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lordievaderGood morning08:16
atralheaven_Hi guys, is there anyone here familiar with openvpn? no one on #openvpn responds... thanks08:59
rbasakatralheaven_: ask your question and then you can find out09:01
atralheaven_I can't connect to open vpn on my server, this is the log: http://pastebin.com/xRTX0vsr I have no idea whats wrong with it!09:02
OerHeksatralheaven_, OpenVPN 2.3.7 , are you on wily?09:06
OerHeksatralheaven_1, OpenVPN 2.3.7 , are you on wily?09:08
atralheaven_1sorry my internet keeps disconnecting :(09:09
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atralheaven_sorry I was disconnected from internet10:41
atralheaven_I use openvpn version 2.3.2 on ubuntu server 14.04, I can't connect to openvpn and this is the log: http://pastebin.com/xRTX0vsr10:42
lordievaderatralheaven_: Lines 16/17 lead me to think there is a firewall dropping packets.11:24
atralheaven_lordievader: I disabled firewall, nothing changes...11:25
atralheaven_lordievader: im reinstalling everything, for setting up openvpn im using this instruction: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-an-openvpn-server-on-ubuntu-14-04 is it correct?11:25
lordievaderI'd tcpdump on both sides to verify if the packets are coming through.11:25
lordievaderI must say, I have no experience with openvpn.11:26
atralheaven_lordievader: do you have openvpn installed?11:26
lordievaderAs a client yes, as a server no (I use ipsec).11:27
atralheaven_lordievader: Im living in iran, it may be because of government's firewalling11:27
atralheaven_I need someone from outside of iran, to check it too11:27
atralheaven_may you?11:27
lordievaderatralheaven_: That could very well be the issue.11:27
lordievaderatralheaven_: Err, how?11:28
atralheaven_I give you a .ovpn file that has everything, you just use it to check if it connects, and works11:28
atralheaven_thank you so much11:29
atralheaven_im working on it, when it was finished, I will give you the file11:29
coreycbjamespage, I backported openvswitch from wily-proposed to liberty-staging, and tested that the new version fixes the init script. can you promote to liberty-proposed?11:30
jamespagecoreycb, yah - there is a hold batch to go11:31
jamespageovs already done tho11:31
coreycbjamespage, thanks11:31
coreycbEmilienM, ^11:31
EmilienMcoreycb: thank you12:21
placeedHi all ! There is a way so watch nfs usage (mb/s) ?12:51
placeedI find some tools on google but nothing to know exactly how many mb/s i've for READ and WRITE12:52
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jak2000how to assign a ip to my network card: http://pastie.org/10486076    i think is: "Ethernet controller"14:15
tewardjak2000: assign how?14:34
geniijak2000: A lot of the possible answers to that question depend on what it's connected to and being used for14:36
teward^ that14:37
geniiteward: They found help in the main #ubuntu channel now14:51
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tewardgenii: cool14:54
coreycbjamespage, hmm, murano 1.0.0 requires tempest-lib>=0.10.0 but global requires has tempest-lib>=0.8.015:09
Danny1Hello I was wondering. I have a /tmp directory which is given 1MB of space, that somehow has been used up, when I was trying to cd through directories, I type /ho then press tab and it inserts home for me, but when I pressed tab it errors saying I have no space on my /tpm drive? I am not adding any files to this? I have 3 minecraft servers and a nodejs application running in the /home folder but nothing is outputting to /tmp? from what I know15:18
Danny1I have never seen this error before, neither has the guy I know who runs Ubuntu servers, so I am not sure what to do, any help would be highly appreciated!15:20
jamespagecoreycb, well that sucks15:28
tewardrbasak: around?15:28
jamespagecoreycb, looks ok to me:15:28
jamespageremember that stable branches have been cut now15:28
coreycbjamespage, ahh, right I was using the 1.0.0 tag15:29
jamespagecoreycb, hmm odd - the 1.0.0 tag does have 0.10.015:30
coreycbjamespage, maybe it's a mistake15:30
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jamespagecoreycb, maybe15:31
jamespageits wrong either way15:31
jamespagebug/mistake imho15:31
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coreycbjamespage, ok checking with folks upstream but for now I'm building with >= 0.8.015:38
jamespagecoreycb, ack15:40
jamespagecoreycb, did you figure out the neutron build failure? I think the CA staging PPA might have just hit the same problem15:41
jamespageI hit rebuild to retry but that's the 'button of despair' imho15:41
coreycbjamespage, it's fine now, just took a rebuild15:41
jamespagehmm - something is racey there then15:41
coreycbjamespage, yeah could be15:42
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kgirthoferhow can I grep and only get words that start with it17:32
kgirthoferi.e. grep -o 'i-........' only return i-12345678 and not ami-1234567817:32
tewarduse regex perhaps17:37
tewardi don't remember the regex offhand though17:37
tarpmankgirthofer: grep -o '\<i-........'17:37
tarpmankgirthofer: iirc it's called a word boundary17:37
kgirthofernice tarpman got it17:38
* tarpman swings away17:38
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jcastroteward: you should apply for the community funds to get a new HD20:57
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