dupingpinghi everyone01:46
dupingpingI want to become a ubuntu member.01:46
sarnolddupingping: hello, have you seen this page yet? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/NewMember01:52
dupingpinghow can i applicant? at there?01:53
dupingpingi saw the page, but could not edit the page.01:53
sarnoldwhich page did you try to edit?01:57
dupingpinghow to apply to become a Net Member?01:58
dupingping*Net* New01:59
sarnolddupingping: what error message did you get when you tried to save that page?01:59
dupingpingIt shows me raw text for the page.02:00
sarnoldyeah, the wiki syntax is a bit confusing the first few times02:01
sarnoldscroll down the text editor until you find the time and date you want to attend, then look for the "## ENTER YOUR TEXT RIGHT AFTER THIS LINE (no blank lines)" piece02:01
dupingpingyeah, that's great.02:03
dupingpingi saved it.02:04
dupingpingCan you see it?02:05
sarnolddupingping: nice; now you need to make your own wiki page to describe yourself, see "personal wiki page" here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/NewMember02:05
dupingpingyes, let me try now.02:05
dupingpinghi, sarnold02:28
dupingpingAt the wiki page,02:28
dupingpingI did not use GTalk.02:29
dupingpingI have no gtalk account yet.02:48
dupingpingi have been added it.02:54
dupingpingmy name is Du Pingping02:54

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