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Pwnnafor wily, has anyone seen a bug where the computer is not responsive to input (not to pings, not to keyboard, bluetooth mouse, usb devices, does not connect to new usb devices), BUT for some reason, my clock is still ticking, in fact, there's a webapp on screen at that moment where it has a timer that's still ticking05:32
Pwnnanothing in syslog05:32
Pwnnanothing in Xorg.log05:33
Pwnna[+13630.10s] DEBUG: DisplayServer x-1: X server stopped in lightdm.log/05:36
Pwnnaputting a charger into the laptop did not make the indicator go to charge mode, the clock keeps ticking, tho05:37
Pwnnathis is all xfce, but since even the capslock light is not turning up when i press it, i suspect a deeper issue?05:37
Pwnnasounds like aliens/cosmic rays05:39
Pwnnabut this happened twice today.05:39
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