mhall119wxl: is he an Ubuntu member?01:03
dholbachgood morning06:50
philipballewdholbach, hen man07:04
dholbachhen man? :)07:05
dholbachhey philipballew07:05
philipballewshoot, I typed that and wanted to say hey dholbach07:06
dholbachthought so :)07:06
philipballewapparently I have a subconscious love for chickens07:06
davidcalleMorning o/07:31
dholbachsalut davidcalle07:34
davidcalledpm, dholbach, popey, fyi, I'm starting on social media figures07:42
dholbachdpm, davidcalle, popey: do you guys still need anything from me?07:42
davidcalledholbach, always :D07:43
* dholbach awaits details07:43
dpmdholbach, I think I'm fine, yesterday was a bit of a distractive day with the security incident, but will definitely ping you if I need something :)07:43
dholbachok, cool07:44
davidcalledholbach, nothing for me as well :)07:44
dholbachit's snowing here in Bavaria - it's the wet kind of snow, but still: it's mid October!07:44
dpmoh wow07:46
davidcalledholbach, o_O08:06
davidcalledpm, done with social stats08:19
* davidcalle notes that we are missing identi.ca figures08:21
* dpm hasn't heard that name mentioned in 5 years08:24
philipballewmaybe you guys need a Myspace and Diaspora page while you are at it.08:28
dpma My...what!??? :)08:29
* dholbach goes and tends to his tamagotchi08:36
popey :)08:37
dholbachdavidcalle, new twist in the md-import story: in my simple test-case imported articles end up in the wrong place in the tree structure no matter if it's sqlite or postgres11:04
* davidcalle jumps out the window11:05
dholbachI'll play around with it a bit more, then write up instructions along with test-case and push up a branch which outputs some more debug info11:06
dholbachdavidcalle, I feel like this is going to be a much more fixable problem than having to figure out why sqlite and postgres behave differently :)11:06
* davidcalle comes back with a kebab11:07
davidcalledholbach, looking forward to trying it, do you think our approach needs to be changed or we'll be able to fix the current design?11:07
dholbachI could imagine that it's a matter of doing it wrong11:08
dholbachunfortunately there are not too many examples of the cms.api.create_page() usage (or messing around with the tree structure)11:09
dholbachdavidcalle, and nice trick jumping out of the window just to return with a kebab11:09
davidcalledholbach, I've looked into the cms source to understand it, but it ended up being quite intricate (you know how django is with long-distance imports and a lot of files involved)11:10
davidcalledholbach, I'm actually going to grab a real one now :) brb11:11
jcastrohey dpm12:45
jcastrodid you get my mail wrt fosdem/cfgmgmtcamp?12:45
dpmjcastro, hey12:46
dpmsorry, I did, but I haven't had the chance to look at it yet12:46
jcastrooh ok, just making sure you got it12:47
jcastroit's still 107+ days out, so no worries12:47
dpmjcastro, can it wait until Monday, or is this something you need me to look at today? I don't want to be a blocker12:47
jcastroI am not blocking on anything12:47
dpmok, cool12:47
jcastroI was just making sure it's on your radar at some point12:47
jcastrohowever if you guys get slammed I need to do fosdem anyway so I can help lead the planning if you'd like12:48
dpmyes, it is, I'm all over events atm :)12:48
dpmit might be good to catch up on it next Wed on the team call then12:49
dpmare you on the road next week?12:49
jcastronope, back to normalcy until the end of the year12:49
dpmok, cool12:49
dpmso I'll look at it before and we can then discuss the details and look at events in the team call12:49
jcastroyeah I have a call with the events planner on Monday so by wed I should know what's going on.12:50
dpmdholbach, popey, davidcalle, unless I'm missing something, I haven't seen much of a media reaction re: the security incident, have you?12:54
dholbachno, not up until now12:55
popeyi think the fact that the number of affected users was so small, and we dropped it from the store so rapidly, really helped us12:58
popeybut if the app had been named "WhatsApp" we would have probably had more issues12:58
dholbachdavidcalle, I'm back to where I was earlier - it breaks postgres and sqlite is fine13:08
dholbachsorry for the confusion earlier13:08
davidcalledholbach, oh13:08
dholbachI had a couple of test environments open - I guess I was looking at the wrong thing13:09
davidcalledholbach, so I guess the difference comes from the way django interacts with db types, or the way/order the db processes commands13:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 1506861 in developer-ubuntu-com "Markdown article importer messes up article tree" [Undecided,New]13:11
dholbachdavidcalle, I was thinking that if somebody confirmed the test case and it all made generally made sense, I'd ask upstream for help13:16
dholbachdavidcalle, I think I'm going crazy13:23
dholbachah, no13:23
dholbach /o\13:23
davidcalledholbach, hmm...13:24
davidcalle(I'm trying to test it, but my mouse cursor has suddenly disappeared)13:25
davidcalle(not your fault)13:25
popeydpm: dholbach http://www.heise.de/security/meldung/Auch-Ubuntu-Phone-hat-seine-Sicherheitsluecken-2849370.html just went live13:26
popeyi can't read that foreign tho13:26
dholbachit states the facts, no judgement or anything13:27
dholbachbut the title says "Ubuntu Phone also has its security holes"13:27
popeythe usual heise way13:27
popeywell, it did13:27
dpmah, thanks popey for the heads up13:29
dholbachdavidcalle, sorry - had to update the instructions again - let me know which problem you're seeing :)13:37
* davidcalle gives up on mouse cursor, restarts session13:39
dholbachI promise - I didn't steal davidcalle's mouse cursor!13:42
dholbachdavidcalle, it wasn't me!13:43
popeyI am impressed at the reaction to Lukasz' mail on the phone list.13:58
popeypeople are super positive and thankful they're getting detailed insights when things mess up13:59
davidcallepopey, +114:05
davidcalledholbach, can confirm your test case14:05
dholbachthanks davidcalle14:06
dholbachdoes it generally make sense?14:06
davidcalledholbach, it does14:06
dholbachok cool14:07
dholbachmaybe I'll just send it off to djangocms in a bit14:08
davidcalledholbach, your script is super useful, I'm removing all the special casing done for the "current" namespace and things like hidden landing pages.14:27
davidcalleAnd iterating with a clean db is so nice :)14:27
* dholbach hugs davidcalle14:28
davidcalledholbach, on a related note, nope, these ^ are not involved in the issue14:28
dholbachdavidcalle, thanks a lot for confirming and helping out14:39
dholbachdpm, snappy clinic for Monday is scheduled and we've got the content almost together as well :)15:41
dpmgreat work dholbach!15:42
dholbachand I'll contact the djangocms folks with a testcase in a bit too15:42
dpmdholbach, do we have a URL we can point folks to? I think it'd be good to start announcing the clinic on the social media today, if the date is set15:42
dholbachdpm, yes - I'm on it15:43
dholbachdpm, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/snappy-app-devel/2015-October/000400.html15:57
dholbachI'll blog it too15:58
josedholbach: it's on the calendar now16:03
dholbachthanks a bunch jose!16:03
dpmthanks dholbach!16:08
dpmand thanks jose!16:09
josenp :)16:09
joseare those gonna be regulars?16:09
davidcalledpm, do you need anything else for the presentation?16:15
dpmdavidcalle, that's all for now, thanks so much16:18
davidcalledpm, cool :)16:18
* davidcalle drives home, ttyl all and have a nice week-end o/16:19
dpmhave a nice one davidcalle!16:19
davidcalleThanks :)16:19
dholbachjose, yeah, but we'll have to figure out which time works best for them16:23
dholbachso probably not regularly at the time yte16:23
dholbachdpm, mhall119: I posted  https://bugs.launchpad.net/developer-ubuntu-com/+bug/1506861  with some context to https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/django-cms but it hasn't turned up there yet.......16:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 1506861 in developer-ubuntu-com "Markdown article importer messes up article tree" [Critical,New]16:23
dholbachI'll check later on again16:23
dholbachbut will go offline for dinner and weekend stuff now16:24
dholbachhave a good one everyone!16:24
=== willcooke_ is now known as willcooke
wxlmhall119: not to be pesty but any luck on the community donations request?17:57
wxlalso, did we get enough nominations for the cc? i'd like to post a blog up somewhat in time with when the announcement of candidates goes out. anyone know when?17:57
czajkowskiwxl: waiting on mark to review the nominations20:14
wxlczajkowski: but you do have enough nominations? or not sure?20:17
czajkowskiwxl: I've not counted them all I think we do but not access to my email right now as in the middle of stuff20:19
wxlnp, czajkowski. thank you :)20:19

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