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BluesKajHey all12:05
gorilychhello. I have KDE 5.4.2 on kubuntu 15.10. Sometimes keyboard shortcuts stop working. Is this a known problem?16:59
vitimitiI'm trying to do sudo unity8-lxc-setup and after uninstalling systemd-sysv, there's an infinite loop of errors saying the petition to uninstall ubuntu-standard and systemd-sysv because they aren't installed. I'm using the official LXC PPA on Wily, does somebody know how to fix this?17:16
Smedleshi all - just realised, whilst i updated to wily a month or so ago, uname -r still reports a 3.19 kernel....22:20
FauxDo you lack linux-image-generic ?22:22
SmedlesFaux: installing that now22:23
Smedlesmy other machine running 15.10 does have 4.2.x installed - so I guess something went awry during upgrade22:24
Fauxlinux-image-generic is just a pointer to a good kernel, it's very unlikely it would get uninstalled; more likely it was never there to start with.  virtual install / odd media?22:25
Smedlessystem was originally installed from usb flash - 15.04 IIRC, then  upgraded to 15.1022:26
Smedlesbooted now, but can't logon, returns to unity logon screen; command line boots ok and can logon22:27
Smedleslooks like i need to reinstall nvidia drivers22:39
Smedlesgot a desktop backup, but no unity dock....22:46
Smedlesand a bunch of 'kept-back' packages after removing nvidia drivers...22:47

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