bulldawghow do i install flash on kubuntu 15.0400:22
bulldawghello anyone there?00:27
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash00:28
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bulldawgon kubuntu?00:38
Gamabulldawg: if 32 bit, the package you're looking for is kubuntu-restricted-extras00:40
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kylebalkissoonHow do I decrease the cursor size in all things01:34
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notmadWhen Kubuntu 16.04 is released will the backports repo continue to ship latest Plasma(Plasma, frameworks, and apps)?04:11
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Guest60893can I ask a question on installing a dual-boot?04:51
prgmrhow to get the "Obsidian Coast" theme (that came with kde 4.x) in Kubuntu 15.04 ?05:59
prgmr(its the dark theme I need for e.g. digikam)06:00
soupnanodesukarHas this bug been fixed in 15.10? Using the backports ppa atm btw. http://a.uguu.se/whlusx_whitetextonwhitebackgroundwithdarkmode.png06:48
soupnanodesukarhappens only in that dialog as far as i know.06:48
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lordievaderGood morning08:16
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yossarianukt minus 6 days !11:19
BluesKajHey all12:05
svend-evGood morning12:15
yossarianukis anyone aware of the reasons ? (I assume its loading stuff whilst the spash screen loads)   http://askubuntu.com/questions/684843/does-anything-useful-happen-during-the-kde-plasma5-splash-screen-load-delay-it12:15
soeeyossarianuk: i don't know the reason but have the same12:17
BluesKajI think the new splash screen and the 'look' is awful, looks too much like ubuntu colours, orange etc, the delay is annoying too and nobody seems to know what's causing it12:29
lolmausyossarianuk: wow.12:30
soeewell probably it waits for some apps/session data/settings or whatever to be loaded12:31
soeeso we just need to track it down :)12:31
BluesKajwish there some other splash screens available like in plasma 412:32
yossarianukBluesKaj: yes its odd there no other splash screens available - every other theme/style can be downloaded but not splash screens....13:15
BluesKajyossarianuk, the login screen has an option to use a background pic other than the default. I had file pic working for a while, but it disappeared after an upgrade .13:18
MoonUnit`huh, no knode in 15.1013:23
yossarianukBluesKaj: you can change the login pic13:24
yossarianukI have changed mine to a pic of Leadbelly..13:24
yossarianuksystem settings -> account details -> click on pic -> remove image -> click apply ->  click on image again and choose image -> apply13:25
yossarianukone thin though - I had to add blank space padding to the pic otherwise it looks stretched13:27
yossarianuk(i.e padding left/right)13:27
BluesKajyossarianuk, I'm on 15.1013:29
yossarianukBluesKaj: same I believe (I have 15.10 @ home and also have changed the pic to my boy.)13:44
yossarianukBTW - has anyone else upgraded to Android 6 ? (marshmellow)13:45
yossarianukIts a great update as battery life seems to be about 20 -30 better13:45
yossarianukhowever kubuntu no longer can connect via USB to see my files ?13:45
MoonUnit`still waiting for it on my nexus 7 201313:46
yossarianukits great except the fact that USB transfer seems broken13:47
MoonUnit`i usually install swiftp and connect to the phone via filezilla13:49
yossarianukMoonUnit`: really with andriod 4/5 on KDE I just unlock the phone - connect and can access fine via dolphon13:50
yossarianukhowever now when you plug it in nothing in dmesg at all - i've set it up mtp (you have to enable developer mode to enable that now)13:51
yossarianuk(I know this isn't  akubuntu issue)13:52
yossarianukas such...13:52
ejayHi all. How can I make so new windows and applications open on primary screen not secondary?13:57
BluesKajyossarianuk, there's no pic in acct details other than the personal one. I'm talking about the background pic on th elogin page.14:06
BluesKajthe login14:09
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rockysSo my usb with bootable kubuntu just wont boot anymore, any ideas why014:24
rockysWell, it will boot to the kubuntu logo, but blackscreen after that14:25
adbyour usb stick is only device pluged in usb?14:26
adbI took it when phone charged via usb14:26
rockyswell I mean the boot obviously works since it boots it and I can choose kubuntu and see the logo and all, but after that nothing happens14:27
BluesKajrockys, are you using the usb to run a persisitent ubuntu with making permanenet installation?14:29
BluesKajwithout  rather14:29
MoonUnit`i had a few problems with the livecd on usb, removed 'quiet splash' and kde started normally.14:33
rockysI made a normal kubuntu installation14:34
BluesKajrockys, so why are you using the usb to boot ?14:35
rockysCause kubuntu is installed on there_14:35
BluesKajtha's not a 'normal' install14:36
rockysI installed it from a live cd like you would with any installation14:37
rockysusing the @install@ option, not the livecd option14:37
BluesKaja normal install is to a hdd or a ssd , not a usb14:37
rockysand how is that relevant to anything14:38
rockysthe procedure is the same14:38
BluesKajperhaps if you explained yourself more clearly then it might be relevant14:39
rockysI already explained everything14:39
BluesKajok , nevermind, I'll leave it alone14:40
rockysif theres something you think I didnt explain well please say so cause otherwise I cant explain further since form my viewpoint ive allready explained everything14:41
BluesKajobvilously , but I'm no longer interested14:41
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ejayFireFox 41 is just garbage. Why Opera is not a default browser in Kubuntu? Opera is build on Qt, plasma is build on Qt.15:01
geniiOpera cannot be included as the default browser because of it's licensing restrictions15:06
geniiAlso they provide only binaries, which cannot be audited15:06
BluesKajejay,does opera still contain an email client ?15:12
ejayBluesKaj: to be honest - I have no clue15:13
ejaygenii: oh, ok. That makes sense.15:14
BluesKajI always liked opera, but seems it was trying to do too much , reminded me of the old netscaape back in the late 90's15:15
ejayFirefox is now full of useless crap15:16
BluesKajwell, a lot of websites are to balme too, they aren't adopting new technology like HTML5 and IPv615:17
BluesKajso we're stuck with garbage plugins that in soem cases are no longer supported15:18
BluesKajdamn spell check doesn't woirk yet on 15.1015:18
ejayI remember when I could surf on my old PC with 128MB of ram. Now I need GBs. And 30% of my CPU goes to youtube.15:19
BluesKajone week to go and there's still a lot to be doen15:19
simon_whats the kde version of notepad?15:22
mparilloKate is way better than notepad.15:23
Piciwell, notepad *is* rather spare15:23
geniiHeh, yes15:24
simon_awesome thanks again15:24
BluesKajnotepad is as minimalistic as it gets15:24
BluesKajdoesn't look like it's changed in 20 yrs15:25
aoteaAnyone getting Plasma died unexpectedly on shutdowns?15:27
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W8TAHGood Morning, Folks, I was working along on my new Kubuntu system (15.04) When I got a message that plasma had crashed, I rebooted the computer and logged in as normal and all I get is a black screen with my mouse cursor.  What do I do to get my desktop back?15:57
ejayW8TAH: remove ksycoca5 from .cache15:59
ejayand then run kbuildsycoca516:00
W8TAHejay I can't seem to get to a terminal to run a command like that (sorry, I'm 6 years out of practice)16:03
ejayW8TAH: you can change TTY16:04
ejaypress ctrl+alt+f216:04
ejayit will change your tty to text one16:04
W8TAHejay Stand by ... I'm trying it16:05
ejayW8TAH: good luck ;)16:06
W8TAHejay it's rebooting. What went wrong to cause the problem?16:10
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Khaotic_what happened to xchat system tray icons in 15.04?16:13
ejayW8TAH: that is a good question. I, personally, don't know but it's well known issue.16:13
W8TAHejay It worked!  Thank you very, very much.16:14
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gorilychhello. I have a problem with keyboard shortcuts stopping to work in kubuntu 15.10. Does anybody knows solution?16:51
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ejayJeez, any clever ideas how to fucking make plasma open apps on primary screen? I even made kwin rule to open everything on primary but fuck me I guess because it still open windows on secondary.18:45
soeebehave yourelf18:46
ejayMy elf is fine. This screen mess is not.18:47
BluesKajejay, let's keep this family friendly18:49
ejayBluesKaj: Oh, I'm sorry. My friendliness is on secondary screen and I can't access it becouse my second screen is not pluged in right now.18:50
BluesKajejay, 15.04 ? if so, there are a lot of problems with multiple screens not working properly and I have no idea how to fix them either with nvidia, amd/ati or any other gpu and drivers18:56
lordievaderejay: With this kind of attitude you will never receive any help.19:00
ejaylordievader: What kind of attitude you excpect? They made me to use plasma5 and it is not working. It's like FU, don't like it, then get lost. But imagine a normal person that just installed this and such basic thing is not working. I'm not even mentioning constant plasmashell crashes and poor performance. So annoying.19:03
denza242which version of 5 are you using?19:04
lordievaderejay: Remember we are all volunteers here. If you start shouting and using this kind of language people are simply less likely to help you.19:04
JeroenDeDauwSome KDE thing crashed and did not come back. I rebooted and it's still not back. No task bar at the bottom, the task runner thing you get with alt+f2 is showing but not working...21:54
clivejoJeroenDeDauw: what version of Kubuntu?21:55
denza242JeroenDeDauw: er, can you be a bit more specific21:55
JeroenDeDauwclivejo: 15.0421:56
JeroenDeDauwdenza242: kinda hard, I don't know what this stuff is called, else I'd google it21:56
denza242JeroenDeDauw: the desktop? or a specific program?21:57
clivejodid you run a KDE app as root (ie like sudo dolphin)21:57
clivejosounds like the permissions of some files needed by Plasma have changed21:58
bpromptJeroenDeDauw:    drop to a terminal and type in -> kstart plasmashell & <---- what do you get?21:59
JeroenDeDauwclivejo: you guessed the exact command I ran yes ;p22:02
aoteaWhy run it as sudo :P? Just curious22:03
clivejoJeroenDeDauw: its a common issue!  but kills plasma22:03
clivejoIve done it myself22:03
JeroenDeDauwI've just removed .cache and rebooted. Seems to have fixed things... missing the bar at the bottom now though22:03
JeroenDeDauwEasy to add again anyway22:04
clivejoyou need to fix the permissions22:04
JeroenDeDauwclivejo: where22:04
JeroenDeDauwaotea: stupidity mostly :)22:04
* clivejo scratches head22:04
clivejoI forget22:04
clivejois it .config in your home22:05
JeroenDeDauweverything directly in .config is owned by me22:06
clivejowhat about .kde ?22:06
JeroenDeDauwclivejo: perhaps it was just in .cache? Everything seems to work fine now22:08
bpromptcould always just do a -> chown MYSELF * -R22:08
bpromptwell... on ~ folder that is22:08
clivejoJeroenDeDauw: it was that very issue made me come to this channel over 6 months ago22:09
clivejoI was running sudo dolphin and kept breaking it!22:10
aoteaHow long does it usually take distros to go stable? Only tried ubuntu before this and can't remember having as many issues. Don't take me wrong, love kubuntu and wish it all the best22:11
JeroenDeDauwbprompt: thanks22:13
JeroenDeDauwclivejo: perhaps this is some evil plot from the kde devs to make this channel more popular?22:13
bpromptJeroenDeDauw:    could ask them yourself at #kubuntu-devel =P22:14
bpromptaotea:  hmmm 15.10 is out of RC on the 22nd IIRC22:15
bpromptso.. 3 more days22:16
clivejoJeroenDeDauw: well it worked in my case!22:16
aoteabprompt: I'm still 15.04 and every other reboot just gets me a balckscreen, though maybe that's plasma acting up or something. Wish I was better and knowing my problems :P22:17
bpromptcould be :)22:21
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convictI don't know if this is the right place, but I install kubunut-desktop and it seems that no matter what I do I can't change my icon in system settings. I tried clearing the iconcache folder that I've seen some people mention online but nothin seems to do the trick for me.22:25
convictHmm. It appears that the GTK theme was overriding the kde themes I guess. Weird.22:29
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Mx_Hi, maybe anyone can help me. I looking for a solution to install Kubuntu in a EFI Mode. But it wasn`t successfull. An Ubuntu was possible to boot if i modify the grub.cfg like this point:22:51
Mx_menuentry "Try Ubuntu without installing" { search -n -u --set=root 9D38-31C7 set gfxpayload=keep linux/casper/vmlinuz.efi  file=/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper quiet splash locale=de_DE bootkbd=de console-setup/layoutcode=de -- initrd/casper/initrd.lz }22:51
Mx_can anybody tell me how it works with the kubuntu?22:51
Vtec234Hello, do you guys use Mopidy with the system Media Player (the one in the tray)? It is said to work out of the box with the Ubuntu Sound Menu http://mopidy.readthedocs.org/en/latest/clients/mpris/ but it doesn't seem to integrate with the KDE player. are there plugins for that?23:02
denza242Vtec234: are you referring to the media player plasmoid?23:03
denza242or the media player controls plasmoid23:04
Vtec234denza242: hmm, i'm not sure. i mean the one with the play or stop icon that shows up in the system tray on the panel when e.g. the official spotify client is running23:05
Mx_Ah got it. My problem is solved23:05
Vtec234denza242: media player controls23:05
denza242I mean if it does use D-Bus, it should work23:06
denza242hmm, one sec23:06
denza242Vtec234: er, how is modipy used/23:10
denza242do you use a frontend, or can you directly use it?23:10
Vtec234it sends audio to the designated channel and can run in the background, but i believe a frontend must be used to actually tell it to play something23:11
denza242and it's an MPD server right?23:11
Vtec234it does implement the mpd protocol http://mopidy.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ext/mpd/ . it uses its own code though23:12
denza242Vtec234: which frontend do you use?23:14
Vtec234denza242: right now just mopify https://github.com/dirkgroenen/mopidy-mopify , so a web client. my goal is to have it working through the media player controls so that i can tell it what to play and then just pause it from the tray when needed23:16
denza242Vtec234: I think that's the problem, that it doesn't use d-bus23:18
Vtec234denza242:how do you know? and what does it use then?23:20
denza242er, actually I'm not sure if it uses d-bus or not23:20
denza242I'm just assuming that's why it isn't showing up23:21
denza242i guess I could check, but that might take a while23:21
Vtec234i tried finding out something, but there isn;t much info about the plasmoid23:21
jbermudesIs there a "clear all" button for the notifications panel?23:22
denza242Vtec234: I don't know much about the plasmoid either, just that it uses d-bus to communicate with clients23:23
denza242somehow implementing this might work, but again, I'm not exactly sure http://code.google.com/p/v8-dbus/23:25
Vtec234hmm ill try to experiment with mpd clients23:25
denza242Vtec234: sorry I couldn't help much23:28

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