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fgintherSaviq, I've switched back to the original unity-phablet-qmluitests-wily and added a fix for the missing PPA. I'll take another look starting next week (I'm off Friday).03:44
MirvI can handle any qtpurchasing builds, yes04:37
Mirvthose were probably old instructions, the packaging is simply at https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/qtpurchasing-opensource-src04:37
Mirv...and yeah Wellark's branch was not based on  lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/qtpurchasing-opensource-src but he just continued to push to his own branch04:40
robruMirv: yeah I had some struggles with that today, builds test7 and test8 are probably garbage.05:19
robruMirv: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/phablet-tools/trunk/view/300/citrain#L76 lol, those were the days :'-)05:25
Mirvyeah I'll just double check with wellark and push test906:29
MirvI had my Bq flashing in the morning about a system update (that was not there actually), but it seems I was not the only one.06:45
* Mirv reads other channels' backlogs06:48
jibelMirv, an image has been mistakenly copied and removed immediately06:52
jibelMirv, you received a notification but no update could be applied right?06:52
oSoMoNjibel, I have a fix for bug #1501330 (which indeed is a regression introduced in OTA7), is that something we can consider sneaking in, or is it way too late?07:06
ubot5`bug 1501330 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "[webapp-container] Crash with open context menu" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150133007:06
jibeloSoMoN, no it is too late07:08
oSoMoNtoo bad, but fair enough07:08
oSoMoNoh well in case of an ota7.1 we’ll be ready :)07:09
jibeloSoMoN, I confirmed with Pat yesterday07:09
jibeloSoMoN, yes07:09
jibeloSoMoN, tagged for hotfix07:10
abeatoMirv, jibel same happened to me, I saw the notification but no update available07:12
Mirvjibel: exactly like that, I read now that it was the case (mistaken copy)07:13
Mirvjibel: of course our system updater might also check that "update is no longer there" and not blink everyone's phone07:13
jibelMirv, abeato it's good actually that there was no update, just a notification.07:13
jibelthe silo cards bot is back online, landings ready for QA  are polled every 10 minutes07:37
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Laneysil2100: Mirv: can I only publish some packages in a silo?10:15
sil2100Laney: you mean, like selective publishing? I guess the train now publishes all packages in a silo, so sadly you can't do that without removing them from the PPA10:21
Laneysil2100: like https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-001-2-publish/118/console10:25
LaneyI really just want to upload compiz and unity, the others already went in10:25
Laneywe had to rebuild those two10:25
Laneyshall I just do a binary copy and force merge later?10:25
sil2100Laney: you could do that, but also what you could do is for instance remove the other packages that already went in and re-run the publish job, or (if that doesn't break anything) simply re-publish everything, as the already released bits should just get rejected10:27
Laneythat log is re-publishing, it bails on a version check10:27
Laneyif I remove them won't it forget to merge the branches when we m&c?10:27
sil2100I think there's a force flag for re-publishing10:27
sil2100Ouch, ugly paste10:28
xavigarciasil2100: hey! is there any problem on ppc64 for Jenkins?10:33
xavigarciasil2100: I get dependency errors when building a package, but it builds fine for ARM10:34
xavigarciasil2100: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/indicator-sound-wily-armhf-ci/45/console https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/indicator-sound-wily-amd64-ci/45/console10:34
sil2100xavigarcia: hey! You would need to ping the CI team for that10:34
sil2100xavigarcia: use cihelp :)10:35
xavigarciasil2100: ok, sorry, and thanks10:35
xavigarciacihelp:  hey! is there any problem on ppc64 for Jenkins?10:35
xavigarciacihelp: ^ see my previous messages, with the links to the console outputs. Same package builds fine for ARM but not for PPC6410:37
oSoMoNcihelp: since yesterday I’m seeing all webbrowser-app-vivid-amd64-ci jobs fail, aborting because of build dependencies/conflicts unsatisfied, any clue what might be going on there? an example failed job is https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/webbrowser-app-vivid-amd64-ci/1116/console10:49
cjwatsonxavigarcia: Um?  The dependency errors that you're quoting are on amd64, not ppc64 (which Jenkins doesn't support).10:55
xavigarciacjwatson: sorry I meant amd6411:01
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popeycihelp can someone help me understand why jenkins is ignoring this? https://code.launchpad.net/~gang65/ubuntu-clock-app/ubuntu-clock-app-disabled-alarm-fix/+merge/27466112:15
oSoMoNcjwatson, the issue I pinged cihelp about earlier seems to be the same that affects xavigarcia12:42
cjwatsonYeah I can't help with it more than observing the corrected architecture name though12:44
nik90balloons, popey: Could you check why https://code.launchpad.net/~gang65/ubuntu-clock-app/ubuntu-clock-app-disabled-alarm-fix/+merge/274661 is not being merged by jenkins. It has been top-approved and is the last MP before sending clock to QA12:49
* nik90 brb in 30 mins12:49
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popeynik90: i asked in here ~30 mins ago :)12:57
jgdxMirv, silo 26 failed to build, and I see dbus is involved there13:04
jgdxI also have a build failing on wily amd64 related to dbus13:05
jgdxI'm just throwing that out there13:05
Mirvjgdx: 026 is about arm64 builds though, not amd6413:07
Mirvbut, I don't know about the actual pieces failing there, just the qtpurchasing package13:08
jgdxMirv, ugh, i have to learn how to read13:08
Mirvjgdx: I do that very often too :)13:08
Mirvthe (aaaa)aarch64 would have been so much better13:08
jgdxMirv, btw, could you drop ubuntu-push from silo 21?13:10
jgdxI'm unable to13:10
Mirvjgdx: done13:11
jgdxMirv, ty13:12
MirvWellark: so, robru's ~test8 build seems fine but you might want to rebase properly on lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/qtpurchasing-opensource-src before submitting next upload request to someone else than me to avoid confusion13:13
MirvWellark: I merged the rev 10 of your branch in and the results matches what got uploaded13:13
nik90popey: oh ok :)13:26
balloonsping cihelp. I see the clock app jobs are depending on utopic, and have been stuck waiting on a utopic slave for almost 8 hours. ubuntu-clock-app-vivid-amd64-autolanding13:46
balloonsThey should be running on vivid only, utopic slaves are shut down anyway13:46
josephtballoons, popey, nik90: I'm looking at the clock-app now13:47
pstolowskihello trainguards, i'm not able to mark silo 4 ready for qa for some reason, after hitting 'Ready for QA' i'm back in bileto overview page, and the status of this silo remains unchanged13:52
abeatoMirv, hi, I have created  https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/523 to land the mpris changes in vivid14:02
abeatoMirv, we need to upload qtmultimedia14:02
abeatoMirv, I have applied the playlist patch in the source package in http://people.canonical.com/~abeato/qtmultimedia-opensource-src/14:03
abeatoMirv, would it be possible to upload it to silo 16?14:04
abeatoMirv, to sync vivid changes to wily I meant14:06
pstolowskirobru, hey, do you know what's wrong with silo 4/bileto (see my earlier message)14:35
josephtballoons, popey, nik90: it looks like that jenkins slave ('utopic-slave') is dead.15:07
josephtballoons: can you get that job moved to your core-apps jenkaas deployment?15:07
josephtballoons: s/moved/ported/15:08
balloonsjosepht, it shouldn't need to depend on the utopic slave. It can use the vivid one yes?15:10
josephtballoons: no, the other slaves all exhibit the llvm issue :(15:12
balloonsjosepht, ahh right right.15:13
balloonsjosepht, well, what do you mean by 'dead' then? Is the old service really really telling us to move on15:13
josephtballoons: the canonistack instance is unreachable and unrecoverable15:14
balloonsjosepht, so this effectively is the end of the old service yes?15:19
josephtballoons: yes15:19
josephtxavigarcia: we've offlined a bad jenkins slave and I've rekicked the CI job for that MP.15:23
xavigarciajosepht: ok... thanks15:24
jibelrvr, something's wrong with the need qa sign off lane, did people stopped reviewing their MPs?15:29
rvrjibel: I just blocked one silo15:29
rvrjibel: But you have blocked many more15:30
jibelrvr, and I blocked everything else15:30
rvrjibel: Must be xmas time15:30
rvrand we haven't noticed ;)15:30
rvr8 blocked silos15:31
jibeldbarth, pstolowski mzanetti can you make sure all the MPs are reviewed and top approved before marking silos ready for QA15:32
pstolowskijibel, will do, sorry15:34
brendandsil2100, do you think we could squeeze qttestability-autopilot in the image? it's 43K15:38
jibelbrendand, file a bug with the rationale against canonical-devices-system-image15:41
pstolowskijibel, alecu we need to put silo 4 (inline playback) on hold unfortunately, qa-ready reverted, we found out that https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtubuntu-media/+bug/1496736 is still not fixed15:43
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1496736 in qtubuntu-media (Ubuntu) "currentSource of Playlist gets set to empty" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:43
jhodapppstolowski, yeah got that one on the list of things to fix, going through them one-by-one15:44
jibelpstolowski, ack15:45
pstolowskijhodapp, ack, thanks15:46
jhodapppstolowski, is that silo 4's only blocker?15:46
pstolowskijhodapp, yes15:46
Saviqtrainguards, drop ubuntu-touch-session from silo 22 please?15:52
sil2100brendand: 43K sounds nice - no additional deps?15:52
sil2100Saviq: let me take care of that in a min15:52
Saviqsil2100, tx15:52
sil2100Saviq: removed15:53
sil2100(the packages from the PPA)15:53
brendandsil2100, i just checked it seems to pull in autopilot itself but that seems wrong15:55
brendandsil2100, if we can't change that then maybe not, otherwise it would be good15:56
dbarthjibel: ack16:31
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