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Paddy_NIHow do I package an "npm package" for snappy?01:25
Paddy_NISpecifically "peerflix"01:25
bneo99hi, im trying to port ubuntu touch to an android device (samsung galaxy s2 i9100g) and im following the touch porting guide but im stuck04:15
bneo99theres this part that told me to add my device repo to the phablet/devices04:16
bneo99im still new to git and all these repo stuff so im not sure how should i add my device repo04:17
OerHeksbneo99, did you see this? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/i9100 or is the i9100g different?04:41
bneo99the processor's different04:41
bneo99the i9100g uses the samsung exynos processor while the i9100g uses the ti omap processor04:41
bneo99the i9100*04:41
OerHekserrwrong url http://www.android-hilfe.de/thema/galaxy-s2-i9100g-rom-ubuntu-touch.415553/04:42
OerHeksit is in german04:42
bneo99i doubt  i can read german04:42
OerHeksgoogle translate can help a lot :-)04:43
bneo99it seems that it has an english thread at xdadevelopers04:45
bneo99i read that thread before but it has been very inactive (abandoned since late 2013 )04:45
bneo99im looking for the latest method to do it, using the lxc container method04:46
bneo99those are the old methods where Ubuntu is in a chroot enviroment04:46
OerHeksoke, i guess you might want to wait until a dev show up.04:46
bneo99okay, thanks anyways04:47
lotuspsychjemorning guys05:39
lotuspsychjei had an ubuntu one account loop on bq 4.5 recently, it said account error on 2 working logins resetting device to defaults didnt fix, after few times retry it went away ayone got a clue?05:40
fj_i want install ubuntu on huawei G61006:20
fj_i wanna know if anyone try it before06:20
ubot5`You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices06:20
nhainesThat's all the info we have.06:20
fj_this is list of all supported or i can make a try ???06:23
bneo99any devs online? need some help on porting Touch to my device08:48
nhainesbneo99: you may have better luck Tuesday (Monday is a release day).  But if you stick around, some people might be on in the next day or so.  :)08:49
bneo99okay, thanks08:50
nhainesRight time zone, but it's the weekend.  :)08:50
bneo99what time zone are they on?08:50
nhainesMostly London Time.  You can also try the mailing list.08:50
bneo99okay, thankss08:51
popeybneo99: what device?09:44
bneo99Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100g09:44
yellabshi there11:33
yellabsis there a pdf reader for the phone ?11:34
OerHekshi yellabs11:35
OerHeksi just looked @ unofficial https://uappexplorer.com/apps11:35
yellabsgoede website thanks11:36
OerHeksik weet niet zeker of die up2date is, maar wel een start11:36
yellabsheb je ook een ubuntu phone ?11:40
yellabsheb er hier even tijdelijk een in mijn handen .. digilab bibliotheek tilburg ( centrum ) opensource hoekje11:41
OerHeksNee, nog niet..maar dat gaat wel snel komen. ik volg het graag11:41
yellabszou toch in ieder bibliotheek moeten zijn , vindt je ook niet ? :)11:41
popeyYes, docviewer is in the store and can open pdf11:44
OerHeksthanks popey :-)11:45
OerHeksyellabs, nice, so you can 'rent' / borrow one on your librarycard?11:46
yellabsi have just tested the pdf reader11:47
yellabsworks great11:47
yellabsnow the ubuntu phone is on display for public11:47
OerHeksOh nice, would you make a picture and write a little story about it?11:47
yellabsand no , you cant rent it.. just see it .. :)11:48
OerHekspopey, and others, would love to know about it!11:48
OerHeksor just link to the website :-)11:48
yellabsthe story is on the facebook page11:49
yellabswith picture11:49
yellabsafcause we do more then just the ubuntu phone11:49
OerHeksThanks ☺11:50
yellabsraspberry py, open source operating system , 3d print etc etc11:50
OerHeksthat is also good to know, that ubuntu-phone is getting attention in this digilab, i will visit you soon.11:51
yellabsyou are welcome11:54
yellabssaturday - from 13.00 to 17.0011:54
yellabsOerHeks , van welke stad ben je ?11:58
yellabsje hebt het wel eens verteld, maar ik ben het vergeten11:58
yellabswas het arnhem ?11:59
yellabsoh okee, het is wel een eindje weg,12:00
yellabsany way , have a nice day !12:00
OerHeksDaytrip card normally € 39,00, for €13.50 is doable12:01
OerHekshave fun yellabs !12:01
lotuspsychjei had an ubuntu one account loop on bq 4.5 recently, it said account error on 2 working logins resetting device to defaults didnt fix, after few times retry it went away ayone got a clue?12:41
tur_lance_54Does anyone here use an ubuntu touch phone as their primary phone?12:59
tathhu(and only :P)13:00
lotuspsychjebq 4.5 and nexus7 tablet on touch here13:00
tur_lance_54Great. I've just got an MX413:00
lotuspsychjei thought they sold out tur_lance_54 ?13:00
tur_lance_54Haha. My bro, who loves his iPhone too much gave me his two days ago ;)13:00
lotuspsychjehe gave you his mx4?13:01
tur_lance_54Reset it to factory settings and gave it to me.13:01
lotuspsychjenice mate13:01
lotuspsychjetur_lance_54: howd you like it so far?13:01
tur_lance_54Errr.... I'm finding it hard to get used to and it hasn't replaced my Samsung Note II with CyanogenMod yet.13:02
lotuspsychjewell weve played with unity for some time now, so were used to it :p13:03
lotuspsychjetur_lance_54: you use ubuntu desktop too?13:03
lotuspsychjeor only phone experience13:03
tur_lance_54Tried installing the Yahoo! Mail app as an experiment from the Ubuntu Software Centre and it's asking me to set up an Ubuntu One Account.13:03
tur_lance_54Thought Ubuntu One was 'GAME OVER' a while back13:03
lotuspsychjetur_lance_54: its still hooked for the phones13:04
lotuspsychjedatabase of users remain13:04
tur_lance_54lotuspsychje I am using Ubuntu GNOME13:04
lotuspsychjethey just dont do the cloud storage anymore13:04
lotuspsychjeah ok13:04
lotuspsychjetur_lance_54: so create your ubuntu one accoutn safely13:04
tur_lance_54Do I have to set up an Ubuntu One Account to download apps to my phone?13:05
lotuspsychjethats really no big deal13:05
tur_lance_54lotuspsychje OK, no problem13:05
argon181little qustion about ubuntu one: they stopped the service for desktop (cloud, backup and stuff) and i read, that you can get the software free, but where?13:06
lotuspsychjeargon181: software as in ubuntu phone apps?13:07
argon181nono, the "server" software the cloudservice used13:08
lotuspsychjemaybe thats a question for #ubuntu argon18113:08
lotuspsychjesomeone might know howto13:08
argon181ok, i just asked it here, you guys talked about it, thanks13:09
argon181so i am known as argon181?13:09
lotuspsychjeargon181: join #ubuntu please, there's a trigger about one13:09
argon181should be something else13:09
lotuspsychjeargon181: it is...13:10
argon181hm, ok13:10
tur_lance_54Right then fellas, I've got my Ubuntu One Account set up and installed my first program through it onto my phone. So this 'app' that you swipe with "Today", "NearBy", "Apps", "News" etc with a grey background is always running? Or can you close it?13:43
tathhuYes it's always running, you can remove ones you don't want/need with that star on topright13:45
tur_lance_54Thanks tathhu, can I change the background from the default grey?13:47
lotuspsychjetur_lance_54: you can set backgroud slide to another wallpaper13:58
lotuspsychjetur_lance_54: not the scopes or default ubuntu color theme13:59
tathhuAnyone else running ota 7 got that magic grey.. thingy when scrolling down today-scope? http://i.imgur.com/f4ZvB4s.png14:11
tathhuo.o i "rebooted" it and its gone14:15
popeythats an arrow, madly sized14:16
popeyand you're probably alone as not many have ota-714:17
ahoneybunmhall119: how did you get the N4 to work with slimport right?15:25
ahoneybunmine just shows half the screen filled with the phone UI15:25
lotuspsychjei had an ubuntu one account loop on bq 4.5 recently, it said account error on 2 working logins resetting device to defaults didnt fix, after few times retry it worked again ayone got a clue?15:26
dhbikerso any word on arale ?15:51
dhbikerwill it be availible or is it the end :D15:51
dhbikerdon't know if i asked but19:55
dhbikeris there any way to set a custom ringtone ?19:55
dhbikeri can't find the setting o.O19:56
dhbikeror i'm blind19:56
jgdxdhbiker, think there's a bug for it20:27
jgdxdhbiker, yup: bug 126809720:27
ubot5`bug 1268097 in content-hub (Ubuntu) "[System settings] Can't set user-supplied ring tone" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126809720:27
jgdxthere probably are ways if you really want it20:28
dhbikerwe'll get there eventually20:28
dhbikernah no hurry20:28
dhbikerwas just surprised20:28
tathhuis there setting ui for saving eg screenshots in to sd card?20:29
jgdxyeah, it's one of those things that have been pushed I guess20:29
* tathhu lazyman20:29
dhbikerwhat was in the last arale rc update20:30
dhbiker140 something MB20:30
tur_lance_54Is ubuntu touch still kinda in beta?20:31
jgdxtur_lance_54, using OMG Ubuntu as a source, the phase we're currently in is for enthusiasts, developers, etc.20:34
jgdxearly adopters, ubuntu fans, et al20:35
tathhuAnd everything you read on internet is true.20:36
jgdxeverything I say is a lie20:36
jgdxit's the old nut!20:40
tur_lance_54Though the MX4 is a beautiful phone and has a lovely screen, I don't think it will replace my Note II just yet.20:53
tur_lance_54But I will certainly give it a go20:53
tur_lance_54I've just tried to install QQ on it. I have a lot of Chinese friends and a simply 'need' QQ.20:53
tur_lance_54QQ ain't workin20:54
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jgdxahoneybun, input methods, I assume22:34
jgdxspecifically ibus things is lacking22:34

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