LinDolhi all :)04:02
LinDolI wait WW release officially :)04:03
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eliaspsdarkxst here?16:00
eliaspsdarkxst here are some debdiffs from builds of 3.18.1 versions of gnome software: http://people.ubuntu.com/~eliasps/files/debdiffs/ gnome-shell has a build-dep bump, libmutter-dev (>= 3.18.1) which I wasn't able to test with sbuild because the v.3.18.0 is in staging. But I also build mutter-3.18.1 too.16:03
eliaspsdarkxst I'm putting more there as we speak, let me know if they are correct. Thank you16:03
bp0I would like the gnome terminal to use the dark theme, and I found this via google: http://falstaff.agner.ch/2014/04/18/enable-dark-theme-in-gnome-terminal-3-12/18:50
bp0but preferences does not show that option in ubuntu gnome 15.1018:50
bp0was it removed?18:50
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zprocI had installed jackd and later installed cadence to manage jackd, and then the sound devices disappeared from Gnome Sound Settings... i still can see the audio devices in alsamixer, but no sound, tried to uninstall cadence and JACK/jackd, and it's still the same, any idea?20:21
darkxsteliasps, you can build against ppa'20:37
darkxstppa's with sbuild20:37
eliaspsI updated the gnome-shells build-dep libmutter-dev to 3.18.1 in control.in. libmutter-dev 3.18.0 is in the PPA, so if I use sbuild, won't it raise a dependency error?20:38
darkxsteliasps, oh in that case use a ppa to test builds20:40
darkxstcreate a new ppa and add gnome3-staging as a dependency20:40
darkxstthen upload you mutter/shell builds on that new ppa20:40
eliaspsOk. I will now. One more question. How exactly do you build packages just from the debdiff file? I tried to do it too. Downloaded the source code of the old version (which the debdiff was created against) and applied it using patch -p1 and then debuild -S and I get this:20:42
eliaspsdpkg-source: error: aborting due to unexpected upstream changes, see /tmp/bijiben_3.18.1-0ubuntu1~wily2.diff.y9mrFX20:42
eliaspsdpkg-source: info: you can integrate the local changes with dpkg-source --commit20:42
eliaspsAm i missing a step?20:42
eliaspsFor instance, when you take those debdiffs, how are you gonna build?20:43
darkxstthe above should work for minor upgrades i.e. .0 -> .120:43
darkxstbut for .16 > .18 you need to update the source tree20:43
eliaspswith uupdate you mean?20:44
eliaspsI'll test gnome-shell and mutter now. You can check the others and upload them if they are ok.20:45
eliaspsmutter is actually tested with sbuild, didnt have any build-deps bumps20:46
darkxstbut bijiben is just minor update so should work just with patch20:46
darkxstjust make sure you start with a clean source package20:46
eliaspsOh, ok. Thank you!20:46
darkxsteliasps, versions should be just ~wily120:50
eliaspsso the number on the tag changes only when we apply changes on the same version?20:51
eliaspsI'll make them again and I'll upload them using the correct number20:52
darkxsteliasps, don't worry about remaking, just remember that the ubuntuX and ~wilyX tags reset whenever there is a new upstream release20:55
eliaspsOk, got it. Thanks!20:56
darkxstand ignore what I said above about patch, my brain doesnt work before coffee!20:57
eliaspsHahah, ok. I was just wondering how you build the packages just from the debdiffs I send you and tried to learn how to do it too.21:00
eliaspsbe right back, need to reboot21:12
zproctried a bunch of things after after "cadence" using JACK borked my Gnome audio devices but.. no luck21:58
darkxsteliasps, gtg now, uploaded about half the diffs, will look over the rest later22:05
eliaspsdarkxst Ok, thanks! tomorrow (my tomorrow, as in in 10 hours or so) I'll also build the ones that should be syncs from debian, if no one hasn't done it yet. Sorry for the wilyX numbers mess, I'll be more careful.22:07
eliaspsrebooting again. :)22:08
LinDolhi all :)23:41

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