michaelroseis installing ubuntu studio and using its repos with ubuntu equivilent?07:31
zequencemichaelrose: Ubuntu Studio is an official flavor of Ubuntu, so they both share the same repositories07:58
zequenceHowever, Ubuntu Studio is not just a combination of packages. It has some settings too07:59
zequenceThe settings are mostly for audio, so if you are not intending to do audio, then you have no real use of Ubuntu Studio08:00
zequenceFor audio, I would recommend installing ubuntustudio-audio-core, and then add all users who are to use realtime audio to the audio group08:00
zequenceAlso, after jack is installed, make sure /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf is not named /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf.disabled08:01
zequenceIf so, rename it08:02
zequence..this is if you are turning any other Ubuntu flavor (including Mint, which is not a flavor) into an audio production machine08:03
michaelrosethanks for the info08:03
zequenceFor low latency you need to always make sure to boot into the kernel linux-lowlatency. It is supplied with the package ubuntustudio-audio-core08:04
zequence..or just install Ubuntu Studio08:05
michaelrosehonestly not switching distros right now just curious08:44
michaelrosethanks for the info08:44
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