Unit193hggdh: Indeed!  Also you're not auth'd.00:23
geniiThe goatse guy in #freenode seems excited00:23
Unit193nickserv: No such nick/channel   oh well nevermind.00:23
Unit193I presume you don't need +o in #ubuntu?00:24
geniiI'm leaving in aminute anyhow00:26
hggdhUnit193: well, there is/was no nickserv...00:28
hggdhtoo late on my comment00:28
Unit193So I noticed, hence why I asked if +o is needed. :D00:28
hggdhit might be a good idea to +o some on each primary channel00:29
Unit193Hah, fine now!00:30
hggdhjust in case drone gets splitted out00:30
geniichanserv just came back00:30
=== ikonia is now known as Guest16046
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (superkuh)13:39
k1lyeah, its totally canonicals fault, that the user still uses 10.04 and doesnt want to upgrade14:05
geniiI guess I arrived after this14:05
popeyhe has a point about update manager14:13
popeyit _is_ annoying14:13
popeyWe shouldn't berate users for running old/unsupported releases14:13
DJonesWouldn't a simple solution be to just comment out the official & now removed canonical repo's?14:20
geniiSomething interesting I found is that after a release goes into old-releases, the Canonical partner repo still works14:29

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