ahoneybunjose: what about this room?01:19
joselet's keep -touch on topic :)01:19
joseI think wxl or nhaines can help you with that, they should be around01:21
jose(he wants to know if he's been nominated for the LC so far)01:21
ahoneybunI'm just wondering01:21
josealso, that ML is private because there are private issues discussed there, there are some things we need to finalize or word before it's publicly posted :)01:21
joseoh, I don't think that'll be a major hassle.01:22
ubot5`The LoCo Council is coolbhavi, jose, SergioMeneses, PabloRubianes, nhaines, wxl, and lunapersa - they are here to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com01:22
ahoneybunyou are still on there lol01:22
jose!no lococouncil is <reply>The LoCo Council is coolbhavi, PabloRubianes, nhaines, wxl, and lunapersa - they are here to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com01:22
josefactoids are... tedious to edit :P01:29
ubot5`The LoCo Council is coolbhavi, PabloRubianes, nhaines, wxl, and lunapersa - they are here to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com01:29
josethere we go01:29
nhainesahoneybun: I saw your request, but I left it deferred until the Community Council makes their appointments later.  Don't worry, they'll do it some time after Friday.  :)01:55
ahoneybunno rush really nhaines01:56
nhainesahoneybun: it can't go through unless you're a member of the LoCo Council or the CC.  But it's okay, no harm done either.  :)01:57
ahoneybunI see that01:57
nhainesI wish *more* people were proactive when it came to Free Software anyway.  :)01:58
* ahoneybun does not like non-public ml01:58
nhainesIt's necessary.  We occasionally discuss things before they're announced, or deal with disputes.01:58
nhainesBut don't worry.  The list is usually pretty boring.01:58
ahoneybunI understand why, does not mean I have to like it01:59
nhainesWell, it's a matter of last resort.02:00
ahoneybunyea 02:06
* ahoneybun was/is writing a email to his loco02:06
nhainesI think I'm free from that until tomorrow.02:08
ahoneybundamn that was a long email lol02:10
nhainesOh, it's nothing compared to what I get up to sometimes, lol.02:13
nhainesThat reminds me that I need to give mhall119 the front page of ubucon.org soon.02:14
nhainesWe have some interesting plans for that in the next couple of months, I hope.02:14
Kilosmorning everyone06:44
svijhey Kilos 06:47
dholbachgood morning06:50
Kiloshi dholbach svij 06:51
svijhey dholbach 06:52
dholbachhi Kilos, hi svij06:54
ahoneybunI was looking for dholbach wednesday lol10:06
ahoneybunhola dholbach10:08
* ahoneybun grabs coffee10:09
nhainesdholbach: during the Ubucon/SCALE conference call with dpm and mhall119 I mentioned "Mein Deutsch ist leider nicht so gut wie es eins war," but they seemed impressed by my accent, so it didn't seem to have the intended effect. :)11:06
ahoneybunwhat time is it at the office?11:06
dholbachnhaines, "eins" → "einst" :)11:07
dholbach"eins" = 1 -- "einst" = once11:07
dholbachbut your German is quite good no matter what :)11:07
nhainesdholbach: typo  :)11:08
nhainesWell, my accent is good, at the very least.  :)11:09
dholbachand you'Re a bit modest too :)11:09
nhainesHaha, well, lately I find I'm more foggy on past participle forms than I really like.  My little guy who's 9 clearly puts up with this.  You should see it, he sounds so put out when I ask him for clarification and he corrects me, lo.11:11
dholbachhaha, great :)11:11
nhainesI still remember once I walked him to school and before we got to where he lined up for class I said, "Ich hab' dich lieb, Knabe."  And he said "Ja, das weiß ich," and you could hear in his voice he barely kept from rolling his eyes.11:14
nhainesSo I said, "Oh, soll ich dich vor alle deine Mitschüler  ein große Umarme und ein große Küß geben?"  And he said "Nein, nein, ich gebe dich ein Todeswund!"11:15
nhainesSo I said, "Then try to feign enthusiasm when I tell you I love you."  :D11:15
dpmI was impressed, yeah :)11:22
dpmnhaines, I was expecting you to say it with your "Lederhose" on, though11:22
svijLederhose is Bayern, not Germany. :P11:22
dpmit's always good as a cliche ;)11:23
nhainesdpm: haha, well, sure, if you're there at Ubucon at SCALE, I'll try to have a photo of Alexanderchen in Lederhosen on my phone to embarrass him, since he will probably be at SCALE.  :)11:23
nhainesActually, he was a good booth mascot, but the 'small' shirt wasn't so good for him: http://i.imgur.com/HKPSWau.jpg11:24
dpmI can't see how anyone would feel embarrassed in Lederhosen :)11:25
dpmnice pic!11:25
svijbtw, when is the Ubucon@scale announcing coming? ;)11:26
dpm"very soon" :)11:26
nhainessvij: as soon as dpm writes it.  :)11:26
svijhopefully it doesn't take that much time, like it did for him to submit his ubucon talk, dpm ;)11:27
nhainesHa, here's a better one.... maybe I'll have to press for child size shirts.  :)  http://i.imgur.com/5x0aQEV.jpg11:28
* dpm searches the internet for svij pictures in lederhosen now11:28
nhainesStill, he was a good mascot, and no matter that he got to just play Portal and Stellarium.11:28
svijdpm: haha11:28
nhainesAlso he got to read whatever the German message is for "You have exceeded the number of attempts to log in and must wait 5 minutes" on the Ubuntu phone.11:29
nhainesA couple weeks ago we went camping and he tried to unlock my Android phone and I said "You'll never guess the PIN, and after an unknown-to-me number of tries it wipes the phone, so don't even try."11:30
nhainesAnd he calmly handed back my phone and said "On my dad's phone it was 10 times."11:30
nhainesSo I informed him that if he wiped my phone his life was forfeit, haha.11:30
dpmtrying to uncover the next security exploit, I think11:31
nhainesAt SCALE, every time he saw me unlock the Ubuntu phone he knew one extra digit of the PIN.11:31
nhainesHe's very sneaky.11:31
svijTIL: if you search for "David planella lederhose" you'll see a photo of David Cameron …11:31
* dpm shouldn't have probably brought up the subject11:32
svijdpm: I should organize a lederhose for ubucon just for you! :D11:32
nhainesOh well, I've never been to Essen, so maybe I'll put in a reimbursement request for Ubucon EU anyway next year.  ;)11:34
nhainesI'm sure I can think of something to talk about.11:34
svijgreat :D11:34
svijand I'll try to come to scale11:34
nhainesI will say that Richard and I are very happy with dpm's and mhall119's help with Ubucon.  That plus SCALE's involvement has been really exciting.  :)11:35
* dpm hugs nhaines11:35
dpmit's been exciting for us too!11:35
svijdpm and dholbach help in running the ubucontest was great too :)11:37
nhainesIt's enough fun that Richard took the event from me and seamlessly kept growing it.  And now that I have time again to join in we're on the same page... and between that and Canonical's help, Ubucon itself and the booth is going to be superb, like one big presence.  :)11:37
dpmreally good to see on a Friday that all plans are coming together :)11:37
dpmlooking forward to Berlin next week11:37
svijoh yeah, one week left11:38
* svij has still a few things to do for ubucon…11:38
nhainesI'm happy if I can give a talk in English next year, but I am serious that I would be happy to do a German talk with a teleprompter, haha.11:39
nhainesIf I can read a story to Alexanderchen and do all the voices, I can give a talk in translation with a teleprompter, no problem.  :)11:39
nhainesQ&A might be more difficult. ;)11:39
svijdpm: did you post about ubucon on Ubuntu G+?13:38
svijit's actually not free13:38
dpmsvij, oh, I can fix that13:41
dpmthanks for the heads up13:41
svijdpm: thanks for posting ;)13:42
dpmsvij, no worries, fixed now13:43

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