thatgraemeguyMaaz_: tell andrewlsd, was just curious, thanks. I am quite happy where I am. Just good to keep tabs on salaries in my general area.05:36
Maaz_thatgraemeguy: I don't know who andrewlsd, is. Say 'andrewlsd, on freenode' and I'll take your word that andrewlsd, exists05:36
thatgraemeguyMaaz_: tell andrewlsd, on freenode was just curious, thanks. I am quite happy where I am. Just good to keep tabs on salaries in my general area.05:37
Maaz_thatgraemeguy: Got it, I'll tell andrewlsd, on freenode05:37
inetprogood mornings 06:16
inetprothatgraemeguy: you're up early today 06:16
stickyboyIs Pretoria nice this time of year?08:27
superflystickyboy: so I've been told.10:24
MaNIonly if you aren't allergic to jacaranda10:27
superflyor bees10:32
grembleOr vehicular accidents from sliding on Jacaranda mush after some rain10:34
inetproPretoria is actually nice all year around11:40
inetprogood mornings oom Kilos and welcome to #ubuntu-za12:04
inetprooops... afternoon already?12:04
Kiloshi inetpro and others12:05
grembleHey Kilos 12:06
grembleHey inetpro 12:06
Kilosim trying to help a guy in china get testimonials for his membership application12:06
Kiloshi gremble 12:06
Kilosi have no idea how he ended up in the africa channel12:07
inetproKilos: how're you doing today?12:09
Kilosbit eina but good ty inetpro 12:09
Kilosnot lekker when knifes invade your body12:10
inetprohopefully helps to divert a bit of attention away from your head :-)12:11
inetprowhich pain is worse?12:12
Kilosthe head is actually quite lekker atm ty12:13
Kilosand op only hurts if i cough or sneeze or sit or bend or lift stuff12:14
Kilosso walk or lie down is best12:14
Kiloshard to type lying down though12:15
Kilosi go for a walk12:23
CryterionGood evening everyone17:32
grembleHey Cryterion 17:34
inetproheh Cryterion, gremble... how are you guys?17:41
* inetpro very relieved that we pulled it through to the semi-final17:41
Cryterionall good, yeah that got through, but they gonna have a tough time against NZ in the semi's17:42
grembleI am well thanks and you inetpro?17:42
inetpromy son says we'll play against France :-)17:43
CryterionWe hope17:43
inetpronot impossible 17:43
Cryterionnot likely though http://www.rugbyworldcup.com/match/14230#stats17:46
Cryterionalthough they haven't played against each other for 2 years now17:48
squish102fance will struggle to beat NZ17:53
inetprothey are as unpredictable as ever... but I agree, it's unlikely18:05
inetproin fact I think NZ will rip them apart18:05
inetprowill be yet another easy game for them18:06
Kiloswelsh team played so well18:10
Kilosshould been a walkover for us if we want to go much further18:10
squish102when is the NZ france game?18:11
Kiloswe have to step up our gme18:11
Kilosnz playing in an hour18:11
squish102cool, have to go find it streaming somewhere again :(18:11
Kiloshaving a tv has some advantages18:12
Kilosinetpro hoe gaan dit daar by julle18:13
Kilosohi superfly 18:13
superflyhi Kilos18:13
inetproKilos: kwaai verlig, wallis het baie goed gespeel18:14
squish102tv - check.... tv signal - nada18:14
Kilosoh my18:14
Kilosactually inetpro i think wales was the better team today18:15
Kiloswe were lucky with that last try'18:15
Kilostheir fefence was great''18:16
inetproKilos: I disagree, we kept the scoreboard ticking in the first half, sad that we missed some penalties and beat them solid in the 2nd half18:18
inetprowe had the stonger team18:19
inetprowas a brilliant try in the end, despite the risky move, it worked18:21
inetprobrilliant vision, excellent execution18:22
Kilosi mean if you look at the stats inetpro they worked 3 times harder than we did to keep us to what we just made18:23
Kiloswe also cant afford missing kicks, pollard didnt have a good day18:24
Kiloshe missed kicks that were much easier than what he has done successfully before18:25
inetprocould have cost us the game for sure18:25
inetprogood experience for the young dude, he played very well though18:26
inetprothey pulled it through when they had to, that is all that counts18:27
inetprostill way too many unforced errors18:29
inetprowe can do better, our boks have it in them to go all the way18:29
inetprothey just need to believe it and play that way18:30
squish102so if i am running ubuntu as a nas/tv pvr/other things... and now I want to use pfsence router software (freebsd), what would be the best virtlization software to run?18:44
squish102like virtualbox?18:44
inetprosquish102: kvm18:45
Kilosaw kiwi game not on tv19:10
inetprostupid sabc19:10
* inetpro luister op rsg19:10
Kilosbetter to sleep then19:10
inetproFra 3 - 3 NZ19:12
inetproEish! France loosing it all the way...19:34
inetproNZL  22 - 6  FRA19:34
Kiloskiwis sal wen19:51
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:51
squish102inetpro: can I still run my ubuntu server as is, and then open one freebsd session?22:33
squish102or do I need to backup the whole ubuntu, wipe server, install kvm, restore ubuntu, and then freebsd22:34

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