zmoylan-pii have bought a copy of playboy, it had a new short story by one of my favourite authors in it.  an a.c.clarke story.00:03
diddledanyeah mean they print intellectual literature?00:17
zmoylan-pisome important news and literature was printed there.  but we only remember the nudity now00:18
diddledanI wonder how much faster I can make my raid array by actually thinking about things like stride and stripe width of the filesystem and array01:00
diddledanatm the ext4 system is set to 128/128 for stride/stripe whereas it should ideally be 128/384 (4 discs, raid5)01:01
diddledanand the raid5 stripe width is 512K01:02
diddledanthat is ofc if my maths is correct01:02
diddledanthe block size of ext4 is 4k so 4*128 = 51201:03
diddledanref: https://raid.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/RAID_setup#Options_for_mke2fs01:03
diddledanmaybe while I'm rebuilding it I should butter it?01:04
diddledanwhat's the current consensus over btrfs?01:04
diddledanhas there been a delay in getting wily release candidate out the door?01:42
diddledanor are we not doing rc's?01:42
diddledanthe release schedule says it should have landed on thursday01:42
diddledanodd. this page contradicts that tho: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseTaskSignup01:43
zmoylan-pioct 16 for release candidate according to http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/10/05/ubuntu_15_10_beta_two_review/02:24
zmoylan-pimaybe theyre counting with west coast usa time zone...02:24
zmoylan-pistill only 1925 there...02:25
* diddledan watches the clock02:37
zmoylan-piyou should get a soviet clock and you'd never be lonely again :-P02:58
diddledanin soviet russia, time clocks you (upside the head, then ties lead weights to your ankles, and throws you in the river)02:59
zmoylan-pino no that's only if you touch their car... http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/oct/16/russian-driver-throws-pedestrian-into-canal-for-touching-car03:01
diddledan(that's actually a paraphrase from Terry Pratchett referring to Ankh Morpork: "In some parts of the city, curiosity didn't just kill the cat, it threw it in the river with lead weights tied to its feet.")03:01
zmoylan-pibut in ankh morpork that would just slow the cat down as it tried to run across the surface...03:04
zmoylan-piis it sad that i think the soviet pcs on this site look cooler than modern pcs... http://rbth.co.uk/multimedia/pictures/2014/04/07/before_the_internet_top_11_soviet_pcs_3571103:46
diddledanyeah, but you like ancient tech as evidenced by your dumbphone fetish03:47
zmoylan-piyou say that like it's a bad thing :-)03:48
diddledanhow do you expect to get hacked when you run obsolete technology that modern haxx0rs haven't even heard of?!03:48
zmoylan-pithey'll just at the 5.25" floppy and their malware laden usb drive :-D03:49
zmoylan-pi*just look03:49
diddledanI've got a 5.25" floppy drive hooked up to this pc03:49
diddledanvia usb03:49
zmoylan-pii remember around 2000 my boss issuing an edict to ditch every 5.25" drive in the office, we were done, no more 5.25".03:51
zmoylan-piso we recycled the last 2-3 pcs that had them.03:51
zmoylan-pithe very next day i had to restore a backup from 5.25"...03:52
zmoylan-piluckily i had hidden one under my desk.... :-)03:52
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:59
directhexpaint it back is a paid picross game?09:02
foobarryanyone using cyanogen 12.1?10:00
foobarryhave a couple of weird issues10:00
foobarry1) receiving a call doesn't show the caller, just the dialler notification, and i have to double tap the notification to see who's calling. dailler is allowed to show notifications on my lock screen10:18
foobarry2) random reboots while doing things while walking between wifi<->3g10:18
SuperEngineerInteresting.. tried the real nvdia [tested, not with updates] driver. Window moves / resizes were jerky, no real improvement in Steam games frame rate. Now back to using Nouveau.  Life is good again.12:13
zmoylan-piwe need to get linus to send another message to nvidia? :-)12:15
zmoylan-pior for halloween we could get 50 geeks dressed as linus to stand outside their hq12:22
SuperEngineerThinking of video stuff, what would stop working if I removed flash plugin, would Firefox be able to cope?12:24
zmoylan-piprobably go faster... :-)12:24
SuperEngineerWould poo-tube stioll work12:25
zmoylan-pia lot of sites might get broken though...12:25
zmoylan-pii thought they hadn't converted all their videos to html5 yet12:25
SuperEngineerthat, unfortunately, is what12:26
SuperEngineer...I thought as well12:26
* zmoylan-pi wonders how old that nugget is... ::goes to check::12:26
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AzelphurHey folks, just installed Xubuntu 15.10, added xorg edgers and installed nvidia-340. It doesn't seem to be working. I get an error in xorg.log which isn't so useful. http://paste.ubuntu.com/12817788/ any ideas?12:46
popeylooks like the driver didn't get built13:03
AzelphurI just realised 340 isn't the latest, I believe 352 is? trying with that as we speak13:04
diddledandid you reboot?13:04
diddledanis dkms missing perhaps?13:05
Azelphuraha, 352 fixed it, my bad13:05
AzelphurI did apt-cache search nvidia and picked the newer one, for some reason the nvidia drivers show up in two separate groups in the results13:06
AzelphurI'm getting some real bizarre behaviour, I just got my new monitors in, I thought perhaps a fresh install would solve it but nope13:08
AzelphurI occasionally can't type at all on the login screen (so I can't login) and I have one monitor flickering on and off sometimes13:09
AzelphurI can't even ctrl+alt+F1, although I can alt+sysreq+b13:10
Azelphurwoa I think I got it working, I had a brain wave and realised that I'd swapped out everything except one thing, the DP cable.13:51
Azelphurnow everything seems to be magically working13:52
DJonesDoes anybody know how the Win 8.1>Win10 upgrade works in conjunction with grub? Does it remove the grub bootloader,or does it still leave the grub bootloader in place13:54
m0nkey_yes it will13:54
DJonesright, so grub reinstall is necessary13:55
MooDoohowdy all13:58
* DJones hands MooDoo a cowboy hat, boots and sits him on a robo steer13:59
DJonesMooDoo: Looks like its time for a song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTymtAbaG0814:02
DJonesDamm.... When did Lee Marvin becoome a singing star14:04
DJonesOh yeah, its Wandering star14:05
MooDooas soon as you said lee marvin, I knew what the song was :D14:05
DJonesI don't if its my age, upbringing, or what, but this song always gets to me14:06
DJonesApart from that,I can't think of anything else he's know for singing14:07
DJonesEven worse, I love the links from that youtube video14:08
bashrcis there any cdrom sized iso of ubuntu?14:35
m0nkey_get the server ISO, then install the desktop task14:55
bashrcminiubuntu ftw15:14
bashrcI'm installing on an old laptop, which can't boot from USB or DVD, but can boot from cdrom15:15
m0nkey_wtf? http://www.staples.ca/en/PlayStation-Plus-12-Month-Subscription-Card/product_1618694_2-CA_1_2000115:43
m0nkey_that doesn't make any sense15:43
DJonesWhere has the last 3 hours gone....youtube.....bluegrass music, Oh Yeah :)16:44
MooDooevening all17:31
brobostigonevening MooDoo17:32
mappug windy and rainy here18:10
MooDoowe've had to put the heating on tonight for an hour or so for the kids19:00
DJonesMooDoo: Whats uo, where they not cooking well enough in the the oven19:01
DJonesSlow cooking is good, especially with gravy etc19:02
daftykinshey all, been on my wanderings again, south-west Guernsey this time21:52
daftykinsthat's a beautiful view westward toward the Houmet Lighthouse (pronounced hoo-may)21:53
penguin42nice sunset22:00
Azelphurhttp://imgur.com/e5WiRVo I think I have enough pixels now23:55
penguin42Azelphur: Not bad :-) How many of those are 4k ?23:55
Azelphurall of them23:55
penguin42Azelphur: impressive :-)23:56
daftykinsis that a large radiator all the fans are on?23:56
daftykinsfor water coolings23:56
Azelphurdaftykins: yup23:56
daftykinsCPU only, or graphics card(s) too?23:56
penguin42Azelphur: What are the monitors?23:57
Azelphurdaftykins: cpu only right now23:57
Azelphurpenguin42: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-AMH-A409U-UHD-40-3840X2160-16-9-4K-LED-Monitor-60Hz-DP1-2-HDMI2-0-Remote-/32185699720723:57
Azelphurthe setup still isn't complete, I have some more stuff to do over the next week which will make things a little better :)23:57
penguin42oh wow, didn't quite get the scale - those are 40?23:58
daftykinsvewy gewd23:58
penguin42Azelphur: flightsim time then?23:58
Azelphurpenguin42: yup23:59
Azelphurpenguin42: dunno, could do, hehe23:59
* penguin42 was thinking 2 or 3 like that and a thick glass top would make for a nice table23:59

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