zprocI'm wondering something about a package, i read that pd-extented (pure data) should be in the repos, but when i try to apt-get it i get a strange error00:23
zprocsee http://pastebin.com/NbN9tAkn00:25
OerHekszproc, it is not in our repos, use the manual from their site http://puredata.info/docs/faq/debian02:43
zprocOerHeks: aaah, i realize i misread something03:33
zproci saw that page03:34
zprocthere is no repo for 15.10, i guess i'll have to wait03:34
lordievaderGood morning.09:27
BluesKajHiyas all12:20
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nyan_catI've just installed ubuntu 15.10 and I'm having an issue with my wireless.14:49
nyan_catIt connects just fine and works while browsing, but when I try to download a lot of stuff such as updates it disconnects from my network and I have to disable it and then re-enable it14:49
nyan_catthis is the output of lspci on my laptop: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12819771/14:49
nyan_catit worked fine in both windows and 14.0414:49
nyan_catoh and this is lsusb output since apparently it shows up as usb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12819925/14:52
pseudonymousAnyone using a broadcom 4360 chipset ?15:54
berz3rkOK, so Im using Ubuntu 15.10, and I have a really odd error... I installed the nvidia drivers for my gtx 860m optimus setup, and than restarted my system. the ubuntu desktop was completly black, but volume keys worked (so it was actually in the desktop!), after I waited some time nothing happened. I switched to another TTY, switched back and forth, clicked some keys on my keyboard/ mouse clicks on TTY F7 (desktop) and than at some p17:11
berz3rkeverything works now normal, once booted17:11
lotuspsychjeberz3rk: did you install nvidia-prime?17:11
berz3rknvidia-prime is preinstalled, I didnt had to install it17:12
berz3rkI used nvidia-552-updates17:12
lotuspsychjeok cool, did you enable performance mode on nvidia-settings?17:12
berz3rkonce the desktop "is there" however that worked, everything works excellent17:12
lotuspsychjeberz3rk: you might wanna dig into your logs whats happening17:13
lotuspsychjesyslog or dmesg17:13
lotuspsychjeor xorg or lightdm log17:13
berz3rklotuspsychje: i dont know17:26
lotuspsychjeberz3rk: maybe this will be fixxed in official release of 15.1017:26
lotuspsychjeberz3rk: devs working hard this week17:27
berz3rkit seems somethings not refreshing17:27
berz3rkthats the reason its not black.. and when you interact with the pc it refreshes at some point17:27
berz3rkturning screen on/off on the notebook does nothing17:27
berz3rkswitching tty/clicking mouse and keys did the tick. simply waiting does nothing17:27

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