Kilosguten morgen06:43
Kiloshi superfly thatgraemeguy inetpro bushtech skokkk and all others also as well too06:46
KilosMaaz_ coffee on06:46
* Maaz_ puts the kettle on06:46
superflyhi Kilos, how are you doing today?06:47
Kilosvery good ty superfly , op done yesterday and was walking around last night already06:48
Kilosonly hurts when i cough06:48
thatgraemeguyhi Kilos 06:48
thatgraemeguygood stuff, how long do you have to hang out in the hospital06:49
Kiloshopefully i get to go home today06:49
superflyKilos: I'm glad to hear everything went well.06:49
Maaz_Coffee's ready for Kilos!06:50
andrewlsdHi Kilos06:50
Kilosthey actually cut deep, ad surprisingly i dont need pain meds06:50
Kiloshi andrewlsd 06:50
KilosMaaz_ ty06:51
Maaz_You are welcome Kilos06:51
bushtechstrongs Kilos, hope you come back 100%06:57
Kilosty bushtech i actually feel good07:00
pieter2627morning all07:00
Kilosbetter than when i came in07:00
Kiloshi pieter2627 07:01
Kiloshow you lad07:01
pieter2627wow oom Kilos, op done?07:01
pieter2627good good,ty07:01
Kilosyip yesterday07:01
pieter2627feeling like a new person?07:01
Kilosalmost yeah07:02
pieter2627glad that oom is back07:03
* andrewlsd is fighting with Afrihost/Axxess network. "red" status yay. 50% packet loss. yay!07:39
* andrewlsd is glad he is not using that ISP today.07:39
superflyI find that Axxess is OK up till midnight. after midnight, I can't do ANYTHING08:12
superflycan't wait for their new network08:12
thatgraemeguycrystalweb ftw08:23
thatgraemeguyfull speed all day every day08:23
superflyit's just been recent08:23
andrewlsdsuperfly: I thought today's issues might be BGP-related due to them moving netblocks, but it looks like it's just that MTN's network is poked.09:01
superflyyeah, from everyone I've spoken to, MTN's network sucks09:01
* skokkk late hello to Kilos11:26
Kilosi been busy getting checked and cleared fo discharge this afternoon11:28
Kilosand had lunch11:29
magespawngood afternoon12:11
Kiloshi magespawn 12:14
magespawnhi Kilos, you still at the hospital?12:14
Kilosyip leaving around 512:15
magespawnhave you had the operation?12:16
Kilosyip yesterday12:16
Kilossomewhere between 9. and 124512:17
magespawnand a success?12:17
Kilosfeels good and the prof happy. says i must just let thingts grow together12:18
Kilosno bending or lifting12:18
Kilos6 weeks light duty hehe12:18
magespawnso you have type lightly, no banging on the keyboard?12:19
Kiloslol yeah12:20
Kilosand as little sitting as possible12:20
magespawnnow that could be a pain12:21
Kilosyeah lying down and typing is a mission, easier to sleep12:22
magespawnwhich might be a good thing 12:24
magespawni think sleeping is supposed to help you get better12:25
andrewlsdHi Peeps. LSD is looking to grow in Cape Town. Sysadmin type position: http://goo.gl/ZJkJB512:34
thatgraemeguymmmmmmm LSD12:40
thatgraemeguyoh...... :-/12:40
magespawnhi andrewlsd, i am not sure i have enough experience to come work for LSD, but i will my send CV 12:41
magespawnthatgraemeguy: ?12:41
Kilosandrewlsd superfly https://twitter.com/Afrihost/status/65494702873318604812:41
thatgraemeguywhat's the salary range andrewlsd?12:41
andrewlsdthatgraemeguy:  magespawn: email me andrew@lsd.co.za and I'll give you a shout with more info.14:18
* pieter2627 only now sees the lsd in andrewlsd 14:25
Kiloscheers for now guys, im packing up to go home14:36

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