flocculantslickymasterWork: I'm happy enough to push it when it's done :)09:28
knomeflocculant, you can't push to the main branch, but you can totally do a MP09:28
slickymasterWorkok, I'll review it then09:28
flocculantthat's obviously what I mean knome ;)09:28
knomeor me, whoever has the time first09:28
knomeflocculant, ;)09:28
flocculantthere won't be many without changes 09:29
flocculantall the additions though don't come close to the cleaning up of #10 :D09:29
knomeslickymasterWork, there was little chance you noticed, but i updated http://xubuntu.org/contribute/documentation/ yesterday09:31
flocculantuseful addition ... 09:31
knomeslickymasterWork, if you want to look at the changes done, you can see them by comparing the revisions on the admin side09:31
slickymasterWorkI hadn't knome, last night I went straight to bed09:32
slickymasterWorkthanks for the heads up09:32
knomeyeah, one of the additions was to mention where the docbook files are in the branch09:32
* slickymasterWork checks09:32
knomeit's not a huge change09:32
knomeonly in the bulleted list under documentation and the following two paragraphs09:32
flocculantknome: it is a huge change - just not a long one :p09:33
knomeflocculant, hah09:34
knomeguess we could on talking about how to build stuff etc09:34
knomebut meh.09:34
knomei'd want the xubuntu-specific wiki09:34
knomewhere we could dump all the developer documentation09:34
flocculantwell yes 09:35
flocculantsame for QA too - but atm we have what we have09:35
knomewith explanations ad nauseam09:35
flocculantin the meantime slickymasterWork has one suggestion from me for the doc page 09:35
slickymasterWorkbtw knome, I writing (better, I'll write) a tutorial on how to build the -docs locally for the FAQ section09:38
slickymasterWorks/I writing/I'm writing09:38
flocculantwith the packages one needs09:38
knomeslickymasterWork, sorry to spoil your fun, but likely not FAQ material09:39
knomeas an article for the website, sure09:39
slickymasterWorkyou think?09:39
knomeflocculant, sudo apt-get build-dep package09:39
slickymasterWorkthat will be buried in the web, after a while 09:39
knomeslickymasterWork, yeah, FAQ's are totally oriented at end-user questions09:39
flocculanteven that 09:39
knomeslickymasterWork, now that we sort out the releases under the "release" taxonomy, we have much more flexibility with the categories/tags09:40
flocculantbut try and think about people who don't know - we ask people to get involved then assume they know what *we* know09:40
knomeslickymasterWork, we could create a new category for tutorials to getting involved09:40
knomeflocculant, i'm not saying we shouldn't do the article - we totally should09:41
knomejust that the FAQ category isn't the place for it09:41
slickymasterWorkmy point is just to try and keep such an article sort of afloat (if you know what I mean)09:41
flocculantknome: that might be useful - much of the new QA page could be a tutorial type thing - especially now :D09:41
knomemaybe we should write some guidelines with pleia2 about the marketing/communication :P09:41
knomeflocculant, yep, i can see that :)09:41
knomeslickymasterWork, totally; and we do have ways to achieve that09:41
knomejust let's not mix up the end-user faced documentation and developer documentation09:43
knomethat will mean nobody is willing to dig in the FAQ because they don't know what to expect09:43
knomeflocculant, mm09:43
knomei should get some updates for the website landed, then i could take yet another step for a better website09:44
flocculantif you make it developer then QA will stay where it is :) 09:44
knomeflocculant, mm, "contributor" would be better word anyway09:44
slickymasterWorkon the contrary knome, my idea is that users will dig into the FAQs in expectation of finding what they're looking for09:44
knomeslickymasterWork, all of the FAQ articles currently are end-user stuff09:45
knomeand whenever we link there, we mention that09:45
knomesay, in that page09:45
knomeif there was a category named "Contributing to Xubuntu" or sth in the sidebar09:46
knomewould you be at loss because the FAQ list didn't include articles about contributing to xubuntu?09:46
slickymasterWorkI do get your point knome, and agree with it09:46
knomealso, currently we don't link to the faq category from the front page09:47
knomebut with the new updates i've prepared, we could do that more easily too09:47
flocculantfaq is at least at the foot 09:47
slickymasterWorkI don't argue with it, my questions is just related to visibility 09:47
knomeflocculant, can get the contribution stuff there as well09:48
knomeflocculant, no problem, just add it to the menu09:48
knome(and it IS under "help & support", eg. not something i'd look for if i was looking to contribute)09:48
flocculantthis new contribute section is probably a winner09:49
knomethat's how i've planned the menu09:49
knomein the future09:49
slickymasterWorkhf knome 09:50
bluesabreflocculant: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/wily-changes/2015-October/012076.html10:24
bluesabrealso, I think I have a meeting starting in 2 minutes here, don't I10:28
bluesabre!team | meeting time if anybody is around10:30
ubottumeeting time if anybody is around: bluesabre, dkessel, flocculant, jjfrv8, knome, krytarik, lderan, micahg, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster, Unit19310:30
* bluesabre tries to wake up, makes quick breakfast10:31
jjfrv8me too10:31
bluesabre#startmeeting Xubuntu Community Meeting10:32
meetingologyMeeting started Fri Oct 16 10:32:40 2015 UTC.  The chair is bluesabre. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.10:32
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick10:32
bluesabreI'll wait a bit for people to show up10:33
bluesabreIt was an accident I even managed to wake up before the meeting today (shame on me)10:33
bluesabrejjfrv8: are you the only other one besides me?10:36
bluesabremay be a very short meeting :)10:36
krytarikI'm here too. :P10:36
bluesabrehi krytarik 10:37
krytarikHi bluesabre.10:37
bluesabreLet's get started then :)10:37
bluesabre#topic Open Action Items10:37
bluesabre- knome to send a mail to the mailing list about phasing out "Team updates" in the meetings10:38
bluesabreI'm... not sure if that went out10:39
bluesabreanybody else better at searching their inboxes?10:40
krytarikbluesabre: You mean for voting? Nope.10:41
bluesabreThought so.10:41
flocculanthi 10:41
bluesabrehi flocculant 10:41
krytarikHi flocculant.10:41
bluesabre#action knome to send a mail to the mailing list about phasing out "Team updates" in the meetings10:42
meetingologyACTION: knome to send a mail to the mailing list about phasing out "Team updates" in the meetings10:42
bluesabrehi slickymasterWork 10:42
bluesabrethe party is getting started now10:42
bluesabremoving on10:42
bluesabre#topic Team Updates10:42
* flocculant has to try and remember the show tonight ... 10:42
flocculant#info QA - call for RC testing went out yesterday10:43
flocculantdone ... 10:43
bluesabre#info Final Freeze is now in effect10:43
bluesabre#info parole 0.8.1 accepted for wily10:44
bluesabre#info Our libreoffice-elementary-theme is now upstream in LibreOffice10:44
bluesabre(in trunk)10:45
bluesabreWill probably take some conversations with the LO packaging theme to get it building with X10:45
bluesabrenot sure I have anything else from dev/artwork10:46
krytarik* team10:46
bluesabreanybody else want to add any updates they can think of?10:46
flocculantbluesabre: just fyi - upgraded parole from -proposed - all works :D10:47
bluesabreflocculant: oh goodie10:47
bluesabrethat was a very last minute release/upload... counting on you ;)10:47
bluesabre#info the numbers on the tracker look excellent, good work everyone http://tracker.xubuntu.org/10:48
bluesabreand with nothing else, we can move on...10:48
bluesabre#topic Discussion10:49
bluesabrehere we have: Last minute Wily issues for discussion, Core ISO/ CD:DVD, 15.10 RC and testing, 16.04 Milestones, 16.04 Package testing, Bug tagging10:50
flocculant#subtopics even :p10:50
bluesabre#subtopic Last minute Wily issues for discussion10:50
flocculantthe only things I've got for this will come up shortly10:51
bluesabreflocculant has our current known issues at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/flocculant/sandbox10:52
flocculantbut in general everything seems to be looking good from my perspective other than the vm issues that everyone sees 10:52
bluesabreand the gmb issue I never managed to resolve...10:52
flocculantright - good reason to ditch it for xx and forget all about it :D10:53
bluesabreBut yeah, I think we're in good shape for release... let's see what updates land during the final freeze that might change our minds10:53
flocculantI guess we could add the v cycle spec for media players for x cycle 10:53
flocculantoh wrong - for w cycle :)10:54
bluesabreso if nobody has any issues to discuss, we can start the next subtopic10:54
=== qwebirc512034 is now known as slickymasterWork
bluesabre#subtopic Core ISO/ CD:DVD10:55
flocculanthopefully Unit193 will be about for the next meeting to add to this 10:55
krytarikThere is nothing more to add though.10:56
bluesabreI think things are in place now... and we want to get these isos spinning when X starts10:56
flocculantkrytarik: there is 10:56
flocculanteven if it's just getting where we are written - people do read the minutes and without us telling people things - they've no idea10:56
flocculantbluesabre: yep and as early in the cycle as possible - we as a team need to be more on top of where that is during the cycle I guess10:57
bluesabremaybe this will be in Team updates for next meeting :)10:58
bluesabrenext up...10:58
bluesabre#subtopic 15.10 RC and testing10:58
bluesabrenow who wrote that there... hmmm10:59
flocculantok - so obviously - as many people as can do so - test please - images and upgrades too :)10:59
bluesabre#info that10:59
flocculantthe dev list got their ping - as soon as images are available I will update 10:59
flocculant#info Please test RC images and upgrades in good time11:00
flocculantaction flocculant once tracker is up to date to mail user list re RC 11:00
flocculant#action flocculant once tracker is up to date to mail user list re RC 11:00
meetingologyACTION: flocculant once tracker is up to date to mail user list re RC11:00
bluesabreanything else?11:01
flocculantmail from infinity today gives more detail on when "We will shut down cronjobs and spin some RC images late Friday or early11:01
flocculantSaturday once the archive and proposed-migration have settled a bit ..."11:01
bluesabreoh nice11:01
bluesabreuploads are still going strong11:02
flocculantnothing else :)11:02
bluesabre#subtopic 16.04 Milestones11:02
flocculantoh lord - me again :p11:02
* bluesabre is happy flocculant is around11:02
flocculantI'd like us to decide which we participate as early as possible 11:03
bluesabreI agree11:03
flocculantpersonally I would like to see us start with the second Alpha for 16.0411:03
bluesabreI'd agree with that, Alpha 1 is almost always too early, landing before all the breaking changes11:04
* slickymasterWork agrees with both bluesabre and flocculant 11:04
flocculantI do have one more point re milestones - but will wait for others to speak up 11:04
bluesabreFrom a development perspective, we're targeting bug fixes to make 16.04 super stable.  Don't expect a lot of new features, so testing done at all parts of the cycle will be incredibly relevant11:05
flocculantmake that an #info :p11:05
bluesabre#info From a development perspective, we're targeting bug fixes to make 16.04 super stable.  Don't expect a lot of new features, so testing done at all parts of the cycle will be incredibly relevant11:05
bluesabreand I'll have a similar message with the next sub11:05
flocculantkrytarik: any input on that? 11:06
krytarikflocculant: Sure, I agree.11:06
krytarikAlpha 1, that is.11:06
krytarikWoop, nope 2.11:06
bluesabrethen we can move on to the next subtopic, yes?11:07
flocculantok - second point then - there is talk (not sure if it'll get further) of allowing flavours to stop builds11:07
bluesabrethat could be nice11:07
flocculantso if that does happen - we can revisit milestones - and do our own when it suits us 11:07
bluesabregood to know11:08
flocculantwe can move on now - just wanted to bring that up :)11:08
bluesabre#subtopic 16.04 Package Testing11:08
flocculantthis will be coming back11:09
slickymasterWorkand dully needed11:09
flocculantbluesabre and I will be setting this up for 16.04 - but it will be a bit more specific than it has in the past 11:09
flocculant#info Package Testing coming back for 16.0411:10
flocculantthere's a fair bit of work to do for that, but it's been started already11:10
flocculantbluesabre: nothing more from me on that - yet :)11:11
flocculantso your perspective please - mostly for those attending tonight :)11:11
bluesabre#info Usability bug reports are fair game. These changes really make Xfce and Xubuntu easier to use for lots of people. If things don't seem quite right with an application, let us know.11:12
* bluesabre will regret that11:12
flocculantand ppa's people - use those :)11:13
bluesabre#info Since we're targeting bug fixes and not so much new features with the next cycle, we can likely expect rapid reviews and fixes. More on this in future discussions.11:13
bluesabreok, I'm done11:13
bluesabre#subtopic Bug Tagging11:14
flocculantand this is easy :)11:14
bluesabreduck duck goose-exp11:14
flocculant#info please remember to mark bugs with xubuntu-exp and the version, if using a ppa xubuntu-exp version ppa11:15
flocculantdone :)11:15
bluesabrethat covers everything11:15
flocculant\o/ 11:15
bluesabre#topic Schedule Next Meeting11:15
flocculantdone :D11:15
bluesabre#info Please join us at later today at 20:00 UTC for Meeting #211:16
flocculantI'll get the meeting page updated so that those joining later can check that out first 11:16
bluesabre#info https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Xubuntu+Team+Meeting&iso=20151016T20&p1=%3A&ah=1&am=3011:16
bluesabrecool, thanks11:16
meetingologyMeeting ended Fri Oct 16 11:16:49 2015 UTC.  11:16
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2015/xubuntu-devel.2015-10-16-10.32.moin.txt11:16
bluesabreThanks everyone!11:16
slickymasterWorkthanks bluesabre 11:17
flocculantbluesabre: thanks - you can pretend to go back to bed now :)11:17
bluesabres/back to bed/to work11:17
bluesabrebbl folks, hf!11:17
flocculantok - logs are up now 11:21
flocculantslickymasterWork knome - pushed my docs mp now 12:48
flocculantwhat's that other one then ... 12:54
flocculantthat's like ages old :)13:01
flocculantknome: fyi - just added ppa-purge to the qa page 13:01
knomeagain, bbl13:02
slickymasterWorkok flocculant.13:20
slickymasterWorkI'll deal with it tonight or during the weekend13:20
flocculantreally no rush :) 13:21
flocculant16.04 is week away :p13:21
=== qwebirc719331 is now known as slickymasterWork
flocculantknome: why do the docs not have nav controls at the top? 17:46
knomeflocculant, they aren't there by default17:51
flocculantok 17:51
knomebut as slickymaster what he thinks of that17:51
flocculantpain with them only at the bottom - in my opinon anyway :)17:52
knomewe can likely make that happen if he thinks it's sensible17:52
flocculantbut then I did have to go through them all rather than what I guess people would actually do 17:52
knometrue too17:52
flocculantI think I could probably dissuade myself here lol 17:53
flocculantanyway - was just a question and thought :)17:53
knomeyep, np17:53
knomei never thought they'd be something people would use that much17:53
knomeas you implied (i think), people will just go to whatever they need help with17:54
knomeand if they are going to read it all, having the controls at the bottom is enough17:54
flocculantyep - that was the implication 17:54
knomebbl again...18:02
flocculant!team | meeting in 15 minutes ish ... if you're going to be around logs from the earlier meeting got on the meeting page19:43
ubottumeeting in 15 minutes ish ... if you're going to be around logs from the earlier meeting got on the meeting page: bluesabre, dkessel, flocculant, jjfrv8, knome, krytarik, lderan, micahg, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster, Unit19319:43
flocculant!team | meeting is upon us 20:00
ubottumeeting is upon us: bluesabre, dkessel, flocculant, jjfrv8, knome, krytarik, lderan, micahg, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster, Unit19320:00
meetingologyMeeting started Fri Oct 16 20:00:18 2015 UTC.  The chair is flocculant. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.20:00
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick20:00
flocculantand who other than me is about :)20:00
* krytarik is20:00
flocculanthey Noskcaj :)20:01
flocculantwell hopefully this should be fairly swift 20:02
flocculantlet's just get on 20:03
flocculant#topic Open Action Items20:03
knomemy item is done20:03
knomewe just need to vote on it now20:03
flocculantexcellent 20:03
flocculantknome: shall we just take that to m/l or start here? 20:04
flocculantI'm easy either way20:04
knomelet's do it on the M/L20:04
knomei'll do that today20:04
flocculantok :)20:04
knome#action knome to set up voting on meeting structure20:05
meetingologyACTION: knome to set up voting on meeting structure20:05
flocculantta :)20:05
flocculant# Topic Team Updates20:05
flocculantI do have an extra from earlier20:05
knomeflocculant, that isn't picked up btw20:05
flocculantwhat isn't? 20:05
knomeflocculant, you need to stick topic to #20:05
flocculant#Topic Team Updates20:06
flocculant#info started the 16.04 doc read through and MP done20:06
flocculantanything from others? 20:06
flocculantI be it should be t instead of T too :p20:07
flocculantanything from Noskcaj or knome ? 20:08
knomeeverything from me is in the tracker20:08
knomebut no, nothing really for now20:09
flocculantNoskcaj: anything - I know you've just got back ofc 20:09
flocculant#topic Discussion20:09
flocculant#subtopic Last minute Wily issues for discussion20:10
flocculantfrom the last meeting all that came up was 20:10
flocculant1 - gmb issue still a problem20:10
flocculant2 - getting the default media player back into discussion20:11
flocculantanyone with comments on those? 20:11
flocculantbah - 2 - getting the default media player choice back into discussion20:12
knomeat least it "only" crashes on close20:12
knomebut 2, totally, for 16.0420:12
flocculantyea 20:12
knometoo late for any changes now20:12
flocculantok so we just need to X the W and run with that20:12
flocculant#action flocculant to build Specifications/X/DefaultMediaPlayer20:13
meetingologyACTION: flocculant to build Specifications/X/DefaultMediaPlayer20:13
flocculantI'll do that once we're finished20:13
knomefwiw, my action item is done20:13
flocculantreally hard ... 20:13
flocculantknome: ok :)20:13
flocculantmmm 20:14
flocculantfleeting thought then 20:14
flocculantoh yea - not really Wily, but currently our wiki bar had vivid roadmap etc on it - are we going to keep on with that? 20:15
flocculanteg XX soon? 20:15
knomei don't think so20:15
knomei'll fix that now20:15
flocculantok - thanks knome :)20:15
flocculant#subtopic Core ISO/ CD:DVD 20:15
flocculantso we were hoping that Unit193 would be about 20:16
* krytarik too20:16
flocculantkrytarik said in earlier meeting that nothing had changed20:16
flocculantat the moment the bp has the latest task with no owner, so it doesn't show up, I'd say that for the moment we should just postpone that and give it an owner20:17
krytarikNot after we pinged them again last Friday anyway.20:17
flocculantthen get it on the X bp 20:17
knomeok, wiki menu updated20:17
flocculantI'd suggest that we add that to the whiteboard on -dev too 20:18
flocculantbluesabre and I both want to see this in asap for X 20:18
knomeme too20:19
flocculantknome: ooh - that looks good ;)20:19
flocculantshouldn't be alphabetical though - or Z to A :D20:19
flocculantthanks :)20:20
flocculant#subtopic 15.10 RC and testing 20:20
flocculantself explanatory - please test this :)20:20
flocculantI'll not redo (or copy) my info's from a few hours ago 20:21
flocculantknome Noskcaj any comments on the RC? 20:22
knomei haven't had time to test it, but by all other signs, we're looking pretty good20:22
knomeor in other words20:22
knomephenomenal work again, everybody!20:22
flocculantyep - it is looking all pretty much good 20:22
flocculantI really do think that release by release we look more and more polished20:23
flocculantreally is phenomenal work by those who do it :)20:23
knomelet's keep on the same direction for 16.04 and it will be an awesome release with a relatively recent, stable xfce version - something to look in awe for years20:23
flocculantyep for sure 20:23
flocculantanyway - before we all slap each other on the back so hard we're all unconscious - let's move on20:24
flocculant#subtopic 16.04 Milestones20:25
flocculantthe consensus in the earlier meeting was to A2 in that cycle20:25
flocculantany objections to that? 20:25
knomethat sounds sane if it looks like we aren't in a total mess at that point20:25
knomebut since it's an LTS cycle, that's unlikely20:26
flocculanteven so 20:26
knomeso +1 for that from me20:26
flocculantthanks 20:26
flocculantI should info bluesabre's info here :)20:26
flocculant#info From a development perspective, we're targeting bug fixes to make 16.04 super stable.  Don't expect a lot of new features, so testing done at all parts of the cycle will be incredibly relevant20:26
flocculantNoskcaj: you up for that ;)20:27
flocculantas part of the dev team rather than testing 20:28
flocculant#subtopic 16.04 Package Testing20:29
flocculantso - the long and short of this is - we will be bringing it back for the next cycle20:29
flocculantmore specifically aimed at times20:29
flocculantone more important info from earlier 20:30
flocculant#info Usability bug reports are fair game. These changes really make Xfce and Xubuntu easier to use for lots of people. If things don't seem quite right with an application, let us know20:30
knomeif we change the default media player, that should happen ASAP20:30
knomeusability and accessibility20:30
knome(even if we can't promise to fix them)20:31
flocculantyea for sure20:31
flocculant#action xubuntu-team to decide on default media player prior to alpha 2 in order to deal with usability and accessibility concerns20:32
meetingologyACTION: xubuntu-team to decide on default media player prior to alpha 2 in order to deal with usability and accessibility concerns20:32
Noskcajflocculant, a late reply, but yeah, sounds good20:32
flocculantwasn't sure if you had disappeared then :)20:32
flocculant#action flocculant To take default media player discussion to M/L 20:33
meetingologyACTION: flocculant To take default media player discussion to M/L20:33
knome%action knome to make a grumpy reply on the media player discussion20:33
flocculantha ha ha 20:33
knomei think i could say it here: i think one of the best choices would be to not ship a default media player20:34
flocculant%action flocculant to want qt in xubuntu so he can have clementine20:34
knomethen we could et over this silly discussion on every cycle20:34
flocculantknome: that is a logical choice - given that while parole is not a music player - it plays anything I throw at it 20:35
knomeremove gmb and just slam a FAQ article for people about some of the favorite media players for the team members20:35
flocculantyep 20:35
knomeflocculant, except some DVD's20:35
* knome hides20:35
flocculantha ha 20:35
flocculantknome assumes that flocculant has a drive in his machine :p20:35
knomesome people still do use optical media20:36
flocculanthi Unit193 :)20:36
flocculant#subtopic Core re-run20:38
flocculantjust bring this up :)20:38
flocculantUnit193: can you give a brief precise of where we are with that please :)20:38
flocculantjust some #info's would be cool20:39
Unit193Well everything has been done on our side for a while, just waiting for someone to review and merge it.  Still.20:39
Unit193So nothing new?20:39
knomei've tried to /wii slangasek a few times, haven't been online at the same time with him to get a comment from him20:40
knomeUnit193, everything means all changes he requested after the first review, i suppose?20:40
Unit193So, we've poked infinity a few times, slangasek a couple times...20:40
flocculantUnit193: what do you think is the best way to move this forward asap - no-one wants this to drop off the radar I guess20:41
Unit193knome: No, that was done more recently, not months ago.  But it is ready too yes.20:41
knomeUnit193, good good20:41
knomeflocculant, i'll keep an eye on it too and try to get a hold of slangasek who looked at it the last time20:41
knomeflocculant, it might be something happens only after 15.10 release though20:42
flocculantUnit193: can you add core tasks to the 16.04 bp ? 20:42
Unit193flocculant: Kind of out of my control, not much I can do.  I really wanted someone to merge before XXX so I wouldn't have to rebase..20:42
flocculantyea - not blaming anyone obviously20:42
knomeUnit193, maybe we can get it in before the new stuff kicks in20:42
Unit193Sure, it's just there's not much we/I *can* do.20:42
Unit193knome: Hopefully.20:43
flocculantbut at least we can [xubuntu-team] the task then we all know and can prod it 20:43
knomeflocculant, i'm with Unit193 here for now; let's keep this on manual control20:43
knomeas he says, everything is done on our side20:43
knomenow we just need somebody to look at it20:43
flocculantknome: yea - get that, but it needs to be trackable for us with the tracker20:44
Unit193And I'd like to keep it that way, so hopefully before all the X changes hit...20:44
flocculantUnit193: ack that20:44
flocculant*we* just need to track it 20:44
flocculantbluesabre and I both want to get this at least on the tracker properly asap20:45
knomeflocculant, added an item20:45
knome [ubuntu-cdimage] Review xubuntu-core patches: INPROGRESS20:45
flocculantdoesn't matter so much if it breaks - but it means we *can* track it 20:45
flocculantknome: ok cool - ty, pretty sure I have a QA task for it too 20:46
flocculantthanks Unit193 :)20:46
Unit193Sure, sorry there's not much to add.20:46
flocculantUnit193: that doesn't matter - I (at least) was just a bit at sea with it 20:47
flocculantand I guess other's weren't sure20:47
flocculantty :) 20:47
flocculantmoving on20:48
flocculant#subtopic Bug Tagging20:48
flocculantthis is just a re-iteration of please use the tags we asked20:48
flocculantpeople will search on those20:49
flocculantand given bluesabre's avowed aim for 16.04 it'll make his life easier :)20:49
flocculantanyone have any other points to bring up? 20:50
knomei approve20:50
flocculantof everything I hope :)20:50
flocculant#topic Schedule Next Meeting20:51
knomewho's in turn20:51
flocculantI would suggest that we start the cycle with ochosi as XPL 20:51
knomeyeah, i was thinking the same - if the next meeting is after the release, that is20:51
flocculantif he can ofc, if not I would suggest the dev member of Release :p20:52
knomeor the technical lead20:52
flocculantleave it up to ochosi and bluesabre to make that decision 20:52
flocculantknome: :D20:52
knomeor anybody whose surname is very known in tennis20:53
flocculant#action XPL or Technical Lead to set next meeting at the start of X cycle20:53
meetingologyACTION: XPL or Technical Lead to set next meeting at the start of X cycle20:53
meetingologyMeeting ended Fri Oct 16 20:53:30 2015 UTC.  20:53
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2015/xubuntu-devel.2015-10-16-20.00.moin.txt20:53
knomethanks flocculant - for both meetings20:53
flocculantthanks all :)20:53
knomenow go vote on the ML20:54
knomekrytarik, that applies to you too :D20:54
knomesee, new responsibilities20:55
Unit193< bluesabre> #info Our libreoffice-elementary-theme is now upstream in LibreOffice  this is great.20:56
Unit193< krytarik> There is nothing more to add though.  that really summed it all up! :P20:56
flocculantUnit193: LO is good 20:56
knomethe theme is good20:56
flocculantUnit193: I agree - but people other than us can read the wiki 20:56
Unit193knome: TBH, doesn't seem much different just a bit bigger.20:57
flocculantit's not that it's not summed up - it's that it's summed up somewhere in the irc logs 20:57
knomeUnit193, proves you're not an artist >:)20:57
Unit193I think I already did that.20:57
Unit193Flipped back and forth, not much different.20:58
knomewell if you've leared that bold is a fat letter for all of your life, you don't suddenly want to see a smiley there, do you?20:59
knomeit's all about the balance of being very recognisable but sleeker20:59
knomeand sure, there are many icons that are still the same as before20:59
Unit193I don't extensivly use it either.  OK, done with both meetings.21:01
Unit193And, lovely.  Default media players again! :P21:01
flocculantor not :)21:01
Unit193knome: You added a new item without removing the last, FWIW.21:02
knomeUnit193, go fix it, silleeeyyyh!21:04
Unit193knome: Yep, will when I open firefox.  Was just letting you know. :P21:05
flocculantlogs done I hope21:05
knomeUnit193, well, gee, thanks :P21:06
Unit193Didn't know if you saw it in the first place.21:15
flocculantsomething that didn't get a mention in either meeting was we're adding changelog links to the wiki release note21:21
flocculanttrying to make one technical and one marketing21:22
flocculantmaking the website more a story hopefully 21:23
flocculantor human readable perhaps :) 21:24
knomeor human oriented21:24
knomeo hai ochosi 21:29
ochosihey knome 21:29
ochosijust stopping by on my way to bed21:30
knomeochosi, feel free to cast a vote ;)21:30
flocculanthi ochosi :)21:30
ochosifinally installed xubuntu @work today \o/21:30
flocculant\o/ 21:30
ochosiwas a long road to get there21:30
knomenext to convince others to use xubuntu too ;)21:30
ochosiyeah, we'll see whether i'll have time for that21:31
ochosibut yeah, it's on the radar21:31
ochosii actually wanna convince the IT department to support it, that's far better than dealing with individuals ;)21:31
ochosianyhoo, i'll read up on the meeting tomorrow21:31
flocculantochosi: there was a fair but after 2 or 3 hours 21:32
flocculantknome: does this make sense to give the option at the beginning https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/X/DefaultMediaPlayer21:32
ochosijust quickly wantd to check whether the xfce4-notifyd patches of today adressed any of my issues/ceoncerns21:33
knomeflocculant, i don't think we're touching parole this time21:34
flocculantochosi: not sure of concerns or whether they landed tbh 21:34
flocculantknome: I obviously didn't make it plain then :)21:35
knomeflocculant, or at least i have had the image that we're only talking about the music/collection player21:35
flocculantadded media to the parole line21:36
knomethe all seem like on option21:37
flocculantall that *I* need to do is use parole more to play music 21:37
bluesabreevening all21:37
knomei mean if we do the first, then we obviously do the second, and should do the third21:37
knomehello sean21:37
flocculantknome: then line 2 can go 21:38
flocculantline 3 stays21:38
flocculanthi bluesabre :)21:38
flocculantbluesabre: knome showed up for meeting #2 you can imagine what happened then ... 21:38
flocculantwith krytarik too ... 21:39
flocculantknome: ok - so now with the default wikiu page ? 21:40
knomeflocculant, better21:40
knomeflocculant, though there still aren't "options", just one :D21:41
flocculantoh my21:41
flocculantthere are 2 implicit options :D21:41
ochosihey bluesabre 21:42
ochosiwell if we want parole to be our default media+music player it should get a little better at playing music21:43
bluesabresounds like work21:43
flocculantknome: it is of course a wiki, so you slickymaster and krytarik can fiddle as much as you want, then I can go back and remove the stranglish :D21:44
ochosior well: managing music ftm21:44
ochosiyeah, well i'd say if we go with parole the least it would need is the plugin installer21:45
flocculantbluesabre: my plan is to get you to let parole play things, make everything else a FAQ item and down to personal choice 21:45
flocculantI was on your side :(21:45
ochosiother than that, i'd also be fine with parole as it is tbh21:45
Unit193The idea isn't to turn parole into the media manager, it is to *remove* the music manager.21:46
flocculantbluesabre ochosi: there is one thing that stops me using parole more than I do - playlist support21:46
knomeflocculant, NOW there are two OPTIONS :)21:46
flocculantUnit193: +1 21:46
knomeUnit193, you mean "remove the media manager"21:47
flocculantknome: that's because of the 's 21:47
knomeflocculant, yeah i broke it, but now you have option A and option B :)21:47
Unit193knome: I meant 'music manager' the first time too.  Media Manager seems like we're getting rid of thunar-volman.21:48
flocculantUnit193: :)21:48
flocculantknome: oh man - release the lock :)21:48
knomei'll add something else before that21:49
flocculantlike a choice? 21:49
knomenope, definitions/terms21:49
ochosiUnit193: i'm not necessarily talking about parole managing a library or anything.. ah, anyway, i'm not sure i'm a huge fan of introducing a lot of features to it in the 16.04 cycle, so i guess we'd have to mostly take it as it is21:49
flocculantknome: oh do please add a choice as well :p21:49
knomewhat choice then? :P21:50
bluesabrecreate a media player link in the menu that goes to a section in the local help :D21:51
flocculantochosi: my position is fairly clear, add qt, as we won't do that, can we please lose gmb and just stick with parole that play's both :D21:51
knomei moved the page to that url21:51
bluesabre"There's lot of music players, here's the 16 we've tried in Xubuntu over the years"21:51
bluesabreI'm just being silly21:51
bluesabrelong day21:51
knomethe beginning of the page now lists definitions21:51
knomeby those definitions, we are mainly looking for a new media *manager*, or dropping it21:52
knomeif somebody wants to edit the page, please make sure the terms are used correctly on the page21:52
knomeif not, i'll do that...21:52
flocculantbluesabre: seriously I have tried as many as I could posibbly try - and used them 21:53
flocculantknome: I had already copied to X :)21:53
knomelook again21:53
ochosii have to admit i haven't used any local music manager in a while...21:53
bluesabreI have no horse in this race, I just stream these days21:53
knomei'll edit the page21:54
knomeit's a mess21:54
knome2 minutes.21:54
ochosibluesabre: same here21:54
knomeok, good now21:55
flocculantochosi: I don't stream - I use the sources locally ~2Tb now21:55
knomeflocculant, note that the url is now ...MediaManager not MediaPlayer21:55
knomeflocculant, for clarity purposes...21:55
knomeflocculant, yeswut.21:55
flocculantcan you not just link it :)21:55
knomei did21:56
knomethat's not the link you gave me21:56
knomei changed the last word from Player to Manager21:56
knomebecause we are essentially looking for a new media *manager*21:56
knomeand now i'll stop confusing you further :P21:56
ochosialrighty folks, time to get to bed22:01
ochosihave a good one!22:01
Unit193flocculant: Nightingale? :-----D22:02
bluesabreconvert your library to ogg and use firefox for the media player, then we can drop parole as well :D22:03
knomefirefox doesn't even play the few DVDs that parole does22:03
* knome hides22:03
bluesabreI'm actually really impressed, the post-meeting discussion has been pretty substantial22:04
bluesabreknome: :P22:04
knomeapart from my trolling, you mean22:04
bluesabreif only SwissBot did the s// to make Player > Manager easier22:05
Unit193bluesabre: knome made me remove it. :(22:11
Unit193Also, then use VLC like every other sane person! :P22:12
Unit193Or, mpv!22:12
flocculantUnit193: tried it ... 22:20
flocculantknome: you and your one letter changes ... 22:21
knomeflocculant, re: voting23:14
knomeobviously, the project's benefit first23:14
knomeif people are away, and something must be decided, then something will be decided23:15
knomebe it the XPL, or he's away, the XTL, or if he's away, then some other team leader, and if the appropriate leaders are away, the rest of the team by the best of their knowledge and with the project's interest and the strategy document in mind23:15
pleia2am I failing to vote on something again?23:16
knomepleia2, see the mailing list, i started a vote *today*23:16
knomepleia2, no worries :)23:16
pleia2aha :)23:16
flocculantpleia2: ha - not yet :)23:16
knomeusually, week has been enough to gather the quorum of votes23:17
knomeand most of the time, most of the team, not just the quorum23:17
flocculantpleia2: I'm just doing that thing I do - ask stuff :)23:18
pleia2flocculant: good to know :)23:18
Unit193pleia2: Small "issue", should easily pass.23:18

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