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link2xI hope this is the right place to be. I'm trying to replace an Ubuntu 15.04 install with Ubuntu Studio 15.04 and it's failing at the Grub2 install.05:44
link2xI'm on a Windows 8 -> 10 laptop with UEFI on, and would like to keep my windows partitions, so a full wipe isn't an option.05:45
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SkengAllright guys I have a problem ! :)16:32
SkengI just install Ubuntu Studio on my lenovo notebook and everything somes great but the sound .... Actully went i go on youtube, soundcloud or event try to pley a mp3 on my computer, the file load everething seams ok it looks ike it will play.. but no. I got no sounds and the players are stuck on play but no time running.16:35
Skenghave something to sugest me ? :)16:36
Skengbe back in 2 min16:43
SkengOk I have reboot and choose the ubuntu option and not ubuntu (lowlentacy) and it works! i got sound and everything16:45
SkengSo what is exactly lowlentacy and why playing video/sound donc work in it you think ?16:46
zequenceSkeng: It's not related to the kernel16:57
zequenceIf you have jack running on the same sound card as pulseaudio (the regular desktop audio system), you need to make pulseaudio use jack as the output16:58
zequenceThis only works if you have the packages jackd and pulseaudio-module (installed by default), and you are starting jackdbus, not jackd (default on qjackctl)16:59
zequenceThe other option is to just make sure to not use jack while using desktop audio (browsers and other applications that have standard audio features)17:00
SkengHa so maybe it was the jack becaus it was running17:02
Skengok thx17:02
Skengbut what is the difference between lowlentacy and "normale" boot ?17:02
lrsI have a problem, maybe not so much in connection to Ubuntu. I broke my audiojack and need to replace it. And I have two choices 1) buy a usb soundcard (with support for linux) 2) Buy a wireless headphone with bluetooth and a bluetooth adapter?. Problem is I dont know what I should buy? Some of the remote headphones still need a 3.5mm jack, and the usb soundcards im not sure if they work with ubuntu... What should I do?17:12
zequenceSkeng: The lowlatency kernel makes it possible to run jack with lower latency without xruns17:38
zequenceSkeng: Lower Frames/Period gives you lower latency, meaning the time it takes for sound to be processed in the computer until it is sent to the soundcard outputs17:39
zequenceYou need low latency in any sitation where you want to do live processing, such as playing a virtual instrument using a midi controller (keyboard)17:39
syntroPiI am having an audio issue on ubuntu gnome shell: the output volume slider is wildly around on its own which results in a stuttering output volume. Any ideas where the bug could hide?18:07
syntroPiis pulse audio considered to be stable on ubuntu?18:13
syntroPiif i just want to have a working audio, would it be recommended to install ubuntu studio instead of ubuntu gnome? i dont intend to do any audio stuff, i just want a stable audio output thats all20:15

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