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dufluHa. Not a bug.08:43
* duflu throws out broken mouse08:43
* alan_g discovers that "sudo unity-system-compositor --debug-without-dm" crashes horribly08:43
anpokduflu: get a cat!08:51
anpokI can make the seg fault on the krillin ci runs go away08:51
dufluDon't need one. Have the internet full of cats.08:51
anpokit seems that.. if we dont load the mesa/kms platform unloading the android platform does not crash the driver08:52
alan_ganpok: that is likely the "horrible hack"09:09
anpokthere are various ways09:10
alan_gThe mesa driver code reloads itself with RTLD_GLOBAL09:10
anpoki thought some tls related problems..09:10
anpokanother option might be to never unload the android platform if quirk->cannot_survive_unloading()..09:11
anpokor change the ci script to handle krillins runners differently.. disabling the probe .. removing the mesa modules .. all of which harms the effectifness of ci09:13
alan_gIt is just on krillin?09:14
alan_gA thought: what if you probe the android drivers before the mesa ones?09:15
anpokhm that is happening09:15
alan_ganpok: for differential diagnosis, could you try the effect of commenting out the reload code - ensure_loaded_with_rtld_global() - in the mesa drivers?09:19
anpokalan_g: bingo10:04
anpokwhen do we need that?10:05
anpokcould we delay that until we know this will be the platform to use?10:05
anpokarg thats in the init code of the library10:06
alan_ganpok: somewhere in the mesa code there's an attempt to find some symbol. (I think alf knows the details.)10:06
anpokoh or we might be able to split the mesa driver into pieces..10:06
anpoksince probing only needs udev..10:06
alan_ganpok: RAOF promised to have a go at fixing mesa (eventually) as it also pulls in the X stack and other rubbish10:07
alan_gSo delaying the hack is a possibility - depending on when mesa needs to find ... mir_server_mesa_egl_native_display_is_valid()10:11
* alan_g wonders if there's a way to just publish that one symbol...10:13
anpokalan_g: we only need that in nested, right?11:51
alan_ganpok: no for any mesa graphics (AIUI)11:52
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anpokvogons: https://code.launchpad.net/~andreas-pokorny/mir/fix-1506137/+merge/27470813:26
anpokalan_g: it seems to work for the guest platform only - which makes sense since the drm-egl is builtin mesa and needs no mir interaction13:27
alan_ganpok: if that's true then great. (Not as good as getting rid of the hack, but at least it reduces the cases where it messes us up).13:32
anpoki still have vt switching issues.. so I tried it via two times cascaded launch-client... and it seemed to work13:34
anpokthats not the right use case..13:34
anpokI should have tried it with unity8 instead?13:35
anpokbut still it should be true..13:37
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alfrobert_ancell: Hi!15:13
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