ianorlinI see bug 1468854 as fixed on my machine so tag it fix released00:31
ubot93bug 1468854 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "lxpanel-indicator-applet-plugin doesn't use themes" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146885400:31
ianorlinoh wow it is fix released now00:31
ianorlinhad to leave after the message on bug00:31
phillwianorlin: we've been quickly closing bugs and striking them off the lubuntu release notes :)11:40
phillwToday's daily images are available for testing :)18:09
phillwwxl: any news as to what happened to 'early Saturday' for the RC's ?18:11
tsimonq2phillw: he says 01:16:38 PM < wxl> [2b->27] @tsimonq2 blog will come when the announcements of nominees comes. RC comes when the release team decides it comes. out of my  hands.18:20
tsimonq2phillw: so he has done all he can do right now18:20
tsimonq2wxl: so are the ISOs ready to download?20:27
ianorlinif bug 1460192 is now cleared up for others should it be closed it works for me but I want to make sure it is gone with others.21:55
ubot93bug 1460192 in lxappearance (Ubuntu) "new themes in lxappareance does not apply until after login and logout." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146019221:55
ianorlinand remove it from the release notes if it was in there21:56

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