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jamespagegnuoy`, can you point me at the mojo spec used for bug 150628710:11
mupBug #1506287: ceph-disk: Error: Device is mounted: /dev/sdb1 (Unable to initialize device: /dev/sdb) <openstack> <uosci> <ceph (Juju Charms Collection):New for james-page> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1506287>10:11
gnuoy`jamespage, sure if you look at the spreadsheet it's column B10:12
jamespagegnuoy`, branch for specs?10:12
gnuoy`jamespage, ~ost-maintainers/openstack-mojo-specs/mojo-openstack-specs10:12
jamespagebrain still in seattle atm10:12
jamespagegnuoy`, beisner: fwiw I suspect some sort of systemd race type thing for the ceph errors in vivid and wily10:22
plarsGood morning12:58
plars2015-10-15 20:07:39 ERROR juju.worker.resumer resumer.go:69 cannot resume transactions: document is larger than capped size 1939208 > 104857613:00
plarsI found https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1454891 which seems to be the same error I'm getting, but supposedly it's fixed a long time ago?13:00
plarsI'm on 1.24.6-0ubuntu1~15.04.1~juju1 from the stable ppa13:00
mupBug #1454891:, mongo: document is larger than capped size <landscape> <mongodb> <juju-core:Fix Released by wallyworld> <juju-core 1.23:Fix Committed by wallyworld> <juju-core 1.24:Fix Released by wallyworld> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1454891>13:00
plarsany ideas?13:00
admcleod-mbruzek: any luck with your cert problem?13:38
mbruzekadmcleod-: yeah I got it working.  The cert I posted in the channel here was not expired, but I was getting tls errors because of an expired cert13:39
mbruzekadmcleod-: I don't know how I got it, and I don't know how I fixed it.13:39
admcleod-oh. weird.13:40
mbruzekyeah thanks for following up13:41
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Muntanerhello guys15:36
MuntanerI'm having a bootstrap problem15:37
Muntaneranyone can help me?15:37
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MuntanerI get this error15:40
Muntanercaused by: Get http://controller:8774/v2/1e20e71ea2ee4ed2baa337e147c211df/servers/750311f9-b2f5-4300-be14-95a824fd23b4: dial tcp: lookup controller: no such host15:40
Muntanerseems like the vm isn't able to resolve controller15:41
Muntanerwhich is a in my LAN15:41
Muntanerhow can I workaround this?15:41
lazypowerMuntaner, this sounds like a DNS issue. which provider is this?15:43
Muntanerit is openstack lazypower15:43
Muntanerit is a private openstack installation, all-in-one, running on my address15:43
Muntaner(server address)15:43
Muntanercan I pass dns infos to juju bootstrap so that it solves controller with that ip?15:43
lazypowerNot that I'm aware of15:44
lazypower1 sec, let me get my coffee and ponder on this for a moment15:44
lazypowerMuntaner, can your workstation resolve the hostname controller?15:48
Muntanerlazypower, sure15:54
Muntanerit can15:54
lazypowerit shouldn't have any issues bootstrapping then15:55
lazypowercan i see the full output of your bootstrap command?15:55
Muntanerlazypower, sure15:56
Muntanerlazypower, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12800082/15:56
Muntanerlazypower, any ideas? :) i'm quite lost16:04
lazypowerMuntaner, 1 sec i'm in a meeting16:04
Muntanerok lazypower sry16:05
lazypowerno worries :) context switching like crazy today16:05
Muntanerlazypower, solved it by changing API endpoints into openstack ;)16:11
lazypowerMuntaner, :thumbsup: glad you got it sorted16:33
cholcombein reactive how does leader election work?17:03
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lazypowercholcombe, the same as it does in non-reactive17:39
lazypowercholcombe, is_leader and leader_set are in charmhelpers.core.hookenv17:39
cholcombelazypower, ok cool i was hoping that was the case17:40
Iceyare there good documentation on starting a new charm that will install something from a deb and then setup config when a relation changes?18:04
Iceywith the reactive pattern?18:04
luqas__hi lazypower, I'm apuimedon colleague, I've just finished testing the midonet charms, they should be ready for review, the last patches of https://code.launchpad.net/~lezbar will be merged into https://code.launchpad.net/~celebdor18:05
lazypowerIcey, the vanilla charm is a great example and its in the docs18:18
lazypower1 sec and i'll get you a link18:18
Iceyand https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/authors-charm-composing18:18
lazypowerIcey, https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/authors-charm-composing18:18
Iceyare what I'm looking at :)18:19
Iceythanks lazypower18:19
lazypowerIcey, stay tuned to the list, i'll be posting vlogs on reactive pattern charming next week18:20
IceyI'm trying to write a really basic charm to go with some monitoring stuff cholcombe and I are working on :)18:20
lazypowerYOUR ICEY18:22
* lazypower lightbulbs18:22
lazypowerwas nice hangin with ya last week virtually :D18:22
Iceyone and the same :)18:22
lazypowerer, thi week18:22
Iceyheh yea18:22
* lazypower is fried from sprints18:22
Iceyno worries :)18:22
Iceybuilding a subordinate charm for https://github.com/influxdb/telegraf18:22
Iceybasically, you can attach it to any other charm and get system metrics  into influxdb :)18:22
Iceyis the idea anyways :)18:23
lazypoweri like this18:23
Iceybut, I figure I should try to write it in the reactive pattern :)18:23
lazypowerthe only 2 things you need to start is a metadata.yaml and a composer.yaml (or layers depending on branch of charm tools)18:23
lazypowerthe rest is just reactive/foo.py18:23
lazypowerand "magic"18:23
lazypowerIcey, i can hop on a hangout real quick to get you started if you want18:24
lazypoweri'm basically EOW at this point18:24
lazypowerso, whats another 10 minutes :)18:24
Iceythat would be awesome :)18:24
lazypowercholcombe, ^18:26
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