asdpa(15.04) My taskbar just has "Run" and "Logout" on it, and I don't know how to get my applications back07:24
asdpaIs there a terminal command to open lxpanel-menu settings?07:30
hateballYou cant rightclick the panel at all?07:30
asdpaI can, but panel preferences isn't what I want07:34
asdpaI want to get back "System Tools" and the like07:34
asdpaNow I'm getting "Invalid menu directory" when I click on the PCManFM launcher on the dock...if anyone out there can see this, how can I fix this?07:38
asdpa"Invalid menu directory: Accessories/PCManFM.desktop" is what I see. I don't know how I screwed this up, but I need help!07:41
utu8ois it possible to connect a desktop computer to a lubuntu laptop and share the wireless internet with the desktop?08:06
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Guest1_Is samba nessesary to sharing folders and files on lubuntu ? Is there other ways ?16:48
aedigitali think nfs is good16:56
geniiFor *nix-*nix nfs is good, but if you want to share stuff with Windows, you're pretty much stuck with samba16:59
Lubuntu2How can i connect a external HDD ? It will not read. Is lubuntu supports NTFS ?20:44
Lubuntu2How to mount the extwrnal HD  ?20:59
redwolfyes, NTFS is supported20:59
redwolfhow are you trying to connect it?21:00
Lubuntu2I connect with USB.21:05
redwolfuse gnome-disks to see what kind of this it is21:06
redwolfbut it should connect21:06
Lubuntu2It is 320GB NTFS.21:06
redwolfwhat Lubuntu version do you have? even it's not important21:07
redwolfand your PC?21:07
Lubuntu2It is 14.04.3. a nettbook.21:08
redwolfthen it's non sense, it should work21:08
Lubuntu2The disk works fine in windows.21:08
redwolfdid you format it using Windows or Linux?21:09
Lubuntu2I just started to work.21:09
Lubuntu2I learn something new.21:09
Lubuntu2I needed to remove a cable. i used a external sata to the windows.21:10
Lubuntu2thanks anyway.21:10
redwolfokies :D21:10
tachibanahelp ive installed lubuntu desktop over xubuntu and the xubuntu bootup screen appears and I would like the sleek sexy lubuntu startup screen thanstead21:30
wxl!purelxde | tachibana21:32
ubottutachibana: If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »21:32
tachibanaokay thank you21:32
tachibanamuchlove hopefully this guide doesn't corrupt my install and set me back to square 1 again like the other few guides I tried21:33
wxltachibana: we've recommended it for years without problems that i'm aware of21:33
wxltachibana: personally, though, i think doing a lubuntu install is going to make your life happier XD you could always copy your /home folder and copy it back21:34
tachibanalubuntu-desktop has already helped me alot21:40
redwolfanyway, tachibana, if you want to change your plymouth (splash) theme use this command: sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth21:42
tachibanahere we go21:42
redwolfif anything goes wrong (I doubt it) you can always use "sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop --reinstall" to fix it :)21:43
tachibanaoh yeah lol21:44
tachibanain there like swim wear21:47
redwolfit went fine, I guess :)21:48

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