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jcastrough man15:41
jcastrorick_h_: did you get sick from seattle?15:41
rick_h_jcastro: no, not so far15:43
jcastroI did15:43
jcastroman I was supposed to tailgate tomorrow15:43
rick_h_jcastro: :(15:43
jcastrobut now I'm not feeling it15:43
rick_h_jcastro: just ogt back yesterday though15:43
rick_h_ugh ugh15:43
jcastroyeah I got sick when I got back15:43
jcastrowas fine when I was there15:43
jcastromaybe I am just weaksauce immunity wise this time around15:44
rick_h_need a kid at home to boost that immune system15:50
rick_h_but I was also sick the week before I left so I had gotten it going early15:50
rick_h_so I'm looking at the chromecast audio and thinking it'd be cool to replicate sonos with a couple of smaller speakers around teh house17:08
rick_h_anyone know wtf to search for for 'speaker that takes input' vs speaker wire?17:08
rick_h_hah, jcastro needs that17:09
brouschusually "computer speakers" works for that17:10
jrwrenrick_h_: powered speakers?17:20
jrwrenrick_h_: studio monitors17:20
jrwrenrick_h_: pretty much the same thing, just different price ranges :)17:21
rick_h_jrwren: yea, think that's it.17:21
rick_h_yea, I want something like  http://amzn.com/B011IH685E but dumb17:21
jrwrenlike RCA in?17:24
rick_h_yea, or digital or such17:24
rick_h_just something I can hook the chromecast audio up to and let it do the sync/etc across the house17:24
jrwrenthe wirecutters says those are best computer speakers :)17:25
rick_h_hah cool17:25
jrwrenthey just happen to be studio monitors, no surprise there.17:25
jrwrendepending on room size, you might want something slightly bigger17:25
jrwrenhttp://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-computer-speakers/  if you want a nice indie review17:26
jrwrenzomg... its named after me!  http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-airplay-speaker/17:26
rick_h_ http://amzn.com/B00II5T5HS seems cool17:27
jrwren bluetooth and stereomini. that is nice.17:27
jcastroI just use any bluetooth spearker17:27
rick_h_jcastro: yea, for smaller rooms like bedroom I was thinking of just plugging in my jambox and leaving it wired17:28
jcastrolike, sonos doesn't solve a real problem other than emptying your wallet17:28
jcastroplus BT and a wire works with every service17:28
rick_h_hah, I was just unpacking and had music going from google music and wanted it as I moved around the house17:28
jcastronot like "oh no my android phone doesn't work with a speaker unless I install an app"17:29
rick_h_and if chromecast audio will do the sync and work over wifi then <3 as I hate when I walk out of BT range17:29
rick_h_to go put something away/etc17:29
jcastroI solved my problem by having one huge system, and living in a ranch, there's no escape17:29
jrwreni solved that by living in a small house.17:29
rick_h_I've got two floors17:29
greg-gjrwren: your house isn't "small" :)17:30
jrwrenuse a small battery powered bluetooth speaker and put it in your pocket. :)17:30
jrwrengreg-g: small for my block :)17:30
jgransdeni solved it by wearing headphones17:30
greg-gjrwren: sure :)17:30
jrwren<3 headphones17:30
rick_h_jgransden: yea, that thought occurred to me. after wearing them on the flight back/etc I didn't want them in any more.17:30
jcastroplus nice wireless headphones are expensive17:31
jgransdenyou get the added bonus of ignoring everyone else wirth them on too :)17:31
jcastroI feel ya on headphone fatigue though17:32
jrwrenand can go as loud as you want without bothering others, much.17:32
jrwrenyeah, me too. I change pairs 1/2 way through the day most days because they hug my ears differently17:32
greg-gopen can headphones aren't as nice there, but sound sooo much better17:33
* rick_h_ hugs his k240s17:33
greg-gHD555s here :)17:33
jrwrenHD25SP 4 lyfe17:33
jrwrenerr, well, for the last 18yrs anyway17:33
greg-g(the s isn't in my model)17:34
jgransdeni still have an old pair of sony mdr750617:36
jcastrocheapo sennheisers here17:36
jrwrencheapo senns are good too.17:37
jrwrenbetter than most.17:37
rick_h_hmm, actually looking at my desk I've got my chromecast/tv hooked up to http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008KP4MQU?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_search_detailpage which would be cool if still avail.17:37
jrwreni wonder what ever happened to my pair of cheapo senns17:37
jcastrothey feel/sound better than most, and they were like 38 bucks17:37
jcastropeople will spend like 300 on beats and they sound like crap17:38
cmaloneyrick_h_: I just use a discrete amplifier and separate speakers17:55
rick_h_cmaloney: yea, one day I'll replace my broken amp in the downstairs17:56
cmaloneyproblem is most stand-alone speakers are bluetooth now because a) nobody wants wires and b) upcharge for dumb electronics17:56
cmaloneyrick_h_: Want recommendations?17:56
rick_h_cmaloney: thanks, not atm. Now that I've poked I'm just going to set them up on what I have and see if I use it before I go farther17:57
cmaloneytoo late. :)17:57
cmaloneyThat's what's on my desk17:57
cmaloneyI have one of those cheaper Pyle units. They're OK but the grounding on them is iffy18:03
cmaloneyand they generate heat.18:03
cmaloneyThe Orb is completely cool to the touch and doesn't have an overabundance of blue LEDs.18:04
greg-ggod I hate blue LEDs18:04
greg-gI put black electrical tape over my evoluent vertical mouse18:04
rick_h_I've got electicrical tape over several in the house18:04
cmaloneyI don't mind a few of them, but it seems like everything has 'em18:05
rick_h_I hate any where I might sleep/rest in the dark18:05
cmaloneyeyeballs are very sensitive to blue light18:06
greg-gI have redshift on laptop and twilight on phone, I hate blue light (also getting some tinted glasses for computer use)18:10
rick_h_greg-g: how's the wrists doing?18:11
rick_h_feeling any better?18:11
greg-gyeah, ish18:11
greg-guntil I climbed on the jungle gym thing at the playground last night :)18:11
jrwrencmaloney: $100 for 20W seems a lot18:14
jrwrengreg-g: pro gamer glasses? :)18:15
jrwrengreg-g would look fly in some gunnars18:15
cmaloneyjrwren: It is, but it's not complete crap like a lot of those other amps.18:15
cmaloneyand I got mine cheaper than that18:15
greg-ghaha, not gunners18:15
greg-gjrwren: and not quite as yellow18:16
jrwrencmaloney: I have a pair of JBL  Studio Series S38 that I can't seem to get rid of for what they are worth. I sold an amp I had used with 'em. I always felt it underpowered.18:16
jrwrencmaloney: do you think that 20W would be nice for them?18:17
cmaloney"The machine is BTL output, that is to negative side of speaker out is not public grounded (the two speakers cable must independent connect, no grounding together), we must strictly in accordance with the marking of plus or minus cable connection, this amp is not recommend for car or bike use.18:17
jrwrengreg-g: SteelSeries Scope Pro?18:17
cmaloney(sorry, that was from http://www.amazon.com/SMSL-50Wx2-TDA7492-Amplifier-Adapter/dp/B00F0H8TOC)18:17
cmaloneyjrwren: http://www.amazon.com/JBL-S38BE-3-Way-Bookshelf-Speakers/dp/B00002NDT7 ?18:18
jrwrenlol. shared ground18:18
jrwrencmaloney: nope18:18
jrwrencmaloney: http://www.picstopin.com/1000/jbl-s38-studio-series-speakers/http:%7C%7Cacepawnshop*com%7Cimage%7Ccache%7CWESTWEB_309-1000x1000*jpg/18:19
jrwrencmaloney: http://www.stereophile.com/standloudspeakers/365/index.html18:19
greg-gjrwren: no, just normal glasses with a special coating18:20
cmaloneyjrwren: What is the recommended resistance?18:20
cmaloneyDepending on how demanding those speakers are it should be able to drive them18:21
cmaloneyMy understanding is watts = clarity, not power18:22
cmaloneyie: when it'll start distorting18:22
jrwrencmaloney: I think they are teh same as what you linked, i just have the black finish, not the beech finish18:22
jrwrencmaloney: did that orb come with connectors for the speakers?18:26
jrwrencmaloney: holy shit, its usb powered?18:27
cmaloneyjrwren: If you want to bring your speakers over I'll be more than happy to hook them up18:27
cmaloneyno, It has a 12V / 3A wall wart18:27
jrwrencmaloney: ha!18:27
jrwrencmaloney: i think I'll take you up on that one of these days.18:27
jrwrencmaloney: before or after a CHC? I need to get out to CHC to bring rick_h his shirts18:28
rick_h_jrwren: doh! I forgot you had them18:28
cmaloneyI'm about 2 miles away from CHC18:28
* rick_h_ is out of the real world loop18:28
cmaloneywell, more like 5, but really close18:28

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