daniel_I seen the lastest OTA arrived tonight which i think was version 26 which OTA number was it and have you a link to the latest update changes?00:23
slangasekdaniel_: hi - this was an accidental early publication of an update; it's been withdrawn again from the servers, sorry about that00:24
slangasekdaniel_: if you got it installed, you're one of the lucky few and you get to keep the new OTA-7 code early00:25
sil2100daniel_: it will be officially available around Monday00:25
daniel_also, on reboot i find that the bq aquarius doesnt reboot even if there is battery power! until i plug in into mains power supply then a reboot happens00:25
slangasekis that a new problem you're seeing after downloading this new update?00:26
daniel_guess i am a lucky one, ref OTA 700:26
pmcgowandaniel_, hey, the OTA is still being qualified so it was unintentional that it showed up, did you download or just looking for whats to come?00:26
daniel_had the latest OTA 7 update from what i see it downloaded and rebooted phone00:27
daniel_i wasn't expecting it this time i waited normally i check to see when its arrival date is00:28
daniel_this won't inhibit my phone will it?00:28
slangasekdaniel_: it should not.  you have the same code that we were planning to release to all users early next week00:29
daniel_whats is there that has come or about to come?00:30
sil2100daniel_: the update is safe, it passed QA testing already so all should be good - there was just still one test that our QA team wanted to do, which is why the image release date is next week00:30
sil2100daniel_: sadly, the official release notes are not yet ready ;)00:30
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daniel_how unusual for me! i feel blessed if thats the phrase i should coin! this was the version 26 release? how many others did it go out to?00:31
sil2100daniel_: we hope that not too many ;) We always feel a bit bad if an image that did not have all of our QA processes finished going out to the users, so we hope only a few people got it00:33
pmcgowandaniel_, thats not any sort of known issue00:34
sil2100Nothing bad if people got it, but still, we prefer if the image is released with phasing and in proper timelines00:34
pmcgowandaniel_, its the final version to be released early next week so its ok that you got it, but we were awaiting more testing results00:34
pmcgowandaniel_, is your reboot issue new?00:34
daniel_i didn't file a bug report as it only happens occassionally!00:35
daniel_i chatted with some one else on freenode they had the same issue and plugging into mains power corrected it! luckky for me i am not reliant on the phone on a business basis and this effect happened when i was on a beach and needed some time out anyway! phone rebooted and operational now though00:37
daniel_will i need to make any further adjustments when the official OTA is released?00:38
daniel_also had a battery deprecation from about 50% down to zero today at around 9pm uk time! seemed very odd!00:40
sil2100daniel_: hey, no, no adjustments needed :) As for battery usage issues, we're looking into these all the time but it's hard to get all of them fixed00:41
daniel_never had a power consumption like that with no other resources or processes  running at that time00:41
daniel_yes tricky one to fix unless your rebooting phone constantly i guess luckyily for me its only happend on two or three occasions00:42
daniel_as to the sudden drop in battery eariler i wondered if i was near a magnet of some sort! is this possible say for a person to carry a device to zero out your battery level?00:44
ahoneybunjose: are you the one who rejected me00:55
daniel_do you have a reply to the 50% to zero battery life i experienced earlier or should i not be concerned?01:00
daniel_no apps or resources were being used at that period of time!01:00
slangasekdaniel_: as pmcgowan said, it's not a known issue.  there's probably not anyone around currently who could try to debug this with you, sorry - but it doesn't seem to be a common problem01:04
sil2100daniel_: did you fill in a bug already? I don't think I can help here, since I did not experience it on my arale phone yet01:04
slangasekI'm not saying you shouldn't be concerned about it... having your phone's battery drain *is* concerning01:04
daniel_just wondered thought it maybe a freak of nature or was paranoid that someone had a deivce locally that would drain it unnecessarily01:06
pmcgowandaniel_, which phone do you have?01:07
daniel_thanks again for your information! i will  forward to the official release ntoes when the become avaiable01:08
pmcgowanon arale there are reports of occasional fairly rapid battery drain, but BQ devices should be better than android01:08
daniel_using the BQ aquarius E4.501:08
pmcgowani.e. mx401:08
pmcgowandaniel_, no that should be very good on battery, you may want to file a report01:09
daniel_never had this occur before01:09
daniel_i'll file a report if i get a repeat of the occurance01:09
daniel_love this phone so far and when time comes will update to an newer phone running ubuntu!01:10
pmcgowanthank you01:11
daniel_are you the devs involved with the release cycles?01:12
pmcgowanyes, many are on this channel all the time01:13
daniel_nice to know that i can relay back to you and i'll try not to take up too much of your time!!01:13
sil2100Yes, glad to hear you like it!01:13
sil2100No worries, we're all here to help as much as we can01:13
joseahoneybun: sorry? rejected you from what?01:15
daniel_will have a play around from the user experience and perhaps join you again on a future gogole hang out !01:15
ahoneybunoh not you then lol01:15
ahoneybunjose: I tried to get into the loco council ml01:15
joseI'm no longer part of the loco council, and that ml is private01:15
josesorry :)01:16
ahoneybunjose: I just wanted to see if someone put my name forward lol01:18
daniel_user experience point of view! yet to delve into contributing ubuntu will have to join an OS project of some kind!01:18
ahoneybunmailing list should not be private01:18
joseahoneybun: (#ubuntu-locoteams)01:18
daniel_slaters people01:19
sil2100Goodnight o/01:24
lotuspsychjegood morning03:22
lotuspsychjei have an issue on my bq 4.5 updated to latest: everytime i try to install something it re-asks my ubuntu one account and loops back to it with 'account error' even tryed to make a new account but problem remains..is this a known bug?03:24
lotuspsychjecant install logviewer to see whats going on, no syslog or dmesg errors neither03:29
EdwardMorbiusmorning :) is OTA-6 hotfix phased like other updates?06:31
dholbachgood morning06:50
DanChapmangood morning o/07:24
matv1hmm i just smashed my bq on the floor which is now unusable. Luckily i still had the nexus4 with some ancient UT release. I reflashed it with --wipe. all looks well but what i noticed is that last update date shows 1/1/7008:08
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matv1known bug?08:10
matv1reflashed it to stable i should add08:10
mcphailWhat's the bq OTA this morning? A security fix for the "test" app or a full OTA?08:11
* matv1 is wondering where that would be registered to.. Canonical system image??08:13
mcphailActually, I've clicked on the "Updates" page and the OTA isn't there. Why did I get a notification???08:15
EdwardMorbiusfor me the hotfix didnt arrive yet as well08:35
teve"So, due to a unfortunate mistake the OTA-7 update got prematurely"08:35
tevepublished for a few minutes last night - which is why people had the08:35
teveupdate notification on their phones.08:35
EdwardMorbiusis hotfix phased like other ota updates?08:36
mcphailI've not had any updates for ages, so was quite pleased to see the update notification this morning08:40
mcphailButh nothing was there :(08:40
EdwardMorbiusmcphail I think last update was on 20.9 or something, otas come once every 6 weeks or so I believe.08:41
mcphailYes, but was expecting a hotfix. Or is that just for meizu phones?08:42
EdwardMorbiushotfix should be for all phones but I am also waiting for it08:42
mcphailEdwardMorbius: you on bq?08:42
EdwardMorbiusmcphail yes E4.5 from one of the flash sales08:42
mcphailEdwardMorbius: I wonder if bq are doing their usual lengthy QA on it08:43
EdwardMorbiusmcphail I dont know which why I asked whether ota with hotfix is maybe phased because than would mean 24 hours to get it08:43
EdwardMorbiusmcphail not that I downloaded the test application, but I still like my updates :D08:44
mcphailEdwardMorbius: I'm hoping they sneak a couple of bugfixes along with it :)08:44
EdwardMorbiusmcphail I dont think so, if I read the mail on the mailing list correctly its the same as OTA-6 but with this hotfix, OTA-7 will come next week with fixes :)08:45
* mcphail tries to be patient08:46
matv1mcphail EdwardMorbius As far as I saw in earlier OTA's BQ was always quite quick with their part08:47
EdwardMorbiusmcphail still much better than android, new ota every 6 weeks plus bugs like this fixed fast, on android you wait for months for your manufacturer to release a point release update for Android, if you get it at all.08:47
EdwardMorbiusmcphail mostly yes, though last ota came some days after meizu because of their testing.08:47
mcphailmatv1: OTA6 took about 5 days longer from bq08:47
EdwardMorbiusI understand that bq wants more testing, not fun getting your support spammed if something goes wrong with the image :))08:49
EdwardMorbiusby the way did anyone have their weather apps stop working properly? like opensweathermap api is down or something? michael zanettis app for example08:50
mcphailI have never actually used the weather app08:51
EdwardMorbiusmcphail I used michael zanettis app but for some reason weather is not update for some days now, I installed another weather application and it seems to be working, weird.08:52
EdwardMorbiusdefault weather app is a bit underwhelming08:52
matv1EdwardMorbius I just checked. Same here.08:52
EdwardMorbiusmatv1 then its probably something on the openweather side08:53
EdwardMorbiusthough yaoswa app seems to be working08:53
matv1must be. changing to the weatherchannel as data input helps08:53
EdwardMorbiusmatv1 unfortunately mz's app doesnt have another backend08:54
matv1ah i see. I mostly just look out the window :)08:54
matv1that backend always works08:55
EdwardMorbiusmatv1 me too but sometimes I like to check the temperature or a short forecast08:55
EdwardMorbiusat least there is no shortage of weather apps in the store :D08:55
matv1EdwardMorbius true :)08:56
EdwardMorbiusweather apps on android are often just for eye candy because they look pretty on the home screen08:56
matv1EdwardMorbius well pretty counts too. I am glad Canonical design pays attention to pretty :)08:58
EdwardMorbiusmatv1 yes design is pretty important to users, too bad they changed the overall theme, I liked the old theme during development better, the dark one that looked more ubuntu08:59
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy World Food Day! 😃09:00
EdwardMorbiuswhen some people saw apps scope on my phone they said it looks a bit like ios which I didnt take as a compliment XD09:01
matv1EdwardMorbius I agree mostly. But i understand why its easier to do design with a consistent whitish background09:01
matv1haha no that is downright insulting :D09:02
EdwardMorbiusmatv1 probably yes though theming is planned in the future I believe09:02
EdwardMorbiusI am not sure if the messaging app in ota-6 was a bug or a feature, it has new lines, separators or something that dont look good.09:03
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robin-heroHi! I got a notification about a new release this morning, but when I clicked on it the update manager showed there's no available update. What was this?09:39
dholbachrobin-hero, https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg16258.html09:45
robin-herodholbach: Thanks09:46
robin-herobut I only got a notification09:46
dholbachyeah, it was pulled again09:47
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DrColossosHello, I'd love to get Ubuntu on my HTC Desire Z ... no luck so far09:49
DrColossosI followed the guide at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/flipped_vision, both via phablet-flash, and manual flashing via 4ext recovery ...09:50
robin-herodholbach: Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean on this.09:51
DrColossosin either case, it does not work - screen stays black, backlight comes on a few times, but gets all black again ... doing that over and over again09:51
dholbachrobin-hero, the update was released prematurely, when discovered it got pulled from the channel again - it was available for 18 mins and will be put out there officially in due time09:51
DrColossosI was able to get cyanogenMod 10.1 on it, so the device sure works09:52
robin-herodholbach: Oh thanks, I got it09:52
DrColossosanybody has a clue what I could do to get Ubuntu running on my HTC Desire Z?09:54
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bug filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | Changelog: http://bit.ly/1ljube1 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | http://www.meizu.com/products/ubuntu.html | OTA-7 update prematurely published for a short timeframe, please ign
sil2100uh oh topic too long10:05
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bug filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | Changelog: http://bit.ly/1ljube1 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | http://www.meizu.com/products/ubuntu.html | OTA-7 prematurely published for a short period, please ignore notifi
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bug filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | Changelog: http://bit.ly/1ljube1 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | http://www.meizu.com/products/ubuntu.html | OTA-7 premature short-lived publish, please ignore notification
sil2100Better, although a bit less verbose10:08
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tvossmardy, around?10:54
Saviqcharles, hey, is it a known issue that the BT indicator on flo/vivid would show BT as being off, when it actually works?11:13
dokopstolowski, tvoss sent me here. is mediascanner2 in -proposed still targeted for wily?11:15
pstolowskidoko, not sure, jamesh may know?11:16
neolynxhi all11:17
dokooh man, I like being passed around :-/11:17
neolynxI'm trying to boot with break=top on an bq aquaris E4.5 ubuntu phone, without success. adb shell does not find a device11:17
pstolowskidoko, sorry, not my baby ;)11:17
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neolynxany ideas on this ?11:17
akikadb works on the ubuntu phone?11:18
neolynxakik: yes as soon as the android HAL container has initialized the hardware11:18
neolynxas fas as i can tell11:19
akikdo you have android installed on the e4.5 ?11:19
tvossdoko, it's only hope 2 :)11:19
neolynxakik: please read my question, it's an ubuntu phone11:19
tvosshop, even :)11:19
akikneolynx: i'm just wondering how android and ubuntu go together?11:19
neolynxakik: ubuntu phone piggy backs on android in an LXC for hardware abstraction11:20
akikneolynx: where can i read more about this? i'm interested to learn more11:20
akikdo you know if meizu mx4 has the same kind of container?11:21
dokotvoss, pstolowski: this is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtubuntu-media/+bug/1500859. is OTA7 before the wily release?11:23
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1500859 in qtubuntu-media (Ubuntu) "hard coded dependency on non-existing version of runtime library" [Critical,Fix committed]11:23
neolynxakik: https://developer.ubuntu.com/static/devportal_uploaded/136981fa-6287-49d3-9874-06f40b2e4eb7-cms_page_media/380/ubuntu_touch_architecture.png11:23
ahoneybunsomebody should update some of the images on d.u.com11:23
neolynxdoes anyone know if kernel parameters break= are supposed to work on bq aquaris e4.5 ?11:24
davidcalleogra_, ^ do you know?11:25
ogra_davidcalle, which one ? :P11:25
davidcallePick one :D11:25
ogra_neolynx, how would you interact with it ? (neither a frameboffer console nor a serial one are enabled by default, even if you could manage to attach a keyboard)11:26
ogra_neolynx, though technically the initrd is the same as on every other ubuntu ... i.e. break= would stop the boot and try to give you a shell11:27
neolynxaccording to https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/porting-new-device/11:27
neolynxthere should be the possibility to boot with break=top, which should initiate an adb server11:28
ogra_that assumes there is adbd in the initrd11:28
ogra_i think that was dropped for production devices11:28
neolynxwell, there is if you look in it11:28
ogra_yes, but it is a binary that can not run11:28
ogra_you could replace it with a binary that can run (like a very old version from the archive)11:29
neolynxbut as hw is not initialized, this is useless. therefore my question how this is supposed to work. is this a mediatek chip issue and works with other chipsets ?11:29
ogra_it works with any chip11:29
neolynxogra_: so the shipped adbd in the boot-img is broken ?11:30
jgdxmardy, hey, will you be able to comment on niklas's e-mail? That is, if you know what we are referring to when we talk about the notification I see/saw on the desktop11:30
ogra_buut the script that starts adbd and the adbd binary itslef have not been adjusted in a long time, it wont work in the current state11:30
ogra_it is broken for use inside an initrd, yes11:30
ogra_(the binary got a check for the screen lock state added at some point, it will never allow any connections if there is no UI up)11:31
neolynxogra_: what is the reason it is broken ? the hardware is initialized enough to support usn connections ?11:31
ogra_the hardware is fine, the adbd binary isnt11:31
neolynxogra_: ah, I see !11:32
ogra_it cant work in this context ... that the binary is in the initrd is actually an oversight11:32
neolynxogra_: thanks for the info11:32
ogra_(though it does no harm)11:32
ogra_if you re-pack the initrd and replace the binary with one that can "just work" it should get you an adb shell in the initrd11:33
neolynxogra_: do you know if the wireless interface would be initialized enough ? or does it need the android container to work ?11:33
ogra_it does11:33
ogra_only adb shell can work at this point11:33
neolynxogra_: perfect. make sense11:34
robin-heroHey, Can I somehow install the OTA-7 without channel change? I want to use the stable channel, just want to install this update earlier.11:34
robin-heroIf I change the channel to rc, install the image and change back to the stable it will be update to the latest stable release or I can use the latest rc image?11:49
davmor2robin-hero: no it isn't released yet11:49
robin-herodavmor2: Thanks, could you answer my second question too? :)11:51
davmor2robin-hero: no you don't understand there is another fix landing in it, it doesn't exist yet there is no ota7, when it is built it will be landing possible Monday11:52
davmor2possibly even11:52
robin-herofix for what?11:53
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davmor2robin-hero: patched tarball11:54
robin-herodavmor2: Thanks :) But I'd like to know what is the patch about? :)11:55
davmor2robin-hero: no idea you'll have to wait and see :)11:56
robin-herodavmor2: And what's up with the users who were updated unforunately in the morning ? :)12:03
davmor2robin-hero: they will get the new image when it lands too and ota to that12:04
davmor2robin-hero: there is nothing wrong with that image it was just missing the final fix so was never meant to be release just built12:05
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sturmflut2Isn't my krillin supposed to update to r26 because of that security fix?12:11
ogra_not sure there are extra images spun ... the main issue was the store which wont let in such packages anymore, the click fix itself will come on monday anyway12:15
jgdxChipaca, hey, do you have any idea what might cause this on amd64? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12798213/12:20
Chipacajgdx: gremlins12:20
* Chipaca opens the link12:21
jgdxhey, that's my current conclusion as well12:21
Chipacajgdx: what go version?12:22
jgdxChipaca, go version go1.5.1 linux/amd6412:23
Chipacathat's a whole bunhc of errors12:23
Chipacaand the warnings at the top always distract me12:24
jgdxthey're probably pertinent, but it's environmental because builds were passing a week ago12:24
Chipacathe warnings are because of gcc5 iirc12:24
Chipacabut the errors, no idea12:25
Chipacapedronis-land i think12:25
jgdxChipaca, okay, and he's back next week I think12:26
Chipacajgdx: isn't he at a spinrt this week?12:26
Chipacajgdx: is this in a silo, or in a real machine?12:27
Chipacai mean12:27
jgdxChipaca, right, sprint this week and hopefully back Monday12:27
Chipacawhat're the chances of the problem being "incredibly overloaded machine making all the timing tests flake"12:27
jgdxChipaca, silo and in my amd64 chroot12:27
Chipacachroot should be fine12:27
jgdx4-5 builds in a row now, so prob not flaky12:28
jgdxShould be fine, how?12:28
Chipacajgdx: there's one that makes no sense12:28
Chipacaunless you're running the tests as root12:29
Chipacatries to bind port 9912:29
Chipacathat *will* fail unless you're root :)12:29
Chipacaand yet you're getting no error12:29
Chipacajgdx: you're not running the tests as root are you?12:30
jgdxChipaca, sorry, here are the real errors: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/221441633/buildlog_ubuntu-wily-amd64.ubuntu-push_0.68%2B15.10.20151016-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz12:30
robin-heroogra_: If I flash the latest image from the rc channel, and then I change the channel to stable: what will happen?12:33
Chipacajgdx: very different errors!12:34
Chipacajgdx: nothing jumps to mind as to why it might be, i'd have to look at whatever changed12:34
Chipacajgdx: what's changed?12:34
jgdxChipaca, this [1] is the only thing AFAIK. Let me check more closely. [1] https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-push/poller-checks-send-recv/+merge/27292712:35
jgdxthat's the only one12:36
Chipacajgdx: try building without it?12:36
Chipacajgdx: it's entirely possible something changed elsewhere in the stack, and that push FTBFS as a consequence12:38
robin-herodavmor2: Could you answer my question? :) If I flash the latest image from the rc channel, and then I change the channel to stable: what will happen? It will show the newest image as OTA update from the stable channel?12:38
ogra_robin-hero, it will do a full install of the image in the target channel12:39
Chipacaand bring forth the apocalypse12:40
* Chipaca -> lunch12:40
robin-herothe flash, but the change channel command too?12:40
ogra_you might get probs with apps since the rc-proposed channel has a newer framework, so if you switch to stable you go backwards in time with the system, but the apps stay12:41
ogra_if you switch to stable only after OTA the risk is low though12:41
jgdxChipaca, might be you're right. This is the log ouput from head-1: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12798371/12:41
Chipacajgdx: that's your problem right there: earth and moon have been swapped in their orbits! we are doomed!12:42
* Chipaca -> really lunch now12:42
jgdxokok :)12:42
pmcgowanrobin-hero, stand by for the next annoucnement, you should stay with stable if thats what you want12:43
pmcgowanwe are still working out details12:43
robin-heroogra_: I'm talking about rc, not rc-proposed12:43
ogra_rc ?12:43
robin-heroyes, http://system-image.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/rc/12:43
ogra_if you switch to RC right now you most likely get the same image you are running12:44
pmcgowanrobin-hero, which image do you want?12:44
ogra_not sure the OTA candidate was copied over yet12:44
ogra_RC only gets populated shortly before release for upgrade testing and the like12:44
robin-heropmcgowan: the release which was released this morning ( I know it was only an accident)12:44
pmcgowanrobin-hero, ok so give us a little time12:45
robin-herowhy? :) is it release today? :) (not at Monday)12:46
ogra_no, it is on monday12:46
pmcgowanogra_, thats what is being discussed12:47
pmcgowanrobin-hero, like I said, if you can wait just a bit12:47
ogra_well, the official OTA rollout is definitely monday  ... there might be ways to obtain it earlier ;)12:47
ogra_for the eager ones :)12:48
robin-heroIt sounds interesting :)12:48
ogra_robin-hero, just watch the mailing list, if there is such a thing it will be announced there (or here)12:48
ogra_no promises :)12:48
robin-herothanks, I'm subscribed to the mailing list. :)12:49
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tathhuAhh that was the update.. :P12:58
jgdxtedg, you had some "error opening shm" failures in UAL, right?13:25
tedgjgdx: We had, we removed them by making the LTTng stuff only activated by an environment variable.13:27
jgdxtedg, okay. Do you know what causes this? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12798718/13:28
ogra_well, could it be that this var is always set ?13:28
* ogra_ sees 100s of lines of ltt-ng spam in all app logs13:28
tedgYeah, I believe it is the LTTng tracepoints in the QPA13:29
tedgI mean, the QPA plugin, not the interface itself.13:29
tedgjgdx: ^13:30
jgdxtedg, in a go project?13:31
tedgjgdx: Is it using Qt?13:33
jgdxtedg, hm, yeah.13:34
jgdxbut it's not just noise, it's failing to start13:34
tedgI doubt the LTTng meesages are causing it to fail to start.13:37
tedgIf it is Go, I'd be guessing that a bunch of libraries are expecting GLibMainloops that don't exist.13:37
tedgGo really isn't a good language for middleware.13:38
jgdxtedg, okay, thanks13:50
jgdxChipaca, upc doesn't even start on wily14:21
tvossmardy, ping14:26
Chipacajgdx: on wily desktop?14:33
charlesSaviq, sounds a little like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-bluetooth/+bug/149968714:37
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1499687 in indicator-bluetooth (Ubuntu) "Bluetooth turn on automatically " [Undecided,New]14:37
charlesSaviq, but probably not the same14:37
charlesSaviq, is it repeatable?14:37
Chipacajgdx: it should be able to run, but you need a ton of stuff, plus point it at the right config14:38
jgdxChipaca, okay14:39
Chipacajgdx: how does it fail to start for you?14:39
Chipacajgdx: for me it's complaining about not having a launcher. and also about running out of memory (?)14:39
jgdxChipaca, I shut down my wily, let me get back to you. But okay, so nothing related to the failing test we saw..14:41
Saviqcharles, yeah, my flo does that on every bood14:45
Saviqboot, even14:46
Saviqcharles, it looks like the indicator starts early, when the adapter isn't there yet14:46
Saviqcharles, and bails out - the weird thing is that when you go to settings everything, except for the on/off switch is working, and BT in fact works14:46
charleswonderful if it's that easy. it ought to always be watching for the adapter to appear14:46
Saviqcharles, some error msgs from the indicator log: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12799432/14:47
charlesSaviq, could you file a new ticket for this?14:48
Saviqcharles, yeah, wanna test with BlueZ 5 first to see if worth investigating even14:48
dobeyjgdx: if you want to use push client under X, the hard part will probably be getting the u1 account created, because you have to do with with the qt online-accounts, which requires mir15:03
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jgdxdobey, isn't it possible to just choose another qpa plugin (x)?15:05
dobeyjgdx: no. trusted sessions require mir15:07
dobeyjgdx: you might be able to run system-settings under the mir-on-x thing that mhall119 was playing with15:08
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robin-heroHey! Just flashed the r26 release from the stable channel, but not I have got an empty sound indicator with the following title: indicator-sound19:19
robin-heroOh, a restart fixed it19:26
kyrofaDoes anyone know where I can download the most recent boot.img for the mako?19:51
tathhur26 = ota-7?21:58
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