aoteaKubuntu 15.04, I get "plasmashell segmentation fault 11" whenever I shutdown. Googled but mostly seems to be referring to Archlinux.00:18
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denza242can gstreamer be configured05:05
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soeehiho elton09:12
lordievaderGood morning.09:27
charllieHello I ve got problem with creating shortcuts. I 've created some shortcuts which open google, steam etc then when i close settings and open it one more time and i don't have my shortcuts ( i clicked apply before i left settings) is there anyone who can quide me how can i do it?09:29
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aoteaAfter every shutdown Plasmashell crashes on me, and afterwards after kubuntu splash screen I get a black screen. Ctlr+Alt+F1 works, so what am I looking for to understand what is going wrong?10:46
MoonUnit`plasma5 is unstable thats the problem and it been getting worse, for me it was usable when 15.04 was released but the last few months it's been crashing more and more.10:50
MoonUnit`i've seen others with the same problem.10:51
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aotea http://termbin.com/lbf6 - is my xsessions-errors. It seems to complain alot of desktop files that I need to port to JSON?10:55
iboui founbd a website talkin11:30
iboui found a website talking about the LTS versions.11:30
ibousauing that the adresse for the depots after a few years is different11:31
lordievaderHmm, would be interesting if it waas about 16.0411:31
iboubut i dont find the website now and dont know the different adress for depots11:32
lordievaderI'm not sure what you mean with depots...11:32
lordievaderAh, repos you mean. Something like http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/11:34
ibounice hlink thank you. this is giving me the traditional repos (yes repos :)) but i read something about different repos for the LTS versions11:39
MoonUnit`lordievader, made a bug report about the screen rotation problem in wily and made a bisect log, hopefully it will get fixed.11:47
lordievaderHopefully, yes.11:51
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BluesKajHiyas all12:20
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FLHerneTrying to install Kubuntu 15.04, on clicking the "Install Kubuntu 15.04" icon on the live-image desktop, nothing much happens14:01
FLHerneSaid icon becomes permanently highlighted, bouncing cursor-indicator, "Install Kubuntu 15.04" entry appears in the taskbar and then dissappears with no window appearing14:02
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FLHerneGoogled it and manually unmounted /run/udisks2/inhibit-polkit (whatever that is)14:09
FLHerneWorked then14:09
FLHerneNope, now the partitioner crashed14:10
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basheuDoes anyone know of any nice articles/videos comparing Ubuntu and Kubuntu? Not sure as to which one to install...14:48
finetundra2234basheu: no, but there's not too much of a difference other than the included programs14:50
basheuI remember using both and having settled into Kubuntu back in 2009 or something when I used it as my main OS. Should I go with that now as well?14:51
finetundra2234What do you plan on using it on?14:52
basheuVery basic stuff: internet, youtube, popcorntime, spotify, email...14:53
finetundra2234oh, I meant the system, like desktop or laptop, etc14:53
basheuA fairly ok desktop14:54
basheu2 screens... Might run into some problems with my USB DAC dongle.14:54
basheuBut I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.14:54
finetundra2234Well, Both regular ubuntu and kubuntu get all of their software from the ubuntu repositories so the base system is effictively the same. The only real difference is the included desktop and applications14:56
basheuThat's what I kinda understood already, makes it even harder to choose as there seems to be such small differences.14:57
finetundra2234I kinda flop between both. I've even gotten as far as having both DE's installed at the same time and just switch to thew other when I get bored15:00
basheuWhich one is easier to make look pretty? I used to love all the random specs I could have displayed overlayed.15:00
finetundra2234basheu: well, in my experience you have quicker access with KDE than you would with unity. unity kinda makes you have to work for it. Both can look really, really nice. I have found that with kubuntu 14.04 using downloaded wallpapers can be a bit more of a hassel15:02
finetundra2234But there's an amazing selection available already, you just have to download them with the wallapaer selection tool15:03
basheuWell... I've gone through the ubuntu and kubuntu websites and I guess I prefer the overall look of kubuntu15:04
finetundra2234And do remember you can install the other DE post install.15:05
basheuCleaner maybe. I guess I'll go with that tomorrow when I get my hands on new parts and start reinstalling my whole computer15:05
basheuYe, can't be too difficult I hope :D15:05
finetundra2234Good luck friend15:06
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maggotsis bitcoin minig worth it these days?15:51
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Vtec234Sorry for a noob question, but i can't really phrase it so that google returns anything meaningful. If my connection name is not "eth0" how can i find out what it is?17:36
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OrangeSec_a malicous malware ad has infected my pc17:51
OrangeSec_it hasn't done any damage because kwallet isn't configurable but how do I remove it17:51
OrangeSec_every start up it says config something kwallet is not configurable, contact system administrator17:52
BluesKajthat's noit malicious malware17:53
BluesKajOrangeSec_, it would help if you gave us the name of this app theat kwallet wants the pw for17:54
OrangeSec_It came from an ad that's all I know17:55
OrangeSec_my browser gave me an alert that's all I know17:55
OrangeSec_and it's not kwallet wants the password it's something is trying to configure kwallet17:56
BluesKajwhich browser and what was the alert?17:56
OrangeSec_firefox and I used a 3rd party extention17:56
OrangeSec_let me find it17:56
svend-evGood morning17:57
OrangeSec_this is the 3rd party exitention that warned me of the ad https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/cyscon-phishing-protection/17:58
OrangeSec_but it seems like the malware is a start up script- but I don't know how to remove them, when I go to autostart all it shows is desktop file and script file18:00
OrangeSec_none of them I can remove18:00
OrangeSec_anyone there18:04
mparilloOrangeSec_: Could it be this? https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35180518:08
ubottuKDE bug 351805 in general "Configuration file "//.config/kwalletd5rc" not writable. Please contact your system administrator." [Normal,Needsinfo: waitingforinfo]18:08
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WildPikachuis there a right onscreen keyboard to use for kubuntu? (wily) ... busy installing my first tablet20:06
denza242why doesn't AdBlocK work in rekonq20:54
bpromptdenza242:     anything wrong with that? =)20:56
denza242well I mean, I don't particularly like annoying popup ads20:57
bprompthmmm what the?   I misread you21:00
bpromptthought you said "why it works" dohh21:00
soeecurrent rekonq isn't mainteind anymore i think21:01
soeeyou shoudl use differen browser21:01
soeei recommend one of: Firefox, Chromium, Vivaldi, Qupzilla21:01
ejayis there vivaldi build for linux? didn't know that21:02
ejayneed to check this out21:02
bpromptdenza242:      I don't see the AdBlock bit in rekonq, I do see it in Konqueror though21:02
denza242soee: I don't like the way most of those browsers are going21:02
denza242and qupzilla isn't very tightly integrated with KDE21:03
bpromptejay:    vivaldi?   are you sure you got the right tobacco brand this morning?21:03
denza242bprompt: apparently there is AdBlocK in rekonq21:03
bpromptdenza242:    apparently not, in mine, I do see it in Konqueror21:03
soeeejay: yes there are, technical previews or snapshots21:03
bprompthmm vivaldi?   what the?21:04
ejaysoee: yeah, already downloading that.21:04
ejaybprompt: it's a browser made by some guys from opera21:04
soeebprompt: this is product maybe by some of the previous Opera develoeprs21:04
bpromptejay:   thought you were refferring to some *nix distribution, like "vivid" =)21:05
soeeTP has sme bugs  but works pretty good http://wstaw.org/m/2015/10/17/snapshot33.png21:05
bpromptsoee:    hmm,  I do run opera 33, looks like google chrome, with an opera logo, they went chromium after version 1921:05
bpromptwell, after 12.12 rather, version 19 is chromium-based21:06
bpromptdenza242:    might as well install konqueror, and try there, who knows, same rekonq engine anyway21:07
denza242I use konqueror too21:08
ejaythat vivaldi browser is nice but kwin's rules do not work with it. shame.21:19
soeesmall tip: you can install extensions and apps from Chrome store21:24
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trivialzerohello world22:37
soeehiho trivialzero22:40
trivialzerohiho soee22:40
trivialzerosoee: hiho22:40
jbermudesI'm using Kubuntu 15.04. There doesn't seem to be a button in the notifications tray to clear all notifications. Is there some other way to do it other than clicking the red X for each notification in the list?22:41
soeejbermudes: i'm not sure. probably not22:42
soeebut better ask on #plasma22:42
jbermudesok, thanks22:43
len__What happened to the release candidate?22:45
soeelen__: ?22:46
len__15.10 release schedule shows there was supposed to be a 15.10 release candidate released on Oct 15.22:48
soeevalorie: any idea ? ^22:50
len__Guess it will be going straight from Beta 2 to Final release.22:50
len__Just wondering why.22:50
claydohrelease candidates are usually not used, in recent times, unless there is a reason , such as a last minute or something that needs checking out before  final22:59
RisteHello people.23:05
RisteHows it going?23:06
bpromptanother day, another orbit of the planet23:07
OES_NightHi, is there a way to turn on global menu in Plasma 5.4 ? There are some guides for previous versions but I think they are outdated.23:07
RisteFair enough @bprompt23:07
RisteSo I'm a Linux noob I'm trying to install it via the kubuntu installer however, I want the kubuntu to install only on the windows partition and to format that partion to leave the others alone, seems that theres no option like that in the menu, any advice?23:08
RisteOther than getting windows on my usb and formating it without installing windows then installing the kubuntu.23:09
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga23:10
Risteit seems ill have to do the latter one x)23:15

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