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Latrodectusum i've run into a glitch with an lxde panel... I set said panel as dynamic and hidden, but now i can't un hide it. Is there a way to edit my panels via a config file?04:23
NOOB_how come synptic has no transmission update?13:26
NOOB_like i can 'manually' update, but i am curious why the update is not mainstream for lbuntu?13:27
NOOB_it is more that i would like to knwo how to answer such a question13:28
krytarik!sru | NOOB_: Do you mean this?13:35
ubottuNOOB_: Do you mean this?: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates13:35
NOOB_krytarik: i'll look and see13:35
NOOB_thank you sir13:38
redwolfhello hunterox35 :)17:58
hunterox35How r u bro17:58
redwolfhow's your day?17:58
hunterox35fine thnx !17:58
hunterox35and urs17:58
redwolfquiet :)17:59
hunterox35great !17:59
hunterox35I'm new on here ? how does it work here18:00
redwolfwell, welcome!18:01
redwolfthere're no specific rules. if you need to ask just do it18:01
redwolfif there's people who can help you they will do18:01
redwolfif not we can always head you to the proper place18:01
hunterox35that's Lind of u !18:01
hunterox35kind of u redwolf18:02
redwolfor there's no need for asking for help, you can simply stay :)18:02
hunterox35I 'm linux user And i'm looking for tutorials About linux And web application pentesting !18:02
redwolfsorry, web application what?18:05
redwolfoh penetration tests18:06
hunterox35Pentesting Web Application18:06
hunterox35Yes *18:06
redwolfthere's a Linux distro designed for that18:06
hunterox35yeah Kali linux18:06
hunterox35Or Achlinux18:06
redwolfbackbox is the classic18:07
hunterox35u mean it's better than Kali ?18:07
redwolfit's more famous, and it has a better support. not sure about the "quality". I never used them18:08
redwolfCaine, for example, is based on Ubuntu18:08
hunterox35yeah Seen it ! I'm using kali linux on my vmware18:09
redwolfI can't help very much on these, they're not "usual" distros :)18:09
hunterox35Never Tried another one I think kali 2.0 is better distro18:09
redwolfdistrowatch made a nice report about Caine, but I'm not really interested on those18:10
redwolfsorry :)18:10
hunterox35What are u interested in ?18:10
redwolfLubuntu :)18:11
redwolfI know, that was expected :D18:11
hunterox35Lubuntu ?18:11
hunterox35is it like ubuntu ?18:11
redwolfyou are in its channel :)18:12
redwolfyes, it's the lightweight version of Ubuntu, using LXDE as its desktop environment18:12
hunterox35i just joined it18:12
hunterox35cool the only thing i hate in ubuntu is the unity mode18:12
redwolfor http://lubuntu.me18:12
redwolfyou're welcome the the Facebook groups too18:13
hunterox35did any one tell you you are a nice Guy :)18:14
redwolfO.O thanks! :D18:14
hunterox35very generous And Welcomming18:14
hunterox35I like that18:15
redwolfI like to help people18:15
hunterox35Me too18:15
hunterox35When i can18:15
redwolfthat's why we do this, to help us each other18:16
hunterox35yeah nice gesture18:16
redwolfsee? and I had a nice feedback, instead a troll one. so thanks :)18:16
hunterox35tell me Does it have a same Reppo as ubuntu ?18:17
redwolfyes, we share the same repos18:17
redwolflike Xubuntu, Kubuntu...18:17
redwolfbut our desktop is highly customised to be lighter18:17
hunterox35Great I4ll think about trying it18:18
hunterox35the 64 bit only 69018:18
redwolfit should fir on a CD, yes18:18
redwolfthe URL I told you above explains what apps we use18:19
redwolfbut you can always use the Software Center to add any other available18:19
hunterox35yes it's better and safer to use Software Center18:20
hunterox35i'm downloading it right now try it on vmware then if i  like it i'll set it as the main OS18:25
redwolfthat's great! :)18:26
Lubuntu2I think i found a bug. when you goto dectop settings advanced and set it to "show menus provided by windows managers when desktop is cliced". The menu dont works when you clic on something. it is like i am loged out and need to log into lubuntu again.22:32
Lubuntu2This in 14.04.322:33
ianorlinargh that unfortanely is still broken in 14.04 but is fixed in 14.10 and later although 15.04 has a broken icon for lxpanel that a fix for wily is out23:22
ianorlinand then gone23:22

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