Bashing-omdaftykins: I joined the channel 15 minutes ago, 3 users ! I had to consider that the world was ending .00:18
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wileeeheh, you get an iou in iowa for more than a 600$ lottery win till state budget talks finalize00:55
pauljwthat's priceless...00:55
wileeecirca NBC nightly news00:58
pauljwlater wileee01:04
wileeeand late01:26
lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:22
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Quiet on the Western front, maybe too quiet .03:23
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: did you see that guy again with his prime issue?03:24
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: No, was curious how that went . Never like leaving some one hanging .03:25
lotuspsychjeyeah me neither, tryed to help the guy out, but he didnt reply anymore and i had to leave myself03:25
lotuspsychjedidnt see him since03:26
Bashing-omgetting CUDA working .. sometimes a challenge . Used to be a real bear back in 12.04 .03:27
lotuspsychjecuda and prime are such a mess for most users03:27
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-cuda03:27
ubot5`Package nvidia-cuda does not exist in vivid03:27
lotuspsychje!find cuda03:27
ubot5`Found: boinc-nvidia-cuda, libcuda1-331, libcuda1-331-updates, libcudart6.5, nvidia-cuda-dev, nvidia-cuda-doc, nvidia-cuda-gdb, nvidia-cuda-toolkit, python-pycuda-doc, libcuda1-304 (and 5 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=cuda&searchon=names&suite=vivid&section=all03:27
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: is it that toolkit?03:28
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Not reasl sure anymore .. used to be nvidia-cuda-toolkit .03:29
lotuspsychjeyeah i think thats the one03:29
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Think Nvidia has now gone in a different direction ; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Cuda .03:31
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: yeah tnx03:33
Bashing-omLeaveing it in better hands, will see yall on my flip.04:02
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: nite nite mate04:03
Bashing-omLater !04:04
lordievaderGood morning08:17
OerHeksmorning lordievader08:18
lordievaderHey OerHeks, how are you doing?08:19
OerHeksi am good, thank you for asking, how is wily going?08:20
lordievaderNo idea...08:21
lordievaderLast time I ran it, it was okay.08:21
OerHeksoh, i thought you were testing it.08:21
lordievaderWell, it is on a test box. But I don't really have a purpose for it. So really testing it becomes somewhat time consuming.08:22
BluesKajHey all12:05
OerHeksdaftykins, sorry, i could not resist ..15:14
daftykinsi smiled :)15:16
daftykinsdoes X not start with no display attached o015:36
OerHeksdaftykins, it is an strange story, as it has a beamer attached15:38
daftykinsi guess it just needs to sit there and record these projector streams and not be visible itself15:39
daftykinsbut yeah you would think it could be plugged in and just not be used15:39
cfhowlettyou know, it's very confusing to enter these threads sometimes.  It's located in the little cabin above the beamer?  what the deuce!15:40
OerHeksfriday issues .. like some dutch computer sites, friday articles are allways funny15:40
daftykinsmy guess is in the university lecture hall there's a bracket with shelves that the projector lives on, suspended from the ceiling15:40
OerHeksi want to know the exact height, dimension and colour too!15:41
cfhowlettbeamer = BMW you know ...15:43
OerHeks... scotty!15:44
daftykinscfhowlett: yeah i was thinking that too15:45
daftykinsa little PC recording lecturers attached to a BMW in a lecture hall15:45
daftykinsi imagined a very odd looking room :)15:45
DosTuMaiWoooo. Laptop is fixed. Finally. @_@15:53
DosTuMaiLinux dostumai-Aspire-5315 3.16.0-50-generic #67~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 2 22:08:53 UTC 2015 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux15:54
DosTuMaiNo issues for me. The bugs been fixed for those with problems?15:55
daftykinswhich problems? you're on an old HWE stack there15:58
daftykins3.16 is the utopic HWE for trusty, ancient++15:59
daftykinsyou should either be on trusty's stock 3.13, vivid's 3.19, or soon enough i'm sure there'll be a wily 4.215:59
DosTuMaiYah, just noticed... thought I'd gone through all the upgrades. Gimme a few to meld the atoms in my head with the wall's, then upgrade distro...16:01
daftykinsoh you can skip that step #1 ;)16:01
DosTuMaiD'aww, but that's the most fun step!16:02
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daftykinsyep, it's the weekend alright18:29
OerHekshe he .. i am going into reserve mode, only the real problems.18:30
OerHekswhat linux are you using? i install gnome. (should i fish for more?)18:32
daftykinsi sense here be dragons, OerHeks ;)18:32
DosTuMaiBeat me to the #debian, OerHeks. xD18:33
OerHekssomeone make me coffee, or let my dog out!18:34
DosTuMaisudo make coffee /usr/OerHeks18:36
* DosTuMai adds home made doughnuts to that.18:36
OerHeksgrep donuts | tee -a $ALL18:37
daftykinsi'll take the dog for a walk if there's coffee and doughnuts when i return18:37
DosTuMaiWont be any left if I'm involved...18:38
daftykinsi'll fight you for them!18:38
daftykinsexcept you're a lass, so i guess i'd lose by default18:38
* DosTuMai idly brandishes a large, black dildo in daftykins' general direction.18:39
daftykinsDosTuMai: i find you far too naughty to be a mild mannered Linux running lass18:47
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DosTuMaiI'm an ex-army Linux running mountainbiking lass. So 'mild mannered' comes out as an unknown grep error.18:50
OerHeksnice, i a have no driving license, so bike a lot.18:51
DosTuMai2 wheels are better than 4.18:54
OerHekscheaper yeah18:54
DosTuMaiAnd more fun.18:54
Bashing-om^^ and the 2 wheels utilize a renewable resource . :)18:55
OerHeksMy dog loves to ride too18:55
OerHeksa car goes too fast, and then he misses "ohhh see that cute dog!"18:55
DosTuMaiCalorie-propelled vehicles! =D18:55
OerHeksno parking problems18:55
DosTuMaiDepends on the kind of bike, and the area you're parking in...18:56
DosTuMaiI miss my trail dog. She was awesome.18:56
DosTuMaiFYI: Debian doesn't like disabling search on Gnome. You need to make your own GUI for that.18:59
OerHeksI got banned multiple times from debian.19:00
DosTuMaiIs there anywhere you don't get banned from? xD19:01
OerHeksThey hate my cloak, i guess.19:01
OerHeksnope, not even christian channels.19:01
DosTuMaiI get banned from christian channels regularly for being a satal worshipping, baby eating, murdering atheist lesbian...19:03
OerHeksHeks = Witch ( dutch)19:03
OerHeksSo you like babies too ?19:03
DosTuMaiOhyus, doesn't everyone like talking sausages? Or in some circles; the other _other_ white meat.19:04
daftykinsoh yeah we were talking about the bikes before i left, weren't we19:05
daftykinsmy brain misfiled that entire convo.19:05
DosTuMaiWe were, but now it's moved on to how tasty small children are in a mango sauce.19:06
daftykinshmm i should do food about now as it goes19:07
DosTuMaiAlready eaten, I had mac & cheese with loads of bacon.19:08
OerHeksRice and Beans tonight ..19:11
EriC^^burger king here19:12
DosTuMaiRice and beans as in West-Indian rice 'n' pea?19:12
EriC^^( homor simpson drool )19:12
OerHeksYes, and chicken, sate, and some weird stuff from a jar.19:14
DosTuMaiWooo, Das Hoff on the radio! *Dances liek a True Survivor.*19:14
DosTuMaiSounds soooo nice, OerHeks.19:14
OerHeksBut money?no, i got no money19:15
OerHeksShip with money should be comming in.19:15
DosTuMaiDon't need much of that stuff.19:15
OerHeksAs long as my dog got his food, i am oke.19:15
EriC^^happy dog, happy furniture19:17
OerHeksHe leaves my shoes and furniture alone. up to now.19:19
DosTuMaiI've got a cat that's obsessed with sleeping on my shoes.19:23
HackerIIis his name boots ?19:24
DosTuMaiNo, her name is Olivia.19:24
DosTuMaiAwesome link, HackerII. Reminds me not to move to US.19:26
HackerIIwell, the nsa is world wide, dont kid urself19:28
HackerIIand at this point, the tech they have were not privy to is beyong conventional comprehension19:30
EriC^^of course they have stuff nobody can even dream up yet19:31
EriC^^in like 20 years it'll be common stuff and public, and they'll have stuff then that nobody can dream up either19:31
DosTuMaiI don't know whether to put that comment down to severe paranoia...19:32
HackerIIyep, ive been building and repairing electronics for 35 yrs, back in 99/2000, we were converting cable boxes, no one believed they had mics in them, till i broke them down and showed them.'19:32
EriC^^put it down to an acid trip where we came up with the idea that a group of people are controlling the planet19:33
HackerIItruth is stranger than fiction19:33
EriC^^the internet we're using right now came from the war right?19:34
EriC^^and so did tv's and whatever, then later became commercial technologies, so it's pretty logical to assume they have stuff that isn't public right now, that will be in the future though19:35
HackerIIgermany had tv first, they figured out the 60 cycle effect on the mind19:36
HackerIIaplha data beta waves19:37
EriC^^anyways it doesn't affect us really if they can decrypt stuff so who cares19:38
EriC^^it's not surprising though19:38
DosTuMaiCryptology has advanced exponentially in the last 10 years. That the NSA can crack things easily isn't really news. Most government agencies have experimental, and high-tech equipment.19:40
EriC^^yeah, lots of money and tech19:40
DosTuMaiAlso: Beta waves have no effect on the human brain.19:41
DosTuMai[Citation needed]19:46
EriC^^what is this freshman english? it's on the internet ffs, of course it's true :D19:47
* DosTuMai waddles off to PubMed.19:47
EriC^^lol j/k19:47
* daftykins wonders if that's medicine delivered via a pub19:52
DosTuMaiIt's for public access to peer-reviewed medical journals.19:55
HackerIIthe same institutions that educate these people, are owned by the same money people who pring the money19:56
HackerIIget that straight19:56
EriC^^your sentence makes me think of pringles for some reason19:57
EriC^^i have no idea why19:57
HackerIIeat my son, eeeaaat19:57
HackerIIcannonicle should make tater chips19:58
HackerIIcanonacle in a can19:58
DosTuMaiYou're typing to someone with Dr. in front of their name, so yah.20:00
HackerIIso, im an engineer whats your point, i have nothing to prove.20:00
EriC^^what kind of doctor are you DosTuMai ?20:02
DosTuMaiPhysics. >_>20:03
EriC^^PhD in physics?20:03
HackerIIsitting on irc ?, huh, im retired, i have an excuse20:04
DosTuMaiWell, it's 2100 where I am.20:04
daftykinshey i thought you were in Canada o020:38
DosTuMaiBorn there, don't live there.20:39
DosTuMaiPondering a move to Sweden at the moment.20:39
daftykinso rly20:39
daftykinsi was all "but that's my timezone!"20:40
DosTuMaiI'm in England, kinda wanting to be out of here because it's falling down the pan.20:40
daftykinsoh no that was long ago :>20:41
* daftykins throws sticks from his island20:41
DosTuMaiOkidoki: falling farther in to the nether regions?20:41
daftykinsi was there just on Monday!20:42
* DosTuMai NP: EVE-Radio - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird - (Rock Anthems [+Digital Booklet])20:58
EriC^^been having a lot of kernel panics lately with firefox21:21
HackerIIiant had the first one, did u get todys update ?21:22
EriC^^yeah i saw it haven't updated yet21:22
daftykinsthat seems oddly serious for a browser to cause21:22
EriC^^i used to get them a lot, especially in youtube21:23
EriC^^they started again recently21:23
OerHekslots of hackers with malicious .flv ?21:23
OerHeksi love those pasting guys21:24
HackerIIdoes it happen w chrome ?21:24
* DosTuMai sings along to Head Like a Hole -- NIN.21:24
EriC^^i dont use chrome that often21:24
OerHekschrome runs fine, i have no issues at all21:25
HackerIIwhat about reqonk21:25
EriC^^i dunno what that is21:25
HackerIIsry rekonq21:25
EriC^^it's a browser?21:25
EriC^^never used it21:26
EriC^^!info reqonk21:26
ubot5`Package reqonk does not exist in vivid21:26
HackerIIits for kde21:26
EriC^^!info rekonq21:26
ubot5`rekonq (source: rekonq): KDE web browser based on Webkit. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.2-0ubuntu2 (vivid), package size 5059 kB, installed size 9023 kB21:26
HackerIIi like it21:27
EriC^^that guy just reminded me of that movie where the 2 models are trying to get the files out of the pc21:35
EriC^^what's it called? the one with ben stiller21:35
DosTuMaiThey're _inside_ the computer! *Throws it off a balcony.*21:36
EriC^^he's like leave, quit, exit21:36
EriC^^damn pc won't listen21:36
EriC^^yeah OerHeks :D21:36
OerHeksawesome movie indeed21:36
* DosTuMai does Magnum.21:36
OerHeksMagnum a. the icecream b. the hawaiian detective or c. the gun ?21:37
OerHeksor D. Champagne :-D21:38
DosTuMaiMagnum the pose that Derek Zoolander does.21:47
OerHeksOh, that 'Bowie-style'21:50
DosTuMaiBowie. *Dribbles.*21:52
daftykinsseems i always get stuck down a rabbit hole when i try and deal with someone and xrandr ¬_¬21:53
EriC^^this is pretty odd22:51
EriC^^perms are ok in the home dir, .profile and .bashrc are fine, won't login22:51
EriC^^no .xsession-errors gdm logs dont say much22:52
Bashing-omEriC^^: Maybe (a) proprietary driver did not build for graphics ? Xorg.0.log ?22:55
daftykinshey guys i just stitched together a panoramic snap of my pics from the weekend22:55
daftykinsit's like 5MB though so be warned :)22:55
EriC^^his other user works22:55
Bashing-omEriC^^: Only 3 things I know of less corrrupted DE. Can we see any errors if he starts the desktop from terminal ?22:57
DosTuMaiBeautiful picture, daftykins. =D22:59
EriC^^nice pic23:00
daftykinsjust made a second too23:01
daftykinseast sussex downs are pretty cool23:01
EriC^^Bashing-om: yeah i just asked him to run startx23:01
Bashing-omEriC^^: We know what DE he is running .. maybe 'startx' is not a good thing ?23:02
OerHeksi think that is the cause of his issue ..23:03
EriC^^he's using gnome, startx is fine might say what's wrong since the logs show nothing, won't harm23:03
Bashing-omEriC^^: K; as all else has failed, how bot deleteing the config files ? ~/.dmrc , ~/.config/dconf and ~/.config/compiz-1 ? See what happens on the re-boot ??23:07
EriC^^i think it's a pam issue23:10
EriC^^hmm thought he meant it asks twice then works fine, i dunno23:10
Bashing-omEriC^^: I keep look'n over your shoulder. I am sure now of a learning experience.23:16
DosTuMaiDon't people ever think of using google before asking in IRC?23:26
EriC^^Bashing-om: :)23:27
OerHeksBing gives nice results too.23:27
wileeeso boring here I'm upgrading from 15.04 to 15.10 to watch the cli like zippy the pinhead23:46
OerHeksso against your own advice, you upgrade before release?23:47
wileeethat was after23:47
OerHeksmy advise: download the iso and put it on usb, before upgrading.23:47
wileeethis time, heh, gotta go with the channel23:47
wileeeI usually fresh install, it's just faster with my older computer, download is fast.23:48
pauljwHi everyone23:50
EriC^^hi pauljw23:50
EriC^^how's it going?23:50
pauljwgood, you?23:51
EriC^^good, thanks23:51

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