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tewardjcastro: you're right I should.  Someone already gave me the funds though02:38
tewardjcastro: apparently, the open source community likes helping the open source community :)02:38
tewardjcastro: will remember going forward :)02:38
slow_lf someone to help me on this step setting up openvpn03:33
slow_lf someone to help me on this step setting up openvpn04:03
tarpmanslow_: if you have a question to ask, please ask it04:06
slow_how do i get my certificates and such to connect via my computer to my openvpn setup on my vps04:06
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slow_can someone help w/ this?05:25
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lordievaderGood morning.09:27
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th3s3_3y3s_Morning lordievader15:36
temp21321hello there, I got small web market and I needed some simple smtp server for support@mydomain.com15:39
temp21321What can I use for this ?15:39
temp21321postfix looking a bit hard15:39
temp21321also server is under ubuntu15:40
RoyKpostfix is easy and lightweight15:42
RoyKtemp21321: do you need a poe as well?15:42
temp21321what is poa ?15:42
RoyKpost office agent15:42
RoyKsomewhere to store the email15:42
RoyKthe mta just moves it on the wire or otherwise15:43
RoyKpostfix doesn't support things like pop3 or imap15:43
temp21321I need to connect with thunderbird15:43
temp21321on my smtp server15:43
temp21321to answer my users15:43
temp21321from support mailbox15:43
RoyKwhere's the support mailbox?15:43
temp21321I mean I need some tools to answer emails from support@mydomain.com15:44
temp21321sorry, my english not perfect15:44
RoyKif you want the mailbox to reside on your server, you'll need something in addition to just the MTA15:44
temp21321so I cant understand some15:44
RoyKpostfix is an MTA, mail transport agent15:44
temp21321seems I need mta15:45
temp21321I need smtp server that will receive mail on my domain and can provide smtp auth for thunderbird, to connect15:47
temp21321Users will send email to support@mydomain.com and I need to watch this mails15:47
temp21321Also postfix can provide sending email from php15:48
RoyKphp can send email through any MTA15:49
RoyKbut I guess you also need somewhere to store the messages before they are picked up15:49
temp21321RoyK: yes15:54
temp21321RoyK: postfix cant do this?15:54
RoyKtemp21321: postfix is an MTA, not something that handles storing/accessing email15:59
RoyKtemp21321: most people use dovecot or cyrus imap or something - see the link I posted above15:59
dhiai want to make an online virtuelle machine with apache server plz who can help me16:40
Slingdhia: what have you tried so far?16:44
dhiai installed apache and k16:45
dhiakvm and qemu16:45
dhiai tried to configure apache on kvm but i failed16:46
RoyKdhia: you don't need apache on the host for the guest to have it16:46
dhiaok i undrestand but the want to atteind the execution of kvm on mozilla by apache16:47

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