rodhosI think bug 1170647 should be set to wishlist, thanks.13:15
ubot5`bug 1170647 in One Hundred Papercuts "After minimizing a Nautilus window of another partition or external media or Trash folder, clicking on the "Files" icon on the Launcher again doesn't restore the minimized window, but opens a new one" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117064713:15
tewardrodhos: no that's a bug13:15
tewardwishlist would be a feature request or a feature suggestion, not an actual bug13:16
rodhosso the bug is invalid then since the behaviour is the default13:23
tewardunless the Desktop team has no intention of fixing we can leave it alone13:24
tewardit's in a good state for now - invalid / opinion is up to the team in charge of the package.13:25
rodhosglad to know, thaks13:26
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