reading a bit about it23:54
vista__It seems that other people have this problem as well23:54
vista__and they have been able to fix it by disabling 802.11n23:54

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