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Kiloshellooo africa11:45
Kiloshi elacheche11:46
Kilosdupingping i see you are applying for membership11:46
dupingpingyes, Kilos11:46
dupingpingcan i become a member of Ubuntu?11:47
Kilosgive me the link to your wiki page11:47
Kilosyour wiki page is very important11:47
Kilosok i have it let me read11:49
Kilosdupingping you need to get some testimonials11:52
dupingpingKilos, yes, i need it.11:53
Kilosfrom people you have worked with in ubuntu work is best11:53
dupingpingoh, i worked alone.11:54
dupingpingbut many users have been used my software on ubuntu.11:54
Kilosok lets chat to elacheche and hear what he advises11:55
Kiloshavent you worked with anyone in the bugsquad11:55
dupingpingbecause it's my own project and i maintain it by myself.11:57
dupingpingof course users gave me those suggestions for me.11:58
dupingpingSo i upgraded my softwares for them.11:58
dupingpingAnd i created metacity effects for Gnome mate11:58
dupingpingbut on precise, the metacity is not actived, i did not uploaded any patch.11:59
dupingpingSo just have it.11:59
dupingpinghi, elacheche11:59
dupingpingnice to meet you.11:59
Kilosyes nice to meet you as well12:00
dupingpingCan you understand me?12:00
Kilosyou need to get testimonials12:00
dupingpingyes, can you explain more? where i can get testimonials?12:00
dupingpingnow what should i do for it?12:01
Kilospeople without testimomials dont often get approved12:01
dupingpingwho can give me testimonials?12:01
dupingpinganyone is possible?12:01
Kilosyou can ask anyone that knows you and knows about the work you do12:01
dupingpingcan you give me?12:02
dupingpingi can show you the result i created.12:02
Kilosit must be from someone that knows you12:02
dupingpingi introduced about me to you.12:02
dupingpingoh, may i know about you?12:03
Kiloslet me think a bit, i am recovering from an operation so im a bit slow at the moment12:04
dupingpingyes, no problem.12:04
Kiloslook at my wiki  ~ msdomdonner12:05
Kilosdupingping here is mine https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kilos12:16
Kiloshere is another one https://wiki.ubuntu.com/superfly12:18
Kilostestimonials are from people that know you or know your work12:19
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