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ovidiu-florinyofel: can you plese provide some feedback as to if we can implement this: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ThiagoAderaldo/posts/bbpwuMbmHx606:13
sitterovidiu-florin: Jens and I looked at it. see the comment  'Suggestions from Jens (VDG) at Randa'06:23
sitterseeing as the author didn't get back to the VDG I suspect the answer is no06:24
sitterincidently g+ continues to not be a defect tracker06:24
sitterneither is IRC06:24
santa_Riddell: morning, I have a draft implementation of the git-clone-all script, I will send it when it's finished, this is how the configuration file looks like07:14
santa_the thing would be called this way:07:14
santa_git-clone-all -r frameworks07:15
santa_or git-clone-all -r frameworks -d wily07:16
santa_or even git-clone-all -r frameworks -d siduction07:16
santa_or even git-clone-all -r frameworks -d neon07:16
santa_(since the set of packages may be different for each case)07:17
ovidiu-florinsitter: I can't find that comment07:44
lordievaderGood morning08:16
ghostcubemay the force be with you!!08:17
Riddellsanta_: looks interesting :)08:28
santa_Riddell: done, although we could add an "-u" option in the future to update the extra remotes of already existent clones09:14
santa_gonna mail kubuntu-devel with all the needed stuff09:16
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sittereverytime I look at the automation the only thing spooking through my mind is why that is all so static10:07
bshahhow do I apply as kubuntu dev?10:22
bshah(if I am eligible)10:22
bshahjust wondering10:22
sitterbshah: https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/Developers#Applying_for_kubuntu-dev_membership10:25
bshahYou must be KUbuntu member first.. hmm10:26
bshahI guess.. not worth effort..10:27
sitterbshah: if you just want commit access to the repos you can nicely ask the debian kde team if you can get access without affiliation10:29
sittershadeslayer: https://twitter.com/icecrime/status/65291671890222694410:32
sitterRiddell: just did the first source build with a static tarball location of qtbase from debian. we may be able to do 5.5 builds next week hopefully10:34
pursuivantmuon (redesign) v5.4.1-95-g37e9605 * Aleix Pol:  (4 files in 2 dirs)11:13
pursuivantImprove functionality of the Update page11:13
pursuivantMake it possible to jump to the resource when displayed.11:13
pursuivantImprove the section delegate11:13
santa_<sitter> everytime I look at the automation the only thing spooking through my mind is why that is all so static11:33
santa_what you mean with "so static" exactly?11:33
sitter+src_package_list = readPackages(cwd + "/package-name-lists/" + releaseType + "-" + dist)11:34
soee:O http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Qt-5.5.1-Released11:35
soee"the Qt 5.5.1 patch release provides close to 1.000 improvements and fixes."11:35
santa_sitter: well, the other option would be checking the ftp and cache the list obtained somehow11:41
sittersftp + ls should be plenty cheap, no?11:42
santa_thats what the package-names-list does and it doesn't work very fast for me11:44
santa_but in any case the package list is already needed for the build status thing if I'm not mistaken11:46
sitterssh ftpubuntu@depot.kde.org ls stable/frameworks/5.15/\*.xz  0,13s user 0,00s system 8% cpu 1,513 total11:51
sittersftp -b - ftpubuntu@depot.kde.org:stable/frameworks/5.15/ <<< 'ls *.xz'  0,14s user 0,01s system 2% cpu 6,813 total11:53
sitterme thinks that listy thing needs to be ported from sftp to ssh ls11:53
sitterit is slightly weird that it would take so much longer though11:54
santa_real    0m1.017s11:54
sittersanta_: 1s seems reasoanble though?11:54
santa_and you still need the list for the build status thing11:55
sitterbuild status thing needs fixing as well I guess?11:55
santa_sitter: well, for the git-clone-all is kind of acceptable11:55
sitterI haven't read your new code TBH :P11:56
sitterthough I think it probably would be better to clone all repos actually11:57
santa_without -r specified we could do that11:58
sitterso you get a list of all things in the release from depot.kde, you clone all repos --> all tars from depot should map to a repo AND only those repos should have $whateverbranchforbuild11:58
sitterif you have a tar but no repo, or a repo but no tar something either went wrong or a human needs to tinker with the repos (e.g. delete the branch and get it removed from archive becuase $thing is no longer getting released)11:59
santa_packagesRenamedFromUpstram = {"kwallet": "kwallet-kf5",12:01
santa_                              "kdnssd": "kdnssd-kf5",12:01
santa_                              "kactivities": "kactivities-kf5",12:01
santa_                              "attica": "attica-kf5",12:01
santa_                              "ktux": None,12:01
santa_                              "libkexiv2": None,12:01
santa_                              "kde-workspace": None,12:02
santa_                              "libkgeomap": None,12:02
santa_                              "kde-l10n": None,12:02
santa_                              "kdelibs": "kde4libs",12:02
santa_                              "baloo": "baloo-kf5",12:02
santa_                              "kfilemetadata": "kfilemetadata-kf5",12:02
santa_                             }12:02
sittermy oh my :P12:02
sittersanta_: on a related note ... if you clone all repos we can throw that silly map out12:02
santa_what map?12:03
sittersanta_: upstreamname -> ourname12:03
sitterjust need to put the relevant metadata somewhere in the repo12:03
sitterif file.exist?("$repo/debian/meta/upstream_name") ; map[upstream] = read();12:05
BluesKajHey all12:05
sitteruh ah, this actually could go in debian/source/ maybe, seems relevant enough anyway12:06
soeehiho BluesKaj12:06
BluesKajHi soee12:06
sittersanta_: btw, I think you can make git-clone-all quite a bit faster by threading the for loop. git.debian has really bad performance sometimes plus ssh overhead will eat ~1s for each clone12:10
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soeecan i disable favs foldersarea in Kmail ?12:22
santa_sitter_: yep. as the -u option would be a nice feature to add12:26
santa_sitter_: regarding the map we would still have a problem with those mapped to None, which are those being skipped by kubuntu12:32
santa_so the best thing we could do would be reducing its size12:32
sitter_None could simply be a deadend kubuntu branch with upstream_name set to None12:34
santa_which would be an imaginative way to implement the map12:35
sitter_it moves the map into context essentially12:35
santa_I think it could be a nice thing to do12:36
santa_it's good to remove this kind of things from the packaging12:37
santa_* from the automation12:38
santa_that manual list of "packages with epoch" is a cancer too, good thing we won't need it for the new version bumping12:38
sitter_yeah, that one I am complaining about once a month or so xD12:39
sitter_santa_: we could get rid of that as well if automation clones all repos12:39
sitter_I think I discussed this a while ago with Riddell12:39
sitter_what should happen is that it should use the debian python module to read the changelog in the repo and then preserve the epoch (or lack thereof) when bumping12:40
shadeslayersitter: heh13:25
soeeQT 5.5 will land in Wily ?14:47
ScottKNo.  That'd be "X" material.14:49
shadeslayerseeing how wily is at most a week away15:00
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pursuivantmuon (master) v5.4.1-39-g1f1859d * Aleix Pol: discover (2 files)16:43
pursuivantMake it possible to launch appstream://packageid on discover16:43
gorilychhello. I have KDE 5.4.2 on kubuntu 15.10. Sometimes keyboard shortcuts stop working. Is this a known problem?16:59
MamarokI was wondering, there doesn't appear to be offical packages for the language Rust, I only found a PPA, but nothing in the offical Ubuntu repos, any ideas why?17:51
soeehey all, remember we were testing Slack as a team communication tool but due to closed source etc. it was not accepted19:27
soeewhat do you think about this: http://www.mattermost.org/open-source-slack-alternative-reaches-1-0/19:27
soeeis it something like Open Suse i think has where you can click button on a website, and application will be installed ?21:40
valoriesoee: mattermost looks really interesting21:46
valorieMamarok: file a bug and mention the PPA?21:47
valoriedoesn't sound like something that kubuntu would take care of, but some KDE devels are investigating Rust21:48
valorielike sho_21:48
clivejohas anyone packaged calligra?21:48
soeei dont think so21:51
clivejomy ISP have accused me of breaching their Fair Usage policy and Im currently being capped to like 5Kb and large files are being disconnected part way through download :(21:53
valoriedid they specify what your "breach" is?21:55
clivejoexcessing a cap21:56
clivejobut its advertised as having no cap but subject to Fair Usage21:56
valoriein other words, a lie21:57
clivejowell I was uploading a lot of photos to mapillary and streaming Amazon movies :/21:59
clivejobut is that fair usage and why didnt they tell me before capping me22:00
clivejoalso why cant they lift the cap, as this is my first time breaching a cap I knew nothing about!22:00
valoriewhat do they say when you ask them?22:01
valoriegood on you for mapillary22:01
valorieI wonder if they are fighting with Amazon22:01
clivejoFriday afternoon, they didnt care about helping22:01
valorieI mean, attacking/extorting them22:01
valorieusing Amazon customers22:02
clivejoI thought I was helping by downloading during offpeak times22:02
sgclarkouch that would be terrible23:20
sgclarkI suspect psckaging would be alot of usage heh23:20
sgclarkerr packaging23:21

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