dholbachgood morning06:50
DanChapmangood morning o/07:23
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dholbachjdstrand, should we release a new click-reviewers-tools to wily?09:23
dholbachor should we try to land the two current MPs (https://code.launchpad.net/click-reviewers-tools/+activereviews) before that still? or doesn't it matter?09:24
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snizzoin a qmake project how can I put an equivalent of "QT += sql"?12:16
snizzoah found12:23
voldymanhow should i implement discovering services across devices on a network (like my laptop is running a program which can find all the phones running an app which are on the network)12:31
voldymanis there a standard or should i just use ip multicasts?12:32
jdstranddholbach: re crt> it is fairly up to date. I uploaded it last week I think14:05
dholbachok cool14:05
jdstranddholbach: I have a few more changes I'd like to make for the next version14:05
jdstrandie, that testsuite branch and a tarball check14:06
dholbachok nice14:08
dholbachI just wasn't sure if anything should go into ubuntu before release next week14:08
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Pyro_Is here polish ?21:04
Pyro_I po co ja to piszę po angielsku XD21:04
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